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ID Check / Greeter Kings Cannabis Dispensary Seattle, WA 98178
2 days ago
Budtender (SOMERSET,MA) Solar Therapeutics Somerset, MA 02725
18 hours ago
Assistant Manager (Part-time) Kings Cannabis Dispensary Seattle, WA 98178
2 days ago
Budtender/Registry Green Doctor Dispensary Mayagüez, PR
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General Manager Retail Medical Cannabis Dispensary Oklahoma City, OK 73107
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Dispensary Door Attendant Solar Therapeutics Somerset, MA 02725
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12 days ago

ID Check / Greeter

Kings Cannabis Dispensary Seattle, WA 98178 Part-time
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About us

Kings Cannabis Dispensary is a boutique retail dispensary focused on providing the best cannabis experience for our customers. We offer a hardworking, team environment where positivity is encouraged.

We operate with professionalism, joy, and mutual respect. We work as a team and appreciate the importance of cannabis to our customers. We have been proudly operating in Seattle since 2014.

Security | ID Check
Neighborhood Premium Cannabis Shop.



Company Description:

Kings Cannabis Dispensary is a boutique retail dispensary focused on providing the best cannabis experience for our customers. We offer a hardworking, team environment where positivity is encouraged. We operate with professionalism, joy, and mutual respect. We work as a team and appreciate the importance of cannabis to our customers. We have been proudly operating in Seattle/Skyway since 2014.



  • Must have high integrity and ethical standards
  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Must have excellent attendance and professionalism
  • Must have reliable transportation
  • Must be an enthusiastic team player
  • Must pass a background check
  • Must be able to perform tasks that involve standing + walking for long periods of time
  • Flexible schedule - available, evenings, weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
  • Must be willing to learn
  • Experience in the cannabis industry is not required to apply

Duties + Responsibilities: ID checks, greeting customers, learning about cannabis product and educating customers, daily organization, cleaning, communicating with authorities and security de-escalation, monitor cameras

  • Be a flexible team player and exercise good judgment
  • ID Checks
  • Maintain working knowledge of relevant state & federal laws regarding marijuana in Washington state
  • Protect company’s property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment
  • Observe for signs of crime or disorder and investigate disturbances
  • Act lawfully in direct defense of life or property
  • Escort patrons off-premises in situations of disturbance or potential danger to staff/guests + communicate with law enforcement
  • Take accurate notes of unusual occurrences
  • Report in detail any suspicious incidents
  • Patrol randomly or regularly building and perimeter
  • Monitor and control access at building entrances, including checking ID for everyone entering the store
  • Open schedule availability, including nights and weekends
  • Excellent knowledge of public safety + security procedures
  • Surveillance skills and detail orientation
  • Benefits + Perks:
  • Opportunity to grow with the company (Promote from within)
  • Comprehensive training (including cannabis knowledge!)
  • Employee Discounts on marijuana
  • Industry Discounts and Events

How to Apply: Send a resume and cover letter

Store Location: Bryn Mawr-Skyway, South Seattle
Availability: Part-time

Job Type: Part-time (20 to 35+ hours)

We are hiring a Greeter to join our team:

Store Location: Bryn Mawr-Skyway, South Seattle, Rainier Beach, Tacoma, SeaTac
Availability: Part-time (20 to 35+ hours)

Email us your resume!

Job Type: Part-time

Pay: $15.75 - $16.25 per hour


  • Employee discount
  • Flexible schedule
  • Professional development assistance


  • 8 hour shift
  • Day shift
  • Holidays
  • Monday to Friday
  • Night shift
  • On call
  • Weekend availability

Supplemental Pay:

  • Bonus pay

COVID-19 considerations:
To keep our team safe, we have installed plastic barriers, hand sanitzer + gloves available at all times, we regularly sanitize the shop, we limit customers touching product and we use a physical ID scanner to reduce personal contact. Masks required 100%


  • Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)


  • Driver's License (Preferred)

