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Microbial Lab Supervisory Analyst

Agriscience Labs Denver, CO 80222 Full-time
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Microbial Lab Supervisory Analyst
AgriScience Labs is the oldest licensed cannabis testing laboratory in the state of Colorado. We provide a full suite of testing capabilities for the cannabis marketplace and deliver accurate results with excellent customer service. Our lab is ISO 17025:2017 certified as well as certified by the state of Colorado.

AgriScience Labs is searching for 1 individual to fill 1 full time position.

The role of the supervisory analyst is to provide support in the conduct and development of the analytical testing processes. Working under direction of the lab director, the supervisory analyst must be intimately familiar with all relevant ASL Standard Operating Procedures. The supervisory analyst is capable of all tasks performed in the analysis of samples and responsible for evaluating methods, conducting experiments, and ensuring the overall quality of all analyses in their area.

Daily tasks include:

  • Oversee the Microbiology analysis of cannabis samples for E. coli and Salmonella by qPCR Total Yeast and Mold by 3M Petrifilm.
  • Operates laboratory equipment. Performs routine test procedures including running controls and standards. Ensures scientific accuracy of results.
  • Provides knowledge for troubleshooting process issues (analytical methodologies)
  • Assists in the investigation process of customer inquiries and testing
  • Helps ensure ASL is compliant with all MED and CDPHE regulations
  • Prepares solutions and reagents as necessary
  • Ensures effective tracking and status of all samples and projects in the lab. Prioritizes samples per ASL’s requirements.
  • Manages all lab resources
  • Troubleshoots defective instrumentation and organizes prompt repair.
  • Develops test methods, protocol, and equipment recommendations for furthering ASL’s science
  • Revises necessary Quality Control documentation and review.
  • Provides guidance to laboratory staff

Education/Behavioral skills

  • B.S. in a natural science from accredited University
  • 3-5 years regulated laboratory experience
  • 1-2 years mass spectrometry analytical experience
  • Experience with BioRad qPCR a plus
  • Customer service oriented
  • Familiarity with International Standard Organization (ISO) quality controls and quality assurance
  • Organizes and communicates effectively. Strong time management skills. Able to prioritize work to meet deadlines
  • Able to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of changing situations
  • Desire to learn. Self-starter – ability to work independently and multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Results oriented – takes initiative and holds oneself accountable for achieving results
  • MED Badge Capable

Computer Skills Preferred
Microsoft Office Suite, METRC, LIMS system

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $42,000.00 - $52,000.00 per year

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $42,000.00 - $52,000.00 per year


  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Paid time off
  • Vision insurance


  • 8 hour shift


  • Bachelor's (Required)


  • Microbiology: 1 year (Preferred)
  • Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Required)

Work Location:

  • One location

Work Remotely:

