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Operations Manager

HRtoGO/OmegaComp HR Palm Springs, CA 92264
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Job Description: ABOUT THE COMPANY

TPE Enterprises LLC is a co-packer and distributor of high-quality edibles and flower products for the California Cannabis Market. TPE is also the parent company behind the edibles brand, -PREMIER- Located in Palm Springs CA, TPE prides itself in the ability to offer a world class co-packing service, made possible by over two decades of experience in commercial baking and chocolate. Furthermore, TPE brings extensive experience in the California cannabis industry, dating back to the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Prop 215).


At a high level, the Operations Manager is responsible for the cross-departmental coordination of the company’s facility(s) and Teams and connects the dots for fluid execution of the company’s operational projects. This role is interchangeable with that of a “Plant Manager”, as all departments that work in the manufacturing facility will report into this role. A big part of this role involves troubleshooting issues with staffing, machinery, compliance, partners, and vendors. This role is a key component of the entire business - which requires a focus on quality control, critical thinking, and reliability.




  • Discusses current and future production requirements with the Executive Chef, Packaging Manager and Supply Chain Department. Supports the execution of schedules/labor changes as needed to support these requirements.
  • Opens facility (unless delegated). Ensures proper protocols are being followed for turning on equipment and other parts of the facility. Reports any issues to other management team members.
  • Manages the approval and accuracy of timecards for hourly employees. Ensures timecards are submitted at the end of the period.
  • Ensures a clean and safe work environment. Responsible for the following of company SOPs regarding, safety, hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Be on the lookout for machine issues, safety hazards or employee non-compliance with PPE requirements. Takes immediate action as needed. If further assistance is required, report up to CEO/COO.
  • In coordination with Executive Chef and other departmental leads, ensures batch records are filled out accurately and thoroughly.
  • Takes part in the training of new hires. Ensures all new hires are onboarded properly with training, Live-Scans, and new hire forms
  • Provides facility tours to visitors as needed.
  • Takes part in monthly physical inventory counts as needed to keep inventory accurate within the facility. Makes sure the team is aware of upcoming physical inventory counts and are prepared for these activities.
  • Ensures the tracking and timely placement of orders for facility supplies.
  • Works with accounting to make sure expenses and facility supply orders are processed.
  • Ensures waste management protocols are being followed and recorded properly.
  • Has a thorough understanding of California DCC Compliance Regulations so that you can properly and compliantly manage the flow of people, materials and processes through-out the facility.
  • Performs other ad-hoc tasks related to inventory, organization and staff. This can include helping within administrative tasks such as paying out payroll as needed by the business.

Supervisory position.


  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Prior experience as an Operations Manager, Plant Manager, or Supply Chain Manager.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in one of the above roles required.
  • Prior experience in one of the above roles in a Cannabis Manufacturing or Distribution Company is a plus.
  • Experience in a food manufacturing facility or other CPG products preferred.
  • Effective working in a team environment.
  • Experience using Microsoft suite, a plus.
  • Experience with Metrc, a plus.
  • A strong work ethic with the ability to be efficient with minimal supervision.

This position operates in a manufacturing and distribution setting. Typical days will require hours of standing and walking within the facility. Some office work may be required, such as using a laptop or tablet, phones, file cabinets, fax machine, printer, and copier.

Physical Demands
The Physical demands represented here must be able to be met by the employee for successful performance of this role. This role will require hours of standing and walking within the facility. The employee will be required to lift boxes, product, bags, components, and ingredients of up to 40 lbs. This role will involve loading machines with packaging material and working with hot liquids & machinery.

Some travel is expected for this position.

Work Authorization
There is no H1-B or Visas Sponsorship offered. Must be able to pass a drug-screen. Must complete and pass a live-scan per state regulations.
[{"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><b>Job Description:</b> ABOUT THE COMPANY<br /><br />TPE Enterprises LLC is a co-packer and distributor of high-quality edibles and flower products for the California Cannabis Market. TPE is also the parent company behind the edibles brand, -PREMIER- Located in Palm Springs CA, TPE prides itself in the ability to offer a world class co-packing service, made possible by over two decades of experience in commercial baking and chocolate. Furthermore, TPE brings extensive experience in the California cannabis industry, dating back to the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 (Prop 215).<br /><br />SUMMARY<br /><br />At a high level, the Operations Manager is responsible for the cross-departmental coordination of the company’s facility(s) and Teams and connects the dots for fluid execution of the company’s operational projects. This role is interchangeable with that of a “Plant Manager”, as all departments that work in the manufacturing facility will report into this role. A big part of this role involves troubleshooting issues with staffing, machinery, compliance, partners, and vendors. This role is a key component of the entire business - which requires a focus on quality control, critical thinking, and reliability.<br /><br />STATUS<br /><br />Full-time<br /><br />ROLE &amp; RESPONSIBILITIES<br /><br /><ul><li>Discusses current and future production requirements with the Executive Chef, Packaging Manager and Supply Chain Department. Supports the execution of schedules/labor changes as needed to support these requirements.</li><li>Opens facility (unless delegated). Ensures proper protocols are being followed for turning on equipment and other parts of the facility. Reports any issues to other management team members.</li><li>Manages the approval and accuracy of timecards for hourly employees. Ensures timecards are submitted at the end of the period.</li><li>Ensures a clean and safe work environment. Responsible for the following of company SOPs regarding, safety, hygiene and cleanliness.</li><li>Be on the lookout for machine issues, safety hazards or employee non-compliance with PPE requirements. Takes immediate action as needed. If further assistance is required, report up to CEO/COO.</li><li>In coordination with Executive Chef and other departmental leads, ensures batch records are filled out accurately and thoroughly.</li><li>Takes part in the training of new hires. Ensures all new hires are onboarded properly with training, Live-Scans, and new hire forms</li><li>Provides facility tours to visitors as needed.</li><li>Takes part in monthly physical inventory counts as needed to keep inventory accurate within the facility. Makes sure the team is aware of upcoming physical inventory counts and are prepared for these activities.</li><li>Ensures the tracking and timely placement of orders for facility supplies.</li><li>Works with accounting to make sure expenses and facility supply orders are processed.</li><li>Ensures waste management protocols are being followed and recorded properly.</li><li>Has a thorough understanding of California DCC Compliance Regulations so that you can properly and compliantly manage the flow of people, materials and processes through-out the facility.</li><li>Performs other ad-hoc tasks related to inventory, organization and staff. This can include helping within administrative tasks such as paying out payroll as needed by the business.</li></ul>SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITY<br /><br />Supervisory position.<br /><br />REQUIREMENTS FOR THIS POSITION<br /><br /><ul><li>Must be at least 21 years of age.</li><li>Prior experience as an Operations Manager, Plant Manager, or Supply Chain Manager.</li><li>Minimum of 5 years of experience in one of the above roles required.</li><li>Prior experience in one of the above roles in a Cannabis Manufacturing or Distribution Company is a plus.</li><li>Experience in a food manufacturing facility or other CPG products preferred.</li><li>Effective working in a team environment.</li><li>Experience using Microsoft suite, a plus.</li><li>Experience with Metrc, a plus.</li><li>A strong work ethic with the ability to be efficient with minimal supervision.</li></ul>WORK ENVIRONMENT<br /><br />This position operates in a manufacturing and distribution setting. Typical days will require hours of standing and walking within the facility. Some office work may be required, such as using a laptop or tablet, phones, file cabinets, fax machine, printer, and copier.<br /><br />Physical Demands<br />The Physical demands represented here must be able to be met by the employee for successful performance of this role. This role will require hours of standing and walking within the facility. The employee will be required to lift boxes, product, bags, components, and ingredients of up to 40 lbs. This role will involve loading machines with packaging material and working with hot liquids &amp; machinery.<br /><br />Travel<br />Some travel is expected for this position.<br /><br />Work Authorization<br />There is no H1-B or Visas Sponsorship offered. Must be able to pass a drug-screen. Must complete and pass a live-scan per state regulations.</div>","company":{"name":"HRtoGO/OmegaComp HR"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Palm Springs, CA 92264","city":"Palm Springs","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/hrtogo-omegacomp-hr/operations-manager/d34b6bdbc31da76b2e67fb848aca8cce","title":"Operations Manager","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"d34b6bdbc31da76b2e67fb848aca8cce","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/operations-manager-1bc1022de38ea9b3","timestamp":1652880673364},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div> <p><b>Role Summary</b></p> <p>Sunsoil is looking for an experienced Customer Service &amp; Operations professional to join our team.</p> <p>You will be responsible for managing our two-person CS/Ops team, which supports both our retail/wholesale customers (stores), as well as our Sunsoil customers. As part of a small team, you will act as a “player-coach,” answering consumer and retail/wholesale support requests and filling gaps as needed. You will partner with leadership to define performance goals and maintain a high level of service and execution.</p> <p>This role is primarily on-site at our downtown Burlington office. A partially remote set-up is possible for experienced candidates.</p> <p><b>About Sunsoil </b></p> <p>Sunsoil is the #1 CBD oil brand in the Northeast U.S. in natural retail. Additionally, our Ecommerce business has grown at a rapid pace over the last couple of years.</p> <p>The CBD industry is crowded and fragmented. But since our founders Alejandro and Jacob started Sunsoil in 2015, we have delivered unparalleled quality and value:</p> <ul> <li>Organic: We’re the only top brand with USDA organic certification</li> <li>Naturally made: We use a unique, whole-plant infusion process to make CBD oil—rather than using CO2, ethanol or isopropyl alcohol</li> <li>Simple ingredients: Many of our products contain just two ingredients, hemp and coconut oil</li> <li>Vertically integrated: We grow and process hemp at our farms in Vermont</li> <li>Industry-leading price: 5 cents per milligram of CBD (4 cents with a subscription)</li> </ul> <p>Don’t take our word for it: read about the impact we have on our customers. We’re changing people’s lives, and we’re on a mission to help as many people as we can.</p> <p><b>Primary Responsibilities</b></p> <ul> <li>Manage a team of two, across Sunsoil’s ecommerce and wholesale business lines</li> <li>Reply to customer messages with a sense of urgency, addressing and resolving any order related questions or concerns, including fulfillment, delivery, product questions, etc.</li> <li>Oversee daily business operations—including wholesale order entry, returns/refunds, fulfillment operations—and plug in as needed</li> <li>Act as an expert for the team and customers, with a strong grasp of the Sunsoil brand, product offering, and recommended guidance for customers</li> <li>Maintain up-to-date documentation and resources (e.g., educational material, messaging macros) for the team to use in their daily interactions</li> <li>Work with the sales, marketing, and supply chain teams to plan for and execute new initiatives</li> <li>Understand how various systems are used across the business (e.g., Shopify, payment processor, internal ERP, etc.) and how they integrate</li> <li>Identify and implement improvements to customer service processes by creating, tracking, and analyzing key performance indicators</li> <li>Conduct coaching and career development conversations on a periodic basis with each member of the team</li> <li>Conduct periodic observations and quality assurance reviews</li> <li>Work with HR and leadership to address and resolve employee issues</li> <li>Interview and hire new members of the team, as needed</li> </ul> <p><b>About You</b></p> <ul> <li>Minimum of 4 years experience in customer service and/or operations; preferably for a CPG company with a strong ecommerce background</li> <li>Prior management experience, required</li> <li>Experience with customer service tools such as Gorgias, Zendesk, highly preferred</li> <li>Solution-oriented self-starter, able to work in a rapidly changing environment without oversight</li> <li>High empathy: able to patiently work with older customers who, for instance, may struggle with technology</li> <li>Quick learner with the ability to absorb and have command over Sunsoil’s history, product offerings and marketing initiatives</li> <li>Proven relationship builder, passion for providing high level of customer service and maintaining positive internal and external relationships</li> <li>Exceptional communication skills with customers and team members; friendly and pleasant demeanor over email and phone</li> <li>Ability to accurately assess and research customer concerns to provide clearly communicated and appropriate resolutions</li> <li>Able to work in a fast-paced environment with effective time management capability</li> </ul> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>401(k) matching</li> <li>Dental insurance</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Paid time off</li> <li>Vision insurance</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>Monday to Friday</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Sunsoil","logoUrl":"/logos/sunsoil-8c12247814ee635cac6c444b67cfe33c.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Burlington, VT 05401","city":"Burlington","stateProvince":"VT"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/sunsoil/customer-service-and-amp-operations-manager/dbd39d6dd5b1aa65c0a59b35f7e8a02f","title":"Customer Service &amp; Operations Manager","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"dbd39d6dd5b1aa65c0a59b35f7e8a02f","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/customer-service-operations-manager-1a29e41326894a96","timestamp":1653222140429},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>About Dutchie</p><p>Founded in 2017, Dutchie is a comprehensive technology platform powering dispensary operations, while providing consumers with safe and easy access to cannabis. Dutchie aims to further support the positive societal change the cannabis industry brings to the world through wellness benefits, social justice, and empowering local communities through tax revenue. Powering thousands of dispensaries across 40+ markets throughout the United States and Canada, Dutchie is the leading technology company in the cannabis space and was named in Fast Company's 10 Most Innovative Companies in North America and listed two years in a row on LinkedIn's Top 50 Startups.</p><p>Dutchie has raised over $600M in funding to date, backed by D1 Capital Partners, Tiger Global, Dragoneer, DFJ Growth, Thrive Capital, Howard Schultz, Snoop Dogg's Casa Verde Capital, Gron Ventures, members of the founding team at DoorDash, Kevin Durant's Thirty Five Ventures, and other notable angel investors.</p><p>What You'll Do..</p><p>• Day to day manager and contact for 3PL operations. Inclusive of order management, inventory, and shipping to</p><p>the end customers</p><p>• Develop and implement best in class practices to enable seamless customer deliveries.</p><p>• This includes; Clear to kits, on time delivery, order accuracy, complete order</p><p>• Develop strong cross functional relationships with CS/Sales/GSM/Accounting to prioritize inventory/customer needs, supplier payments and production schedules at the 3PL</p><p>What You Bring..</p><p>• Ability to develop and implement key metrics and influence 3PLs to implement practices needed to be successful.</p><p>• A bias towards action to provide the best customer experience possible.</p><p>• Strong organizational practices and time management skills.</p><p>• Ability to prepare and present quantitative and qualitative comparative analysis operations.</p><p>• Ability to understand when it is time to escalate and to keep the broader team intensely informed of performance.</p><p>• Strong cross functional skills to develop processes and ensure x-functional teams needs are met.</p><p>• Strong analytical skills to develop and analyze metrics.</p><p>You'll Get…</p><p>• Competitive Salary</p><p>• Equity</p><p>• 401(k)</p><p>• Full Benefits - Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance</p><p>• Flexible vacation and sick days</p><p>• Technology (hardware, software, reading materials, etc..) allowance</p><p>At Dutchie, we're committed to providing an environment of mutual respect where equal employment opportunities are available to all applicants and teammates without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, age, national origin, disability status, genetic information, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law. Dutchie believes that diversity and inclusion among our teammates is critical to our success, and we seek to recruit, develop and retain the most talented people from a diverse candidate pool</p></div>","company":{"website":"dutchie.com","companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Dutchie"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Bend, OR, USA","city":"Bend","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/dutchie/hardware-operations-manager/ca8170423b48734507aa621e5e74e20b","title":"Hardware Operations Manager","category":"Retail","hash":"ca8170423b48734507aa621e5e74e20b","postingUrl":"https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/hardware-operations-manager-dutchie-JV_IC1151424_KO0,27_KE28,35.htm?jl=1007582943227","timestamp":1653140050104},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p>The Role</p><p>GTI is seeking an operations Manager to oversee and manage all aspects of our operations in Holyoke MA. Our facilities include our grow and lab operations where we manufacture and produce our signature line of products and the post processing where inventory, packaging, and logistics are executed. As the Operations Manager, you will direct all the daily production processes and long-term targets for the facility. You will grind away at the details of managing internal resources to maximize safety, quality, compliance, efficiency, productivity, and culture. You will also blaze the path toward creating and developing the multilevel professional team in Holyoke, MA and you will work closely with the site management team to keep every detail of the facility up to standard.