Work Location: One location

[{"employmentType":"Part-time","function":["Customer Service"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>About us</b></p><p>Kings Cannabis Dispensary is a boutique retail dispensary focused on providing the best cannabis experience for our customers. We offer a hardworking, team environment where positivity is encouraged.</p><p>We operate with professionalism, joy, and mutual respect. We work as a team and appreciate the importance of cannabis to our customers. We have been proudly operating in Seattle since 2014.</p><p><i>Security | ID Check</i><br />Neighborhood Premium Cannabis Shop.</p><p>https://kingsdispo.com/</p><p>https://potguide.com/washington/marijuana-stores/seattle/kings-cannabis-dispensary/</p><p><b>Company Description: </b></p><p>Kings Cannabis Dispensary is a boutique retail dispensary focused on providing the best cannabis experience for our customers. We offer a hardworking, team environment where positivity is encouraged. We operate with professionalism, joy, and mutual respect. We work as a team and appreciate the importance of cannabis to our customers. We have been proudly operating in Seattle/Skyway since 2014.</p><p>https://weedmaps.com/dispensaries/iii-king-company</p><p><b>Qualifications</b>:</p><ul><li>Must have high integrity and ethical standards</li><li>Must be at least 21 years old</li><li>Must have excellent attendance and professionalism</li><li>Must have reliable transportation</li><li>Must be an enthusiastic team player</li><li>Must pass a background check</li><li>Must be able to perform tasks that involve standing + walking for long periods of time</li><li>Flexible schedule - available, evenings, weekdays, weekends, and holidays.</li><li>Must be willing to learn</li><li>Experience in the cannabis industry is not required to apply</li></ul><p><b>Duties + Responsibilities</b>: ID checks, greeting customers, learning about cannabis product and educating customers, daily organization, cleaning, communicating with authorities and security de-escalation, monitor cameras</p><ul><li>Be a flexible team player and exercise good judgment</li><li>ID Checks</li><li>Maintain working knowledge of relevant state &amp; federal laws regarding marijuana in Washington state</li><li>Protect company’s property and staff by maintaining a safe and secure environment</li><li>Observe for signs of crime or disorder and investigate disturbances</li><li>Act lawfully in direct defense of life or property</li><li>Escort patrons off-premises in situations of disturbance or potential danger to staff/guests + communicate with law enforcement</li><li>Take accurate notes of unusual occurrences</li><li>Report in detail any suspicious incidents</li><li>Patrol randomly or regularly building and perimeter</li><li>Monitor and control access at building entrances, including checking ID for everyone entering the store</li><li>Open schedule availability, including nights and weekends</li><li>Excellent knowledge of public safety + security procedures</li><li>Surveillance skills and detail orientation</li><li><b>Benefits + Perks</b>:</li><li>Opportunity to grow with the company (Promote from within)</li><li>Comprehensive training (including cannabis knowledge!)</li><li>Employee Discounts on marijuana</li><li>Industry Discounts and Events</li></ul><p><b>How to Apply</b>: Send a resume and cover letter</p><p><b>Store Location</b>: Bryn Mawr-Skyway, South Seattle<br />Availability: Part-time</p><p><b>Job Type</b>: Part-time (20 to 35+ hours)</p><p>We are hiring a Greeter to join our team:</p><p>Store Location: Bryn Mawr-Skyway, South Seattle, Rainier Beach, Tacoma, SeaTac<br />Availability: Part-time (20 to 35+ hours)</p><p>Email us your resume!</p><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Pay: $15.75 - $16.25 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li><li>Flexible schedule</li><li>Professional development assistance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Night shift</li><li>On call</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />To keep our team safe, we have installed plastic barriers, hand sanitzer + gloves available at all times, we regularly sanitize the shop, we limit customers touching product and we use a physical ID scanner to reduce personal contact. Masks required 100%</p><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Driver's License (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Kings Cannabis Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Seattle, WA 98178","city":"Seattle","stateProvince":"WA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/kings-cannabis-dispensary/id-check-greeter/a3d0cacf061a138f87f5ad0c21c7a74f","title":"ID Check / Greeter","category":"Retail","hash":"a3d0cacf061a138f87f5ad0c21c7a74f","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/id-check-greeter-1f6db326259a10d2"},{"function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"18 hours ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>About Us</b></p><br /><div></div><p>Massachusetts based Solar Therapeutics is New England’s leading producer of wellness and alternative therapies dedicated to state of the art, fully sustainable cultivation &amp; production of pharmaceutical grade cannabis.</p><br /><div></div><p>Solar Therapeutics is a vertically integrated Cannabis facility with a cultivation facility, as well as a recreational retail dispensary on site at our Somerset location.</p><br /><div></div><p>The company’s experienced management team, dedicated board and passionate investors are driven by a singular mission: to provide industry leading alternative therapies with a sustainable carbon-neutral energy footprint.</p><br /><div></div><p>We offer a competitive salary among the cannabis industry and strive to develop our employees to reach their personal goals within the industry.</p><br /><div></div><div><b>The Position</b></div><div>We are looking for professional, hardworking, enthusiastic and knowledgeable individuals to join our team. Budtenders will provide guidance and educate each patient with medical cannabis needs. The right candidate will be compassionate, enjoy helping others and have excellent customer service skills.</div><ul><li>Minimum of 21 years of age.</li><li>Possess valid driver’s license or state ID.</li><li>Must pass all required background checks.</li><li>Ability to work nights, holidays, and weekends.</li><li>Must be and remain compliant with any and all legal or company regulations for working in the industry.</li><li>This job function may include being in a stationary position, or moving for extended periods of time, as well as bending downward and forward by bending legs and spine.</li></ul><br /><div></div><div><b>Key Responsibilities</b></div><ul><li>Provide each patient/customer with best-in-class customer service</li><li>Ensure that all forms and other paperwork are properly completed</li><li>Comply with all state regulations and company standard practices and procedures</li><li>Educate patient/customers on all varieties of cannabis and cannabis-infused products in the store</li><li>Accurately processes and dispenses cannabis to customers/patients</li><li>Stock/restock product</li><li>Count inventory of available product at designated times</li><li>Maintain cleanliness of display cases and store</li><li>Operate POS system and efficiently and accurately process payments</li><li>Other tasks as assigned by management</li></ul><br /><p></p><div><b>Qualifications</b></div><ul><li>Retail experience preferred</li><li>Great interpersonal/communication skills</li><li>Must be Detail-oriented</li><li>Have genuine and positive energy</li><li>Excellent work ethic, reliability, and professionalism</li><li>Possess excellent listening skills</li><li>Cannabis knowledge preferred</li></ul></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Solar Therapeutics","logoUrl":"/logos/solar-therapeutics-5b921534f55fa9dfbdb96a6a31f7fb57.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Somerset, MA 02725","city":"Somerset","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/solar-therapeutics/budtender-somerset-ma/6b388756d9bed957d362cf6f5aa0b22d","title":"Budtender (SOMERSET,MA)","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"6b388756d9bed957d362cf6f5aa0b22d","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtender-somersetma-db0e9e02f7701273"},{"employmentType":"Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>About Us: </b></p><p>Kings Cannabis Dispensary is a boutique retail cannabis dispensary focused on providing the best cannabis experience for our customers. We offer a hardworking, team environment where positivity is encouraged. We operate with professionalism, joy, and mutual respect. We understand the importance of cannabis to our customers. We have been proudly operating in South Seattle since 2014.</p><p>Website: https://kingsdispo.com/</p><p><b>Position Description: </b></p><p>We are looking for a results-driven Assistant Manager to be responsible for the overall store management and purchasing of cannabis and non - cannabis products. The Assistant Manager will also be responsible for managing and implementing discounts and merchandising all products in front of the store.</p><p>Successful candidates will drive sales and profitability goals, manage staff effectively and enhance customer satisfaction. In addition, the Assistant Manager will guide the sales team and staff in directing all activities required to achieve loss prevention, merchandise purchasing, and regulatory compliance.</p><p><b>Job Responsibilities: </b></p><p>· Drive store sales growth daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/ annual sales goals by ensuring a consistent customer experience.</p><p>· Communicate efficiently with vendors to procure fast-moving products.</p><p>· Implement, recommend and communicate discounts using technology platforms.</p><p>· Report to store manager on progress and achieve targeted goals in a timely fashion.</p><p>· Manage and motivate the team.</p><p>· Ensure completion of tasks within designated timeframes.</p><p>· Maintain the store's organization, visual standards, and cleanliness.</p><p>· Ensure compliance with all loss prevention practices including security rules.</p><p>· Share information and communicate clearly to all levels of staff.</p><p>· Communicate &amp; purchase from vendors to ensure best industry-best product selection</p><p>· Oversee cash handling and financial responsibilities for the business.</p><p>· Ensure compliance with all LCB rules, policies, and regulations</p><p>· Manage inventory levels and work with software to perform audits and best practices</p><p>· Be a great example of the brand, high standards, and performance</p><p>· Support supervisory tasks such as scheduling, timesheet verification, and attendance</p><p>· Shift Availability (7:45am - 4pm OR 11am -7pm OR 330pm - 11pm )</p><p>· Participate in associate onboarding and interviews as required.</p><p>· Conduct personnel performance appraisals to assess training needs and the development of staff.</p><p><b>Skills</b></p><p>· Proven successful experience as a manager</p><p>· Excellent leadership skills and business orientation</p><p>· Customer management skills</p><p>· Strong organizational skills</p><p>· Good communication and interpersonal skills</p><p>· Previous experience as a cannabis buyer or merchandising specialist (preferred)</p><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Pay: $17.00 - $17.50 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li><li>Flexible schedule</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Professional development assistance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Night shift</li><li>On call</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />To keep our team safe, we perform frequent sanitization of all surfaces and barriers throughout the shop and require masks for all customers and staff.</p><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer service: 1 year (Required)</li><li>Retail Management: 1 year (Required)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Kings Cannabis Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Seattle, WA 98178","city":"Seattle","stateProvince":"WA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/kings-cannabis-dispensary/assistant-manager-part-time/6dc0da0c08422d68929f775758e0e9de","title":"Assistant Manager (Part-time)","category":"Retail","hash":"6dc0da0c08422d68929f775758e0e9de","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/assistant-manager-part-time-e29a79581481b797"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"18 hours ago","description":"<div><p><i>Position Reports to: Management Team</i></p><p>OVERVIEW</p><p>The budtender is the customer service expert in charge of guiding patients through the process of understanding, selecting and acquiring cannabis products, such as flower, concentrates, edibles and topicals, in congruence with company vision and goals. Is also responsible for the maintenance of optimums conditions for the products and patients in the dispensary. Budtender must not only be a customer service specialist and therefore extremely knowledgeable in the area of medical marijuana, but must also be friendly and compassionate first and foremost. As expected when working in a small shop, Budtender is expected to assist the Manager in receptionist and manteniance duties.</p><p>Essential Functions in addition to the previous:</p><ul><li>Maintain all aspects of the operation in running efficiently.</li><li>Make sure that the Company complies with OSHA Health and Safety regulations.</li><li>Greeting patients into the dispensary area and verifies proper paperwork, ID and documentation.</li><li>Interview the patient to recommend accurate medication.</li><li>Instruct patient in correct use of the medication in accordance with state regulations.</li><li>Explains to the patient the different products available and their effects.</li><li>Informs patients about promotions, products, special offers, new products, popular products in harmony with patient needs.</li><li>Assist management team with cashier functions using POS system and updating patients’ profiles and inventory changes into the systems.</li><li>Ensure compliance of dosage sale permitted by laws and regulations.</li><li>Registers all daily sales as instructed using correctly the point of sale system.</li><li>Re-stock retail inventory consistently and on a timely basis.</li><li>Assist management in opening and closing tasks.</li><li>Complete daily registers as required.</li><li>Assist management in the required and appropriated handling of the inventory.</li><li>Takes out of display and promotion areas any expired or about expire product.</li><li>Daily stocks display inventory following procedure as instructed.</li></ul><p>Answers phones.</p><ul><li>Complies with dispensary security and safety guidelines.</li><li>Supports management team to ensure dispensary daily operations, including maintenance, security, safety and sales.</li><li>Maintains open communications with team members and management team.</li><li>Canalize costumers’ issues and complaints to management team.</li><li>Complies with dispensary operating policies and standards.</li><li>Other duties assigned during work schedule as needed.</li></ul><p>Requirements:</p><ul><li>Must be at least 21 years old.</li><li>Capability to work standing thru work shift.</li><li>Customer service oriented.</li><li>Certificate of Good Behavior</li><li>Ability to work with and listen to patients on a daily basis.</li><li>Knowledge of basic computer software programs.