  • No
[{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p><i>Microbial Lab Supervisory Analyst </i><br />AgriScience Labs is the oldest licensed cannabis testing laboratory in the state of Colorado. We provide a full suite of testing capabilities for the cannabis marketplace and deliver accurate results with excellent customer service. Our lab is ISO 17025:2017 certified as well as certified by the state of Colorado.</p><p>AgriScience Labs is searching for 1 individual to fill 1 full time position.</p><p>The role of the supervisory analyst is to provide support in the conduct and development of the analytical testing processes. Working under direction of the lab director, the supervisory analyst must be intimately familiar with all relevant ASL Standard Operating Procedures. The supervisory analyst is capable of all tasks performed in the analysis of samples and responsible for evaluating methods, conducting experiments, and ensuring the overall quality of all analyses in their area.</p><p><b>Daily tasks include: </b></p><ul><li>Oversee the Microbiology analysis of cannabis samples for E. coli and Salmonella by qPCR Total Yeast and Mold by 3M Petrifilm.</li><li>Operates laboratory equipment. Performs routine test procedures including running controls and standards. Ensures scientific accuracy of results.</li><li>Provides knowledge for troubleshooting process issues (analytical methodologies)</li><li>Assists in the investigation process of customer inquiries and testing</li><li>Helps ensure ASL is compliant with all MED and CDPHE regulations</li><li>Prepares solutions and reagents as necessary</li><li>Ensures effective tracking and status of all samples and projects in the lab. Prioritizes samples per ASL’s requirements.</li><li>Manages all lab resources</li><li>Troubleshoots defective instrumentation and organizes prompt repair.</li><li>Develops test methods, protocol, and equipment recommendations for furthering ASL’s science</li><li>Revises necessary Quality Control documentation and review.</li><li>Provides guidance to laboratory staff</li></ul><p><b>Education/Behavioral skills</b></p><ul><li>B.S. in a natural science from accredited University</li><li>3-5 years regulated laboratory experience</li><li>1-2 years mass spectrometry analytical experience</li><li>Experience with BioRad qPCR a plus</li><li>Customer service oriented</li><li>Familiarity with International Standard Organization (ISO) quality controls and quality assurance</li><li>Organizes and communicates effectively. Strong time management skills. Able to prioritize work to meet deadlines</li><li>Able to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of changing situations</li><li>Desire to learn. Self-starter – ability to work independently and multi-task in a fast-paced environment. Results oriented – takes initiative and holds oneself accountable for achieving results</li><li>MED Badge Capable</li></ul><p><b>Computer Skills Preferred</b><br />Microsoft Office Suite, METRC, LIMS system</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $42,000.00 - $52,000.00 per year</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $42,000.00 - $52,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Health savings account</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Required)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Microbiology: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Agriscience Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/agriscience-labs-5f137bd43ef871170ed31591e4802eff.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Denver, CO 80222","city":"Denver","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/agriscience-labs/microbial-lab-supervisory-analyst/b24125b5b63a784a9663515d7911d0ca","title":"Microbial Lab Supervisory Analyst","hash":"b24125b5b63a784a9663515d7911d0ca","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/microbial-lab-supervisory-analyst-a8fa9d1c8d789a33"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Cultivation Associate</b></p><p>Growing Missouri Cannabis company in Carrollton, MO is seeking a reliable, motivated, and detail-oriented Cultivation Associate. The Cultivation Associate will help implement the horticultural plan created by the Director of Cultivation and organization. The health of the garden is the primary goal and responsibility of those in the cultivation department. Duties include the following: watering, cloning, transplanting, leaf pruning, cleaning, daily checks of environmental conditions as well as logging all daily data for the garden to be used for analysis. The Cultivation Associate will embrace continued education as it relates to plant care and will be a team player. Cultivation Associates should be able to work independently or part of a team.</p><p><b>Principal Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>60% Daily Tasks: daily watering + fertilizing, recording pH, ppm, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, PAR values, plant inspection for pests, removal of all dead plant material from grow rooms, transplanting, pruning, and cloning.</li><li>20% janitorial duties (clean counters, tables, pots, irrigation equipment, floors, equipment inspection and service and other maintenance items).</li><li>20% Other duties assigned by the Director of Cultivation.</li></ul><p><b>Essential Work Experience and Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Commercial horticultural experience and manufacturing experience is preferred.</li><li>Knowledgeable about cannabis: growth phases, potential contaminants, genetics, laws, medicinal values, culture, and trends of the industry</li><li>Reliability is a must; the cultivation team shares a 7 day work week.</li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements / Work Environment: </b></p><p>Agriculture work, by nature, is physically demanding. The Cultivation Associate must be able to lift 50+ pounds and stand during work.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $12.00 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off after 90 days</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8-hour shift</li><li>Weekends</li><li>Holidays</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Horticulture: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>On-site</li></ul><p>COVID-19 Precaution(s):</p><ul><li>Personal protective equipment provided or required</li><li>Social distancing guidelines in place</li><li>Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $12.00 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />COVID-19 Precaution(s):</p><p>Personal protective equipment provided or required<br />Social distancing guidelines in place<br />Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place</p><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Facility Agent ID (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"name":"FB Farming Co."},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Carrollton, MO 64633","city":"Carrollton","stateProvince":"MO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/fb-farming-co/cultivation-assistant/76a5ce4fd1637684f64d90f0c7c338ca","title":"Cultivation Assistant","hash":"76a5ce4fd1637684f64d90f0c7c338ca","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cultivation-assistant-2130785e7bf7c6ba"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Scope of Position: </b></p><p>This position is responsible for initiating and completing duties involved in spore production and qualification of spore crops. All work must be performed using company Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) following GMP and industry standards.