</p><p><b>Responsibilities</b></p><p>• Participate in creation and oversight of the strategic plan and vision for facility plant operations for cultivation, processing, packaging, maintenance, engineering, quality, and logistics/fulfillment</p><p>• Manager and implement tactics related to all facility activities working closely with departmental managers ensuring wholesale objectives are accomplished on time and budget</p><p>• Manage the facility budget; Analyze facility data,including efficiency metrics, labor variance analysis, defect rates, cost drivers, volume and capacity planning, etc. to make recommendations on optimal quality and efficiency improvements and capital expenditures</p><p>• Develop, implement, and produce reporting to clearly illustrate the trends of the business</p><p>• Manage and maintain a company culture consistent with the culture established at GTI corporate of accountability, transparency and enjoyment</p><p>• Participate in developing and implementing rules, regulations, policies, and procedures to advance GTI's mission, vision, goals and objectives</p><p>• Continuously improvethe skills, knowledge and morale of all employees; create an environment where the entire team does the same</p><p>• Help implement and maintain wholesale facility and equipment asset management programs; replace, or make adjustments to plant facilities and equipment when necessary</p><p>• Ensurecompliance with local, state, and federal billing or licensing requirements</p><p>• Will berequired to be on-call and to respond to emergency situations at any time.This may include scheduling issues, potentially covering a vacant shift, facility issues and/or human resources requirements</p><p>• Other duties as assigned</p><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><p>• Associates Degree, Bachelor's Degree, Engineering or Business required, MBA or similar preferred</p><p>• 10+ years of management experience in a manufacturing environment; direct management of 75+ individuals in a manufacturing setting required</p><p>• Consumer Packaged Good experience preferred</p><p>• In-depth knowledge &amp; understanding of Lean, Six Sigma, certifications a plus</p><p>• Exposure to horticulture and/or plant science and/or lab processing, a plus</p><p>• Strong commercial and financial acumen with experience managing a P&amp;L</p><p>• Can-do attitude and ability to adapt quickly; business is experiencing tremendous growth so previous operational experience in growth environment is preferred</p><p>• Adapts and thrives in a demanding, start-up, fast-paced environment</p><p>• Superior communication and interpersonal skills (verbal, non-verbal, written), with the ability to build relationships at all levels, both internally and externally</p><p>• Possesses a high level of critical thinking</p><p>• Operates with a high level of professionalism and integrity, including dealing with confidential information</p><p>• Must understand and comply with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of GTI</p><p>• Must have a solid understanding of the Medical Marijuana laws, rules and regulations set forth by the state; a pursuit to further their understanding and knowledge of the industry and the laws</p><p>Additional Requirements</p><p>• Must pass any and all required background checks</p><p>• Must be and remain compliant with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry</p><p>• Must possess valid driver's license</p><p>• Must be a minimum of 21 years of age</p><p>• Must be approved by state badging agency to work in cannabis industry</p><p>About Green Thumb Industries Calling all curious, collaborative, compassionate, boundary-pushing, trustworthy stewards: There's a place for you.</p><p>Join us on our mission to promote well-being through the power of cannabis while giving back to the communities in which we serve.</p><p>People are everything at Green Thumb. Some of us nurture plants while others pore over legal documents or open new stores. A few things we have in common? We're stewards of the plant, a happy and humble bunch and genuinely love what we do</p></div>","title":"Operations Manager","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$51k","salaryEnd":"$89k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Store Operations Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/alternate/store-operations-manager-salary/holyoke-ma"},{"salaryStart":"$37k","salaryEnd":"$100k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Operations Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Operations-Manager-Salary-in-Worcester,MA"},{"salaryStart":"$13k","salaryEnd":"$280k","currency":"US","source":"Glassdoor","position":"Operations Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.glassdoor.com/Salaries/boston-operations-manager-salary-SRCH_IL.0,6_IM109_KO7,25.htm"}],"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Vangst","logoUrl":"/logos/vangst-1731290886786334fb502ebdee566cc6.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Holyoke, MA, USA","city":"Holyoke","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/vangst/operations-manager/874925e86ad311ae4fa0aa235b457377","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"874925e86ad311ae4fa0aa235b457377","postingUrl":"https://lensa.com/operations-manager-jobs/holyoke/jd/3ccce42450784037ead02d9f0ebc8614","timestamp":1653054208240,"salary":"$51k - $89k"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div> <p>Long Beach, Ca</p> <p><b>Position </b>: Cannabis Distribution and Packaging Operations Manager<br /><b>Wage </b>: $75K - $90K DOE<br /><b>Date Last Updated </b>: May 2022</p> <p><b>Description</b></p> <p>The Cannabis Distribution and Packaging Operations Manager will provide the overall leadership and direction over the entire cannabis operations, driving operational efficiencies to achieve revenue targets and sales goals. This is a great opportunity to step into a leadership role with a successful company.</p> <p><b>Primary Duties</b></p> <p>The Cannabis Distribution and Packaging Operations Manager is responsible for managing and holding the LB Atlantis team accountable for policy and procedure, compliance, and all other operational objectives of LB Atlantis operations. They must account for operations, processes and staff management and must also manage budgets and timelines. Based on their analyses, they're expected to create and maintain standard operating procedures to ensure consistency in production as well as regulatory compliance.</p> <p><b>Key Responsibilities</b></p> <ul> <li>Manage operations of business</li> <li>Provide leadership, training, guidance and support to team members that fosters continuous learning and improvement in performance</li> <li>Recruit and train new hires on business practices</li> <li>Develop and maintain supply chain and vendor relationships</li> <li>Responsible for having proper inventory levels to support the market demand</li> <li>Develop sales strategies and exceed sales targets</li> <li>Develop and execute regional marketing/promotional strategies and tactics</li> <li>Remaining up to date on trends in the industry</li> <li>Manage/address customer needs and issues</li> <li>Help develop customer success strategies to drive sales and growth within existing accounts</li> <li>Ability to demonstrate thorough understanding of company products</li> <li>Organize monthly inventory audits on all cannabis products in distribution’s possession</li> <li>Minimize loss and shrinkage of inventory by implementing loss prevention tactics and procedures</li> <li>Implement standardized &amp; recurring inventory reconciliations of all cannabis products</li> <li>Keep an accurate inventory of all non cannabis materials and supplies and work with purchasing to ensure appropriate par levels are maintained</li> <li>Point person for Health and Safety compliance</li> </ul> <p>Long Beach, Ca</p> <ul> <li>Participate in all company manager meetings and communicate appropriate information to the team as needed</li> </ul> <p><b>Qualifications</b></p> <ul> <li>High School Diploma or GED required</li> <li>3+ years of Cannabis experience focus in Distribution</li> <li>Computer and software fluent (Word, Excel, Outlook, LeafLink,Gusto,Google)</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to understand legal documentation and interpretation</li> <li>Possess a can-do attitude, resourceful, action oriented, reliable, and a team player</li> <li>Excellent communications skills as applied to internal teams, customers, vendors, and regulators</li> <li>Possess a tremendous sense of urgency, problem-solving, and organizational skills with great attention to detail</li> <li>Completion of state cannabis tracking (METRC) processing center training (Preferred)</li> <li>Excellent time management, analytical skills, multi-tasking skills in a challenging environment</li> <li>Ability to act as gatekeeper and escalate relevant information to corporate as needed</li> <li>Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision</li> <li>Ability to treat confidential information with appropriate discretion</li> </ul> <p><b>Benefits</b></p> <ul> <li>Health Insurance</li> <li>Vacation Time Off</li> <li>Paid Time Off</li> <li>401(k)</li> </ul> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Pay: $75,000.00 - $90,000.00 per year</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>401(k)</li> <li>Dental insurance</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Paid time off</li> <li>Professional development assistance</li> <li>Vision insurance</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>8 hour shift</li> <li>Weekend availability</li> </ul> <p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Mask Policy<br />Weekly On-Site Covid-19 Testing</p> <p>Ability to commute/relocate:</p> <ul> <li>Long Beach, CA 90813: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Preferred)</li> </ul> <p>Experience:</p> <ul> <li>Cannabis: 2 years (Required)</li> </ul> <p>License/Certification:</p> <ul> <li>Driver's License (Preferred)</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"LB Atlantis","logoUrl":"/logos/lb-atlantis-f0dee2f75d4c9aa41d47167cb220a4db.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Long Beach, CA 90813","city":"Long Beach","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/lb-atlantis/cannabis-packaging-and-distribution-operations-manager/2b6e13a5924ac5651386c6171235dd75","title":"Cannabis Packaging and Distribution Operations Manager","category":"Financial Services","hash":"2b6e13a5924ac5651386c6171235dd75","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-packaging-and-distribution-operations-manager-a16bca4d27cd4476","timestamp":1653054120976},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p>VIVO Cannabis is recognized for trusted, premium cannabis products and services. It holds production and sales licences from Health Canada and operates world-class indoor and seasonal airhouse cultivation facilities. VIVO has a collection of premium brands, each targeting different customer segments, including Canna Farms, Beacon Medical, Fireside, Fireside-X, Lumina and Canadian Bud Collection. Harvest Medicine, VIVO's patient-centric, scalable network of medical cannabis clinics, has serviced over 150,000 patient visits. VIVO is pursuing several partnership and product development opportunities and is focusing its international efforts on Germany and Australia.</p><p>Company Overview</p><p>VIVO Cannabis is a Toronto based, TSX listed corporation with operations in three countries. Its Canadian operations, Canna Farms Limited, ABcann Medicinals Inc. and Harvest Medicine Inc. are recognized for trusted, premium cannabis products and services. VIVO holds production and sales licences from Health Canada and operates world-class indoor and seasonal airhouse cultivation facilities. VIVO has a collection of premium brands, each targeting different customer segments, including Canna Farms, Beacon Medical, Fireside, and Lumina. Harvest Medicine, VIVO's patient-centric, scalable network of medical cannabis clinics, has serviced over 150,000 patient visits. VIVO is pursuing several partnership and product development opportunities and focuses its international efforts on Germany and Australia.</p><p><b>The Opportunity</b></p><p>Are you an experienced operations specialist with experience managing multi-site clinics in the healthcare sector?</p><p>Would you like to be part of a dynamic, compassionate, and professional team that is dedicated to providing best-in-class patient care and education?</p><p>If so, keep reading to learn about an exciting new opportunity to join Harvest Medicine on our journey to transform lives through plant-based medicine, improve access to medical cannabis and advance patient outcomes while empowering our patients through education, support, and guidance along the medical cannabis journey.</p><p>Position Overview</p><p>The successful candidate for Senior Manager, National Operations reports to the Director of Harvest Medicine (HMED) and as a key member of the HMED Leadership Team, works closely with all departments to ensure seamless clinic operations across all locations (Calgary and St. Albert, AB, Cole Harbour, NS, Moncton, NB, and telemedicine) to optimize patient flow and provide best-in-class patient experience.</p><p><b>Key Responsibilities</b></p><p>Manages and coaches direct reports: Western Clinic Manager, Atlantic Clinic Manager and Billing &amp; IT Co-ordinator</p><p>Determines operation strategies by conducting needs assessments, strategic planning, cost/benefit analysis, productivity, quality, and customer service standard reviews, ensuring alignment with overall objectives</p><p>Maintains and improves operations by monitoring system and service performance, identifying and resolving problems, completing action plans, service analyses, managing systems and process improvement as well as quality assurance programs</p><p>Responsible for the management and optimization of clinical budget and cost to serve</p><p>Responsible for clinic scheduling across all locations, including capacity management modelling, adapting service in real time to accommodate for trends (i.e., adjusting capacity in the schedule to forecasted needs)</p><p>Adapts service to accommodate patient-facing Service Level Agreements (i.e., call wait times, appointment wait times), ensuring HMED operations are fully optimized for best-in-class patient care</p><p>Maintains efficient and productive working relationships with 3rd party service providers; ensures 3rd party vendors service level is fully optimized to support HMED initiatives</p><p>Tracks and reports all clinic Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with a focus on patient acquisition, retention, and clinic volume to assess areas of opportunity and focus</p><p>Accountable for achieving Profit and Loss targets and manages/approves clinic budgets</p><p>Leads regular communications through National Operations calls &amp; emails with team to ensure tactical execution is aligned with HMED strategic goals and operations</p><p>Works collaboratively with Patient Care Manager, Database &amp; Analytics Manager, and Medical Director on cross-functional initiatives and projects</p><p>Stays current on medical cannabis market trends to implement new ideas and best practices in clinic workflows, possesses the flexibility to pivot in an evolving commercial and regulatory landscape</p><p>Leads by example, inspires, and provides positive team culture for frontline and management teams</p><p>PLEASE NOTE – This role is patient facing. As such, we require successful candidates to provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.</p><p>Qualifications and Skills</p><p>Academic/Educational Requirements</p><p>Bachelor or Masters of Business Administration, Healthcare Administration or Health Sciences</p><p>Required Skills/Experience/Knowledge</p><p>3+ years of experience the medical cannabis clinic industry (preferred)</p><p>3+ years of experience in operations or management consulting (relevant experience in healthcare, private clinics preferred)</p><p>Strong knowledge of medical clinic operations and provincial health care regulations</p><p>Experience in patient service, scheduling and implementation of clinic and telemedicine operations and procedures with the goal of providing best-in-class service</p><p>Experience in leading and managing cross functional, remote teams across several locations</p><p>Strong aptitude for technology – telemedicine, EMR and CRM experience required, Excel and PowerPoint skills essential</p><p>Large scale project management experience: a hands-on learner that navigates ambiguity, complex issues and concepts with a patient-centric approach</p><p>Strategic and analytical thinking skills, strong written and oral communication skills</p><p>Strong interpersonal, leadership and coaching skills with a preference towards team-oriented leadership and collaboration; a professional, supportive approach to conflict resolution, receiving and providing feedback is required</p><p>Positive attitude, excellent problem solving, decision-making and multi-tasking skills</p><p>Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills; flexibility; ability to efficiently manage time and competing priorities</p><p>Ability to thrive &amp; succeed in a fast-paced growth environment</p><p>Bias for action, entrepreneurial spirit, a willingness to approach business development in a focused manner, unafraid of creative solutions</p><p>Travel to clinic locations required, driver’s license an asset</p><p>This role is patient-facing, proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 is required</p><p>VIVO Competencies &amp; Values</p><p>Unity – We know great outcomes in business aren’t accomplished by one person, they are accomplished by a team, success for us hinges on collaboration.</p><p>Accountability – We take ownership and have a bias for action that allows us to produce excellent customer-centric results.</p><p>Integrity – We know it’s this simple, wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it, right is right even if no one is doing it.</p><p>Innovation – We strive to identify and embrace opportunities to differentiate and elevate the experience of our customers and our employees.</p><p>Self-Awareness – We embrace reflection and feedback so our growth and development thrive.</p><p>Leadership – We know authenticity in our interactions and empowering those around us makes us valued leaders no matter our position</p></div>","title":"Senior Manager, National Operations","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$79k","salaryEnd":"$85k","currency":"","source":"Glassdoor","position":"General Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.glassdoor.ca/Salary/National-Logistics-Services-General-Manager-Toronto-Salaries-EJI_IE789999.0,27_KO28,43_IL.44,51_IM976.htm"},{"salaryStart":"$88k","salaryEnd":"$180k","currency":"","source":"Payscale","position":"National Sales Director","type":"per year","url":"https://www.payscale.com/research/CA/Job=National_Sales_Director/Salary/aa3c86a3/Toronto-ON"}],"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","company":{"website":"hmed.ca","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Harvest Medicine","logoUrl":"/logos/harvest-medicine-850a92266741c101d7a68c74b3896f79.png"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Toronto, ON","city":"Toronto","stateProvince":"ON"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/harvest-medicine/senior-manager-national-operations/8e159c1ffe9d46cddae20ecbe380b4b6","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"8e159c1ffe9d46cddae20ecbe380b4b6","postingUrl":"https://www.recruit.net/job/senior-manager-jobs/A12E5D8F8D92536A","timestamp":1652968277811,"salary":"$79k - $85k"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div> <p>Grön Chocolate is hiring in Carrollton, Missouri. Grön is one of the leading producers of recreational cannabis-infused edibles in Oregon, Oklahoma, Nevada and Arizona.</p> <p>We are looking for a hands-on operations manager for our team. You need to be a motivated, capable leader with strong communication and organization skills to manage our operations in Missouri.