</li><li>Compromise of abiding dispensary and state policies and regulations.</li></ul><p>Qualifications:</p><ul><li>Must possess state Occupational License.</li><li>Must possess a state approved Budtender Course</li><li>Must posses at least an Associate's Degree or two year experience in a health related position.</li><li>Valid Identification</li><li>Under come background check</li></ul><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Salary: From $1,200.00 per month</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Flexible schedule</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Associate (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Licencia Ocupacional (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Green Doctor Dispensary"},"location":{"address":"Mayagüez, PR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/green-doctor-dispensary/budtender-registry/f60156b4a668b6467de16ee363e6af7d","title":"Budtender/Registry","category":"Retail","hash":"f60156b4a668b6467de16ee363e6af7d","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtenderregistry-3e64d5806efbf90f"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Contract","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>Job Purpose:</p><p>The purpose of the General Manager position is to create, train and motivate a team so that they can smoothly run their store to help the highest number of customers and patients possible in their location with the Dispensary’s level customer service and shopping experience.</p><p>Objective:</p><p>The daily objective of the Store Manager is to build a cohesive team, present the standards, requirements and expectations for performance to all members of the team, facilitate continuous training, coaching and feedback for continuous improvements and hold individuals accountable to the Dispensary’s standard for policies and procedures. It is our desire to have the Store Manager on the floor as many hours of the day as possible. The Store Manager should train, guide and instruct their team to perform office related tasks for them to review after completion.</p><p>Special Demands:</p><ul><li>The Store Manager should be in direct contact with the Regional Manager and Owner’s daily to guarantee communication of all significant information is getting to the appropriate team member.</li><li>The Store Manager must be able to LEAD by example, not boss people around. The need to be able to come in at the start of each day equipped with a positive and determined attitude in order to motivate and get the best out of their team.</li><li>First on-call, they are the absolute last resort if someone calls out sick and no coverage can be found, the Store Manager must come in and cover the shift to ensure the appropriate level of staffing on the floor.</li><li>First on-call for any and all security related issues, such as break-ins. Their phone number will be the first number called by the alarm system, and they must be at the location to meet law enforcement.</li><li>Store Manager is responsible for holding employees accountable when they are not meeting or exceeding the Dispensary’s standards and/or culture for their position.</li></ul><p>Skills, Knowledge and Ability Requirements:</p><ul><li>Able to read and complete legal documents</li><li>Ability to use mature judgment and diplomacy in sensitive situations.</li><li>Demonstrated administrative and budget management expertise.</li><li>Excellent Interpersonal skills to facilitate productive communication with other business units, supervisors and team members.</li><li>Team player with a positive and flexible attitude.</li><li>Judgement regarding priorities.</li><li>Excellent written and oral communication skills.</li><li>Proficiency in G Suites and Office, Drive, Docs, Sheets, word excel.</li><li>Able to build relationships among team members.</li><li>Make decisions quickly.</li><li>Control emotions during stressful situations or when being provoked.</li><li>Attention to details and problem-solving skills.</li><li>Time management, strong leadership and organizational skills.</li></ul><p>Physical Work Demands:</p><ul><li>Willingness to travel to corporate office for training.</li><li>Willingness to work all holidays.</li><li>Willingness to potentially work long hours and weekends.</li><li>Stand for long periods of time.</li></ul><p>Qualifications / Work Experience:</p><ul><li>Associates degree (Required) in business administration, operations management or related field.</li><li>5 years of professional experience, of which 3 years must have been spent as a supervisor.</li><li>Prior experience in a management or leadership position.</li><li>Experience with hiring, training and developing employees.</li><li>Experience building teams and motivating individuals.</li><li>OMMA Medical Marijuana Certification</li></ul><p>Disclaimer:<br />The information contained in this job description is not an exhaustive list of the duties performed for this position. The individual holding this position will be expected to perform additional duties as required. The scope of the job role may equally change as necessitated by business demands.</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Contract</p><p>Pay: From $40,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>On call</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Associate (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer service: 5 years (Required)</li><li>Dispensary Managment: 2 years (Required)</li><li>Cannabis Retail: 3 years (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Medical Cannabis Dispensary","logoUrl":"/logos/marijuana-dispensary-e979df028d711491bdbeac23386f110d.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Oklahoma City, OK 73107","city":"Oklahoma City","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/medical-cannabis-dispensary/general-manager-retail/6f353726e25ae1ccd2b1e540e271ef10","title":"General Manager Retail","category":"Media & Communications","hash":"6f353726e25ae1ccd2b1e540e271ef10","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/general-manager-retail-d84f7ef718f87df4"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Customer Service"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Highway 80 Dispensary</b> is currently hiring cannabis enthusiasts and experts to join our amazing family-owned business. Highway 80 Dispensary is a new dispensary located in Dixon, right off the highway. Our store is an exciting, fun, and fast-paced environment.</p><p><i><b>Please attach a cover letter with your resume. Please specify Cannabis </b></i><i><b>experience and </b></i><b><i>knowledge detailing your availability for morning and night. Must be able to work weekends.</i></b></p><p><b>Highway 80 Dispensary</b> is currently hiring for <b>Call Center Agents </b></p><p>Our <b>Call Center Agents</b> must provide a immersive shopping experience over the phone to our customers. Delivering excellent customer service, explaining a variety of different products and making suggestions. While maintaining a capacity to listen, problem solve and multitask.</p><p><b>Employee Perks: </b>Product samples, large employee discounts, $500 Employee of the Month bonuses, merchandise from vendors, and more.</p><p>If you are applying to multiple position for Highway 80 Dispensary, please specify which positions you are applying for on your cover letter.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $14.00 - $16.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Following all covid precautions set by the county</p><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Highway 80 Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Dixon, CA 95620","city":"Dixon","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/highway-80-dispensary/call-center-agent/6fc346105037087e7b2802fa89462130","title":"Call Center Agent","category":"Retail","hash":"6fc346105037087e7b2802fa89462130","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/call-center-agent-9bf3efa763f90ba2"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Greetings fellow terrestrials!</b></p><p>We are an established Portland dispensary looking for individuals passionate about cannabis and aiming to build a career in this new and exciting industry. We are currently looking for two individuals to join our team as budtenders. We actively encourage upward mobility and aim to teach individuals the skills they need to have long term careers in the cannabis industry. We hope to find driven, hard working individuals to join our enthusiastic and inspiring team.</p><p>Requirements:</p><ul><li>A valid OLCC worker permit or** proof of a pending permit application</li><li>Strong communication and customer service skills</li><li>Retail experience, POS experience, cash handling</li><li>Strong ability to multitask</li><li>Demonstrate knowledge of quality cannabis, methods of cannabis cultivation, extraction and forms of consumption to best serve our patients and customers</li><li>Ability to handle and package cannabis</li><li>Ability to lift up high and down low, lift and carry 50 lbs. or more, walk up and down stairs, and sit or stand for the duration of the shift</li><li>Familiarity with Flowhub, GoogleSuite, METRC and Leafly.com menu updates preferred</li><li>Flexible schedule; immediate and open availability preferred</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />At $16/hour, employees begin training in our Budtender position. After a 90-day review, pay increases to $17/hour and employees become eligible to interview for internal promotions. We are an equal opportunity employer that celebrates diversity!<br />*<br />*<br />Please send a current resume and cover letter introducing yourself and what you will bring to our team.</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: $16.00 - $18.00 per hour</p><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Curbside pick up available, masks required</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: $16.00 - $18.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: Multiple Locations</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Cannabis Dispensary","logoUrl":"/logos/marijuana-dispensary-e979df028d711491bdbeac23386f110d.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Portland, OR","city":"Portland","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cannabis-dispensary/bridge-city-collective-is-hiring-budtenders/e9fa471935ad231f29bf54155c2ff7a4","title":"Bridge City Collective is hiring Budtenders!","category":"Media & Communications","hash":"e9fa471935ad231f29bf54155c2ff7a4","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/bridge-city-collective-is-hiring-budtenders-17151c9e7cfccc4e"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Sales","Retail"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Sales associate would need to be able to sit, stand for 10 hours.</p><p>Be in good mental and physical health.</p><p>Great customer service. Answer phone calls, assist customers in store.</p><p>Have a positive attitude and the ability to multi task.</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: From $11.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />We are asking to maintain social distancing and wear a face mask for customers. And associates while interacting with customers.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Sales Experience: 2 years (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Driver's License (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"The Hemp Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Tarpon Springs, FL 34689","city":"Tarpon Springs","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/the-hemp-dispensary/sales-associate/11b94e352f53f8feede2382469a8ad59","title":"Sales Associate","category":"Retail","hash":"11b94e352f53f8feede2382469a8ad59","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/sales-associate-ef7b97c8d63ec500"},{"function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>Exotic Clouds is a subsidiary of The Lightwire Company based out of Southern California.</p><p>The Lightwire Company is a luxury technology and lifestyle brand that prides itself on World Class Customer Service Experience, Value, and Trust</p><p>The Lightwire Company was established in 2015 and is located in 3 states.</p><p>Exotic Clouds is a new subsidiary of TLC and we are looking to develop a team of passionate, dedicated, hardworking sales associates who want to grow with a fast-growing company.</p><p>Job SummaryAt Exotic Clouds an Exotic Associate is responsible for developing relationships with new clients, understanding different strains of cannabis, oil, and eatables.</p><p>The EA will be required to provide a welcoming and warm shopping experience to each and every client.</p><p>This is a sales position, and each Exotic Associate will be accountable for client service metrics and sales goals.</p><p>An Exotic Associate will be responsible to adhere to all policy and procedures, compliance, ingestion and all other operational objectives of the business.</p><p>As well as executing visual presentations based on clients' requirements and educating clients on the cannabis marketplace.</p><p>Primary Job Functions.</p><p>• Meet/Exceed sales goals while providing an excellent client service experience.</p><p>Assist in building a great company and business that disrupts the traditional retail model and embrace change.</p><p>Drive repeat business through strong local grass roots networking, customer data capture and our loyalty program.</p><p>Must be able to keep areas clean and neat.</p><p>Developing a repeat client base and assist with the development of new company.</p><p>Basic QualificationsMinimum 21 years of ageMinimum of 2 years of experience with customer service in retail.</p><p>Strong analytical skills to assess data, facts and figures.</p><p>Knowledge of marijuana strains, (indicas, sativas, hybrids), edibles, extracts, and current products on the market a huge plus.</p><p>Preferred QualificationMust be able to communicate and provide solutions to cannabis clientsAn innovator who is business mindedA highly self-motivated individualEthical ConductWorking ConditionsThis is a full time and/or part-time, position.</p><p>This position will require evening and weekend work.</p><p>This position regularly requires long hours, weekend work, nights, weekends and holiday availability.</p><p>Physical Requirements While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk and hear.</p><p>This employee is frequently required to stand, walk, use hands or feet, reach with hands and arms and may be required to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-timePay: $14.00 - $15.00 per hourBenefits:401(k)401(k) matchingDental insuranceEmployee discountFlexible scheduleHealth insurancePaid time offTuition reimbursementVision insuranceSchedule:8 hour shiftDay shiftHolidaysMonday to FridayOvertimeWeekend availabilitySupplemental Pay:Bonus payCOVID-19 considerations:Ability to commute/relocate:Las Vegas, NV 89120: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Preferred)Application Question(s):Can you successfully pass a live scan, drug test and background check?