</p><p><b>Essential Duties</b></p><p>Core duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:</p><p>· Operation of all test equipment for the release of Mesa products</p><p>· Cultivation of various spore species.</p><p>· Qualification of spore crops for biological indicator production use.</p><p>· Operation of various sterilizers.</p><p>· Manufacture of spore suspensions for customer use.</p><p>· Execution of protocols.</p><p>· Utilize aseptic technique.</p><p>· Proper documentation practices.</p><p>· Write scientific papers.</p><p>· Comply with all safety and regulatory standards</p><p>· Apply the Mesa Labs Quality Policy and actively monitor quality of outcomes in the performance of all assigned tasks</p><p>· Perform other duties as assigned by management.</p><p><b>Professional Qualifications: </b></p><p>To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The categories listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.</p><p><b>Education and/or Experience: </b></p><p>· Bachelor of Science in microbiology or relevant field preferred</p><p>· Three years’ experience in a manufacturing laboratory environment</p><p>· Strong knowledge of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)</p><p>· Any equivalent combination of education and experience</p><p><b>Skills, Knowledge and Abilities: </b></p><p>· Advance mathematical skills required</p><p>· Ability to understand and execute calculations to include scientific, exponential notation and/or log linear regression analysis</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>401(k)</li><li>401(k) matching</li><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Disability insurance</li><li>Flexible schedule</li><li>Flexible spending account</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Life insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Mesa Laboratories, Inc.","logoUrl":"/logos/mesa-laboratories-inc-633d3a816f3b4476ee763959d93277ff.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Bozeman, MT 59718","city":"Bozeman","stateProvince":"MT"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/mesa-laboratories-inc/laboratory-analyst-spore-cultivation-lab/fe920679d9929462b4582358999e602a","title":"Laboratory Analyst-Spore Cultivation Lab","hash":"fe920679d9929462b4582358999e602a","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/laboratory-analystcultivation-lab-7750e3e7de383814"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>OVERVIEW</b></p><p><b>ROLE SUMMARY</b></p><p>The Cultivation Technician is responsible for contributing to all aspects of plant production, which include; trimming, transplanting, harvesting, processing and routine sanitation tasks. This position is self-sufficient, focused on obtaining results and requires the ability to solve problems with minimal supervision. You are responsible for completing the assigned tasks and maintaining the plants according to the provided company guidelines and standards.</p><p><b>KEY RESPONSIBILITIES</b></p><ul><li>Transplant, Trellising, Staking, Harvest, Processing and Cultivation Sanitation.</li><li>Responsible for defoliation techniques, such as veg trimming, lolli popping, maintenance, and harvest trimming.</li><li>Examine plants for signs of pests or diseases.</li><li>Maintain plant health throughout the cultivation process.</li><li>Assist in production processes for designated stages of plant growth.</li><li>Maintaining the highest levels of cleanliness and sterility inside the production area, all staging areas and facility at all times, including routine cleaning and sterilization of equipment and infrastructure</li><li>Take instruction and assist with tasks delegated by the management team.</li><li>Use, maintain, and operate equipment in the grow facility.</li><li>Ensure the daily compliance policies are followed, but not limited to compliance with the state, security protocols, access protocols and dress code.</li><li>Frequently lifts, carries, or positions objects weighing up to 55 pounds.</li></ul><p><b>WORK ENVIRONMENT</b></p><p>This job operates in a standard greenhouse and outside environment; regular exposure to working in confined areas, hazardous chemicals, dirt, dust, noise, fumes, and vapors; exposed to regular temperature and climate changes; extreme cold; extreme heat. seasonally subjected to adverse weather conditions when performing outdoor tasks. The noise level in the work environment is usually loud. Working around heavy machinery such as forklifts and scissor-lifts.</p><p><b>PHYSICAL DEMANDS</b></p><p>The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to speak and hear. The employee frequently is required to stand for extended periods; walk; use hands to handle or feel objects, tools or controls; reach with hands and arms. {Must be able to individually lift to 55 lbs}. Regular and predictable attendance is essential.</p><p><b>POSITION TYPE / EXPECTED HOURS OF WORK</b></p><p>This position regularly requires long hours and may require weekend work.</p><p>Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities and activities may change at any time with or without notice.</p><p>The company will ask you to help out in other departments depending on company needs. This means that you may not always work in the department that you were hired, teamwork and getting product out to patients is the goal and this means helping out where you are needed is crucial to your success as well as the company’s success.</p><p><b>QUALIFICATIONS/EXPERIENCE</b></p><ul><li>Relevant experience, training or education, such as professional experience in a nursery setting or other related work.</li><li>Strong technical/analytical foundation and data driven.</li><li>Strong background in plant science</li><li>Operate with integrity and honesty.</li><li>Experience in the horticulture or agriculture industry</li><li>Ability to work both in a team and independently.</li><li>Ability to sit, stand for a long time, walk during the scheduled shift.</li></ul><p><b>SKILLS/INTERESTS</b></p><ul><li>Employee must have basic organizational capabilities, as well as be able to run basic computer tasks. Skills / Interests Skills / Interests</li><li>Must be a multitasker, with the ability to work on several requests simultaneously without losing focus.</li><li>Organization and initiative, good communications skills, proactive, problem-solving, time management, discretion and confidentiality are essential attributes.</li><li>Excellent critical thinking and analytical skills</li><li>Must have entrepreneurial skills and experience.</li><li>Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.</li><li>Must possess an inquisitive and creative mind.</li><li>Ability to build good relationships. There will be frequent contact with internal and external people, either face to face or by telephone or email</li><li>Employee must be able to identify various problems with any strain/product be able to communicate with direct supervisors as necessary.</li><li>Teamwork- collaborating with others to improve overall standards of work and service.</li></ul><p><b>REQUIRED EDUCATION and EXPERIENCE</b></p><ul><li>Per state law, must be at least 21 years of age.