</p> <p>The Grön Operations Manager provides oversight for all daily activities of the production facility as well as the accounting and fulfillment teams. The Operations Manager plans and directs work and is responsible for the effective and successful management of labor, material resources, productivity, quality control, and compliance to state and local regulations. This position is expected to ensure adherence to standard work methods and safe habits across all teams. You will be working on the floor with your employees filling in when and where its needed.</p> <p><b>Summary of Responsibilities</b></p> <p>· Fosters a positive environment and builds consensus among staff and departments to maximize efficiency and morale</p> <p>· Acts as a liaison to Senior Management to keep them up to date on production and general operations</p> <p>· Oversees daily activities of production facility including planning, assignment, and general direction of work</p> <p>· Leads and assists with inventory audits and general management of inventory</p> <p>· Tracks and manages budgets</p> <p>· Selects and hires production and packaging staff, fulfillment, and production supervisory positions</p> <p>· Trains new and existing employees on current and updated processes and procedures</p> <p>· Addresses employee performance issues and generates improvement plans and performance evaluations</p> <p>· Analyzes labor and production tracking to maximize scheduling and utilization of resources; identifies gaps in organization and makes recommendations regarding staffing and labor</p> <p>· Tracks team performance to set goals and standards and verify adherence to policies and procedures</p> <p>· Analyzes and identifies areas requiring improvement and develops solutions</p> <p>· Assists with compliance audits to ensure adherence to state and local regulations and internal policies</p> <p>· Creates and manages corrective action plans based on audit findings</p> <p>Facility Agent ID for Missouri</p> <p>At Grön, we provide a fair and equal employment opportunity for all Team Members and candidates regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, age, marital status, disability, or any other legally protected characteristic. Grön hires and promotes individuals solely based on qualifications for the position to be filled and business needs.</p> <p>Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.</p> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Pay: $55,000.00 - $65,000.00 per year</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Dental insurance</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Paid time off</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>8 hour shift</li> <li>Monday to Friday</li> <li>On call</li> <li>Weekend availability</li> </ul> <p>Education:</p> <ul> <li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li> </ul> <p>Experience:</p> <ul> <li>Management: 2 years (Preferred)</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Grön"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Carrollton, MO 64633","city":"Carrollton","stateProvince":"MO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/gron/operations-manager-carrollton-missouri/4edc14b36736def025ef18c9d0845128","title":"Operations Manager Carrollton, Missouri","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"4edc14b36736def025ef18c9d0845128","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/operations-manager-carrollton-missouri-584de72e7a07c0e5","timestamp":1652880671683},{"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p>We are looking for a professional Operations Manager to manage and oversee our 6000 sq ft indoor facility. The operations manager role is mainly to implement the right processes and practices across the organization (SOPS). The specific duties of an operations manager include formulating strategy, improving performance, increasing productivity of the team, while operating in a compliant manor. You should be ready to mentor your team members, find ways to increase quality of customer service and implement best practices across all levels. Ultimately, we’ll trust you to help us remain compliant, efficient and profitable during the course of business.</p></div>","company":{"name":"Prime Cuts Nursery"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Sonoma, CA 95476","city":"Sonoma","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/prime-cuts-nursery/cannabis-nursery-operations-manager/69645d1dff73ff9e416031bf4969938e","title":"Cannabis Nursery Operations Manager","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"69645d1dff73ff9e416031bf4969938e","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-nursery-operations-manager-d59c27ca9e5b865e","timestamp":1652794203630},{"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div> <div> <h2><b>COMPANY OVERVIEW</b></h2> <p> Recently named one of <i>Entrepreneur</i> magazine's Top 100 Cannabis Leaders, Cresco Labs is one of the largest vertically-integrated multi-state cannabis operators in the United States. Cresco is built to become the most important company in the cannabis industry by combining the most strategic geographic footprint with one of the leading distribution platforms in North America. Employing a consumer-packaged goods (\"CPG\") approach to cannabis, Cresco's house of brands is designed to meet the needs of all consumer segments and includes some of the most recognized and trusted national brands including Cresco, Remedi and Mindy's, a line of edibles created by James Beard Award-winning chef Mindy Segal. Sunnyside*, Cresco's national dispensary brand is a wellness-focused retailer designed to build trust, education and convenience for both existing and new cannabis consumers. Recognizing that the cannabis industry is poised to become one of the leading job creators in the country, Cresco has launched the industry's first national comprehensive Social Equity and Educational Development (SEED) initiative designed to ensure that all members of society have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to work in and own businesses in the cannabis industry.</p> <h2><b> MISSION STATEMENT</b></h2> <p> At Cresco, we aim to lead the nation's cannabis industry with a focus on regulatory compliance, product consistency, and customer satisfaction. Our operations bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry by acting with the highest level of integrity, strictly adhering to regulations, and promoting the clinical efficacy of cannabis. As Cresco grows, we will operate with the same level of professionalism and precision in each new market we move in to.</p> <p><b> JOB SUMMARY </b></p> <p>Cresco Labs is seeking a full time Operations Manager for our Uxbridge facility. The Operations Manager will oversee facility functions including Processing, Packaging, Manufacturing, Food Production, and Order Fulfillment to ensure consistent delivery of products for our customers and a culture of continuous improvement. This includes maintaining schedule adherence and throughput, setting expectations for all personnel on duty and providing support as needed to ensure all performance goals are met. This individual will serve as an important resource for identifying synergies across the facility and promoting behaviors that meet Cresco's mission to normalize and professionalize the cannabis industry.</p> <p><b> RESPONSIBILITIES </b></p> <ul> <li>Lead operational management teams by making data driven decisions that ensure collaboration within the site and drive cross-departmental efficiencies</li> <li>Partner with Quality, Safety, and Compliance to ensure facilities are maintained to state regulatory, OSHA, and Cresco quality standards</li> <li>Plan and monitor the day-to-day operations to ensure no interruptions in production</li> <li>Create strategies to improve the efficiencies between Operations and Supply Chain, Food Production, Laboratory, Sales, IT, Accounting and HR</li> <li>Manage the overall welfare of the team; i.e. provide training and coaching and lead by example; attract, retain, and motivate staff</li> <li>Lead meetings with the management team to discuss supply/demand, new projects, and upcoming information</li> <li>Address company policy violations and work in conjunction with HR and direct managers to administer disciplinary action</li> <li>Report and share information with the Facility Director, Master Scheduler, and management staff to ensure they are kept fully informed on the condition of the organization and important factors influencing it</li> <li>Works with operations staff to ensure all KPIs are being met or exceeded</li> <li>Coaches the operations team to establish performance measures to achieve designated objectives and deliver business results</li> </ul> <p><b>REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS </b></p> <ul> <li>Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Supply Chain, preferred</li> <li>2-5 years' experience in operations/production/manufacturing environment, preferred</li> <li>Experience leading/mentoring large cross-functional teams</li> <li>Experience in a warehouse setting, production line environment, GMP/SQF/OSHA/ISO</li> <li>Proficiency in Windows based software, especially MS Excel; ability and interest in learning seed-to-sale tracking system</li> <li>Excellent written and verbal communication skills</li> <li>Strong project management skills and experience</li> <li>Comfortable in a start-up environment - willingness and interest to roll up sleeves</li> <li>Proven experience in creating systems and processes</li> </ul> <p><b>BENEFITS</b></p> <p> Cresco Labs is proud to offer eligible employees a robust offering of benefits including, major medical, dental and vision insurance, a 401(K)-match program, FSA/HSA programs, LTD/STD options, life insurance and AD&amp;D. We also offer eligible employees paid holidays and paid time off. Other rewards may include annual discretionary bonuses, stock options as well as participation in our employee discount program. Benefits eligibility for permanent positions may vary by full-time or part-time roles, location, or position.</p> <p><b> ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS</b></p> <ul> <li>Must be 21 years of age or older to apply</li> <li>Must comply with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry</li> </ul> <p><i>Cresco Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all applicants will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.</i></p> </div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Cresco Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/cresco-labs-af2becc596b572034007bd7a7d918bdd.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Uxbridge, MA","city":"Uxbridge","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cresco-labs/facility-manager/45f78dccec6395a024f16d40a5c8a91a","title":"Facility Manager","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"45f78dccec6395a024f16d40a5c8a91a","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/facility-manager-1a72b7d446cfa2cd","timestamp":1653139924648},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p>Project Manager - FacilitiesDescriptionPosition Description - Regional Facilities Project ManagerJob DescriptionJob Title:Facilities Project ManagerDepartment:Facilities OperationsReports to:DirectorFLSA Status:Regular, ExemptSalary:NegotiableLocation:RemotePosition SummaryThe Project Manager will be responsible for coordinating and overseeing construction projects throughout the country.Key Duties and ResponsibilitiesAssist Operations with capital improvement project specifications, scopes of work, proposals, oversight, and quality controlCollaborate with Operations for the purpose of implementing and maintaining services and maintenance programsEnsure preventive maintenance schedules are adhered to and all regulatory compliance inspections are completed as requiredOversee and direct small to medium construction projects from conception to completionManage third-party maintenance vendor to ensure service calls are completed in a timely manner at acceptable costAssist Commercial Property Managers as neededTravel to sites as needed to perform dutiesConduct periodic site visit and facility inspectionsCoordinate and direct contractors and subcontractorsReview, approve, and execute proposals up to authority limitReview work order progress on a daily basisPrepare internal and external reports relating to job status, including a weekly dashboard and Smartsheet trackerPlan ahead to prevent problems and resolve any emerging onesAnalyze, manage, and mitigate risksSkills and Qualifications5 years commercial facilities construction project managementProven working experience in facilities and project managementKnowledge of building products, construction details and relevant rules, regulations, and quality standardsUnderstanding of all facets of facilities managementAbility to plan and see the \"big picture\"Competent in conflict and crisis managementBS degree in construction management, architecture, engineering, or related field preferred but not requiredEquivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered, including internal experience (year for year management experience can be substituted for education);Must function independently, and have flexibility, personal integrity, and the ability to work effectively with personnel and vendors.Excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task and prioritize work;Attention to detail and problem-solving skills;Strong organizational and planning skills;Demonstrated computer literacy including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Smartsheet.Additional Minimum QualificationsMust be a minimum of 21 years of age (per state law).Must possess a valid driver's license and good driving record or have the ability to obtain a valid driver's license at the time of employment.Must successfully complete a comprehensive background check, including drug screen.Detail oriented with an eye on process optimization.Ability to listen well and communicate effectively.Strong interpersonal and analytical skills.Superior oral and written communication skills.Understand and follow oral and written directions.Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all employees.Proficient in the use of computers to perform daily work, the Microsoft Office suite of programs, Smartsheet, SharePoint, and OneDrive.Excellent record keeping and tracking.Accurate and precise attention to detail.Excellent project management skills.Ability to understand and perform mathematical calculations typical of lease transactions. Ability to understand applicable Federal, state, and local laws and regulations as they pertain to the industry, local municipal codes and organizational rules, regulations, directives, and standard operating procedures.Ability to work independently throughout a workday with given directives.Must be able to maintain regular, punctual physical attendance.Flexibility to work non-traditional business hours as needed.Must have reliable transportation.Some travel will be required.Physical RequirementsThe physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.Must be able to work seated/standing as appropriate at workstations for extended periods of time, maintain body equilibrium while climbing ladders, stairways, stopping, kneeling, crouching, and reaching, and use hands/fingers to hold, grasp, turn, pick, pinch frequently/constantly to complete tasks.Must be able to navigate environment with or without use of mobility aids.Must have manual dexterity to complete job functions with or without accommodation.Must have visual acuity with/without job aids to perform activities such as reading, viewing a computer terminal, visual inspection involving small parts/details. Clarity of vision at 20 ft or more in day and night/dark conditions.Must be able to speak and communicate verbally at conversation levels with co-workers, vendors, etc. (Moderate noise)Must be able to push, pull, move and/or lift a minimum of 50 lbs. to a minimum height of 5 feet and able to push, pull, move and/or carry such weight a minimum distance of 50 feet, with or without mechanical assistance.Work ScheduleStandard office hours are required for this position. Additional evening, weekend, and holiday hours will be required at times to meet the needs of the business and meet the expectations of the role.Position RequirementsFull-Time/Part-TimeFull-Time ShiftDays Level 2 Background check requiredPositionProject Manager - Facilities DivisionTrulieve, INC Close DatePost Internal Days0 Number of Openings1 Number Filled0 Exempt/Non-ExemptExempt Req NumberFAC-22-00040 Open Date4/21/2022 LocationTallahassee EOE StatementWe are an equal employment opportunity employer.All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by law. This position is currently accepting applications</p></div>","title":"Project Manager - Facilities","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$46k","salaryEnd":"$79k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Building Project Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/recruiting/building-project-manager-salary/tallahassee-fl"},{"salaryStart":"$92k","salaryEnd":"$140k","currency":"US","source":"Randstad USA","position":"Project Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.randstadusa.com/salary/project-manager-salaries/tallahassee-florida/"},{"salaryStart":"$40k","salaryEnd":"$58k","currency":"US","source":"Payscale","position":"Construction Project Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Construction_Project_Manager/Salary/252a7d8b/Gainesville-FL"}],"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","company":{"website":"trulieve.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Trulieve Cannabis","logoUrl":"/logos/trulieve-1d76a294c42e35e1fad949d6f74742d9.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Tallahassee, FL, USA","city":"Tallahassee","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/trulieve-cannabis/project-manager-facilities/6a39ff16286e8a5aa1772bea8ea6d4d2","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"6a39ff16286e8a5aa1772bea8ea6d4d2","postingUrl":"https://us.fidanto.com/jobs/job-opening/detail/project-manager-facilities-1191491372","timestamp":1653222224354,"salary":"$46k - $79k"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div> <p><b>FACILITIES MANAGER</b></p> <p><b>Bloom Medicinals is one of the country's largest family-owned cannabis companies. We provide safe, effective, top-quality cannabis products that improve patients’ lives. Currently licensed in five states to grow, manufacture and/or dispense medical marijuana products for adult and pediatric patients, we are expanding rapidly as we continue to earn new state licenses and gain recognition as a trusted resource in this evolving space.</b></p> <p><b>We are currently seeking an experienced Facilities Manager. The Facilities Manager will coordinate and manage all emergency and planned repairs: electrical, plumbing, carpentry and janitorial. The Facilities Manager is the primary point person for all facilities related issues, requests and emergencies.</b></p> <p><b>Duties/Responsibilities: </b></p> <ul> <li><b>Regularly inspects company equipment, buildings, and property; oversees maintenance of property including but not limited to offices, production areas, public areas, and equipment through development and implementation of preventive maintenance program.</b></li> <li><b>Ensures all maintenance and repairs are completed in a timely, cost-effective manner and according to all specifications.</b></li> <li><b>Negotiates vendor contracts and optimal pricing.</b></li> <li><b>Oversees maintenance of organization’s physical operations including but not limited to refrigeration, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, kitchen equipment, emergency generators, plumbing, water treatment, and electric systems.</b></li> <li><b>Interfaces with appropriate staff/managers to receive information regarding facilities’ needs; ensures timely response to requests.</b></li> <li><b>Interfaces with appropriate staff/managers, engineers, and outside contractors to review and/or develop renovation and new construction plans; coordinates communication with and work of outside contractors.