</p><p>Education:High school or equivalent (Preferred)Experience:Sales: 1 year (Required)Customer Service: 2 years (Required)Language:Spanish (Preferred)Shift availability:Day Shift (Required)Night Shift (Required)Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Exotic Clouds Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Las Vegas, NV, USA","city":"Las Vegas","stateProvince":"NV"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/exotic-clouds-dispensary/exotic-associate/378ab77746417a6efb64afe66577767c","title":"Exotic Associate","category":"Retail","hash":"378ab77746417a6efb64afe66577767c","postingUrl":"https://careercactus.com/jobs/exotic-associate_8abce3ef84e05bea_0_0"},{"employmentType":"Part-Time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p>Job Summary: Medleaf is looking for passionate Budtenders to join our growing team. The ideal candidate will be able to provide exceptional customer service to our patients, while maintaining the utmost professionalism.</p><p>Educational Requirements:</p><ul><li>High school diploma or equivalent.</li></ul><p>Requirements:</p><ul><li>Must be at least age 21.</li><li>Must successfully pass a criminal background check.</li><li>One to two years demonstrated work experience in customer service and/or sales, in a fast paced, demanding retail environment.</li><li>Experience using point of sales systems.</li><li>Positive attitude in high volume sales settings.</li><li>Success working closely with many different personality types.</li><li>Excellent communication and interpersonal skills including ability to speak and work proactively with customers and staff.</li><li>Organized and flexible, with a team-player mindset.</li><li>ATTENTION TO DETAIL.</li><li>Ability to cultivate long-term customer relationships.</li><li>Ability to deal with problems and resolve issues in a professional manner.</li><li>Basic math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.</li><li>Proven cash-handling skills</li><li>Ability to work flexible hours including extended days, evenings and weekends as needed.</li><li>Genuine enthusiasm and love for cannabis and the cannabis industry.</li><li>A passion for what Medleaf is building, our Brand and our customer experience!</li></ul><p>Work Environment:</p><ul><li>Ability to stand, and walk for at least eight (8) hours.</li><li>Ability to bend at the waist, kneel, crouch in order to access product.</li><li>Ability to lift and carry up to 20 pounds.</li></ul><p>To Apply</p><p>Please submit the following:</p><ul><li>Resume</li><li>Cover letter that addresses why you are the ideal candidate for this role</li></ul><p>Job Type: Part-Time</p><p>Pay: $12.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li><li>Additional benefits available after 90 day probation period</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>4 hour shifts</li><li>6 hour shifts</li><li>Morning and Evening shifts</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Must have open availability (Open 7 days a week)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer service: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>Budtender: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Pay frequency:</p><ul><li>Every other week</li></ul><p>Work includes:</p><ul><li>Evenings</li><li>Weekends</li><li>Holidays</li></ul><p>Company's website:</p><ul><li><i>www.med-leaf.com</i></li></ul><p>Facebook</p><ul><li>Medleaf Dispensary</li></ul><p>Benefit Conditions:</p><ul><li>Benefits are received after 90 day probation period</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No'</li></ul><p>'<br />COVID-19 Precaution(s):</p><ul><li>Remote interview process</li><li>Social distancing guidelines in place</li><li>Virtual meetings</li><li>Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place</li></ul><p>Work Includes</p><ul><li>Evenings</li><li>Weekends</li><li>Holidays</li></ul><p>Paid Training:</p><ul><li>Yes</li></ul><p>Pay frequency:</p><ul><li>Every other week</li></ul><p>Management:</p><ul><li>Store Manager</li></ul><p>Employees working per shift:</p><ul><li>5 or fewer</li></ul><p>Typical end time:</p><ul><li>8PM</li></ul><p>Typical start time:</p><ul><li>10AM</li></ul><p>Work Remotely</p><ul><li>No</li></ul><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Salary: $14.00 /hour</p><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Pay: $15.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Budtender: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Medleaf Dispensary","logoUrl":"/logos/medleaf-dispensary-7c9d49ab83c51108668edb15d5d4c51a.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Upper Marlboro, MD 20772","city":"Upper Marlboro","stateProvince":"MD"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/medleaf-dispensary/budtender-receptionist/0593850b3c655f6412b9b328cb31514c","title":"Budtender/Receptionist","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"0593850b3c655f6412b9b328cb31514c","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtenderreceptionist-801175ce04bf084f"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Position Title</b>: Retail Supervisor</p><p><b>Reports To</b>: General Manager</p><p>Successful Retail Supervisors are energetic, detail-oriented people who possess a great deal of patience. They’re adept at resolving interpersonal conflicts and they feel comfortable both behind-the-scenes and in-the-spotlight. The Retail Supervisor is responsible for assisting the GM in leading a team that develops, implements and continuously improves all quality, training and customer experience programs. This position is accountable for executing initiatives that facilitate the achievement of all hospitality goals at the store.</p><ul><li>Manage the sales team and oversee managerial duties when the GM or ASM is not available</li><li>Assist with any compliance inspections as needed</li><li>Monitor shelves stocks and product displays, and the general appearance of the store</li><li>Manage employee breaks as needed</li><li>Manage the flow of customers in store</li><li>Address customers' requests, comments, and complaints.</li><li>Motivating employees to achieve sales targets</li><li>Communicate with the GM all things prevalent to the success of the whole team.</li><li>Implement a world class hospitality program to drive repeat business through sales training, product training, customer data capture and execution of our rewards program</li><li>Work closely with GM and management team to exceed sales volume and KPI goals</li><li>Train employees in expected customer experience and hospitality standards using appropriate tools such as customer loyalty, customer satisfaction (reviews) and key KPI’s</li><li>Build and maintain training calendar and ensure associate onboarding and new hire training is complete</li><li>Ensure continuous training and development with team members through modules, quizzes, tracking and video content that results in consistency</li><li>Write and deliver on team members’ performance in partnership with GM to determine succession plans and build bench strength</li><li>Execute or assist with dispensary operations and opening and closing procedures during hours of operation</li><li>Comply with company cash handling policies and perform daily cash management responsibilities and compliance reporting per company policy</li><li>Upload Metrc sales and send out end of day sales emails at the close of each business day</li><li>Make change for sales associates as needed if the manager is unavailable</li><li>Close out employee’s registers upon completion of the shift</li><li>Adhere to all company-wide policies, process, procedures, and requirements</li><li>Maintain a clean, sanitary, and organized work environment.</li><li>Work with management team to increase sales and foot traffic</li><li>Support in the management of dispensary sales and database, including weekly summaries of metrics</li><li>Maintain a culture of high-quality customer service and communication</li><li>Notify General Manager about any customer or product concerns/complaints</li><li>Notify General Manager about any operational (security, plumbing, HVAC, computers, etc.) issues</li><li>Comply with all HR policies, including confidentiality and non-disclosure.</li><li>Daily compliance with dispensary policies, including but not limited to the following: state/local regulation compliance, security protocols, access protocols, inventory tracking, dress code, and work schedules.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $20.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer service: 3 years (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Coastal Dispensary, LLC"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Pasadena, CA 91107","city":"Pasadena","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/coastal-dispensary-llc/cannabis-retail-supervisor/cde5d67b6b17194c969d6e70f9d8d524","title":"Cannabis Retail Supervisor","category":"Retail","hash":"cde5d67b6b17194c969d6e70f9d8d524","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-retail-supervisor-335070958aef91de"},{"employmentType":"Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Our team is looking for friendly Budtenders with good customer service skills, knowledge of the health benefits marijuana provides, good organizational skills, clean criminal record, and most importantly trustworthiness and reliability. There is room for growth. Please email resume and type \"resume\" in the subject line.</p><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Pay: $10.00 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Flexible schedule</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Night shift</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Curbside pick up is available. Masks are provided.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Required)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Budtender: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Entitled Health Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Broken Arrow, OK 74014","city":"Broken Arrow","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/entitled-health-dispensary/budtender/079294d4ea317ba4f7bfef12d30ce458","title":"Budtender","category":"Retail","hash":"079294d4ea317ba4f7bfef12d30ce458","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtender-e74db8bfd354c3be"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Position Title: Inventory Lead</b></p><p><b>Reports To: General Manager</b></p><p><b>Position Summary: This position requires a positive, can-do, “team like” attitude. Assist General Manager, Assistant Manager, and Supervisors with daily operations, import products received from our partnered distribution centers, follow all store and state guidelines like METRC when intaking product into our POS, re-stocking products, participating in weekly audits conducted on Sundays, responsible for giving/receiving change, assisting customers, cannabis compliance, customer/sales associate education. This is a Keyholder position. The right candidate will bring confidant energy, thorough perspective and must have attention to detail. This is a fast-paced position that requires the ability to multi-task and perform well under pressure.</b></p><p><b>Essential Duties and Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li><b>Acting as the face of the dispensary, warmly greet every customer entering the showroom</b></li><li><b>Actively engage customers in a warm and welcoming manner, offer personalized recommendations and solutions, and drive product sales</b></li><li><b>Handle customer issues and complaints in a proactive and professional manner with customer retention always in mind, escalating to the appropriate parties when necessary</b></li><li><b>Promote current sales promotions, marketing initiatives and new product launches to customers</b></li><li><b>Complete sales transactions courteously and maintain proper accountability at registers</b></li><li><b>Maintain store selling floor cleanliness, back-room organization, visual presentation and safety standards at all times</b></li><li><b>Uphold inventory control to minimize loss by complying with all BCC and company inventory control procedures, product waste procedures and vendor delivery procedures.</b></li><li><b>Through the point-of-sale system ensure each customer has a complete profile inclusive of email address, phone number, and how they heard of us</b></li><li><b>Assist with dispensary operations and opening and closing procedures during hours of operation</b></li><li><b>Adhere to all company-wide policies, process, procedures, and requirements</b></li><li><b>Maintain a culture of high-quality customer service and communication</b></li><li><b>Daily compliance with dispensary policies, including but not limited to the following: state/local regulation compliance, security protocols, access protocols, inventory tracking, dress code, and work schedules</b></li><li><b>Comply with all HR policies, including code of conduct, confidentiality and non-disclosure</b></li><li><b>Contribute to team environment and company advancement in alignment with the strategic direction set by management</b></li><li><b>Work with management team to increase sales and foot traffic</b></li><li><b>Support in the management of dispensary sales and database, including weekly summaries of metrics</b></li><li><b>Upload Metrc sales and send out end of day sales emails at the close of each business day if the manager is unavailable</b></li><li><b>Verify the receipt of dispensary supplies, equipment, and other resources</b></li><li><b>Execute customer service and quality surveys as assigned by management</b></li><li><b>Assist with facility maintenance and troubleshooting as necessary including phone, utilities, technology, maintenance, repairs, stock and supplies.</b></li><li><b>Notify Retail Manager about any customer or product concerns/complaints</b></li><li><b>Notify Retail Manager about any operational (security, plumbing, HVAC, computers, etc.) issues</b></li><li><b>Other duties assigned</b></li></ul><p><b>Required Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li><b>Knowledge of local and state laws and regulations pertaining to medical and/or retail cannabis.</b></li><li><b>Must already possess or be able to qualify as a State approved cannabis employee.</b></li><li><b>Must successfully pass an extensive background check.</b></li><li><b>Must have reliable transportation.</b></li><li><b>Working knowledge of medical and/or retail cannabis industry.</b></li><li><b>Working knowledge cannabis point of sale system is a plus.</b></li><li><b>Excellent computer and data analytical skills</b></li><li><b>Cash handling experience, min. 2 years of experience</b></li><li><b>Reporting and Information Management: must have proficiency in Microsoft Office and experience with process management, team problem solving, and inventory control.</b></li><li><b>METRC knowledge and experience is required</b></li><li><b>Leadership/Keyholder experience in a retail environment, cannabis industry preferred </b></li><li><b>Minimum 1 year of Dispensary experience preferred.</b></li><li><b>Ability to work nights, holidays and weekends.</b></li><li><b>Must be 21 years or older.</b></li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements: </b></p><ul><li><b>Physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks required for the proper management of the center.</b></li><li><b>Ability to perform the following physical tasks: sitting, standing, stooping, stretching, walking, bending, twisting, reaching, performing repetitive motions, and carrying boxes.