</li><li>Must successfully complete a comprehensive background check. Must pass a drug screening.</li><li>Must have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license.</li></ul><p><b>Desired Skills</b></p><ul><li>One years of work experience in agricultural experience</li></ul><p><b>ABOUT FLUENT</b></p><p>Cansortium Inc is a vertically integrated cultivator, processor, formulator, and retailer of Premium Cannabis Products currently operating in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas as Fluent Cannabis, as well as in Michigan through its in-market partner. Our purpose is to compassionately provide patients access to the highest level of medical cannabis in an unrivaled, professional healthcare environment with outstanding customer service. Patient care always comes first at Fluent and our standards, practices, and performance is unmatched.</p><p>We are looking for leaders who want to work alongside great talent and create a positive work experience for their team. We are focused on continuous improvements, which creates development opportunities, engaged feedback, and increased contributions towards our goals as a leader in the medical cannabis industry.</p><p>Find out more at: www.getfluent.com</p><p><b>Benefits</b></p><p>Fluent provides comprehensive benefits offerings to all full-time employees. Our benefits include medical, dental and vision and supplemental insurance, paid time-off program, and non-matching 401k plan.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>12 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Fluent","logoUrl":"/logos/fluent-565b29596c78167e84c2ed4183825150.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Tampa, FL 33609","city":"Tampa","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/fluent/agriculture-technician/1575a5d1b69cfca2da47d7663522b300","title":"Agriculture Technician","hash":"1575a5d1b69cfca2da47d7663522b300","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/agriculture-technician-c26ac9fdde35761e"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"12 hours ago","description":"<div><p><b>Commercial cannabis facility seeking entry-level lab technician </b></p><p><b>Hydrocarbon Extraction Tech position available for cannabis manufacturer. The position is suitable for those looking to work in a clean, organized and structured environment. You will be working with a small team of lab techs who will show you how we operate everything from the running/repair of the instruments to the distillation of THC. Reliable and hard-working candidates apply. Hydrocarbon extraction experience is not required but will be helpful. </b></p><p><b>Skills required to succeed in the position include: </b></p><ul><li><b>Organization</b></li><li><b>Attention to Detail</b></li><li><b>Consistent attendance &amp; performance</b></li><li><b>Cleanliness</b></li><li><b>Strong mechanical background</b></li></ul><p><b>Roles and responsibilities include: </b></p><ul><li><b>Maintaining a clean workstation</b></li><li><b>Performing extractions as trained consistently, without deviation</b></li><li><b>Documenting extraction runs</b></li><li><b>Meeting daily production goals</b></li></ul><p><b>Please attach a copy of your resume and be able to pass a background check to qualify for this position. </b></p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $15.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental Insurance</li><li>Health Insurance</li><li>Vision Insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 Hour Shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Employees will be required to wear masks at all times while on site and will also have their temperature checked before entering the facility.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Required)</li></ul><p>Shift Availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Pyramid"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Lansing, MI 48906","city":"Lansing","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/pyramid/lab-technician/a8987bd44e7b2bef80c441aada0de1d6","title":"Lab Technician","hash":"a8987bd44e7b2bef80c441aada0de1d6","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-73c4e789f4f0fa62"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>A recreational cannabis grow in Eugene is looking for trimmers throughout the summer for our outdoor harvests. Harvests come down every 3-4 weeks.Candidates must have experience trimming.Able to take directionThorough, clean and respectful of the workers around themAble to stay on task in a group environmentOLCC Cannabis Handlers Card requiredPlease attach a resume with referencesCompensation: $100 a poundJob Types: Full-time, Part-timePay: $14.00 - $17.00 per hourSchedule:Monday to FridayExperience:Relevant: 1 year (Preferred)License:OLCC (Required)Work Location:One locationTypical start time:9AMTypical end time:5PMWork Remotely:No</p></div>","company":{"name":"SMW Agriculture LLC"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Eugene, OR, USA","city":"Eugene","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/smw-agriculture-llc/trimmer-for-recreational-cannabis-grow/4de261266b902933ec8bda85923d3d53","title":"Trimmer for Recreational Cannabis Grow","hash":"4de261266b902933ec8bda85923d3d53","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/Yc_2Z3kBZ8fVeInGCbzQ-trimmer-for-recreational-cannabis-grow-in-eugene-or-at-smw-agriculture-llc"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"1 day ago","description":"<div><p>We are a technology-focused laboratory that offers refinement services within the hemp/CBD industry. We are looking to hire a talented Lab Assistant a to join our team. If you're a passionate self-starter, this is a perfect place to grow your career. Our Lab Assistants will assist with the production of high-quality hemp extracts along with cleaning and maintaining laboratory, machinery and equipment, recording and entering data, and associated tasks. They will be responsible for the consistent, sanitary and safe production of hemp extracts utilizing company policies to successfully uphold quality and consistency of all products produced.</p><p>Qualifications and Background Lab Assistant</p><p>· High school diploma or general education degree (GED) required, associate's or Bachelor's degree in a scientific field preferred</p><p>· NO experience working in a lab necessary. We will provide training</p><p>· Computer skills: knowledge of Microsoft Office and other relevant computer programs</p><p>· Analytical and numerical skills: ability to perform mathematical calculations (add, subtract, multiply, divide) in different units of measurement; ability to use concepts such as fractions, percentages, and ratios</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $12.75 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>lab technician: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>laboratory: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>This Company Describes Its Culture as:</p><ul><li>Detail-oriented -- quality and precision-focused</li><li>Innovative -- innovative and risk-taking</li><li>Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Globex Extraction Services","logoUrl":"/logos/globex-extraction-services-9f2fc880d47a5b05f41e4a5ce91930b3.