</b></li> <li><b>Ensures all fire and safety inspections are completed and any discrepancies corrected; ensures property is in compliance with all safety and sanitation policies, procedures, and regulations.</b></li> <li><b>Coordinates moving furniture and equipment, preparing facilities for occupancy, maintenance and repair of equipment, buildings, and property.</b></li> <li><b>Possesses and maintains thorough knowledge of city and state building codes and all local, state, and federal regulations.</b></li> <li><b>Performs minor and routine repairs including but not limited to painting, plumbing, electrical wiring, and other related maintenance activities.</b></li> <li><b>Communicates the need for major repairs or additions to lighting, heating, and ventilating equipment to the appropriate manager.</b></li> <li><b>Responds in a timely fashion to problems related to facility maintenance and repair.</b></li> <li><b>Makes recommendations to upgrade maintenance operations and/or implement savings opportunities.</b></li> <li><b>Inspects buildings, grounds, and equipment of unsafe or malfunctioning conditions.</b></li> <li><b>Maintains a clean, safe working environment.</b></li> <li><b>Possesses and maintains a high level of competency and efficiency in all aspects of maintenance operations.</b></li> <li><b>Prepares accurate and timely reports as required.</b></li> <li><b>Performs other duties as required.</b></li> </ul> <p><b>Required Skills/Abilities: </b></p> <ul> <li><b>Commitment to excellence and high standards</b></li> <li><b>Strong organizational, problem-solving, and analytical skills</b></li> <li><b>Ability to manage priorities and workflow</b></li> <li><b>Versatility, flexibility, and a willingness to work within constantly changing priorities with enthusiasm</b></li> <li><b>Proficient in Google Suite, similar to Microsoft Office Suite, necessary to create and maintain reports and logs</b></li> <li><b>Proven ability to handle multiple projects and meet deadlines</b></li> <li><b>Strong interpersonal skills.</b></li> <li><b>Ability to deal effectively with a diversity of individuals at all organizational levels.</b></li> <li><b>Good judgment with the ability to make timely and sound decisions</b></li> <li><b>Creative, flexible, and innovative team player</b></li> <li><b>Ability to understand any and all safety requirements and cautions</b></li> </ul> <p><b>Education and Experience: </b></p> <ul> <li><b>BA in facility management (Preferred)</b></li> <li><b>5+ years related experience.</b></li> </ul> <p><b>Physical Requirements: </b></p> <ul> <li><b>Frequently required to stand, walk &amp; sit.</b></li> <li><b>Continually required to utilize hand and finger dexterity.</b></li> <li><b>Frequently required to climb, balance, bend, stoop, kneel or crawl.</b></li> <li><b>Continually required to talk or hear.</b></li> <li><b>Frequently utilize visual acuity to operate equipment, read technical information, and/or use a keyboard.</b></li> <li><b>Occasionally required to lift/push/carry items up to 50 pounds.</b></li> </ul> <p><b>Other Duties</b></p> <p><b>​Please note this job advertisement is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice. </b></p> <p><b>Additional Information</b><br /><b>All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.</b><br /><b>Bloom Medicinals is an equal opportunity employer. Compensation is competitive and will be commensurate with experience, and includes opportunities to enroll in health, vision and dental insurance.</b></p> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Pay: $65,000.00 - $75,000.00 per year</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Dental insurance</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Life insurance</li> <li>Paid time off</li> <li>Vision insurance</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>8 hour shift</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Bloom Medicinals","logoUrl":"/logos/bloom-medicinals-7c843be48a965f51362b20f75daadbe4.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Boca Raton, FL 33432","city":"Boca Raton","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/bloom-medicinals/medical-marijuana-facilities-manager/03b9cc3e810862daa49502c54a930dcc","title":"Medical Marijuana Facilities Manager","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"03b9cc3e810862daa49502c54a930dcc","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/medical-marijuana-facilities-manager-e4b775a003273931","timestamp":1653139935723},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p>Our client, a California Cannabis Manufacturer and Distributor, is seeking an Operations Manager to oversee their facility in Chatsworth, CA.As Operations Manager, you will be responsible for the product development and manufacturing services for leading California Cannabis brands. In addition, the Operations Manager will provide leadership to all Manufacturing employees and ensure production goals are met in a timely manner. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide oversight on all Manufacturing Operations and ProductionManage direct reports and provide leadership to operators in achieving company goalsEnsure production goals are met on time and within budgetEvaluate and refine SOPs as neededEnsure compliance and facility adheres to state laws and regulationsImplementation of ERP systemManage scheduling and transportation of finished products ensuring complianceEnsure that finished products are consistently manufactured meeting prescribed standards (compliant) with quality, safety and good manufacturing practices, on time and meeting consumer expectations.Ensure the timely launch of new products to the Market as per agreement with the Management.Manage METRC and the correct input of dataElaborate and execute workforce development program that will provide appropriate flexibility of workforce and assets. Focus on material availability, finished goods quality, and on time delivery through optimal resource allocationQUALIFICATIONS AND REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree (Engineering, Business Management, Food Science, or Organizational Leadership/ Supervision) required.Proven experience in overseeing Cannabis Manufacturing operations preferredMinimum Five (5) years in high volume production environmentExperience with METRCExperience in ERP ImplementationStrong leadership and communication skillsStrong attention to detailCompensation: $70K - $90K plus bonusIf this sounds like the position you have been waiting for, please apply using the online application or the link below - all inquiries are strictly confidential. Our focus is to assist you to make your best next career move, and we will not use your information for any other purpose.CannabizTeam is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.</p><p>Associated topics: forklift, fork lift, manage, manufacture, mow, plant management, production management, ship, transplant, watering</p></div>","title":"Operations Manager","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$89k","salaryEnd":"$150k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Operations Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/operations-manager-salary/ca"},{"salaryStart":"$58k","salaryEnd":"$99k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Healthcare Operations Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Healthcare-Operations-Manager-Salary--in-California"},{"salaryStart":"$81k","salaryEnd":"$87k","currency":"US","source":"Glassdoor","position":"Operations Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.glassdoor.ca/Salary/United-Rentals-Operations-Manager-Bakersfield-Salaries-EJI_IE7395.0,14_KO15,33_IL.34,45_IM62.htm"}],"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"10 days ago","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"CannabizTeam - Executive Search and Staffing","logoUrl":"/logos/cannabizteam-71e68432a5b2ab7a22442dc51667849a.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"California Hot Springs, CA, USA","city":"California Hot Springs","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cannabizteam-executive-search-and-staffing/operations-manager/4cf342386aa55b4c022e80adf04d9799","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"4cf342386aa55b4c022e80adf04d9799","postingUrl":"https://www.rapidinterviews.com/job/operations-manager-with-cannabizteam-executive-search-and-staffing-in-california-hot-springs-j2c-2340","timestamp":1652617936659,"salary":"$89k - $150k"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Contract","function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div> <p>New normal Labs is a southern California-based transformative leader in the cannabis industry. With more than 100 industry’s best engineers and designers behind us, we strive to provide the best vaping experience to North American cannabis consumers.<br />We are looking for a marketing strategist with experience in the cannabis industry to set the game plan. We offer a great working environment, a very competitive package, and ample marketing budget to make the differences.</p> <ul> <li>Developing the marketing strategy for the company in line with company objectives.</li> <li>Coordinating marketing campaigns with sales activities.</li> <li>Overseeing the company’s marketing budget.</li> <li>Manage and improve lead generation campaigns, measuring results.</li> <li>Work with the creative agency to manage brand portfolio and execution.</li> <li>Media relationship and event management.</li> </ul> <p>Qualifications</p> <ul> <li>Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing, Business Administration, Communications or a related field (MBA preferred)</li> <li>Experiences with the cannabis or vape industry are preferred</li> <li>5+ years in marketing and promotion</li> <li>Ability to work unpredictable hours, including some evenings and weekends, and adapt nationwide and international travel.</li> <li>Excellent communication and decision-making skills</li> <li>Familiarity with online content marketing and social media development strategy</li> </ul> <p>Job Types: Full-time, Contract</p> <p>Salary: Up to $5,000.00 per month</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Dental insurance</li> <li>Employee discount</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Paid time off</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>8 hour shift</li> <li>Monday to Friday</li> </ul> <p>Education:</p> <ul> <li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li> </ul> <p>Experience:</p> <ul> <li>Digital Marketing: 1 year (Preferred)</li> <li>Marketing: 1 year (Preferred)</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"New Normal Labs LLC","logoUrl":"/logos/new-normal-labs-llc-f0a879f2dceb06bfcde4b5e742b579c1.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Costa Mesa, CA 92626","city":"Costa Mesa","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/new-normal-labs-llc/marketing-manager/5524fa4373421f4f896d7143d506070e","title":"Marketing Manager","category":"Media & Communications","hash":"5524fa4373421f4f896d7143d506070e","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/marketing-manager-0effa21fbd061da5","timestamp":1652968245397},{"function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"15 hours ago","description":"<div> <div> <p><b>Social Marketing Specialist</b></p> <p><b> Company Description</b><br /> Item 9 Labs &amp; Unity Rd. are bridging the two previously disconnected worlds of cannabis and franchising. The industry trailblazer is the first to bring the cannabis dispensary franchise model to the United States—with duality of prowess in both industries to back it up. Built up from a collective 200 years in the legal cannabis industry and franchising, the company helps eager operators enter the complex industry with ease.</p> <p> For more information, visit item9labs.com &amp; unityrd.com.</p> <p> Item 9 Labs is seeking an organized, motivated, and engaged individual to join our passionate and dynamic team. The Social Marketing Specialist position requires someone who is proactive and analytical with the ability to publish a constant flow of content through all social media platforms in a strategic manner. The strongest candidates are coordinated, creative, proactive digital marketers with over a year of editing and social media experience. The Social Media Specialist will report to the VP of Marketing and work with the sales, marketing, and education teams to achieve common goals. This position involves helping conceptualize effective marketing campaigns for social media and supporting those initiatives in every manner. This person is critical in driving an increase in social engagement, follower growth, positive brand perception, reporting, cross department collaboration and providing a best-in-class experience that reflects the voice and spirit of the Item 9 Labs brand. As a growing organization, this person will also be responsible for various marketing activities to support the organization as needed.</p> <p><b> RESPONSIBILITIES:</b></p> <ul> <li>Create detailed content calendars for each platform, but not limited to: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, and blog</li> <li>Identify and manage social media influencer program (manage communications, manage giveaways, content, contracts, etc) </li> <li>Plan, edit, and publish daily content that engages the audience, encourages them to take action, and fosters a community</li> <li>Work with Content Specialist to generate content for all social media channels</li> <li>Optimize existing company pages within each platform to increase the visibility of social and website content</li> <li>Identify new opportunities to drive results and improve performance</li> <li>Ensure the brand stays relevant and active within trending topics</li> <li>Utilize scheduling platform and social monitoring tools to continue to optimize performance</li> <li>Analyze social metrics and develop actionable feedback to continue growing Item 9 Labs presence online</li> <li>Evaluate and deliver reporting on key initiatives with an ROI based approach</li> <li>Establish and manage content creator/influencer/affiliate programs</li> <li>Be in attendance of any company events, activities, and demos as necessary to post on social media</li> </ul> <h1><b>QUALIFICATIONS:</b></h1> <ul> <li>12-15 years professional experience </li> <li>Bachelor s Degree/ Masters Degree in Design</li> <li>Passion for Design and Branding </li> <li>Strong portfolio of brand design </li> </ul> <p>Available to work nights, weekends, and holidays based on market activity.</p> <p><i> NOTE: This job description is not intended to be all</i>‐ <i>inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.</i></p> <p> Job Type: Full-time</p> </div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Item 9 Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/item-9-labs-64197acb4aa59d0ab841a63e9bf906b0.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Phoenix, AZ","city":"Phoenix","stateProvince":"AZ"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/item-9-labs/social-marketing-specialist/266445d9f791e651f04978cc1f1ddc6a","title":"Social Marketing Specialist","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"266445d9f791e651f04978cc1f1ddc6a","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/social-marketing-specialist-6d503319463172c3","timestamp":1653222129184},{"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div> <div> <p><b>JOB REQUIREMENTS:</b></p> <ul> <li> Four or more years of progressive and practical experience in at least one or more of the skilled trades: total preventative maintenance and managing breakdowns of mechanical and electrical equipment.</li> <li> Ability to effectively accomplish diverse skilled work in the repair and maintenance of mechanical appliances and facilities- especially compressors, and running gages for refrigerant, and HVAC. </li> <li>Effectiveness in prioritizing assigned duties and evaluating the work of personnel.</li> <li> Ability to train staff to be able to successfully carry out diverse duties associated with building trades.</li> <li> Ability to interpret, illustrate, and apply regulation codes and rules.</li> <li> Ability to carry out operations safely and efficiently; utilize diverse assigned tools</li> <li> Outstanding ability to interpret sketches, blueprints, shop drawings, and work orders to other personnel.</li> </ul> <br /> <p></p> <p><b> </b><b>JOB DUTIES:</b></p> <ul> <li></li><li> Supervise all Facilities Management staff.</li><li> Oversee environmental health and safety.</li><li> Assure security of facilities.</li><li> Plan and coordinate all installations (telecommunications, heat, electricity etc.) and refurbishments.</li><li> Manage the upkeep of equipment and supplies to meet health and safety standards.</li><li> Inspect buildings’ structures to determine the need for repairs or renovations.</li><li> Review utilities consumption and strive to minimize costs.</li><li> Allocate and manage facility space for maximum efficiency.</li><li> Supervise maintenance and repair of facilities and equipment.</li><li> Implement best practice processes to increase efficiency.</li><li> Oversee preventative maintenance and life cycle requirements</li><li> Ensure compliance with health and safety standards and industry codes.</li><li> Conduct and document regular facilities inspections.</li><li> Respond to facility and equipment alarms and system failures.</li><li> Develop and implement cost reduction initiatives.</li><li> Ensure efficient utilization of facility maintenance staff.</li><li> Ensure delivery schedules, quantity and quality criteria are met.</li><li> Check completed work by contractors and vendors.</li><li> Calculate and compare costs for goods and services to maximize cost-effectiveness.</li><li> Obtain quotes and tenders from vendors and suppliers.</li><li> Manage and review service contracts to ensure facility management needs are being met.</li><li> Inspecting, maintaining, and repairing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems.</li><li> Advise on and monitor energy efficiency.</li><li> Manage maintenance staff.</li><li> Manage contractor and vendor relationships.</li><li> Prepare and track facility budget.</li><li> Generate and present regular reports and reviews of facility-related budgets, finances, contracts, expenditures, and purchases.</li> </ul> <br /> <p></p> <p><b> LEADERSHIP</b><b>:</b><br /> Maintains a positive, upbeat role in the Company. Promotes and exemplifies Company values and represents departmental objectives and interests to internal and external customers.</p> <p><br /> <b> CUSTOMER SERVICE</b><b>:</b><br /> Follows up on complaints, questions, and concerns that come to the department. Responds to customer needs in a timely and efficient manner. Develops and promotes teamwork and cooperation amongst colleagues and employees.<br /> <br /> <b><i>Incumbent must be flexible to changing policies and procedures, as well as varying deadlines.</i></b><br /> </p> <div> <br /> <b>SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES:</b> <br /> Provides direct supervision to all Facilities Management staff. <br /> <br /> <b>QUALIFICATIONS</b>: </div> <div> To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. <br /> <br /> <b>EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE</b>: </div> <div> Five+ years of experience in Facilities Management or similar field. Associates degree or certification in a related field. Experience in electrical and mechanical systems. </div> <p><br /> <b> LANGUAGE SKILLS:</b></p> <p> Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations. Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from employees, managers, customers, and the general public. Ability to respond effectively to sensitive inquiries or complaints.<br /> <br /> <b>MATHEMATICAL SKILLS:</b></p> <p> Ability to calculate figures and amounts such as discounts and percentages.<br /> <br /> <b>REASONING ABILITY:</b></p> <p> Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of variables. Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in written, and/or verbal form.</p> <p></p> <p><b><br /> PHYSICAL DEMANDS</b>:</p> <p> The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.