</b></li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $19.25 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Inventory control: 1 year (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Coastal Dispensary, LLC"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Pasadena, CA 91107","city":"Pasadena","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/coastal-dispensary-llc/inventory-lead/eae2d1e32c24d003044a98393de15f15","title":"Inventory Lead","category":"Retail","hash":"eae2d1e32c24d003044a98393de15f15","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/inventory-lead-ad2af055309d3c41"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p>Grass Station is hiring to fill the position of Assistant Manager. Seeking candidate with strong interpersonal communication skills, to lead employees and make sure that the store runs smoothly, to coordinate the tasks of employees and make sure that they follow the store’s policies and regulations. The Assistant Store Manager is primarily responsible for working collaboratively with the Store Manager and Owners to manage, maintain and supervise day-to-day retail operations and activities. Experience in a licensed Cannabis dispensary is required.</p><p>Grass Station, is a family owned and operated Cannabis Retail Store located in Waterdown, ON. The Assistant Manager must be organized, flexible with a strong focus on teamwork to motivate the Grass station team by leading by example with cannabis sales knowledge and providing exceptional customer service.</p><p>Duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Store Manager include: controlling, coordinating, and evaluating business operations, creating employee schedules and assigning tasks, and dealing with customer complaints.</p><p>Assistant Store Manager duties and responsibilities:</p><p>1) Team and Sales Support:</p><ul><li>Motivate and inspire team members to be positive, friendly, knowledgeable, and hardworking</li></ul><ul><li>Support SM and team members, provide positive and constructive feedback so that they grow professionally</li></ul><ul><li>Enforce written SOPs, company procedures and policies as changes to policy and/or regulations occur and ensure compliance among team</li></ul><ul><li>Strong ability to lead by example, be accessible and responsive to all team member's questions, suggestions, and concerns to deal with any circumstances that may arise in a high-volume retail store.</li></ul><ul><li>Ability to step into role of Store Associate or Budtender at any time to ensure continued smooth operation of the store and high level of service required to delight customers.</li></ul><ul><li>Utilize customer and team member feedback to readily implement changes to improve the customer experience</li></ul><ul><li>Ensure that the sales floor is adequately stocked at all times</li></ul><p>2) Daily Store Operations:</p><ul><li>Perform all daily opening and closing procedures</li></ul><ul><li>Track all employee and store sales daily to ensure optimal performance</li></ul><ul><li>Coordinate with Owners and SM to perform daily/monthly/yearly inventory audits and reconciliations</li></ul><ul><li>Ensure all expired/damaged/returned product is logged and disposed of according to regulations</li></ul><ul><li>Assist in receiving and ensuring that all wholesale deliveries are compliant and accurate compared to invoices, etc.</li></ul><ul><li>Provide daily correspondence via email and manager’s log, with the team members as needed</li></ul><ul><li>Comply and apply all HR policies, including confidentiality and non-disclosures * Maintain a clean and organized work environment.</li></ul><ul><li>Assist with Federal and Provincial Government Auditors with inventory, sales, and compliance audits</li></ul><ul><li>Maintain store compliance with all local, state and federal regulations Qualifications and Requirements of an ASM:</li></ul><ul><li>Able to lift and carry 20 lbs * Proficient in G-Suite Applications</li></ul><ul><li>Sound knowledge of Cannabis plants and different strains of Cannabis</li></ul><ul><li>Obtain Cannabis Retail Manager License from AGCO * Successfully provide a criminal background check.</li></ul><ul><li>Knowledge of standards of Cannabis Retail stores set by AGCO.</li></ul><ul><li>Knowledge of Provincial and Federal laws and regulations pertaining to retail Cannabis</li></ul><ul><li>Must be 19 years of age or older</li></ul><ul><li>Able to work nights, holidays and weekends.</li></ul><p>Attributes :</p><ul><li>Achievement-oriented and hard working</li></ul><ul><li>Organized, flexible, and empathetic</li></ul><ul><li>Detail-oriented and proactive</li></ul><ul><li>Excellent leadership and management skills</li></ul><ul><li>Strong time management and prioritization skills</li></ul><ul><li>Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, high-volume environment</li></ul><ul><li>Strong communicator who can present ideas clearly</li></ul><ul><li>Innovative problem solving and decision-making skills</li></ul><ul><li>Entrepreneurial, collaborative, an extremely positive attitude</li></ul><p>Expected start date: 2022-01-18</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Salary: $38,000.00-$50,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Casual dress</li><li>Company events</li><li>On-site parking</li><li>Store discount</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />COVID-19 precautions :<br />All customers and staff employees are required to wear masks, curb side pick up available, common surface areas are sanitized after every customer. Plexiglass barriers at POS in store, and social distancing protocols in place.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Secondary School (preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>retail management: 1 year (preferred)</li></ul><p>Work remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"name":"Grass Station - Cannabis Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Waterdown, ON","city":"Waterdown","stateProvince":"ON"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/grass-station-cannabis-dispensary/assistant-store-manager-cannabis-dispensary/b05dd6f1656c1ac9f923fb7ac2cbc0e9","title":"Assistant Store Manager - Cannabis Dispensary","category":"Retail","hash":"b05dd6f1656c1ac9f923fb7ac2cbc0e9","postingUrl":"https://ca.indeed.com/job/assistant-store-manager-cannabis-dispensary-0b2142e4d0b33df8"},{"function":["Retail","Sales"],"postedOn":"7 days ago","description":"<div><p>At Smokey ’s, we recognize our continued success is highly dependent on attracting and retaining top talents that are passionate about our brand as we are.</p><p>Smokey s is seeking a Cannabis Sales Associate also referred to as Budtender who is a knowledgeable, detail-oriented, responsible, and hardworking mature individual to join our team.</p><p>Our mission is to be obsessed with providing the best and knowledgeable experience to our customers.</p><p>We are looking for full time part time employees that will be paid  $15.00/hour base + commission structure.</p><p>Store locations are Erin Ridge at 200 -1115 St . Albert Trail , St . Albert , AB T8N 4K6 and Pointe Plaza at 388 St . Albert Trail , St . Albert , AB T8N 5S8.</p><p>Duties and Responsibilities : Greeting all customers as they enter the store.</p><p>Assisting each customer in finding a suitable product.</p><p>Managing the point of sales system.</p><p>Provide a friendly and informative experience to each customer.</p><p>Offer product recommendations on different Cannabis Strains , Concentrates , Oils , Edibles , and Cannabis Accessories to customers.</p><p>In -store training will be provided.</p><p>Receive and store product shipments.</p><p>General store housekeeping (dusting displays and counters, vacuum/sweep sales area, etc).</p><p><b>Qualifications :</b></p><p>Must be 18 years of age or older Must have or be eligible for Sell Safe and Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) requirements before applying.</p><p>Retail / Selling experience of at least 2 years.</p><p>Able to quickly learn new products and services.</p><p>A friendly and energetic personality.</p><p>The ability to work individually or in a team environment.</p><p>Strong desire to interact and educate customers on anything cannabis-related.</p><p>Able to multi-task and adapt quickly to new changes or regulations.</p><p>Available to work flexible hours, including the weekends and holidays.</p><p>Part -time hours: 24-40 per week Application deadline: 2022-02-18 Expected start date: 2022-02-07 Job Types : Full -time, Part -time, Permanent Salary : $15.00 per hour Additional pay: Commission pay Benefits : Casual dress Dental care Extended health care On -site parking Paid time off Store discount Schedule :8 hour shift Day shift Holidays Monday to Friday Night shift Weekend availability Ability to commute/relocate: St .</p><p>Albert , AB: reliably commute or plan to relocate before starting work (preferred) Education : Secondary School (preferred) Experience :customer service: 2 years (preferred) Licence / Certification : Qualified Cannabis Worker (QCW) Certification (preferred) Shift availability: Day Shift (preferred) Night Shift (preferred) Work remotely: No</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Smokey's Cannabis Dispensary","logoUrl":"/logos/smokeys-cannabis-dispensary-687b578a895b89bb4563fc1fe633ea82.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"St. Albert, AB","city":"St. Albert","stateProvince":"AB"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/smokeys-cannabis-dispensary/sales-associate-budtender/8fcd70c3a63f16c91c86863fc3ccdb1b","title":"Sales Associate / Budtender","category":"Retail","hash":"8fcd70c3a63f16c91c86863fc3ccdb1b","postingUrl":"https://canadajoblist.com/job/sales-associate-budtender_in_st-albert_alberta/1284686"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"8 days ago","description":"<div><ul><li>Opening/ Closing the store</li><li>Treating every patient in a kind, patient, and professional manner</li><li>Manage money within the store including change orders, deposits, and counting drawers.</li><li>Changing out product boards with updated information.</li><li>Completing data spreadsheets</li><li>Answering emails/phone calls in a timely manner.</li><li>Relaying promotions to our patients</li><li>General Cleaning Duties</li><li>Keeping displays/products clean and organized.</li><li>Counting inventory and putting it up in appropriate areas</li></ul><p>Requirements</p><ul><li>Must be 18 years or Older</li><li>Must have a valid OMMA license</li><li>Must have reliable transportation</li><li>General computer knowledge</li><li>Able to keep yourself busy in down-time, finding various projects to improve the store.</li><li>Money management</li></ul><p>Creativity and drawing is a plus!!!!</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: $8.00 - $9.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li><li>Flexible schedule</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Night shift</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li><li>Tips</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />All employees are required to wear masks. All patients are strongly encouraged to wear a mask when visiting.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer service: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"OKC Dispensary","logoUrl":"/logos/okc-dispensary-ab188e1b7c2cc77d507399a657ff60fd.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Oklahoma City, OK 73112","city":"Oklahoma City","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/okc-dispensary/budtender-keyholder/335602d439416eb1e8e2ecfe5d67be6d","title":"Budtender/Keyholder","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"335602d439416eb1e8e2ecfe5d67be6d","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtenderkeyholder-9d54dc3ef9e60b52"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"8 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Store Manager Job Description</b></p><p><b>Summary/Objective </b></p><p><b>The Store Manager/Dispensary Audit Manager is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations of the dispensary in accordance with the State of Oklahoma and standards set by Company and responsible for the overall profitability of the dispensary. The Dispensary Manager provides support to all Employees including: scheduling, training, providing policy and procedure updates, keeping updated with industry news and product information. The Dispensary Audit Manager is responsible for auditing all products ordered and received per SOP’s, arranging deliveries, maintaining agent and facility compliance and cleanliness.</b></p><p>*<br />Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.<br />*<br />*<br />Essential Functions:<br />*<br />*<br />Paper Trail – Document, Document and Document:</p><ul><li>Responsible for ensuring that all transactions, agreements, contracts, and anything that affects the profit and loss, the balance sheet or the future profits and losses will be loaded into the Google Share Drive. (two Signature with Product manager)</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />Product Purchasing &amp; Inventory Management</p><ul><li>Inventory will only be handled on-premises by approved employees per SOP segregation of Duties.</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />Product Purchasing</p><ul><li>All product will be purchased by Product manager (or Store Manager). The THC products purchased will only be purchased from Oklahoma approved licensees.</li><li>Receive/Intake (See SOP) Audit price/weight/quantity/quality/Cova</li><li>Receipts (See SOP) Generate and sign with one other employee (ideally the Product manager) and file with invoice electronically to Google Drive.</li><li>Immediately upon acceptance of a product purchase the inventory will be audited, accepted via Cova, entered into the POS system, and all invoices and receipts must be uploaded to the Share Drive expense trackers for the CFO to enter into QBO accounting system per SOP.</li></ul><p>*</p><p>*<br />Storage &amp; Preparation</p><ul><li>Directly responsible to ensure climate control (temp/humidity) of the secure storage, oversee accurate accountability, check and approve Cova input, and ensure preparation for freshness during storage.</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />Additional Duties of Primary responsibility:<br />*</p><ul><li>* Oversees all activities on the sales floor involving customer service and sales.</li><li>Responsible for managing dispensary staff, schedules, inventory and patient/customer relations.</li><li>Serves as a role model and resource for dispensary staff concerning products and services, policies and procedures, industry news and changes in regulations.</li><li>Provides support to all employees including scheduling, training, and providing policy and procedure updates.</li><li>Responds to all agent questions, concerns or suggestions and takes action when necessary to resolve conflicts.</li><li>Responsible for delegating tasks to Assistant Managers and Personal Cannabis Consultants in order to maintain a compliant and clean facility.</li><li>Coordinates with the Owners to ensure accurate information is communicated to dispensary staff.</li><li>Provides superior customer service for vendors, patient/customers and caregivers.</li><li>Responds to all patient/customer complaints, requests, concerns, and suggestions and takes action when necessary to resolve conflicts.</li><li>Oversees orders and deliveries to ensure accurate order information and timeliness of deliveries.</li><li>Orders and receives all inventory and products.</li><li>Maintain accurate records of all dispensary activities including daily cash reconciliations, patient/customer records, sales, deliveries and returns in accordance with the State of Oklahoma and the standards set by Company.</li><li>Maintains inventory control system and performs daily counts of all marijuana and marijuana products in the facility;</li><li>Provides regular inventory, sales and profitability reports to the Executive Team.</li><li>Perform quality work within deadlines with or without direct supervision.