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Loveland, CO 80537","city":"Loveland","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/globex-extraction-services/lab-assistant/4cbb626be3a3331ddd6a1f72e01034e9","title":"Lab Assistant","hash":"4cbb626be3a3331ddd6a1f72e01034e9","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-assistant-cbc3ea52809889ba"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"8 days ago","description":"<div><p>Our client, a licensed cannabis testing lab founded in 2018, is looking for an experienced Laboratory Scientist to join their team. This company is experiencing significant growth and holds multiple licenses, so this is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.</p><p><b>Job Duties and Responsibilities:</b></p><p>• Possess strong leadership.</p><p>• Troubleshoot instrumentation.</p><p>• Work with vendors and take direction from management.</p><p>• Needs to be organized and prepared, understand and meet timelines.</p><p>• Scientific writing for reporting, data management reporting, and ability to follow standard operating procedures a must.</p><p>• Chemical extraction, sample preparation and analysis for cannabis using LCMS/MS, HPLC, preferably on Shimadzu).</p><p>• Willingness to follow internal quality system requirements.</p><p>• Ensuring SOP’s are written or up-to-date for laboratory processes.</p><p>• Familiar with California State regulations for cannabis.</p><p>• Implements and maintains appropriate quality control processes and procedures to guarantee accuracy of analysis and quality of results.</p><p>• Performs review of reported data and associated quality control and preparing reports for delivery to client.</p><p>• Responsibilities may include general instrument troubleshooting.</p><p>• Responsible for ensuring that inventory is properly maintained and ordered on time to meet production demands.</p><p>• Familiar with GLP standards.</p><p><b>Skills and Requirements:</b></p><p>• A bachelor’s degree in biological, chemical, agricultural, environmental, or related sciences from an accredited college or university.</p><p>• Must be 21 years of age.</p><p>• Must have experience in cannabis testing utilizing the potency/cannabinoids method.</p><p>• Must have laboratory experience and be familiar with production protocol as required by California State, FDA, ISO 17025 and GLP.</p><p>• Must have a history of working in a production laboratory and an understanding of meeting deadlines.</p><p>• Must understand calculating workflow, turnaround times, and streamlined approaches. Must be able to prioritize and multi-task and have flexibility in working various shifts.</p><p>• MUST HAVE 3-5 YEARS EXPERIENCE.</p><p>NOTE: Candidates that are offered a position are required to pass pre-employment background screening. Qualified candidates with criminal histories, are considered in a manner that is consistent with local, state and federal laws.</p><p>High Bluff Group provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.</p><p>This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation and training.</p><p>Applicants, with criminal histories, are considered in a manner that is consistent with local, state and federal laws</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"High Bluff Group","logoUrl":"/logos/high-bluff-group-ba166bcc7df7f4ee49577e36ac9221b9.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Sacramento, CA, USA","city":"Sacramento","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/high-bluff-group/lab-analyst-cannabis/99dee4ad77853a583fe9ea8e0bbb8a11","title":"Lab Analyst - Cannabis","hash":"99dee4ad77853a583fe9ea8e0bbb8a11","postingUrl":"https://lensa.com/lab-analyst-cannabis-jobs/sacramento/jd/c42a523305e4b0a3d20782733428035f"},{"employmentType":"Full-time or Part-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>We are a full-service cannabis testing and research lab offering state-mandated testing services to California’s cannabis distributors, cultivators, and manufacturers to ensure safety and accurate labeling of products for medical and recreational use.</p><p>The Lab Technician role is a key position responsible for sample accessioning, intake, and sample preparation to support cannabis testing. Attention to detail, reliability, and good fundamental understanding of chemistry laboratory operation are a must for this important role. This position has potential for advancement.</p><p>This is an opportunity to come into a young company and help make it great!</p><p><b>Duties and Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Ensure the accurate intake and verification of cannabis and cannabis product samples upon delivery to the laboratory</li><li>Photograph samples prior to homogenization and upload to the customer portal</li><li>Homogenize samples prior to further sample preparation by laboratory chemists</li><li>Weigh samples for analysis</li><li>Record physical measurements such as water activity, moisture content, and density</li><li>Extract samples for testing and sample perform dilutions according to SOPs</li><li>Prepare standard curves for lab testing</li><li>Organize retention samples and dispose of samples past the holding time specified in laboratory SOPs</li><li>Clean and wash glassware and other laboratory equipment</li><li>Follow detailed procedures to ensure cleanliness and avoid cross-contamination of samples</li><li>Perform sample digestions for heavy metal testing</li><li>Data entry</li><li>Data interpretation as needed</li><li>Work efficiently and effectively under time constraints</li><li>Monitor inventory of lab supplies and place orders</li><li>Follow laboratory safety procedures</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Bachelor’s degree in scientific field or Associates degree and 2 years of hands-on lab experience</li><li>Must be detail-oriented and organized</li><li>Ability to multi-task</li><li>Must be able to work in a standing position for several hours at a time.</li><li>Must be able to perform pipetting and operate centrifuges, vortexes, analytical balances, and other common laboratory equipment.</li><li>Proficient in use of email, Microsoft Excel, and Word</li><li>Must be at least 21 years old</li><li>This position may require work outside of normal business hours of 9am – 5:30pm. Weekends or a later or earlier shift may be required.</li></ul><p><b>Preferred Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Experience in a cannabis testing laboratory or cannabis industry</li></ul><ul><li>Knowledge of the Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations</li></ul><ul><li>Experience with HPLC</li><li>Understanding of aseptic technique</li></ul><ul><li>Experience with data entry and/or use of a LIMS</li><li>Please send resume and cover letter and indicate date available to start working.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time or Part-time</p><p>Salary: $18/hour - $23/hour</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 - $23.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Associate (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Cannabis Testing Lab","logoUrl":"/logos/cannabis-testing-lab-b7b1406c0a6d3bf238587bfa5a68e50b.