<br /> <br /> While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to walk and talk or hear. The employee frequently is required to stand, sit, use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms, climb or balance. The employee is occasionally required to stoop or crouch. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 25 pounds. Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, peripheral vision, depth perception, and ability to adjust focus. Please see attached Physical Requirements Chart.<br /> </p> <p><br /> <b>WORK ENVIRONMENT</b>:</p> <p> The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is seldom exposed to outside weather conditions. The noise level in the work environment is quiet to moderate.</p> <br /> <p><b> CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION</b>:</p> <p> This position has access to confidential information.</p> <br /> <p><b> COMPANY FUNDS:</b></p> <p> This position may have access to company funds for purchase of related work-related items.</p> <p><b> JOB REQUIREMENTS:</b></p> <ul> <li> Four or more years of progressive and practical experience in at least one or more of the skilled trades: total preventative maintenance and managing breakdowns of mechanical and electrical equipment.</li> <li> Ability to effectively accomplish diverse skilled work in the repair and maintenance of mechanical appliances and facilities- especially compressors, and running gages for refrigerant, and HVAC. </li> <li>Effectiveness in prioritizing assigned duties and evaluating the work of personnel.</li> <li> Ability to train staff to be able to successfully carry out diverse duties associated with building trades.</li> <li> Ability to interpret, illustrate, and apply regulation codes and rules.</li> <li> Ability to carry out operations safely and efficiently; utilize diverse assigned tools</li> <li> Outstanding ability to interpret sketches, blueprints, shop drawings, and work orders to other personnel.</li> </ul> <p><b> JOB DUTIES:</b></p> <ul> <li> Give support to supervisors with regards to accomplishing tasks while referring uncommon or highly technical issues to the Facilities Manager.</li> <li> Carry out diverse skilled activities involving the repair and maintenance of equipment and facilities; designate and monitor the work of personnel in order to achieve the completion of diverse tasks in relation to building and construction.</li> <li> Fabricate, construct, and repair facilities, such as metal and wood structures, furniture, and equipment. Handle repairs of roof, doors, windows, and other building components.</li> <li> Arrange exterior parts for varnishing and painting and apply surface cover ups as necessary.</li> <li> Carry out diverse heating, plumbing, and refrigeration related tasks.</li> <li> Assemble, cut, thread, and lay pipes while also helping in the repair, installation, maintenance, and purchase of various heating, plumbing, and air-conditioning fixtures.</li> <li> Work with diverse machines and equipment, such as hand and power tools, and drill presses saws in carrying out maintenance and repair tasks.</li> <li> Ensure that equipment and tools are in clean, secure, and appropriate working condition.</li> <li> Engage in thorough troubleshooting.</li> <li> Make an estimate of cost of labor and items needed for work orders; acquires competitive prices for supplies and equipment.</li> </ul> <p></p> <p><b><br /> ABOUT US</b></p> <p><b> Desert Underground</b> is a fast-growing, top producer of 100% indoor grown premium licensed cannabis products. Grown in our state-of-the-art facility located in Desert Hot Springs, CA, Desert Underground is expertly cultivated and carefully cured. The brand is quickly making a name for itself in the California cannabis market and has developed a steadily growing fan base.</p> <p> At <b>Desert Underground,</b> we know our plants the way that people know their families. We have propagated unique strains of unmatched potency, vibrant aesthetics, and delightfully strong aromas. We are obsessive and passionate about producing world-class premium flower, having compliant and trailblazing operations, developing a flourishing workforce and having an incredible company culture! We are experiencing growth and are looking to add some detail oriented and reliable Maintenance Manager/ Facilities Manager to our growing team in Desert Hot Springs, CA!</p> <p> We offer comprehensive training, great employee benefits (including a 401K), employee product discounts, and a fun, inclusive, and productive environment. We love to promote from within and offer employees a lot of opportunity for long-term career growth.</p> <p><b> POSITION OVERVIEW </b><br /> Ensure that the facilities, layout, and machinery used to produce new and existing materials and goods run to their maximum efficiency and output. This includes total preventative maintenance, managing breakdowns of mechanical, electrical equipment. May include people management and budgetary/cost reporting.</p> </div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Desert Underground","logoUrl":"/logos/desert-underground-9b0f313f33c9d9f3ffd33c4d86b97c88.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Desert Hot Springs, CA 92240","city":"Desert Hot Springs","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/desert-underground/facilities-manager/ed398adea16536910a247d27fbbacb48","title":"Facilities Manager","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"ed398adea16536910a247d27fbbacb48","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/facilities-manager-16311f1820bfb3a3","timestamp":1652968242064},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p><b>On behalf of our client Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective, JMCC , Caribbean HR Solutions is soliciting candidates to apply for the following role:</b></p><p>Operations Manager (Medical Cannabis</p><p>The Operations Manager is responsible for the coordination of the respective activities between the Harvesting, Processing and Warehousing functions. This role calls for critical thinking, keen attention to detail and excellent organizational and people skills. This portfolio has to be stewarded with special emphasis being placed on efficient planning and execution, safe work practices and preservation of the environment.</p><p><b>Job Responsibilities:</b></p><p>Proactively ensures that all the key equipment and resources are available and in optimal condition;</p><p>Collaborate with the Harvesting and Processing departments to ensure that all activities are efficiently planned and executed;</p><p>Prepare work schedule in accordance with harvesting timeline;</p><p>Work with HR to ensure that adequate and appropriate talent are recruited especially for the critical functions;</p><p>Prepare and manage the annual operational budget;</p><p>Create processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for key operational related roles;</p><p>Develop, monitor and evaluate relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);</p><p>Monitor staff to ensure compliance with all relevant processes and procedures;</p><p>Strategically coordinate the activities of the warehouse to ensure optimal usage of space and monitoring of inventory;</p><p>Monitor the status of emergency/safety equipment in the warehouse;</p><p>Effectively coordinate the transportation and receival of all harvested material;</p><p>Manage the overall sanitation of all harvest related carts, trays and racks;</p><p>Conduct risk analysis of all related activities and proactively develop mitigation strategies;</p><p>Proactively support the company's culture of environmental responsibility;</p><p>Perform other duties as assigned.</p><p><b>Requirements:</b></p><p>Minimum of five (5) years’ working experience in operations management;</p><p>Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or other relevant qualification, from a recognized tertiary institution;</p><p>Exposure to cultivation would be deemed an asset;</p><p>Flexibility in working extended hours;</p><p>Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;</p><p>Ability to think on your feet and adaptable to sudden changes;</p><p>Strong leadership abilities;</p><p>Excellent organizational and time-management skills;</p><p>A team player with strong leadership abilities;</p><p>Excellent use of computer software applications.</p><p>Though we appreciate all candidates, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted</p></div>","title":"Operations Manager Medical Cannabis","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$36k","salaryEnd":"$88k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Dispensary Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/How-Much-Does-a-Dispensary-Manager-Make-a-Year--in-Maryland"}],"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","company":{"name":"Caribbean HR Solutions"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"St James, MD, USA","city":"St James","stateProvince":"MD"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/caribbean-hr-solutions/operations-manager-medical-cannabis/afe32b79c1b54343425b64d94d877e7f","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"afe32b79c1b54343425b64d94d877e7f","postingUrl":"https://www.jobilize.com/job/us-md-st-james-operations-manager-medical-cannabis-caribbean-hr-solutions","timestamp":1652703210958,"salary":"$36k - $88k"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p><b>Job Description</b></p><p>Come work in the fast paced cannabis industry! We are hiring a Marketing Manager to drive our business forward. This position will be based at Nature's of Milliken, our newest dispensary</p><p><b>General Info:</b></p><p>Heavy preference will be given to candidates who already have their badge to work in the cannabis industry in Colorado. If you don't already have that, you can apply with the State of Colorado.</p><p>This position will be on-site, typically working from the Nature's of Milliken store at 3220 Center Drive in Milliken, CO. This is NOT a work-from-home or remote position.</p><p>The schedule for this position will generally be Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. There may be events at other times, which this person may need to attend or be available for.</p><p>Pay Range - $50,000-$65,000 depending on skills and experience.</p><p>We offer a competitive benefits package, including Health Insurance (Kaiser), Dental Insurance (Delta Dental), Vision (VSP), and Gap/Accident/Illness Insurance (Transamerica). Employees also receive an employee discount in all of our stores!</p><p>Our culture is full of fun times and camaraderie! After all, we ARE in the cannabis industry! We do our best to make the work day enjoyable, while also meeting the needs of the business, and following the rules set by the state.</p><p><b>Basic Functions of the Job:</b></p><p>• Drive and oversee Marketing efforts of the organization, including supervision and task assignment of other Marketing staff.</p><p>• Onboard new stores to appropriate marketing platforms (currently Springbig and Iheartjane).</p><p>• Brand management and design, including future new brands and updating current branding of in-house products.</p><p>• Product package development and design.</p><p>• Marketing and promotional material design for products, events, and other business related needs.</p><p>• Website design, maintenance and content management via Wordpress</p><p>• Develop and manage collaborations with third party vendors and store merchandising teams for product drops/vendor days.</p><p>• Work with third party marketing company to develop marketing events and print media content.</p><p>• Merchandise design for inhouse brands and events, such as 420.</p><p>• Management of Google My Business Pages. Respond to all reviews, removal of unjustified c.</p><p>• Miscellaneous design projects such as: billboards, flyers, banners, compliance posters, punch cards, compliance stickers, exit bags, etc).</p><p>• Serve as a backup for other Marketing duties typically done by Marketing Coordinator, when they are out of office. Audit and insure these are being done regularly when the Marketing Coordinator is in the office.</p><p>• These duties include updating menu boards, updating online menus, auditing online content, crafting digital content to be shared via texting or social media, daily social media content creation and posting, etc.</p><p><b>Ideal Experience and Skillset:</b></p><p>• Ability to get a badge to work in the cannabis industry through the State of Colorado. This is required to work for us.</p><p>• At least 3 years of professional marketing experience.</p><p>• Experience in graphic design for a professional environment.</p><p>• Bachelor's degree in Marketing, Communication, Journalism, or other related field preferred.</p><p>• 3 years experience with Adobe suite of products including Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, etc.</p><p>• Experience with Canva preferred.</p><p>• 3 years experience creating engaging content for social media platforms, specifically Instagram and Facebook.</p><p>• Ability and willingness to work on site, at a cannabis store in Milliken, and drive to other locations as needed.</p><p>• 3 years experience creating and maintaining websites using Wordpress.</p><p>• Excellent written communication skills and high attention to detail.</p><p>• Basic photography and editing skills highly desired.</p><p>We are an EEO Employer</p></div>","title":"Marketing Manager","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$83k","salaryEnd":"$150k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/marketing-manager-salary/co"},{"salaryStart":"$42k","salaryEnd":"$140k","currency":"US","source":"Built In Colorado","position":"Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.builtincolorado.com/salaries/marketing/marketing-manager/colorado"},{"salaryStart":"$51k","salaryEnd":"$55k","currency":"US","source":"Glassdoor","position":"Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.glassdoor.ca/Salary/Mobile-Epiphany-Marketing-Manager-Denver-Salaries-EJI_IE700660.0,15_KO16,33_IL.34,40_IM234.htm"}],"function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","company":{"name":"Nature's Herbs and Wellness / High Plainz Strains"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Milliken, CO, USA","city":"Milliken","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/natures-herbs-and-wellness-high-plainz-strains/marketing-manager/e7c14a72317533991c3419e95a0cb1ac","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"e7c14a72317533991c3419e95a0cb1ac","postingUrl":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Natures-Herbs-and-Wellness-High-Plainz-Strains/Job/Marketing-Manager/-in-Milliken,CO?jid=24c71f5b2df27c41","timestamp":1652968306380,"salary":"$83k - $150k"},{"employmentType":"US$65K a year","description":"<div><p>Company Description</p><p>As the leading cannabis multi-state operator (MSO), AYR Wellness is on a journey to be a force for good; and it all starts with our belief in the power and potential of the plant</p><p>We believe in creating an environment in which we can all flourish, one where every individual can find their genius and pursue their passion, because its this dedication to creating a culture of excellence, one where were all empowered to achieve our dreams, that will propel us forward. Were a company that puts our people first. A place where talent is rewarded, diversity is celebrated, and innovative thinking is championed and we believe that together we can build a better and brighter future for ourselves, our industry, and our world.</p><p>Join us as we create wonder together.</p><p><b>Job Summary</b></p><p>Ayr Wellness is looking for a highly creative, forward-thinking Marketing Manager to support retail and brand-specific marketing initiatives at the local level. In this role, the Project Manager / Regional Marketing Manager is responsible for working directly with the Region Marketing Director to strategize and execute all consumer programming, menu planning, and promotional strategy, utilizing a data-driven approach to customer relationship management.</p><p>Duties and Responsibilities</p><p>• Maintain overall project planning calendar and master timeline for marketing and research, including key events, milestones and deliverables.</p><p>• Managing and supervising marketing projects from beginning to end.</p><p>• Organize assets and ensure each party has correct assets at time of need</p><p>• Keep marketing calendars up to date, and forward looking. Create content as needed, and review in timeline manner with upper management.</p><p>• Manage print contractors and other promotional vendors.</p><p>• Tactically organize promotional activities for new product and service launches</p><p>• Create and manage surveys, behavioral and market research, and competitive analysis</p><p>• Guide the flow of work and information through internal teams (design, editorial, production, programming). Ensuring each team has what they need.</p><p>• Drive team productivity by optimizing marketing processes and efficiently managing resources to balance workload</p><p>• Manage retail brand elements across regional retail locations, prioritizing consistency and convenience</p><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><p>• Proven working experience in marketing, and brand marketing in eCommerce or retail.</p><p>• Experience in optimizing digital landing pages and user funnels</p><p>• Project management skills, with experience running large scope projects with cross over departments</p><p>• Cannabis experiences a bonus, but not required</p><p>• At least 3 years of experience in design marketing, eCommerce marketing, Brand project management and/or retail marketing experience.</p><p><b>Education</b></p><p>• Equivalent combination of work/education experience accepted</p><p><b>Experience</b></p><p>• 2-6 years</p><p>Working conditions</p><p>This job operates in a professional office environment. This role routinely uses standard equipment such as computers, phones, photocopiers and filing cabinets.</p><p>• Occasional travel to dispensaries/manufacturing facility may be required.</p><p>Physical requirements</p><p>This is largely a sedentary role; however, some filing is required. This would require the ability to move files, open filing cabinets and bend or stand as necessary.</p><p>• Frequently communicates with employees, supervisors and co-workers regarding HR related inquiries. Must be able to exchange absolute information.</p><p>• Constant movement and use of hands/fingers and limbs; this position requires good manual dexterity, coordination and stamina.</p><p>• Must be able to inspect documents and identify errors.</p><p>• Occasional lifting, positioning or moving items up to 15 pounds.</p><p>$65,000 Annually Maximum Compensation</p><p>(2-6 Years of Experience)</p><p>Remote with some travel onsite when needed.</p><p>Nothing in this job description restricts managements right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.</p><p>At AYR Wellness, our vision is to be a force for good in all we do and to bring lasting positive change to our communities, our industry, and our world. And it wouldnt be possible without our exceptionally talented team. Were proud to be an equal opportunity employer that celebrates the uniqueness of each employee and supports their individual journey in finding their genius and pursuing their passion.</p><p>Diversity and inclusion are essential to pursuing our vision for the future, and we believe that our success is dependent on building a truly equitable, collaborative, and inclusive team. One that reflects the diversity of the communities that we serve.</p><p>In addition to a generous benefits package, and unparalleled career opportunities, as an employee at Ayr Wellness, you can expect to be provided with industry-leading training which will offer you an in-depth insight into the wonderful world of cannabis</p></div>","title":"Marketing Manager","salaries":[],"function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","company":{"website":"ayrwellness.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Ayr Wellness","logoUrl":"/logos/ayr-wellness-ba3da88b0c41e805422edfc8a9315df2.