</li><li>Interact professionally with other employees, customers and suppliers.</li><li>Work effectively as a team contributor on all assignments.</li><li>Work independently while understanding the necessity for communicating and coordinating work efforts with other employees and organizations.</li><li>Additional duties as assigned by management.</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />Competencies</p><ul><li>Service, Excellence, Teamwork, Honesty, Integrity, Dedication, Management Skills.</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />Supervisory Responsibility</p><p>This position manages all of the store staff.<br />*<br />*<br />Work Environment</p><p>This job operates in a retail store setting. This role routinely uses standard office equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers, filing cabinets and fax machines.<br />*<br />*<br />Physical Demands</p><p>The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to talk or hear. The employee frequently is required to stand; walk; use hands to finger, handle or feel; and reach with hands and arms. This position requires the ability to occasionally lift office products and supplies, up to 40 pounds. This position requires prolonged periods of standing and walking throughout the retail space. The employee may be required to stand for extended periods of time.<br />*<br />*<br />Position Type/Expected Hours of Work*<br />*This is a full-time position. The store is open 24/7, so regular hours will vary, but will typically be an average of about 40 hours per week. Evening and weekend work may be required as job duties demand.<br />*<br />*<br />Travel</p><p>None.<br />*<br />*<br />Required Education and Experience</p><ul><li>High School Diploma or equivalent.</li><li>Two years of experience in a retail position with managerial responsibilities, preferably in the marijuana industry.</li><li>Thorough understanding of state and local medical marijuana laws and how they apply to the operations of the Company.</li><li>Excellent communication skills and attention to detail.</li><li>Effective time management and ability to multitask.</li><li>Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing and challenging environment.</li><li>Proficiency in Windows software and point of sale applications.</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />Preferred Education &amp; Experience</p><ul><li>Multi-lingual.</li><li>Associate’s Degree or higher.</li></ul><p>*<br />*<br />Work Authorization/Security Clearance (if applicable)</p><p>Employee must be authorized to work in the United States and must possess a valid driver’s license.<br />*<br />*<br />Other Duties</p><p>Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.<br />*</p><p>Work Remotely</p><ul><li>No</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $34,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>401(k)</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Required)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>General Manager: 1 year (Required)</li><li>Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Eufloria Dispensary","logoUrl":"/logos/eufloria-dispensary-165dad987edd663c4e771c90d86322bc.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Jenks, OK 74037","city":"Jenks","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/eufloria-dispensary/general-manager-gm/5f323379fdd536daf3b3cecb6b7dc039","title":"General Manager (GM)","category":"Retail","hash":"5f323379fdd536daf3b3cecb6b7dc039","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/general-manager-gm-09f348c821d126eb"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"7 days ago","description":"<div><p>Responsible for sales and customer experience by maintaining a tidy, safe, and inviting store environment.<br />Ensure the sales floor is properly stocked and the presence of the store is well maintained.<br />Positive, customer-service oriented, and compliant with established policies and procedures.<br />Maintain product knowledge.<br />Greet customers<br />Accurately use and maintain the Point of Sale (POS) system in person and for placing phone orders.<br />Correct cash handling and discount application.<br />Accurate and timely data entry of patient profile Verifying proper paperwork, documentation and ID for customers.<br />Maintain a positive work environment conducive to trust and respect.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $11.00 - $11.50 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>12 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Employee Can wear mask if they feel safe. Not mandatory.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Medical Marijuana Card (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Purple Moon Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Broken Arrow, OK 74012","city":"Broken Arrow","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/purple-moon-dispensary/budtender/8ff530ecca836fa9fb7dccedba196501","title":"Budtender","category":"Retail","hash":"8ff530ecca836fa9fb7dccedba196501","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtender-48fd74625df5271e"},{"salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$32k","salaryEnd":"$82k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"General Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/General-Manager-Salary--in-West-Virginia"},{"salaryStart":"$33k","salaryEnd":"$96k","currency":"US","source":"Glassdoor","position":"General Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/charleston-general-manager-salary-SRCH_IL.0,10_IM159_KO11,26.htm"},{"salaryStart":"$49k","salaryEnd":"$160k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Hotel General Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/alternate/hotel-general-manager-salary/wv"}],"function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div><p>A dispensary GM is the captain of the ship! They can confidently manage staff, offering leadership skills to help them thrive and succeed in a busy fast-paced retail environment. The General Manager is passionate about cannabis, knowledgeable about company policy and procedures with respect to the overall retail operations department. Responsible to drive store sales to meet/exceed budget and profitability goals by managing the day to day operation of the store. Responsible with developing top talent that is in line with our culture and brand, communicating company vision, voice and strategy, and drive unique patient customer service. The General Manager thrives on creating a team environment by providing knowledgeable information to staff and patients at all times. The GM is responsible for managing all day-to-day operations in accordance with the State of West Virginia and standards set by Company. The GM provides support to all Cashiers, Dispensary Agents and Patient Coordinators which includes: scheduling, training, providing policy and procedure updates, keeping updated with industry news and product information.</p><p>· Responsible for managing dispensary staff, schedules, inventory and patient relations;</p><p>· Serves as a role model and resource for dispensary staff concerning products and services, policies and procedures, industry news and changes in regulations;</p><p>· Responds to all agent questions, concerns or suggestions and takes action when necessary to resolve conflicts</p><p>· Responsible for delegating tasks to Cashiers, Dispensary Agents and Patient Coordinators in order to maintain a compliant and clean facility; and</p><p>· Coordinates with the upper management to ensure accurate information is communicated to dispensary staff.</p><p>· Thoroughly understand your job duties and responsibilities with opening and closing procedures and cash handling</p><p>· Represent Company policies and procedures with the highest dignity, integrity and professionalism</p><p>· Check with Inventory Team for new product received and any conversion needs.</p><p>· Minimize loss by ensuring all loss prevention procedures are adhered too, immediately report all theft</p><p>· Ensure menus match with real-time inventory</p><p>· Assist Inventory Control Manager for stockroom processing and replenishment procedures, ensures that all inventory management processes are performed in a timely manner</p><p>· Maintaining awareness of market trends in the accessory industry</p><p><b>· Strong ability to communicate and demonstrate the proper ways in which our team members should sell to our patients. This includes but is not limited to:</b></p><p>• Greetings</p><p>• Ability to create rapport with patients</p><p>• Menu Knowledge</p><p>• Strain Knowledge</p><p>· Ability to survey your team and give constructive criticism on ways to better engage</p><p>· Perform other duties as assigned</p><p><b>Additional Requirements:</b></p><p>· Must be possess a positive and willing to learn attitude</p><p>· Ability to troubleshoot, problem solve and critically think through tasks and daily obstacles</p><p>· Ability to multitask with high sales volumes and inventory demands</p><p>· Must follow chain of command and company organizational structure</p><p>· Possess strong conflict resolution skills</p><p>· State issues driver’s license or State issued Identification card</p><p>· No felonies</p><p>· Must pass any and all required background checks</p><p>· Must be and remain compliant with any and all legal or company regulations for working in the industry</p><p>· Must obtain and retain a state local municipality work cards and agent badge(s)</p><p>· Must follow internal policies and procedures at all times</p><p>· Must be able to stand for long periods of time</p><p>· Must be able to lift up to 50lbs.</p><p><b>Minimum Education and Experience:</b></p><p>· High School Diploma or equivalent work experience</p><p>· Experience with Microsoft, Apple applications and office database software systems (Google Docs).</p><p>· Previous high transaction volume inventory management</p><p>· Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered, including internal experience</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $45,000.00 - $55,000.00 per year</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $45,000.00 - $55,000.00 per year</p><p><b>Benefits:</b></p><p>• Dental insurance</p><p>• Health insurance</p><p>• Paid time off</p><p>• Vision insurance</p><p><b>Schedule:</b></p><p>• 8 hour shift</p><p>• Weekend availability</p><p><b>Supplemental Pay:</b></p><p>• Commission pay</p><p><b>Experience:</b></p><p>• Customer Service: 3 years (Preferred)</p><p>• Retail Management: 5 years (Preferred)</p><p>• Cannabis: 1 year (Preferred)</p><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Greenlight Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Bluefield, WV, USA","city":"Bluefield","stateProvince":"WV"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/greenlight-dispensary/general-manager/3a7ac344296735ba6ca4b371206dd315","title":"General Manager","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"3a7ac344296735ba6ca4b371206dd315","postingUrl":"https://www.salary.com/job/greenlight-dispensary/general-manager/j202201130044485320222","salary":"$32k - $82k"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div><p><b><i>We are looking for experienced and motivated individuals interested in budtending at our shop! Top candidates will have an ambitious mindset and thorough understanding of using Point of Sale (POS) systems. All applicants must have experience in cannabis consumption.</i></b></p><p>Daily tasks include but are not limited to:</p><ul><li>Opening/Closing store procedures</li><li>Serving customers through front window</li><li>Weighing out and assembling product accurately</li><li>Money till counting and managing</li><li>Assigned product replenishment / related tasks from management</li></ul><p>Expectations:</p><ul><li>On-time arrival for shifts</li><li>Reasonable notice for missed shifts</li><li>Store and person-to-person respect and etiquette</li><li>OLCC compliance</li></ul><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: From $15.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Day shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Night shift</li><li>On call</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Sales are all done with plastic barrier. Orders done while wearing gloves. Sanitization of store done at multiple times during the day. Sanitzer for customers and employees provided.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer Service: 2 years (Preferred)</li><li>Money Handling: 2 years (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Plus Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Portland, OR 97230","city":"Portland","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/plus-dispensary/budtender/2318c64142e998f97b87ab66784522c2","title":"Budtender","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"2318c64142e998f97b87ab66784522c2","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtender-fdc114cc72d41b32"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div><p>Established Medical Marijuana Dispensary is adding to the team! We are seeking energetic, passionate and professional individuals for budtender positions.</p><p>As a bud tender you are the first and primary point of contact between the patients (customers) and the business. It is important to be personable and educated on all state and local regulations as well as have exceptional product knowledge to ensure the patient receives the best service and product for their needs.</p><p>DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:</p><ul><li>Carry out day to day operations of the dispensary including but not limited to:</li><li>Opening &amp; Closing Procedures</li><li>Customer Service -Verify Identity and Validity of Customers</li><li>Make Sales and upsell</li><li>Inventory Control</li><li>Perform operations on Point of Sale</li><li>Maintain a clean and safe dispensary</li><li>Follow employee handbook policies</li><li>Attend and contribute to all scheduled meetings</li><li>Communicate problems and ideas to management</li><li>Maintain all equipment</li><li>Ensure accurate inventory, cash, change and POS procedures</li><li>Ensure compliance -Contribute to in-house marketing efforts</li><li>Takes initiative</li><li>Be a team player—support and assist your fellow team members whenever possible.</li><li>Knowledge of cannabis and the products instore.</li><li>Understanding of market and patient needs.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $12.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Night shift</li><li>On call</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Medical Cannabis Dispensary","logoUrl":"/logos/marijuana-dispensary-e979df028d711491bdbeac23386f110d.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Oklahoma City, OK 73107","city":"Oklahoma City","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/medical-cannabis-dispensary/budtender/e68efa76d9ca46edcfd774c94f555bf2","title":"Budtender","category":"Media & Communications","hash":"e68efa76d9ca46edcfd774c94f555bf2","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/budtender-96c3e58a6aa46e7e"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div><p>Our dispensary is located on a 24 acre farm with beautiful views of the front range and our team is family-oriented and progressive. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe and peaceful company culture and taking care of each other.</p><p>The position starts at $16/hour for the first 30 days. We then move to a salary range starting at $33.5K and reaching up to $42K. Our Dispensary team currently makes tips, averaging $50-$75 per shift.