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Los Angeles, CA 91342","city":"Los Angeles","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cannabis-testing-lab/lab-technician-for-cannabis-testing-lab/f9d78ec4d0fc54898cec25d10707f549","title":"Lab Technician for Cannabis Testing Lab","hash":"f9d78ec4d0fc54898cec25d10707f549","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-for-cannabis-testing-lab-6be2a5ff49c129ca"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>We are a full-service cannabis testing and research lab offering state-mandated testing services to California’s cannabis distributors, cultivators, and manufacturers to ensure safety and accurate labeling of products for medical and recreational use.</p><p>The Analytical Chemist is a key position responsible for the testing of cannabis samples by GC-MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, and HPLC.</p><p>This is an opportunity to come into a young company and help make it great!</p><p>Duties and Responsibilities:</p><ul><li>Perform sample preparation and analysis of cannabis and cannabis products by LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS, and HPLC following detailed procedures described in the company’s SOPs.</li><li>Carry out method development and execute method validation of terpene analysis in accordance with ISO 17025 requirements.</li><li>Review chromatographic and QA/QC data ensuring it meets established criteria and upload final results into the LIMS.</li><li>Submit non-conforming work to the Corrective Action/Preventive Action workflow.</li><li>Work with the Lab Director to prepare and review SOPs and other controlled documentation.</li><li>Perform routine calibration and maintenance of instrumentation</li><li>Work with a team of scientists in a fast-paced environment to design and implement analytical strategies.</li><li>Prepare technical reports.</li></ul><p>Additional Duties May Include:</p><ul><li>Cross-training on separate analytical methods (GC-MS, ICP-MS, HPLC, LC-MS/MS, PCR)</li><li>Training scientific staff</li></ul><p>Qualifications:</p><ul><li>Bachelors or Masters (preferred) degree in relevant field and demonstrated technical proficiency with GC-MS, LC-MS, ICP-MS, and/or HPLC.</li><li>Experience in a regulated environment (ISO 17025, GLP, or GMP)</li><li>Experience writing SOPs</li><li>Accuracy and attention to detail</li><li>Excellent written and verbal communication skills</li></ul><p>Preferred Qualifications:</p><ul><li>Experience in a cannabis or environmental testing lab</li><li>Experience with Agilent instrumentation and MassHunter, ChemStation, or OpenLab software</li><li>Experience developing methods for extraction and sample cleanup of dirty matrices</li><li>Experience with LIMS and ELN documentation</li><li>Experience maintaining and/or repairing GC-MS, LC-MS, ICP-MS, HPLC instruments</li><li>Experience with METRC</li></ul><p>Please send resume and cover letter and indicate date available to start working.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Salary: $50,000.00 to $75,000.00 /year</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $50,000.00 - $75,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Day shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Required)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory: 2 years (Preferred)</li><li>Analytical chemistry: 2 years (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Cannabis Testing Lab","logoUrl":"/logos/cannabis-testing-lab-b7b1406c0a6d3bf238587bfa5a68e50b.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Los Angeles, CA 91342","city":"Los Angeles","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cannabis-testing-lab/analytical-chemist-for-cannabis-testing-lab/a568594dcfc7357fd7acbaf2803e12c5","title":"Analytical Chemist for cannabis testing lab","hash":"a568594dcfc7357fd7acbaf2803e12c5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/analytical-chemist-for-cannabis-testing-lab-c1fe583f3e622c04"},{"employmentType":"Full-time or Part-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p><i>Field Sampling Technician for Cannabis Testing Lab </i><br />We are a full-service cannabis testing and research lab offering state-mandated testing services to California’s cannabis distributors, cultivators, and manufacturers to ensure safety and accurate labeling of products for medical and recreational use.</p><p>The Field Sampling Technician role is a key position responsible for collecting and documenting cannabis samples at client sites and bringing them to the lab. Great customer service, attention to detail and reliability are a must for this important role. This position has potential for advancement.</p><p>This is an opportunity to come into a young company and help make it great!</p><p><b>Duties and Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Collect field samples of cannabis products at client sites in accordance with state regulations and company procedures</li></ul><ul><li>Accurately record sample information, taking great care to accurately record batch numbers and all details required for transport manifests</li><li>Follow detailed procedures to ensure cleanliness and avoid contamination of samples being collected. This is essential a mobile laboratory position.</li><li>Weigh samples with a field balance and record sample weights.</li><li>Input data into company ordering and tracking system and double check for accuracy</li><li>Drive to client sites and return samples to the laboratory all over Southern California</li><li>Driving for multiple hours at a time</li><li>Provide excellent customer service</li><li>Build trust and rapport with clients</li><li>Work efficiently and effectively under time constraints</li><li>Confirm client invoices for accuracy and send them to client</li><li>Maintain client confidentiality</li><li>Follow safety procedures</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Accuracy and attention to detail</li><li>Must be organized</li><li>Must be punctual</li><li>Customer Service experience</li></ul><ul><li>Experience working in a fast-paced environment</li><li>Excellent written and verbal communication skills</li><li>Proficient in use of email, including Microsoft Outlook</li></ul><ul><li>Must be at least 21 years old</li><li>Must have valid California Drivers License and clean driving record</li></ul><p><b>Preferred Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Associates or Bachelors degree in chemistry or biology highly preferred</li><li>1 or more years of laboratory experience</li><li>Understanding of asceptic technique</li><li>Experience in a cannabis testing laboratory or cannabis industry</li><li>Knowledge of the Bureau of Cannabis Control regulations</li><li>Knowledge of METRC</li><li>Experience with various software including group messenger apps and Excel</li></ul><p>Please send resume and cover letter and indicate date available to start working.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time or Part-time</p><p>Salary: $18/hour - $22/hour<br /><i>Related keywords: driver</i></p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 - $22.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Associate (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>Route driving: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>Multiple locations</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Cannabis Testing Lab","logoUrl":"/logos/cannabis-testing-lab-b7b1406c0a6d3bf238587bfa5a68e50b.