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How to find the right job


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How to find the right job

Finding the right job is never easy, most times the job searching process can be like a second or third job – the follow-ups, spreadsheets, interviews, debriefing, negotiations and so on. One of the more challenging parts of a job search is getting the attention of hiring managers, recruiters or decision makers who ultimately make the call on who interviews and gets the job. You have probably been trying to figure out how to find the right job. Here are a few tips that will help you.

The first key to finding a role is understanding what you bring to an organization in terms of value and what your target organization or industry is looking for in terms of skills and talent. Ensuring that you align your goals, talent, skills with the right organizations and industries will give you a greater advantage in being able to find the right role within the right organization.

The Profile

The profile, today your resume is no longer just a word document or PDF, it’s also your professional social media profiles as well as any searchable data available online. Unless you’re a known entity or working in a completely private industry that values discretion such as defence or military, there is a high likelihood that recruiters and employers expect some level of online presence. At the top of the food chain, most senior executives will have a strong online presence in the media, or from speaking engagements.

Whether an online social media profile or document resume, your resume/profile should use language that is (think keywords) relevant, qualitative, and quantifiable. You have to think of your resume/profile as a searchable document or profile and what are keywords in your industry that are in demand or being searched in relation to your skills and talent. What is your differentiator? This is where your achievements and success can shine, again think in qualitative and quantifiable terms.

Your Process

It’s important to develop a process, where there is a process there is an ability to optimize. The process will be different for everyone, but having one will keep you organized, focused and better able to pivot when a current strategy is not yielding results. Once you have a process, look for areas to optimize this. For example, you may find that you get the best responses from referrals to optimize by offering your referrals an incentive to recommend you more often to companies or hiring managers.

What’s not working either needs a few adjustments or less of your time. Don’t waste your time by knocking on a door that never opens. Find another way in.

Message is Key

Have a message, purpose, and value that you can articulate in a concise and convincing manner. If you’ve done your homework well and you’re meeting the right companies, your story should resonate with your audience. Remember, when looking for the right job it needs to always be a win-win for all parties, so being honest and genuine about who you are, what you bring and what you plan on accomplishing will ensure your only considering the right roles. If you need to lie to get a role, it’s not the right role! Forget the folklore stories of faking it till you make it. Be honest and you’ll get further personally and professionally.