</p><p><b>The position is Dispensary Specialist and the primary responsibilities include: </b></p><ul><li>Opening/Closing the store;</li><li>Checking in customers (checking IDs);</li><li>Assisting with product questions and selections;</li><li>Processing transactions; and</li><li>Maintaining product displays and organization.</li></ul><p><b>Required work experience &amp; skills: </b></p><ul><li>Experience in a customer service role, such as food service, retail, and/or reception.</li><li>Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment (during peak hours).</li><li>Passion for plant medicine and helping others.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $16.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>401(k)</li><li>401(k) matching</li><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Signing bonus</li><li>Tips</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Unvaccinated people must wear a mask indoors. Masks are required for all employees and customers, per Boulder County's public health order.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>customer service: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>MED Badge (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"The Republic Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Boulder, CO 80303","city":"Boulder","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/the-republic-dispensary/dispensary-specialist-associate/d0a8e343d0642a38fe483e2bf00e48fc","title":"Dispensary Specialist/Associate","category":"Retail","hash":"d0a8e343d0642a38fe483e2bf00e48fc","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/dispensary-specialistassociate-fcfe5aa19c96c1d6"},{"salaries":[],"function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"10 days ago","description":"<div><p>An established Cannabis provider is seeking a store manager for our retail business in Denver Co.</p><p>We are seeking an individual that is passionate about the cannabis industry and interested in growing with exciting our company</p><p><b>Job Requirements:</b></p><p>Must posses a valid MED issued occupational license</p><p>Must have management experience</p><p>Must have 1+ year of dispensary experience</p><p>Must be up to date with current Colorado compliance laws</p><p>Must have advanced understanding of all retail operations</p><p>Must have the ability to coach, train and motivate employees</p><p>Must be very detailed oriented</p><p>Must have a flexible schedule</p><p>Must have excellent customer service skills</p><p><b>Duties of the store manager:</b></p><p><b>Responsibilities</b></p><p>Scheduling</p><p>Purchasing</p><p>Staying up to date with compliance changes</p><p>Training new employees</p><p>Ensuring inventory levels are accurate</p><p>Following all company policies</p><p>Ensure all staff comply with regulations and maintain their badges and required certifications</p><p>Delegate responsibilities and tasks to the shift managers and other employees</p><p>Maintain top quality customer service standards</p><p>Ensure the facilities are maintained</p></div>","company":{"name":"DenRec Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Denver, CO, USA","city":"Denver","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/denrec-dispensary/store-manager/3c3758fef141e88de0128a4aa115b0bf","title":"Store Manager","category":"Retail","hash":"3c3758fef141e88de0128a4aa115b0bf","postingUrl":"https://vangst.com/jobs/Sm9iUG9zdGluZy1jZjM4ZDQ5Mi03YTIyLTQ3NzktOTExZS04YjkxY2FiN2Q5NjE="},{"function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div><div><p>Oklahoma Roots Dispensary in Midwest City, OK is looking for a qualified dispensary budtender to join our team. We are located at 140 S Midwest Blvd, Midwest City, OK. Our ideal candidate is attentive, ambitious, and reliable. This job requires you to be professional, motivated and committed rather than just showing up. Pay depending on experience.</p><p><b>Responsibilities</b></p><ul>*Inventory Management *Customer Service *Cash Handling</ul><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><ul>*Must be over 18 *Must possess an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Card *Retail sales experience *Reliable Transportation</ul><br /><p></p><p>Available shifts and compensation: We have available shifts all days of the week. Compensation is $9.00 - $15.00/hour.</p><p>About Oklahoma Roots Dispensary: Oklahoma Roots Dispensary is looking for an individual to join our team. Our ideal candidate is self-driven, motivated and trustworthy.</p><p><br />By applying to this job, you agree to receive periodic text messages from this employer and Homebase about your pending job application. Opt out anytime. Msg &amp; data rates may apply.<br /><br />Powered by Homebase. Free employee scheduling, time clock and hiring tools.</p></div></div>","company":{"name":"Oklahoma Roots Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Oklahoma City, OK 73110","city":"Oklahoma City","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/oklahoma-roots-dispensary/dispensary-budtender/fe8396f1f0485c12a6ac485d0af2376c","title":"Dispensary Budtender","category":"Retail","hash":"fe8396f1f0485c12a6ac485d0af2376c","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/dispensary-budtender-c820195ff0e29ff2"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Sales","Retail"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div><p>We are looking for a result-driven retail Sales Associate to be responsible for all sales job duties, from generating leads to closing sales. Sales Associate duties and responsibilities include working closely with customers to determine their needs, answer their questions about our products and recommend the right solutions. You should be able to promptly resolve customer complaints and ensure maximum client satisfaction. To be successful as a Sales associate, you should stay up-to-date with product features and maintain our store’s visual appearance in high standards. Ultimately, the duties of a sales associate are to achieve excellent customer service, while consistently meeting the store’s sales goals. A passion for and knowledge of the cannabis industry is a must have!</p><p><b>Responsibilities</b></p><ul><li>Ensure high levels of customer satisfaction through excellent sales service</li><li>Assess customers needs and provide assistance and information on product features</li><li>Welcome customers to the store and answer their queries</li><li>Follow and achieve department’s sales goals on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis</li><li>“Go the extra mile” to drive sales</li><li>Maintain stock and presentable conditions in assigned areas</li><li>Actively seek out customers in store</li><li>Remain knowledgeable on products offered and discuss available options</li><li>Process POS (point of sale) purchases</li><li>Cross-sell and up-sell products</li><li>Handle returns of merchandise</li><li>Team up with co-workers to ensure proper customer service</li><li>Build productive trust relationships with customers</li><li>Comply with inventory control procedures</li><li>Suggest ways to improve sales (e.g. planning marketing activities, periodically updating the layout of product displays, etc.)</li></ul><p><b>Skills</b></p><ul><li>Proven work experience as a Retail Sales Associate, Sales Representative or similar role</li><li>Basic understanding of sales principles and customer service practices</li><li>A friendly and energetic personality with customer service focus</li><li>Proficiency in English</li><li>Basic Math skills</li><li>Working knowledge of customer and market dynamics and requirements</li><li>Track record of over-achieving sales quota</li><li>Hands-on experience with POS transactions</li><li>Familiarity with inventory procedures</li><li>Solid communication and interpersonal skills</li><li>Ability to perform under pressure and address complaints in a timely manner</li><li>Availability to work flexible shifts</li></ul><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: From $11.50 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li><li>Commission pay</li><li>Tips</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Anchored Hemp Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Kingsport, TN 37660","city":"Kingsport","stateProvince":"TN"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/anchored-hemp-dispensary/sales-associate/74e0e9e1f1ff801184c9a68ba1b38e41","title":"Sales Associate","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"74e0e9e1f1ff801184c9a68ba1b38e41","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/sales-associate-cab0c0078d921956"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"11 days ago","description":"<div><p><i>NOTE: Candidates for this position may be expected to work in multiple locations and/or job functions at any of the 5 Peak locations throughout the OKC metro. </i></p><p><i>The ideal candidate will be available as a part-time budtender at The Peak, have weekend and evening availability, and have reliable transportation.</i></p><p><b>Job Description</b></p><p>We are seeking hip and talented individuals with exceptional customer service skills delivered in a professional demeanor to join The Peak Budtender team!</p><p>Experience in the cannabis industry is preferred, but not required. Candidates without cannabis experience, but who have a professional background in the hospitality / food service industries, customer-service oriented industries, or retail industries are also encouraged to apply.</p><p><i>Candidates who are currently-licensed Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority patients (or candidates who qualify for, and intend to obtain, an OMMA patient card) are preferred.</i></p><p>At The Peak, our patients are our top priority. Our Budtenders are representatives, and we expect exceptional customer service in every patient interaction.</p><p>Budtenders at The Peak are responsible for assessing the needs of our patients through educating, guiding, and communicating with them so as to select the cannabis products that beset meet their needs. Budtenders embody the “patients first” approach The Peak is known for, by ensuring that the company values of Community, Education, and Professionalism are .</p><p>A successful Budtender will be able to elevate company standards, achieve sales goals, provide excellent product suggestions and guidance, and exceed our patient's expectations. Our Budtenders are expected to inspire patient confidence in The Peak, and create long-term loyalty to our brand.</p><p><b>Responsibilities and Duties </b></p><p>The responsibilities required for a Budtender position at The Peak include, but are not limited to, the following:</p><p>· Maintain strict inventory controls to ensure full, comprehensive regulatory compliance across all dispensary operations</p><p>· Ensure POS stations are ready to go at store opening</p><p>· Maintain fully stocked and clean POS stations at all times</p><p>· Assist with running side work, stocking, and cleaning during any and all downtime</p><p>· Ensure opening and closing checklists are completed in a timely manner</p><p>· Coordinate and participate in periodic staff meetings</p><p>· Maintain proper cash handling procedures at all times</p><p>· Ensure all patients are greeted as they arrive, and wished farewell at their departure</p><p>· Ensure all patients receive excellent customer service at all times, in every interaction</p><p>· Inform management and supervisors of any low-stock product or other inventory issues</p><p>· Have a comprehensive knowledgeable of all products, of the cannabis industry as a whole, and of any relevant cannabis-related subject matter</p><p>· Be knowledgeable of all specials or promotions, including in-store weekly/daily deals</p><p>· Participate in staff events, outings, and promotional events</p><p>· Be active on company social media (sharing, liking, and posting all content shared on The Peak’s social media accounts)</p><p>· Read industry publications to keep up-to-date on current / future trends in the industry</p><p>· Ensure each patient receives your full attention during the entire interaction</p><p>· Keep all personal items off the sales floor at all times</p><p>· Ensure you are early or on-time for all shifts and any mandatory events or meetings</p><p>· Ensure your uniform is clean and that you are prepared for your every scheduled shift</p><p>· Perform other duties or projects, as assigned by managers or supervisors</p><p><i>DISCRIMINATORY PRACTICES PROHIBITED</i></p><p><i>In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all individuals, employment decisions at Company are based on merit, qualifications and abilities. Company complies with all EEOC guidelines. Company does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis of: Race, national origin or ethnic background; Height and weight; credit rating or economic status; religious affiliation or beliefs; citizenship; marital status, civil partnership or number of children; age; gender, gender identity or expression; sexual orientation; security/background checks for certain religious or ethnic groups; U.S. military or veteran status; disability or medical condition; or questions and examinations.</i></p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: From $10.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li><li>Flexible schedule</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />All staff required to wear masks; increased sanitization protocols; other precautionary measures as directed by CDC Guidelines.</p><p>Work Location: Multiple Locations</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"The Peak Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Oklahoma City, OK","city":"Oklahoma City","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/the-peak-dispensary/dispensary-budtender/232ea65ad6cd5184fdb6564d3d4095d9","title":"Dispensary Budtender","category":"Retail","hash":"232ea65ad6cd5184fdb6564d3d4095d9","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/dispensary-budtender-e093443fd7ba1b3d"},{"employmentType":"Part-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"12 days ago","description":"<div><p>MUST BE 21+</p><p><b>Please take the assessment attached to this job posting. It is mandatory to be considered for this position.</b></p><p><b><i>If you have already applied your application is on file and we are still evaluating. No need to re-apply. Thank you.</i></b></p><p>Responsibilities include but not limited to:</p><ul><li>Providing the Redbarn customer experience is our top priority</li><li>Engage with all customers</li><li>Guide customers toward the right product for the wanted experience</li><li>Stays up to date with product and industry knowledge</li><li>Keeps a positive attitude and strong listening skills</li><li>Must be able to work as a team</li><li>Must be reliable and make it to all scheduled shifts</li><li>Cleaning/Organizing/Restroom upkeep</li><li>Keeps sales floor merchandise up to standard</li><li>Cash handling/Retail experience 2+ years preferred</li><li>Sales experience 2+ years preferred</li><li>Must submit to background check</li><li>Must pass drug screen (cannabis okay)</li><li>Must have reliable transportation and drivers license</li><li>Must obtain an OLCC Marijuana Handlers Permit</li><li>Must arrive to work in a clean and professional manner</li><li>Passion for cannabis is a must</li><li>Open Availability Highly Preferred</li><li>Cannabis knowledge: Consumption methods, medical marijuana laws, recreational marijuana laws, strain and genetics knowledge preferred, Some cannabinoid/terpene knowledge preferred</li></ul><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Salary: $13.00/hour plus tips</p><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Pay: $13.