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Salinas, CA","city":"Salinas","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cannabis-testing-lab/field-sampling-technician-for-cannabis-testing-lab/6a79a67af63da1684cdbe8c38b351793","title":"Field Sampling Technician for Cannabis Testing Lab","hash":"6a79a67af63da1684cdbe8c38b351793","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/field-sampling-technician-for-cannabis-testing-lab-71bafb8e1fb3f220"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"1 day ago","description":"<div><p><b>WHO IS DALITSO</b></p><p>Dalitso is focused on integrating standard medical, scientific, and operational practices into the medical cannabis industry, improving the quality, safety and affordability of cannabis-based medicines for our patients in Pennsylvania.</p><p><b>THE OPPORTUNITY</b></p><p>The Laboratory Analyst role assists the manufacturing team in the production of cannabis-based medicines.</p><p>+ Weigh and prepare samples for analytical testing</p><p>+ Analyze samples for cannabinoid potency using HPLC</p><p>+ Identify and quantify Terpenes using GC</p><p>+ Calibrate and Maintain HPLC &amp; GC</p><p>+ Order Chemical Supplies</p><p>+ Microbial analysis via PCR</p><p>+ Dispose of Chemical Waste</p><p>+ Troubleshoot Analytical Equipment</p><p>EDUCATION &amp; EXPERIENCE</p><p>+ BS/BA in chemistry, biochemistry or biology</p><p>+ Minimum of three years work experience in related field focusing on chemical processing and equipment use. (HPLC/GC primarily)</p><p>+ Ability to communicate to employees in organization</p><p>+ Preferred</p><p>+ Previous experience in medical cannabis industry</p><p><b>PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS</b></p><p>+ Constantly perform desk-based computer tasks</p><p>+ Frequently sitting</p><p>+ Ability to work flexible schedule, including periodic weekends</p><p>+ Occasionally Twist/bend/stoop/squat, kneel/crawl</p><p>+ Ability to communicate orally with management and other co-workers is crucial. Regular use of the telephone and e-mail for communication may be required. Sitting or standing for extended periods is common. Hearing and vision within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, to receive ordinary information and to prepare or inspect documents.</p><p>+ Some heavy lifting may be required. Exertion of up to 50 lbs. of force occasionally may be required.</p><p>+ Good manual dexterity for the use of common office equipment.</p><p>+ Must be comfortable operating and troubleshooting equipment.</p><p><b>WORK ENVIRONMENT</b></p><p>The job is performed indoors and outdoors. Must be able to work in hot, humid environments for extended periods of time with exposure to dust, allergens, and water. Appropriate PPE will be provided. Activities include extended periods of sitting, standing, kneeling, stooping and bending. Twisting in tight areas may also be required at times.</p><p><b>OTHER DUTIES</b></p><p>Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice</p><p>We are an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin or ancestry, age, disability, marital status, pregnancy, protected veteran status, protected genetic information, political affiliation, or any other characteristics protected by local laws, regulations, or ordinances.</p><p>We offer benefit packages that may include: Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Short, and Long Term Disability</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Cannabis Jobs","logoUrl":"/logos/marijuana-jobs-cannabis-careers-1d2691ee74f2302eea752fa15ba4f941.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Manassas, VA, USA","city":"Manassas","stateProvince":"VA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cannabis-jobs/laboratory-analyst/c582608e33297dbec4b6640d0aaa0833","title":"Laboratory Analyst","hash":"c582608e33297dbec4b6640d0aaa0833","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/AvJuankBZ8fVeInGKfn7-laboratory-analyst-in-manassas-virginia-at-cannabis-jobs"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>Hanging Gardens is currently seeking individuals for laboratory technician positions. They will be responsible for operating and maintaining the laboratory and production equipment utilized during the product manufacturing phase. The laboratory technicians will be responsible for ensuring that all SOPs, laws and regulations are followed while producing infused medical marijuana products.</p><p><b>Job Duties </b></p><ul><li>Preparation of equipment and plant materials for extraction</li></ul><ul><li>Operation, maintenance, cleaning, sanitation of extraction equipment</li></ul><ul><li>Maintaining strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals, and equipment used in the work area</li></ul><ul><li>Storing supplies and equipment and disposal of waste according to company guidelines</li></ul><ul><li>Following all standard operating procedures regarding product creation and lab safety</li></ul><ul><li>Assist in packaging and labeling of finished products</li></ul><ul><li>Learn and understand state and local cannabis rules and regulations</li></ul><ul><li>Properly and safely handle hazardous materials</li></ul><p><b>Minimum Qualifications</b></p><ul><li>Must be able to sit, stand, stoop, crouch, reach and lift for long periods of time</li></ul><ul><li>Must be able to handle labor-centric work</li></ul><ul><li>Flexibility to work days/evenings/weekends depending on production schedules</li></ul><ul><li>Laboratory experience required</li></ul><ul><li>Commercial Laboratory experience preferred</li></ul><ul><li>Cover letter encouraged</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $10.00 - $16.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Professional development assistance</li><li>Tuition reimbursement</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>Application Question(s):</p><ul><li>Why would you like to work for Hanging Gardens?</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Hanging Gardens","logoUrl":"/logos/hanging-gardens-9236a0173fe0f48cd5a0315833074076.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Johnstown, PA 15906","city":"Johnstown","stateProvince":"PA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/hanging-gardens/lab-technician/909ecbd6b959c056a32a8ced9abeef8b","title":"Lab Technician","hash":"909ecbd6b959c056a32a8ced9abeef8b","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-6e48f6810d455d12"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"11 hours ago","description":"<div><p>Job Title: <b>Lab Assistant - Entry Level</b></p><p>Reports to: CO2 Extraction &amp; Distillate Lab Manager</p><p>Department: Operations</p><p>Supervises (# of employees): 0</p><p>Exempt/Non-exempt : Non-Exempt</p><p>Full Time Employment</p><p><b>Position Overview </b></p><p>The Lab Assistant will be responsible for assisting in all supportive tasks associated with the extraction and refinement of cannabis, focusing on preparatory duties that allow workflow and production to continue smoothly. The Lab Assistant’s time will be split between preparing extraction material at the East Boston location, and engaging in supportive tasks in the Gloucester CO2 Extraction &amp; Distillate Lab. This is an entry-level lab role that involves supporting the daily operations of the CO2 Extraction &amp; Distillate Lab Manager and Laboratory Technicians to optimize production within the lab, with the opportunity to grow into a more integrated role. This position does not include operation of the extraction and refinement machines within the laboratory.