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Pittsburgh, PA, USA","city":"Pittsburgh","stateProvince":"PA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/ayr-wellness/marketing-manager/c9839a3d1a190a8a07a65db0b20650a2","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"c9839a3d1a190a8a07a65db0b20650a2","postingUrl":"https://directlyapply.com/jobs/ayr-wellness/6284c393e99846ea9dd33017","timestamp":1652968372774},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Retail"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div> <p>Smyth is a leading craft recreational cannabis company out of Lowell. We are focused on bringing the highest quality cannabis to both the wholesale and retail market here in Massachusetts. We cultivate small batch, high potency recreational cannabis found in nearly 100 retail stores throughout the state, along with our own store in Lowell. Our retail store has been open since late 2021, and we are looking for someone to come in and fine tune our marketing strategies. The position would be responsible for:</p> <p>- Growing our social presence, specifically Instagram, through targeted posts and engagement with consumers and retail partners</p> <p>- Capturing our current customer base and creatively driving them to the retail store more frequently<br />- Understanding data analytics throughout multiple platforms, and use the information to efficiently run campaigns targeted at sales growth</p> <p>- Strategizing about and organizing events within the store to help drive traffic<br />- Working with our wholesale team to help strengthen the brand's image in the wholesale market<br />- Managing email and text campaigns<br />- Working alongside retail management, the graphics team, and cultivation to implement original ideas to grow the business</p> <p>Skills:<br />- Strong written and oral communication skills<br />- Adapts easily to a constant changing landscape<br />- Ability to problem solve, innovate, and adhere to critical deadlines<br />- Proficiency in MS Office and tracking software<br />- Superior organizational skills with an emphasis on detail orientation<br />- Shows innovation and initiative to grow business and sales opportunities</p> <p>Qualifications:<br />- Minimum 2 years of marketing experience in a retail setting<br />- Prior experience in the cannabis industry preferred<br />- Must pass a comprehensive background check annually to ensure compliance with Cannabis Control Commission<br />- Must be 21 years of age</p> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Pay: From $75,000.00 per year</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Health insurance</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: Multiple Locations</p></div>","company":{"name":"Smyth Cannabis Co."},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Lowell, MA","city":"Lowell","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/smyth-cannabis-co/marketing-manager/56f2f02fbbb8515d63a7fbf439329c06","title":"Marketing Manager","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"56f2f02fbbb8515d63a7fbf439329c06","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/marketing-manager-cd54b1a25578009d","timestamp":1653054143456},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p>As an integral part of the \"we can do that\" operation, and as a lead in the establishment and growth of customer relationships, this position is responsible for leading cannabis partners and trade marketing activities and initiatives. This position will work closely and collaborate with cross-functional roles on a regular basis to include/ Including sales and field communication, strategic planning, and leading trade marketing discussions with partners.</p><p>• Manage a field marketing team of brand ambassadors across Missouri</p><p>• Lead the development and implementation of the trade marketing activity calendars and tools</p><p>• Create and implement effective portfolio selling tools through the analysis of customer needs</p><p>• Lead development of a best-in-class trade marketing planning process with brand partners</p><p>• Support sales leads in the development of effective commercial reporting internally and to brand partners</p><p>• Lead internal communication of all trade marketing programming</p><p>• Responsible for budget management, campaign management, defining/tracking KPIs, and ensuring delivery of strong ROI</p><p>• Define and oversee digital asset management (with the internal studio) to ensure complete, accurate, and consistent messaging across all communication channels (comma, catalogue, social)</p><p>• Act as the lead point of contact for trade marketing related vendor partners' communication</p><p>• Lead the management of partner joint commercial score carding that support continuous improvement</p><p>• Lead the development and implementation of corporate digital and social strategy</p><p>• Develop external bulletins for retailers</p><p>• Develop trade asset systems for the sales team to execute programs</p><p><b>Position Objective:</b></p><p>The Marketing Manager plays an essential role with an emphasis on servicing the retail business units as it pertains to activating all facets of in-store promotions and supplier partnerships-signage, merchandising, displays, collateral, digital content, etc. This position will be responsible for planning, executing, measuring and reporting for all retail promotions based upon business goals and objectives.</p><p><b>Essential Functions:</b></p><p>• Identify unique promotional opportunities with key suppliers</p><p>• Collaborate on promotion development, theming, planning and execution with key suppliers</p><p>• Execute marketing plans and campaigns in alignment with brand strategies</p><p>• Contribute ideas to optimize retail promotions and boost effectiveness</p><p>• Collaborate with data analytics teams to measure and report out results of promotions</p><p>• Work with retail management to ensure accurate execution of in-store promotions in accordance with our supplier partnership agreements</p><p>• Help organize, execute and traffic all promotional marketing elements, including: external digital and print advertising, website, e-commerce, merchandise, packaging, in-store print and digital signage</p><p>• Help retail team with non-promotional in-store merchandising and signage needs</p><p>• Event planning, as necessary</p><p>• Provide integration support for new retail banners</p><p>• Develop and lead social media strategy; oversee and support execution for social media channels (IG and LinkedIn)</p><p>• Assist with online menu maintenance, as necessary</p><p>• Track competitive promotions and offers</p><p><b>Key Competencies:</b></p><p>• Relationship Management: Demonstrated skills and experience developing relationships at all levels within the organization.</p><p>• Decision Making: Ability to evaluate data and make decisions. Maintain composure and focus while providing insight in crisis situations.</p><p>• Problem Solving: Ability to address problems that are broad, complex and abstract, often system-wide issues and requiring substantial creativity, resourcefulness, staff engagement, negotiation and diplomacy to develop solutions.</p><p>• Interpersonal Communications: Ability to verbally communicate complex concepts and address sensitive situations, resolve conflicts, negotiate, and influence others.</p><p>• Knowledge: Broad and comprehensive knowledge of retail marketing, CPG, cannabis, food &amp; beverage, healthcare and/or alcohol</p><p>• Teamwork: Ability to lead, direct and influence collaborative teams for large projects or groups across functional areas.</p><p>• Customer Service: Ability to lead operational initiatives to meet or exceed customer service standards in a timely and respectful manner.</p><p><b>Education and Experience Required:</b></p><p>• Bachelor's degree required</p><p>• A minimum of 2 years of progressive experience in marketing leadership roles, ideally in a matrixed or cross-functional team environment, and with an emphasis in advertising, digital properties, promotions, loyalty and/or e-commerce</p><p><b>Working Conditions (Schedule, Environment, Travel):</b></p><p>• Schedule will vary depending on the needs of the business (Nights, Weekends, Holidays included</p><p><b>Physical Activities and Additional Requirements:</b></p><p>• Is able to lift up to 50 pounds</p><p>• Able to stand on their feet for at least 8 hours a day with constant movement</p><p>• Required to work with hazardous chemicals and to wear appropriate clothing.</p><p>• Requires some variable hours and on call after business hours to meet the needs of the business</p><p>• Ability to successfully pass a background check and drug test</p><p>• Must have a valid driver's license</p><p>While performing the duties of this job, you may frequently be required to stand, walk, sit, use hands to finger, handle, or feel objects, tools or controls; reach with hands and arms; talk, stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. You must frequently lift and/or move up to 50 pounds and occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. Specific vision abilities usually required by this job include close, distance, color and peripheral vision &amp; depth perception</p><p>Additional Information</p><p>All applicants will be considered based on their qualifications, skills and experience.</p><p>All information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.</p><p>Equal Opportunity Employer - Minorities, Females, Veterans, individuals with disabilities &amp; residents of Cape Girardeau, MO are encouraged to apply.</p><p>Based on its internal policies, Company reserves the right to give preference to Minorities, Females, wounded or honorably discharged Veterans, individuals with disabilities &amp; residents of Cape Girardeau that possess the requisite qualifications for the position when making any appointment or promotion</p></div>","title":"Marketing Manager","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$82k","salaryEnd":"$140k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/marketing-manager-salary/kansas-city-mo"},{"salaryStart":"$42k","salaryEnd":"$85k","currency":"US","source":"Payscale","position":"Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Marketing_Manager/Salary/54c1ad10/Kansas-City-MO"},{"salaryStart":"$35k","salaryEnd":"$95k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Marketing-Manager-Salary-in-Kansas-City,MO"}],"function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Organic Remedies","logoUrl":"/logos/organic-remedies-inc-367596ebe393c039a52b2761a035b352.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Kansas City, MO, USA","city":"Kansas City","stateProvince":"MO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/organic-remedies/marketing-manager/fb74d86a7b0835f261b475ab74c82c34","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"fb74d86a7b0835f261b475ab74c82c34","postingUrl":"https://lensa.com/marketing-manager-jobs/kansas-city/jd/cb39ff8f909110e05bae317a46667883","timestamp":1653054261771,"salary":"$82k - $140k"},{"function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p>We are an Established Multi-Business Cannabis Company. Our businesses are primarily in retail. We also work with cultivation, infused products, vaporizor hardware, customer delivery and hospitality. We are seeking a creative and organized, marketing manager who will implement positive marketing initiatives for our growing company. The ideal candidate will be an effective collaborator and motivator who can help lead a team to success. Applicants must have extensive experience in sales and marketing, thrive in a fast-past environment and be able to track multiple ongoing projects and responsibilities simultaneously.<br />Job Duties and Responsibilities</p></div>","company":{"name":"Retail Cannabis Industry"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Broomfield, CO 80020","city":"Broomfield","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/retail-cannabis-industry/marketing-manager/3b378904d994d71cdc43f9ef36e5cfb4","title":"Marketing Manager","category":"Retail","hash":"3b378904d994d71cdc43f9ef36e5cfb4","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/marketing-manager-bff142f32756e506","timestamp":1652794214432},{"employmentType":"US$60K-US$80K a year","function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Summary:</b></p><p>You will be responsible for leading the marketing department and overseeing the launch of new conferences and trading festivals. You will coordinate market research and analyze the resulting data to help promote our clients conference business. We are looking for an experienced, growth-minded marketer to join the events team. The ideal candidate will have 5-7 years of hands-on experience managing multi-channel marketing campaigns, a self-directed approach, and an interest in the stock market. This candidate will also have experience with managing team members as well as an understanding of the regulations surrounding Cannabis</p><p><b>Responsibilities:</b></p><p>• Write revenue driving market copy for events</p><p>• Build campaigns and digital funnels that drive attendance for events and generate sponsorship leads for Events Sales</p><p>• Create a compelling story around our industry conferences to drive event ticket sales</p><p>• Increase our intelligence of customer acquisition, engagement, purchase, and retention</p><p>• Draw impactful conclusions and alter marketing tactics by actively monitoring campaigns and taking the lead on tracking metrics</p><p>• Create sales and marketing collateral for events</p><p><b>Requirements:</b></p><p>• Must have a minimum of at least 5 years of B2C marketing experience supporting sales, generating leads, and direct sales with a proven track record of delivering high-revenue growth</p><p>• Proven track record of strategizing and executing B2C email marketing campaigns</p><p>• Bachelor’s degree is required, with a preferred emphasis in business or marketing</p><p>• Must have strong analytical skills to make data-driven decisions</p><p>• Demonstrate ability in developing teams and promoting teamwork across various departments</p><p>• Must have proven track record of managing team members</p><p><b>Compensation:</b></p><p>• $60,000 - $80,000 DOE</p><p>• medical/dental/vision</p><p>• 401k</p><p>• 2 weeks PTO</p><p><b>About Vangst:</b></p><p>Vangst is the cannabis industry’s hiring platform. Vangst helps cannabis companies find the talent they need to grow their business. From on-demand gig workers to trained &amp; credential full-time employees, Vangst has built the industry’s go-to talent marketplace for all cannabis hiring. Vangst is proud to work with 1,200+ of the cannabis industry’s leading businesses. Since raising its seed round in 2018, Vangst has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the cannabis industry and was recognized as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies.</p><p>Today, over 300,000 people have full-time jobs in the cannabis industry and this number is expected to triple over the next five years. Vangst is on a mission to fill every job in the cannabis industry.</p><p>Vangst’s headquarters is in Denver, CO. Vangst is a Series B company and backed by Lerer Hippeau, Colle Capital, Level One Fund, Snoop Dogg’s Casa Verde Capital, and others.</p><p><b>Disclaimer:</b></p><p>Vangst provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.</p><p>This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation, and training</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Vangst","logoUrl":"/logos/vangst-1731290886786334fb502ebdee566cc6.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Michigan, USA","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/vangst/cannabis-events-marketing-manager/fc97b1d9587571fc3f2f94217f7e8881","title":"Cannabis Events Marketing Manager","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"fc97b1d9587571fc3f2f94217f7e8881","postingUrl":"https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/cannabis-events-marketing-manager-at-vangst-3077056757","timestamp":1653054204486},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div> <p>Spendr Marketing Manager<br />____________________________________________________________________________________</p> <p><b>About Spendr </b></p> <p>Spendr is a cannabis technology company offering payment, marketing/loyalty, and data tools. Spendr’s core product is the Spendr App, a revolutionary consumer mobile app that’s the first ever to combine cannabis payments &amp; rewards.</p> <p>Our platform is a robust payment, rewards, and marketing engine, empowering dispensaries and merchants to offer secure &amp; seamless digital payment and rewards solutions directly to their customers. Consumers utilize our platform to access the Spendr App, the first ever cannabis payments &amp; rewards app. Spendr helps merchants increase revenue, decrease cost, and optimize its checkout processes through mobile-based payment + rewards systems. Consumers benefit with rewards, no fees, and a mobile experience that always puts the customer first.</p> <p>We are at the early, about to be post-Beta phase with a lean team. We are looking for a full-time marketing hire, who will be responsible for taking the success we’ve had so far to the next level of scale and maturity. We recently closed a seven-figure Seed round and since launch, Spendr has achieved leading metrics that put us in a massive position for large scale success.</p> <p><b>The Role </b></p> <p>As a self-starting and hands-on Marketing Manager, you will help build out and lead Spendr’s strategy, planning, and execution for all our marketing functions. This role will involve the development and execution of communications and experiences to our consumer and merchant segments, as well as the implementation of our product, growth, and branding strategies, programs, and tactics. You should have experience working with consumer-facing applications and can expect to work closely with our product, sales, compliance/support, operations, and technology teams. Your focus will be to ensure cross- functional alignment while creating a consistent brand look and feel all the way through our organization. Startup and cannabis experience are a huge plus.</p> <p><b>What You’ll Do</b></p> <ul> <li>Lead the design and execution of brand strategy and tactical campaigns across advertising, PR, and social channels to effectively grow Spendr’s members within respective markets.</li> <li>Help design a breakthrough program to excite and ultimately retain existing members.</li> <li>Analyze media data and review week over week channel performance reports to inform decision making and future recommendations.</li> <li>Build a brand that has local relevance to our target customers across markets – while building towards a national presence.</li> <li>Develop and execute marketing plans that support branding, customer acquisition &amp; retention strategies – both consumers &amp; merchants.</li> <li>Lead customer segmentation efforts that define user personas, markets and subsequently drive growth and product efforts.</li> <li>Convert the Founder/CEO’s vision into actionable marketing strategies.</li> <li>Build out the broader marketing organization to include product and content marketing teams to improve messaging and identify new content for campaigns and sales consumption.</li> </ul> <p><b>About You</b></p> <ul> <li>Have experience across all facets of growth marketing including advertising, SEO, owned social media, paid media, etc.</li> <li>Have experience taking brands from concept to national recognition.</li> <li>Have experience managing consumer-facing applications / products.</li> <li>Have experience building brands and executing efficient customer acquisition strategies.</li> <li>Have experience building and managing membership programs focused on constant customer engagement.</li> <li>Have experience with mobile app-based gamification strategies.</li> <li>You have managed and recruited teams in fast-paced environments.</li> <li>You take on the responsibility to get things done, hit deadlines, and maintain a high pace (a clear entrepreneurial mindset).</li> <li>You’ll do what it takes to get the job done, while remaining positive and open minded to new ideas.