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Required)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Cannabis Industry: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>OLCC Handlers Permit (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Redbarn Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Springfield, OR 97477","city":"Springfield","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/redbarn-dispensary/knowledgeable-and-amp-friendly-pt-budtender/f041b655ed737928fe72d063fd166a04","title":"Knowledgeable &amp; Friendly PT Budtender","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"f041b655ed737928fe72d063fd166a04","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/knowledgeable-friendly-pt-budtender-6d72301d72dced49"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"10 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Excellent Customer Service with demonstrated experience</b></p><p><b>Communication proficiency both written and oral</b></p><p><b>Self Motivated and able to work independently</b></p><p><b>Problem-solving and analysis</b></p><p><b>Leadership skills</b></p><p><b>Accuracy with money and numbers</b></p><p><b>Teamwork oriented</b></p><p><b>The position requires talking and hearing as well as visual acuity</b></p><p><b>Basic to Intermediate knowledge of cannabis, cannabis products, uses and effects</b></p><p><b>Must be 21 or older</b></p><p><b>Must be eligible to work in the United States</b></p><p><b>Responsibilities: </b></p><p><b>The Management Team will report to the Head of Retail and be responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of the dispensary; and will be the location management lead.</b></p><p><b>Manager should develop a deep understanding of local market, including patient preferences and needs, product and pricing trends, and community involvement opportunities.</b></p><p><b>Manager will be responsible for social media, including adhering to brand standards</b></p><p><b>This position requires someone who can build teams, train, and develop talent</b></p><p><b>Managers will ensure employees maintain strict adherence to laws and regulations related to the sale of regulated medical marijuana</b></p><p><b>Ensures excellent customer service, including resolving customer difficulties</b></p><p><b>Train, supervise, and evaluate staff</b></p><p><b>Coach and develop staff</b></p><p><b>Control waste, expenses, and payroll</b></p><p><b>Observe appropriate merchandise stock levels, presentation, and signage</b></p><p><b>Receives products and maintains appropriate records</b></p><p><b>Able to learn new computer systems as needed</b></p><p><b>Open and close store</b></p><p><b>Responsible for daily safe counts, drawer counts, and drop counts</b></p><p><b>Other related duties as assigned by Head of Retail</b></p><p><b>This job operates in a retail business environment</b></p><p><b>The role routinely uses standard retail equipment such as registers, phones, computers, printers, and filing cabinets</b></p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $31,911.00 - $44,571.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Employee discount</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>On call</li><li>Overtime</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Tips</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer service: 1 year (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"The Vintage Smoke Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Norman, OK 73072","city":"Norman","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/the-vintage-smoke-dispensary/dispensary-management/c95ff6db2f8a363411dafa05d1331c2f","title":"Dispensary Management","category":"Retail","hash":"c95ff6db2f8a363411dafa05d1331c2f","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/dispensary-management-c66021f9b2aefbc4"},{"function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"11 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>About Us</b></p><br /><p></p><p>Massachusetts based Solar Therapeutics is New England’s leading producer of wellness and alternative therapies dedicated to state of the art, fully sustainable cultivation &amp; production of pharmaceutical grade cannabis.</p><br /><p></p><p>Solar Therapeutics is a vertically integrated Cannabis facility with a cultivation facility, as well as a recreational retail dispensary on site at our Somerset location.</p><br /><p></p><p>The company’s experienced management team, dedicated board and passionate investors are driven by a singular mission: to provide industry leading alternative therapies with a sustainable carbon-neutral energy footprint.</p><br /><p></p><p>We offer a competitive salary among the cannabis industry and strive to develop our employees to reach their personal goals within the industry.</p><p></p><p><b><br />Position</b></p><p><b>*NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED*</b></p><p>We are seeking reliable and trust-worthy Security Associates to join our team here at Solar Therapeutics. The ideal candidate will have prior security experience and will be able to work days, nights, and weekends.</p><ul><li>Minimum of 21 years of age.</li><li>Possess valid driver’s license or state ID.</li><li>Must pass all required background checks.</li><li>Must be and remain compliant with any and all legal or company regulations for working in the industry.</li><li>Must be able to lift up to 30 pounds (100 pounds with assistance). This job function may include walking or standing for extended periods of time, as well as stooping, bending over and/or crouching.</li></ul><p><b>Key Responsibilities</b></p><ul><li>Enthusiastically greet all customers, patients, staff, and vendors that enter the dispensary</li><li>Check identification of all customers and patients before permitting them inside the dispensary</li><li>Answer front desk phone and direct calls accordingly</li><li>Monitor and enforce Solar Therapeutics safety and security procedures</li><li>Receive packages/deliveries for the dispensary</li><li>Assist with state inspections</li><li>Assist with general store issues</li><li>Report writing (post event and informational)</li><li>Other duties as assigned</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><ul><li>1 year experience in security or a related field preferred</li><li>Past training or experience with non-violent crisis intervention, behavior management, or other safety-awareness based training a plus</li><li>Great time management skills</li><li>Must be proactive, have a strong work ethic and pay great attention to detail</li><li>Comfortable with handling confidential information</li></ul><p><b>Benefits</b></p><ul><li>Medical Insurance</li><li>Dental Insurance</li><li>Vision Insurance</li><li>Employee Discount</li><li>Paid Time Off</li><li>401(k) plan</li></ul><p><i>Solar Therapeutics is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to building a diverse workforce as it values the knowledge, diversity and performance of our employees to make us a great company. Solar Therapeutics is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all applicants will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status. Solar Therapeutics agrees to hire individuals with Cannabis-related CORI offenses.</i></p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Solar Therapeutics","logoUrl":"/logos/solar-therapeutics-5b921534f55fa9dfbdb96a6a31f7fb57.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Somerset, MA 02725","city":"Somerset","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/solar-therapeutics/dispensary-door-attendant/c2ab38b9a573efdde12988935e520e6a","title":"Dispensary Door Attendant","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"c2ab38b9a573efdde12988935e520e6a","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/dispensary-door-attendant-b3c6dcea353ca8b7"},{"salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$35k","salaryEnd":"$87k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Dispensary Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Dispensary-Manager-Salary-in-Portland,OR"},{"salaryStart":"$33k","salaryEnd":"$64k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Dispensary Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/recruiting/dispensary-manager-salary/lake-oswego-or"}],"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"12 days ago","description":"<div><p>A Portland area Dispensary is looking for a Dispensary Manager at their Southeast Portland location.</p><p>The ideal candidate MUST have demonstratable experience running a cannabis retail operation, excellent people and personnel management skills and a genuine passion for the cannabis industry and wellbeing of customers.</p><p>The Dispensary Manager will be accountable for the daily operations of a cannabis retail dispensary.</p><p>The Dispensary Manager will be responsible for sales, overall management of staff and scheduling, standard operating procedures, inventory, compliance, supplies and vendor/purchasing management.</p><p>The Dispensary Manager also works directly with the Owners/Directors/ and or General Managers to develop operational and sales objectives, maximize revenue goals, expand marketing, and ensure sound record keeping.</p><p>Essential Functions and Responsibilities of the Dispensary Manager: Must have a full and complete understanding of all rules and regulations relating to the retail sale of marijuana products to both recreational and medical consumers, including bulk medical salesOversees compliance and operations surrounding inventory compliance, including but not limited to product intake, inventory reconciliation/management, and weekly scheduled product auditsResponsible for overseeing daily opening and closing of the store, and the cash management procedures that go along with opening and closingOversees and manages online menu and targeted SMS campaignsWorks closely and communicates effectively with general management and ownership to achieve overall workplace cohesiveness and organization at all timesMaintains a positive image of the brandMaintains organization and cleanliness of the facility at all timesHas complete knowledge of Oregon cannabis products in order to successfully educate consumers and budtenders on the benefits of products the store sellsProvides strategic direction and thought leadership to the retail organization, with a strong understanding of the market and customer needs, as well as anticipating future needsProactively collects and instructs budtenders to collect customer feedback and uses this information to implement new product offerings and identify any inefficienciesMaximizes retail productivity, sales and profit, while ensuring that standards of service excellence are continuously met and improved uponResponsible for recruiting, scheduling and supervising all staffDevelops training and reinforces service, product, operations, and management expectations through training and development of all store team members.</p><p>Stays informed and knowledgeable about current Cannabis law, and all state and local laws, regulations, and industry news.</p><p>Meets with vendors on a regular basis and oversees purchasing on productPartners with the General Manager in reviewing employee performance, fostering employee relations, and administering disciplinary actions when required.</p><p>Collaborates with General Management, Marketing, Inventory, and Accounting resources to review and revise all staff management practices that support a high performing, team-based cultureCompetencies: Customer/client focus.</p><p>This includes assessment of customer needs, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfactionStrong written, verbal, and interpersonal skills, including conflict resolutionA relationship builder, excited by the opportunity to partner with our customers, employees and retail partners to achieve company goalsKnowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services.</p><p>This includes marketing strategies and tactics, product demonstration, sales techniques, and sales control systemsCash handling and point of sale experienceStrong inventory management skills related to POS and MetrcExceptional organizational skills and attention to detailUse logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.</p><p>Strong multi-tasking skills and ability to prioritize effectively to meet deadlinesGoal-oriented and able to take the initiative to achieve/exceed goalsMust possess a positive and professional attitudeWilling to regularly work mornings, evenings, and weekends based on business needsTeam orientedBasic computer and MS Office competenceAbility to use MS Office and other dispensary software to effectively communicate with ownership and employees on a daily basisRequirements: Must be 21 years of age or older3 years Retail Management experienceBusiness Degree preferred but not requiredMust be able to lift up to 25lbs on a regular basisMust possess OLCC Marijuana Workers PermitMust be METRC CertifiedValid Drivers LicenseProfessional Appearance (clean, well-groomed) and demeanor in working with coworkers, distributors, retail reps and consumersPreferredPrevious retail management experience in the cannabis industryWorking knowledge of OLCC cannabis laws and regulationsKnowledge of marijuana strains and productsPhysical DemandsThe physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job.</p><p>The position walks, sits, stands, bends, lifts and moves continually and uses repetitive motions.</p><p>The position is subject to lifting objects weighing over 25 pounds and may require going up/down stairs at some locations.</p><p>Other DutiesPlease note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job.</p><p>Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.</p><p>EEOOur organization does not discriminate against our employees or applicants because of race, color, religion, sex, pregnancy, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status, physical or mental disability, medical condition, or any other status or classification protected by applicable federal, state, and/or local laws.</p><p>Equal employment opportunity will be extended to all persons in all aspects of the employer-associate relationships, including recruitment, hiring, advancement, compensation, benefits, training, promotion, transfer, discipline, layoff, recall and termination.</p><p>Every reasonable accommodation will be made for qualified disabled employees/applicants.</p><p>Job Type: Full-timeJob Type: Full-timePay: $40,000.00 - $60,000.00 per yearBenefits:Employee discountFlexible schedulePaid time offRetirement planSchedule:8 hour shiftCOVID-19 considerations:All employees and customers are required to wear masks, common surfaces are disinfected regularly throughout the day, social distancing is observed when possible.</p><p>Education:High school or equivalent (Preferred)Experience:Retail management: 3 years (Preferred)Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Portland Dispensary"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Portland, OR, USA","city":"Portland","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/portland-dispensary/dispensary-manager/0f06fd6c76f3659817ca5d65f6993504","title":"Dispensary Manager","category":"Retail","hash":"0f06fd6c76f3659817ca5d65f6993504","postingUrl":"https://careercactus.com/jobs/dispensary-manager_2d160719972b1967_0_0","salary":"$35k - $87k"}]