</li> <li>You’re able to think strategically and see the big picture vision and then take it and put it into actionable, tactical steps for you &amp; the team to execute on.</li> <li>FinTech, Tech, or Mobile Apps experience preferred.</li> <li>Cannabis experience preferred.</li> <li>Startup experience preferred.</li> <li>Ohio-based, preferably in Cincinnati or Columbus, but open to remote.</li> </ul> <p><b>More Job Details</b></p> <ul> <li>We’re looking for a hungry, ambitious, and energetic individual who’s interested in building a world-class company and brand from the very beginning, in a full-time capacity.</li> <li>This position will offer cash + equity, with a focus on the equity upside and pay raises following the Series A round.</li> </ul> <p><i>Spendr is committed to creating a diverse environment and is proud to be an equal opportunity </i><i>employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, </i><i>color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, </i><i>disability, age, or veteran status.</i></p> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Pay: $39,389.00 - $111,276.00 per year</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Flexible schedule</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>Monday to Friday</li> <li>Weekend availability</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: Remote</p></div>","company":{"name":"Spendr, LLC"},"location":{"address":"Remote"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/spendr-llc/spendr-marketing-manager/ac79ae19c20dc9b22d354e181471f9a4","title":"Spendr Marketing Manager","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"ac79ae19c20dc9b22d354e181471f9a4","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/spendr-marketing-manager-3d60cfa15177150e","timestamp":1652880630548},{"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p>Kind Therapeutics USA is a medical cannabis company dedicated to providing medical cannabis to Maryland certified patients and caregivers. Kind is a premier Grower and Processor of medical cannabis products serving Maryland and operates in a highly controlled environment providing a broad range of high quality, competitively priced medical cannabis products. Kind is dedicated to bringing legitimacy to the cannabis industry, operates on the highest level of integrity and strictly adheres to the regulations established by the Natalie LaPrade Medical Cannabis Commission.</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Growth","name":"Kind Therapeutics USA"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Hagerstown, MD 21740","city":"Hagerstown","stateProvince":"MD"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/kind-therapeutics-usa/assistant-processing-manager/916adbc8367c97b9c45c0392d0422210","title":"Assistant Processing Manager","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"916adbc8367c97b9c45c0392d0422210","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/assistant-processing-manager-dd41094efccd01db","timestamp":1652794176107},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p>Laboratory Processing Manager Cannabis!This Jobot Job is hosted by Ben KimbrelAre you a fit? Easy Apply now by clicking the \" Apply\" button and sending us your resume.Salary $60,000 $100,000 per yearA Bit About UsBased in Boston, MA with 12 facilities across the region, we are the #1 fastest growing medicinal cannabis provider in the region. We have been in business since 2013 and have been consistently increasing our clientele and our revenues ever since. Our mission is to deliver the safest and most potent form of medicinal cannabis on the market. We are continuing to exceed those expectations as we are the best in class and most cutting edge cannabis provider in the country. Our laboratory and kitchen operations are held to the same high standard that our end product is which ultimately helps us maintain our reputation.We are seeking an experienced laboratory and kitchen processing manager to help ensure our facilities are operating optimally.Why join us?Do you want to work on cutting edge medicinal cannabis products? We do too! Meaningful Work! Competitive Base Salary! Best in Class Products! Superb PTO! Accelerated Career Growth! Fun Company Activities!Job DetailsIs your background a fit? Apply if you meet this criteriaBS/MS in Business, Management or similar plus 5+ years' professional industry experience in a laboratory or kitchen environment Experience w/ Medical Marijuana Strong organizational and problem solving skills Experience w/ managing and delegating We can offer you the opportunity to work on a State-of-the-Art cannabis products that will completely transform the industry! Help us revolutionize the medical industry and join the most lucrative cannabis provider in the world!Interested in hearing more? Easy Apply now by clicking the \" Apply\" button</p></div>","title":"Laboratory Processing Manager","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$51k","salaryEnd":"$110k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Laboratory Supervisor I","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/laboratory-supervisor-i-salary/alexandria-va"},{"salaryStart":"$47k","salaryEnd":"$100k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Laboratory Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/How-Much-Does-a-Laboratory-Manager-Make-a-Year-in-Baltimore,MD"},{"salaryStart":"$88k","salaryEnd":"$96k","currency":"US","source":"Glassdoor","position":"Lab Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.glassdoor.com/Salary/VCU-Health-Lab-Manager-Richmond-Salaries-EJI_IE290556.0,10_KO11,22_IL.23,31_IM724.htm"}],"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Jobot","logoUrl":"/logos/jobot-a18fe05dfd05ec8ae81d964bca80478c.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Oak Hill, VA, USA","city":"Oak Hill","stateProvince":"VA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/jobot/laboratory-processing-manager/6c08a1cf1a1f09507bf67b76ead11b58","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"6c08a1cf1a1f09507bf67b76ead11b58","postingUrl":"https://www.adzuna.com/details/3142207697","timestamp":1652794274862,"salary":"$51k - $110k"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div> <p><b><i>Are you a rock star marketing manager looking for a company to let you spread your wings? At KIP, we seek someone with fun energy, an artistic eye, and a passion for continual growth. </i></b></p> <p><b>Marketing Manager &amp; Manager on Duty</b></p> <p><b>Summary</b></p> <p><b>Marketing manager responsibilities include tracking and analyzing the performance of advertising campaigns, managing the marketing budget, and ensuring that all marketing material is in line with our brand identity. To be successful in this role, you should have hands-on experience with web analytics tools and be able to turn creative ideas into effective advertising projects.</b></p> <p><b>Qualifications: </b></p> <p><b>Must have the following skills and/or experience::</b></p> <ul> <li><b>Medical cannabis marketing experience 1-2 years minimum. </b></li> <li><b>Understanding of MMCC compliance, regulations, and restrictions</b></li> <li><b>1-2 Years Experience as a Marketing Manager, specifically creating and leading marketing efforts (cannabis companies preferred).</b></li> <li><b>Manage WordPress websites</b></li> <li><b>At least </b><b>intermediate skills with </b><b>Canva or Photoshop</b></li> <li><b>At least intermediate skills with video editing</b></li> <li><b>At least intermediate skills with photography</b></li> </ul> <p><b>Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.</b></p> <ul> <li><b>Develop strategies and tactics to get the word out about our company and drive qualified traffic to our front door</b></li> <li><b>Deploy successful marketing campaigns and own their implementation from ideation to execution</b></li> <li><b>Experiment with a variety of organic and paid acquisition channels like content creation, content curation, pay per click campaigns, event management, publicity, social media, lead generation campaigns, copywriting, performance analysis</b></li> <li><b>Produce valuable and engaging content for our website and blog that attracts and converts our target groups</b></li> <li><b>Build strategic relationships and partner with key industry players, agencies and vendors</b></li> <li><b>Prepare and monitor the marketing budget on a quarterly and annual basis and allocate funds wisely</b></li> <li><b>Oversee and approve marketing material, from website banners to hard copy brochures and case studies</b></li> <li><b>Measure and report on the performance of marketing campaigns, gain insight and assess against goals</b></li> <li><b>Analyze consumer behavior and adjust email and advertising campaigns accordingly</b></li> <li><b>Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, NetInsight, Omniture, WebTrends)</b></li> <li><b>Experience in setting up and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns</b></li> <li><b>Numerically literate, comfortable working with numbers, making sense of metrics and processing figures with spreadsheets</b></li> <li><b>A sense of aesthetics and a love for great copy and witty communication</b></li> <li><b>Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement</b></li> <li><b>Marketing Manager reports to the General Manager.</b></li> </ul> <p><b>Supervisory Responsibilities</b></p> <p><b>Directly supervises 5 to 10 employees when covering as the Manager on Duty. Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities may include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.</b></p> <p><b>To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.</b></p> <p><b>Education and/or Experience</b></p> <p><b>Bachelor's degree from four-year college or university; or two to four years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. BSc/MSc degree in Marketing or related field preferred.</b></p> <p><b>Language Skills</b></p> <p><b>Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals, technical procedures, or governmental regulations. Ability to write reports, business correspondence, and procedure manuals. Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, clients, customers, and the general public.</b></p> <p><b>Mathematical Skills</b></p> <p><b>Ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in all units of measure, using whole numbers, common fractions, and decimals. Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent and to draw and interpret bar graphs.</b></p> <p><b>Reasoning Ability</b></p> <p><b>Ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of concrete variables.</b></p> <p><b>Certificates, Licenses, Registrations</b></p> <p><b>Must be able to possess a marijuana agent card and be 21 years of age or older.</b></p> <p><b>Physical Demands</b></p> <p><b>The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.</b></p> <p><b>While performing the duties of this Job, the employee is regularly required to use hands to finger, handle, or feel and stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl. The employee is frequently required to stand; walk; sit and reach with hands and arms. The employee is occasionally required to climb or balance and talk or hear. The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50 pounds. </b></p> <p><b>Work Environment</b></p> <p><b>The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.</b></p> <p><b>While performing the duties of this Job, the employee is occasionally exposed to outside weather conditions. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate.</b><br /><b>_</b>_<br /><i>*</i>*</p> <p><b><i>Compensation: </i></b><br /><b><i>Salary (Exempt) $42,000-$48,000 Depending On Experience.</i></b></p> <p><b><i>Full-Time Employees are eligible for Dental, Vision &amp; Health Insurance after 90 days.</i></b></p> <p><b><i>Managers receive a 40% Discount on most products and can use their rewards points after 90 days.</i></b></p> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Pay: $42,000.00 - $48,000.00 per year</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Dental insurance</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Paid time off</li> <li>Vision insurance</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>10 hour shift</li> <li>8 hour shift</li> <li>Holidays</li> <li>Monday to Friday</li> <li>Weekend availability</li> </ul> <p>Supplemental Pay:</p> <ul> <li>Bonus pay</li> <li>Tips</li> </ul> <p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Masks are optional. Air purifiers and store HVAC is operating at full capacity at all times. Sanitizing and regular cleaning procedures are in effect.</p> <p>Ability to commute/relocate:</p> <ul> <li>Cockeysville, MD 21030: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)</li> </ul> <p>Experience:</p> <ul> <li>Marketing: 1 year (Required)</li> <li>Medical Cannabis: 1 year (Preferred)</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Kip Cannabis"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Cockeysville, MD 21030","city":"Cockeysville","stateProvince":"MD"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/kip-cannabis/marketing-manager-medical-marijuana-dispensary/758eba0a442a16b5fea68951860239f4","title":"Marketing Manager - Medical Marijuana Dispensary","category":"Media & Communications","hash":"758eba0a442a16b5fea68951860239f4","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/marketing-manager-medical-marijuana-dispensary-fb67bc83b341a465","timestamp":1652880635981},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div> <p><b>Who we are: </b></p> <p>Intellectual AG LLC is composed of Aloha Green Apothecary and Hemptuary Hawaii. Aloha Green Apothecary is Oahu's first dispensary providing world-class cannabis grown under the Hawaiian sun and Hemptuary Hawaii is a high-end CBD retail location, embodying both a sanctuary and learning resource for those who find comfort and relief from the cannabis plant. We take pride in our employees as well as in the products and services we provide. Our team members enjoy a challenging but, exciting and rewarding career with our organization, as well as the potential for professional advancement.</p> <p><b>The right fit: </b></p> <p>Intellectual AG LLC is seeking an experienced Marketing Manager who will set the direction of the organization’s marketing, and advertising efforts to bring awareness to Aloha Green Apothecary and Hemptuary Hawaii’s business activities and products to boost company sales, while increasing market share and maximizing revenues to thrive against competitors. The role will be a professional marketing strategist, who stays abreast of changes in the cannabis and hemp marketing environment. The Marketing Manager examines analytical data to appropriately manage and organize the organization’s marketing engagements. The role will design and implement marketing and advertising tactics to lead a cross-functional team to meet objectives. The Manager of Marketing will oversee events and public relations, and act as company spokesperson with external parties to increase market visibility, drive business, and improve sales.</p> <p><b>What you will do: </b></p> <p>The Marketing Manager will report directly to the Director of Retail Operations and President. The role will primarily develop and implement strategies to grow clientele, raise profits, and strengthen Aloha Green Apothecary’s market presence and voice.</p> <p>· Embrace Aloha Green Apothecary and Hemptuary Hawaii’s vision, mission, goals, objectives, and core values.</p> <p>· Develop strategies and manage promotional campaigns to constantly align content with customer trends and market changes, to interest and engage the community.</p> <p>· Remain up to date on Hawaii cannabis advertising regulations.</p> <p>· Conduct competitor analysis to monitor current marketing efforts and to anticipate future marketing tactics.</p> <p>· Evaluate campaigns and reinforces cross-functional team members to be reactive and proactive in setting a course to achieve metrics and financial targets.</p> <p>· Collaborate with cross-functional team members to produce a high-quality social media campaign to increase organization’s visibility and to set Aloha Green Apothecary and Hemptuary Hawaii apart from the competition in customer experience.</p> <p>· Ensure the execution of promotions both strategically and tactically drive the top and bottom line while increasing marketing and sales efforts in stores.</p> <p>· Coach and mentor cross-functional team members in creating basic, seasonal, and promotional product assortment with the understanding of key items and how to drive them.</p> <p>· Seek to understand the organization’s diverse clientele and work to increase the benefits for them by actively planning for the long term, in areas such as, the best price, quality, and value that will keep them coming back.</p> <p>· Act as company spokesperson with external parties and build strategic partnerships.</p> <p>· Perform other related duties as required and assigned.</p> <p><b>What you will be responsible for: </b></p> <ul> <li>Mastering various data collection systems and skillfully analyze metrics to determine the effectiveness of marketing approach.</li> <li>Monitoring marketing strategy progress and presenting weekly performance reports on ads, clubs, texts, &amp; newsletters.</li> <li>Engaging directly with SEO on attracting more visitors toward the website and in close liaison with SEO teams each month.</li> <li>Leading the cross-functional team members to organize and execute promotional events efficiently.</li> <li>Collaborating with cross-functional team members, as well as providing guidance and feedback to promote progress toward marketing objectives.</li> <li>Producing ideas for corporate campaigns, promotional events, or activities.</li> <li>Seeking opportunities or partnerships to endorse the company, such as, latest events, social functions, online giveaways, trending brands, influencers, etc.</li> <li>Planning local product promotion strategy, as the company representative to execute in-person consultations with establishments who would benefit from carrying our products.</li> <li>Harnessing social media as a major component of the organization’s growth strategy and tracking social media engagement to identify high-performing ideas and campaigns for measurability</li> <li>Pursuing the use of brands, influencers, magazines, television, and radio ads, to expand company presence.</li> <li>Overseeing the valuable content for the company’s online presence, editorial design, and continually organizing the company’s publications.</li> <li>Understanding ecommerce and conducting general market research to keep abreast of trends and competitor’s marketing movements.</li> <li>Artistically applying fresh and creative ideas to revamp and maintain weekly and monthly sales ads in collaboration with cross-functional team.</li> <li>Managing the customer communication platform with construction and distribution of weekly and monthly text messages and newsletters to patients and club members.</li> <li>Monitoring member card expirations, proactively transmit monthly reminder letters for renewal, and oversee the distribution of the Card Expiration Month Newsletter.</li> <li>Mastering the skill of segmenting text messages for winback, reviews, &amp; segmented sales.</li> <li>Developing methods to determine baseline and track efficiency for the advantage/disadvantage of participating in events, partnering with brands, and influencers, to promote Aloha Green Apothecary.</li> <li>Managing all media relations, influencer relations, and community affairs activities to identify opportunities to build awareness of the Aloha Green Apothecary’s products and better engage the company's target audience.</li> </ul> <p><b>Compensation &amp; Benefits: </b></p> <p>· Starting salary of 58k (DOE) with 3-month probationary period with advancement opportunities</p> <p>· Health benefits</p> <p>· Paid time off</p> <p>· Employee discount</p> <p><b>What you’ll need: </b></p> <p>The Marketing Manager role is an advanced level position with a requirement to be in possession of a bachelor’s degree in the area of business administration, marketing and communications or relevant field. The role must have 3 – 5 years of Marketing Manager experience. The role is highly organized and requires excellent leadership, exquisite communication, and confident presence in representing the organization at appearances and on other public platforms. The Marketing Manager will possess expert comprehension of analytics, with thorough knowledge of web analytics and advanced understanding of Word Press. The role must have a baseline knowledge of SEO and remain current with online marketing techniques and best practices. Flexible schedule and reliable transportation are essential for the Marketing Manager to complete assignments at multiple locations as needed. Familiarity with cannabis advertising regulations is desired but, prior cannabis experience is not necessary. Passion for the cannabis industry and how well you fit with our company is essential.</p> <p>In addition to your resume, provide a cover letter that explains why you are interested in joining Aloha Green Apothecary and what makes you the right fit for the Marketing Manager role.</p> <p>Please submit the following to be considered and be sure that your direct contact information (email and phone number) is included in your resume to allow for easier contact:</p> <ul> <li>Resume &amp; cover letter</li> </ul> <p>If we are interested, we will then reach out and request candidate further provide us with:</p> <ul> <li>Portfolio of any relevant work (does not need to be cannabis related)</li> </ul> <p><b>Aloha Green Apothecary only considers candidates who currently live on Oahu and candidates with strong ties to the community are desirable. Military veterans and dependents, individuals who identify as LGBTQ, and women are urged to apply. Hawaii Department of Health regulations require employees of any dispensary in Hawaii be at least 21 years old without felony convictions and to undergo a thorough federal criminal background and fingerprint check.</b></p> <p>COVID-19 SAFETY:</p> <p><b>Aloha Green Apothecary takes the health and safety of our Ohana very seriously. Our company has recently established a Mandatory Vaccination policy, to safeguard the health and well-being of our employees, at-risk patients, contractors, and their families. In addition, AGApoth owes a social responsibility to mitigate community spread by ensuring that personnel have received the COVID 19 vaccination.</b></p> <p>Job Type: Full-time</p> <p>Pay: From $58,000.00 per year</p> <p>Benefits:</p> <ul> <li>Dental insurance</li> <li>Flexible schedule</li> <li>Health insurance</li> <li>Paid time off</li> <li>Vision insurance</li> </ul> <p>Schedule:</p> <ul> <li>Monday to Friday</li> <li>Weekend availability</li> </ul> <p>Ability to commute/relocate:</p> <ul> <li>Honolulu, HI 96814: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)</li> </ul> <p>Experience:</p> <ul> <li>Marketing: 3 years (Required)</li> </ul> <p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Aloha Green Apothecary","logoUrl":"/logos/aloha-green-apothecary-2ab085fcec3ec0fdc814812de0f34e82.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Honolulu, HI 96814","city":"Honolulu","stateProvince":"HI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/aloha-green-apothecary/marketing-manager/66b4400aa7d53f3a5a43c91e589cf0e4","title":"Marketing Manager","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"66b4400aa7d53f3a5a43c91e589cf0e4","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/marketing-manager-9a8318d414e350d9","timestamp":1652534455913},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p>We’re seeking an organized, creative, and entrepreneurial marketing professional for a new beverage brand that offers consumers a better way to unwind. If you feel you have what it takes to join our team, we’d love to hear from you!</p><p>Launched last year, Wynk competes in the red-hot cannabis industry. But in a space that is new and wide-open: infused beverages. We are looking for a Digital Social Media Marketing Manager to establish Wynk as the #1 national cannabis beverage brand.</p><p>In this hands-on role, you will be responsible for the execution and management of highly targeted, goal-based marketing campaigns as well as the day-to-day posting and communication between the Wynk brand and its growing following on social media.</p><p>Digital Marketing Responsibilities</p><p>• Project management: Organize, track, and action on a variety of brand-focused and retailer co-brand campaigns in close collaboration with colleagues, retailers, and agency partners.</p><p>• Coordinate the development of creative and editorial assets to support outbound and inbound campaigns.</p><p>• Assist in the deployment of digital marketing tactics on a variety of channels to drive leads, trial, purchase, and loyalty across an omnichannel landscape of cannabis marketplaces.</p><p>• Use content management tools to update the website and omnichannel marketplaces as needed.</p><p>• Ensure consistent merchandising of our product portfolio on all digital marketplaces.</p><p>• Constantly monitor and maintain a deep understanding of digital marketing and social media trends, opportunities, and emerging platforms.</p><p>Social Media Responsibilities</p><p>• Build and lead the brand’s organic social media posting and content strategy.</p><p>• Develop and deploy a social media plan and editorial calendar that supports brand/business objectives and inclusive of holidays, cultural moments, and seasonal campaigns</p><p>• Manage social media content creation and posting by coordinating with agency and internal partners to curate and publish original and high-quality content that can be leveraged across multiple platforms.</p><p>• Develop, implement, and manage an authentic influencer/affiliate marketing strategy (Paid and in-kind.)</p><p>• Create and implement a plan for community engagement and management to reduce response time and increase engagement.</p><p>• Partner closely with Brand Marketing to ensure alignment of brand guidelines, storytelling, and support of key objectives.</p><p>• Measure and analyze digital metrics and optimize strategy/tactics to improve performance and drive growth.</p><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><p><b>We are looking for a detail-oriented professional who is comfortable getting their “hands dirty” and executing impactful digital marketing campaigns:</b></p><p>• 2+ years Digital/Social Media Marketing experience, preferably within the CPG or beverage industry.</p><p>• Experience managing marketing projects using tools such as Asana, MS Project, or Wrike.</p><p>• Deep, professional experience with social media channels including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and LinkedIn.</p><p>• Working knowledge of web-based content management tools, and content production best practices.</p><p>• Strategic, creative, and entrepreneurial skillset/personality.</p><p>• Highly organized with excellent communication (written &amp; verbal) and teamwork skills.</p><p>• A passion for digital marketing and the Cannabis Industry.</p><p>• Familiarity with latest marketing trends and best practices.</p><p>• Results-driven and winning attitude.</p><p>• Hand-on experience using image editing tools (Adobe CS).</p><p>• Intermediate+ proficiency using standard office software applications: Office, G-Suite, etc.</p><p>• Challenger brand and calculated risk-taking mentality.</p><p>• Experience working with new category or innovation brands is a plus.</p><p>• Agency management experience is a plus.</p><p><b>About Wynk:</b></p><p>Casey Parzych, Shawn Sheehan and Angus Rittenburg aren’t just dudes with cool names. They are the brain trust behind Wynk. They’ve been engineers and entrepreneurs and lots of things in between.</p><p>But what they’ve always dreamed of is crafting a delicious drink that actually helps people unwind, without impacting how they feel the next day. Because we can all agree that hangovers really suck. So they took that dream, mixed it with plenty of quarantine thinking time, and Wynk was born! There’s definitely more to it than that, come join our team and see how it all comes together</p></div>","title":"Digital & Social Media Marketing Manager","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$35k","salaryEnd":"$89k","currency":"US","source":"Payscale","position":"Digital Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Digital_Marketing_Manager/Salary/da968e64/Raleigh-NC-Social-Media-Marketing"},{"salaryStart":"$41k","salaryEnd":"$63k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Media Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/recruiting/media-marketing-manager-salary/chapel-hill-nc"},{"salaryStart":"$60k","salaryEnd":"$92k","currency":"US","source":"Built In","position":"Social Media Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://builtin.com/salaries/marketing/social-media-manager/raleigh-durham-nc"}],"function":["Marketing","Media"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","company":{"name":"Wynk™ THC & Seltzer"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Cary, NC, USA","city":"Cary","stateProvince":"NC"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/wynk-thc-and-seltzer/digital-and-social-media-marketing-manager/260cfbdad7291dca019fc9448f5ce215","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"260cfbdad7291dca019fc9448f5ce215","postingUrl":"https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/digital-social-media-marketing-manager-at-wynk%E2%84%A2-thc-seltzer-1433879933","timestamp":1652968364614,"salary":"$35k - $89k"},{"function":["Operations"],"postedOn":"13 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>Everyone is welcome here</b>. Each of us is unique, and that's what makes us amazing. We believe in inclusiveness and celebrating each person's individuality, because there's power in bringing people with different points of view and life experiences together. That's why we provide equal employment opportunities (EEO). All applicants are considered regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.<br /><br />So, bring yourself and your best ideas; when we feel safe and comfortable being ourselves, there's no limit to what we can achieve.</p><h3><b>IN A NUTSHELL…</b></h3><p>The Wholesale Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring a streamlined wholesale process by working with other operators and our internal inventory controls. The Manager works closely with the Vice President, Enterprise Wholesale and MA Market President on Wholesale opportunities, strategy, and production needs. Works closely with Director of Finance for cash flow management.</p><p>This role is with NETA<i>, </i>one of the renowned retail brands under the Parallel umbrella. Parallel is one of the largest multi-state cannabis companies in the world, owning and operating in five markets; Florida (Surterra Wellness), Massachusetts (NETA), Pennsylvania (Goodblend), Nevada (The Apothecary Shoppe) and Texas (Goodblend). If you enjoy companies that are growing, moving fast, and constantly challenging themselves to achieve more, then Parallel is for you. We work hard, lean on each other, and are passionate about a pretty ambitious vision … pioneering a new paradigm of what well-being can be for all people, everywhere. For more information, visit www.liveparallel.com.</p><h3><b>WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING</b></h3><ul><li>Directs communications and operations regarding wholesale purchases and sales for MA market</li><li>Development of emerging markets wholesale program operations</li><li>Leads team of wholesale specialist to manage and exceed monthly sales goals</li><li>Pitching wholesale purchases directly to VP of Wholesale and market president for approval</li><li>Arrange and present wholesale progress to weekly Parallel market review</li><li>Works closely with Distribution team to ensure compliant transaction of wholesale material</li><li>Works closely with Director of Finance to ensure cash flow management of wholesale deals</li><li>Initiation, development, and execution of outbound sales program</li><li>Development of MA market wholesale team of representatives</li><li>Maintenance and organization of SalesForce accounts for MA market</li><li>Integrate, launch, and maintain online sales accounts with Leaftrade sales platform</li><li>Responsible for establishing and maintaining co-operator relationships</li><li>Oversees touring of vendor facilities for onboarding surveys</li><li>Provides education and training to operators involved with wholesale to ensure a streamlined process</li><li>Collaborate with AP, finance, distribution, commercialization, compliance, inventory, and QA teams for intake, delivery, pick up, and payment of wholesale material</li></ul><h3><b>EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS YOU'LL BRING</b></h3><ul><li>Degree-related experience preferred</li><li>Solid computer literacy and proficiency with Google Drive and MS Excel required</li><li>Must have great time management skills and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously</li><li>Upbeat and high energy professional, very organized and detail-oriented</li><li>Ability to always communicate professionally in person, over the phone and via email</li><li>Great problem-solving skills; can find resolution in a timely and professional manner</li><li>Age 21 or over (Required)</li><li>High School Diploma or equivalent (Required)</li><li>Valid Government-Issued Photo ID (Required)</li></ul><h3><b>YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IF YOU…</b></h3><ul><li>Are self-motivated; micro-managing isn't fun for anyone</li><li>Roll your sleeves up and do the work; strategy is important, but so is getting stuff done</li><li>Can work fast and be flexible; our industry is always changing</li><li>Play nice with others; we collaborate with each other a lot</li><li>Think creatively; sometimes, the \"traditional\" solution isn't the best one</li></ul><h3><b>WHAT YOU GET</b></h3><ul><li>Consistent, reliable benefits; Full medical/vision/dental, 401k with a possible company match, access to company-sponsored well-being programs</li><li>Balance and flexibility; paid time off, paid parental leave, flexible work arrangements</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Chance to make a difference; Employee Relief Fund, community volunteerism opportunities through Benevity</li></ul><h3><b>PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS</b></h3><ul><li>Must have clear, verbal communications, stand, or sit for prolonged periods of time, and perform computer operations.</li><li>Ability to work under pressure at times while maintaining accuracy.</li><li>Ability to lift 40 lbs. unassisted</li></ul><p><b>PARALLEL IS UNITED BY OUR VISION, MISSION, &amp; VALUES</b></p><p><b>Our Vision</b> – why we exist – is to pioneer well-being and improve the quality of life for humanity through the benefits of cannabinoids.</p><p><b>Our Mission</b> – how we will do this – is to build a leading, global well-being company through the best talent, our values, trusted and recognized brands, science and technology-based innovation, and a relentless focus on execution and continuous improvement.</p><p><b>Our Values – </b>Integrity | Collaboration | Alignment | Intentionality | Accountability | Agility</p><p><i>We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We embrace and encourage our employees' differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.</i></p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Parallel","logoUrl":"/logos/parallel-6507c8e6e2f4ba7e54c88fe04e9572c2.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Franklin, MA","city":"Franklin","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/parallel/wholesale-sales-and-amp-operations-manager/0d656454bffdb87f52118d742b43760a","title":"Wholesale Sales &amp; Operations Manager","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"0d656454bffdb87f52118d742b43760a","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/wholesale-sales-operations-manager-13206944921422d4","timestamp":1652189139693},{"employmentType":"Full-time","description":"<div><p><b>Essential Duties and Responsibilities</b></p><p>Green Roads CBD is looking for a Growth Marketing Manager to join our amazing team in sunny, South Florida. The Growth Marketing Manager will report directly to the VP of Affiliate Marketing and will work very closely with our publishing &amp; marketing partners (Affiliates, Influencers, &amp; Media Buyers</p><p>You will possess a hunter mentality driven by identifying and closing new partnerships, garnering new business, and growing new relationships.</p><p>You will also be responsible for coordinating the delivery of creative assets, insertion orders, campaign artifacts, and all relevant campaign documentation in preparation for campaign launch.</p><p>You will need to be both a creative and critical thinker striving to negotiate sales &amp; solutions that keep both internal and external stakeholders happy.</p><p>Some trade show travel will be required with this position.</p><p>You must understand the nature of internet marketing and have experience with pay-for-performance media buying. You also understand how to drive traffic to products / web pages, conversion funnels, click attribution, platform linking, pixel tracking, landing pages, and web-based reporting lingo.</p><p><b>A Day in the Life of Growth Marketing Manager includes :</b></p><p>• New Partner Growth &amp; Discovery -Onboarding new partnerships, identifying partnerships we should have, negotiating payouts, increasing traffic, improving the economics of relationships</p><p>• Platform Set up and Management - Setting up publishing partners &amp; offers on our internal tracking platform (Everflow), obtaining necessary paperwork and documentation, and maintaining current offers on the platform</p><p>• Time Management &amp; Prioritization of Tasks - Self-management is key</p><p>• All other duties as assigned.</p><p><b>Minimum Qualifications</b></p><p><b>Required Skills / Experience :</b></p><p>• At least 3 years of Media Buying experience</p><p>• Bachelor's Degree in advertising, marketing, communications, or similar.</p><p>• Excellent financial skills and the ability to manage large budgets - must like numbers &amp; money!</p><p>• Proven experience in direct response campaigns</p><p>• Ability to work both independently and as part of a team</p><p>• Problem solver with the cat-like ability to pivot quickly, and think on your feet</p><p>• Basic HTML and Coding knowledge extremely helpful</p><p>What Green Roads' Offers</p><p>• Highly Competitive Compensation Package - Base Salary + Commission</p><p>• Sign-on Bonus</p><p>• Hybrid model where we have in- office time at our Deerfield Beach location and some remote work. Apply today to learn more about our flexible approach to where we work.</p><p>• Paid Holidays</p><p>• Paid Time Off</p><p>• Health, Vision, Dental, &amp; Life Insurance</p><p>• Monthly Green Roads Product Stipend</p><p>Last updated : 2022-05-15</p></div>","title":"Growth marketing manager","salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$78k","salaryEnd":"$140k","currency":"US","source":"Salary.com","position":"Digital Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.salary.com/research/salary/benchmark/digital-marketing-manager-salary/fl"},{"salaryStart":"$54k","salaryEnd":"$58k","currency":"US","source":"Glassdoor","position":"Digital Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.glassdoor.ca/Salary/Miami-Dolphins-Digital-Marketing-Manager-Miami-Salaries-EJI_IE5250.0,14_KO15,40_IL.41,46_IM558.htm"},{"salaryStart":"$42k","salaryEnd":"$97k","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Digital Marketing Manager","type":"per year","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Digital-Marketing-Manager-Salary-in-Fort-Lauderdale,FL"}],"function":["Marketing"],"postedOn":"8 days ago","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Green Roads","logoUrl":"/logos/green-roads-eadfd3ae1f2bf87e65e0892706bd122b.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Deerfield Beach, FL, USA","city":"Deerfield Beach","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/green-roads/growth-marketing-manager/6d89b9650e42798b81a165db18b2ea75","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"6d89b9650e42798b81a165db18b2ea75","postingUrl":"https://www.talent.com/view?id=8c8461ed5b4a","timestamp":1652703240017,"salary":"$78k - $140k"}]