</p><p>The ideal candidate will have strong organization and multi-tasking skills. Data tracking and logging is essential in this role. Experience in a production-based cannabis extraction facility is preferred, and a background with laboratory experience is highly favored. The Lab Assistant needs to be able to follow company SOP’s efficiently and safely, including the ability to learn and apply new scientific concepts to improve workflow, efficiency, and safety is paramount.</p><p><i><b>Regular exposure to finely milled plant material and dry green waste is expected, so allergies or sensitivities to dry cannabis plant material should be taken into consideration before applying to this role. </b></i></p><p><b>Essential Job Functions</b></p><ul><li>Chopping/milling plant material at the Gloucester extraction lab and/or at the East Boston processing location.</li><li>Vacuum sealing grinded material in preparation for transfer.</li><li>Using commercial ovens to decarboxylate plant material.</li><li>Combining decarboxylated plant material together to creates batches on the CO2 extractor.</li><li>Vacuum filtration.</li><li>Cleaning and maintaining equipment and glassware.</li><li>Disposing of green waste.</li><li>Washing dishes.</li><li>Understanding of workflow and attention to detail in large-scale production environments.</li><li>Constantly upkeeping a clean and organized workspace.</li><li>Comfortability and confidence working with solvents and chemicals.</li><li>Adhering to company SOP’s for equipment operation, processes, and safety measures.</li><li>Using deductive reasoning to identify problems and find creative solutions.</li><li>Meticulously logging data for a variety of processes; using these data to make constructive inferences.</li><li>Responsible for weighing, tracking, and recording the weights of plant material.</li><li>Physically fit: ability to meet physical demands including reaching, bending, walking, standing for long hours, and performing repetitive work.</li><li>Comfortable working in adverse conditions. i.e. hot, cold environments, high-intensity lighting, and intense workflow.</li><li>Cleaning and sanitizing equipment, extraction tools, glassware, collection vessels etc.</li><li>Ability to perform repetitive tasks for long periods of time.</li><li>Availability to work occasional weekends and holidays.</li></ul><p><b>Requirements</b></p><ul><li>BS/BA or Associates degree in chemical engineering, life science, biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and/or phytobiology (preferred).</li><li>Laboratory experience: 2 years (preferred)</li><li>Meticulous data tracking and logging skills. Adept in observing what the laboratory needs to continue production and assisting in those tasks.</li><li>Overall tidiness and attentiveness.</li><li>Knowledge of cannabinoids, terpenes, and their medicinal benefits is preferred.</li></ul><p>Familiarity with solvents and laboratory safety.</p><ul><li>Must be 21 years, or older</li></ul><ul><li>Must be able to pass an CCC background check</li><li>MS Office knowledge</li><li>Must be able to work quickly and adapt to change</li><li>Ability to self-start and work productively with minimal oversight</li><li>Compliantly complete assigned projects</li></ul><p><b>NOTE: </b> This job description may not be all-inclusive. Employee may be asked to perform other related duties to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: Up to $18.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Parental leave</li><li>Professional development assistance</li><li>Referral program</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Day shift</li></ul><p>Ability to Commute/Relocate:</p><ul><li>Gloucester, MA 01930 (Required)</li></ul><p>Application Question(s):</p><ul><li>Were you referred to Happy Valley by a current employee? If so, please provide the employee's name.</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 2 years (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Language:</p><ul><li>English (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private","name":"Happy Valley"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Gloucester, MA 01930","city":"Gloucester","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/happy-valley/lab-assistant-entry-level/c0764426852c014d0e7006ec9605e45f","title":"Lab Assistant - Entry Level","hash":"c0764426852c014d0e7006ec9605e45f","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-assistant-entry-level-93f10b9d1c9c4bcb"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Company Overview: </b></p><p>Kaycha Labs is a leading provider of innovative Cannabis and Hemp testing technologies and methods. We perform product testing to help ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. We provide comprehensive cannabis testing for potency, homogeneity, heavy metals, microbial contamination, mycotoxins, residual solvents, terpenes, and pesticides.<br /><b>Job Purpose: </b></p><p>The Lab Technician is responsible for working closely with our laboratory team to develop analytical skills and related experience. This position consists of many aspects from homogenizing, weighing and extracting samples, performing quality control checks, verifying various support equipment and properly disposing of all waste.</p><p><b>Essential Duties &amp; Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Execute laboratory protocol and procedures under the supervision of the Lab Director.</li></ul><ul><li>Regularly display good laboratory technique to avoid cross-contamination or misidentified samples.</li></ul><ul><li>Perform sample preparation procedures including homogenization, weighing and liquid extraction.</li></ul><ul><li>Perform QC duties as assigned, including LCS and matrix spikes.</li></ul><ul><li>Perform qualitative and quantitative tests, as assigned.</li></ul><ul><li>Utilize the LIMS system to create batches, enter sample prep information and maintain physical and electronic records.</li></ul><ul><li>Adhere to ISO 17025 standards as well as state regulatory requirements.</li></ul><ul><li>Promote a strong customer service culture while adhering to the highest safety and industry standards.</li></ul><ul><li>Other duties and/or special projects as assigned.</li></ul><p>*Skills, Abilities and Competencies:</p><ul><li>Ability to maintain an incredibly high degree of attention to detail and accuracy.</li></ul><ul><li>Strong agility, engagement, and flexibility in an ever-changing environment.</li></ul><ul><li>Working knowledge of logging, organizing, and analyzing data.</li></ul><ul><li>Ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced deadline environment while successfully managing multiple tasks.</li></ul><ul><li>Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office, including Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.</li></ul><ul><li>Working knowledge of standard laboratory protocol.</li></ul><ul><li>Excellent communication skills and ability to effectively work, problem solve, and communicate with multiple levels of the organization.</li></ul><p><b>Education &amp; Experience: </b></p><ul><li>Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry or related field based on state requirements.</li></ul><ul><li>0-1 year of lab experience.</li></ul><ul><li>Knowledge of principles, terminology, practices, techniques commonly used in a laboratory setting preferred.</li></ul><ul><li>Exposure to the cannabis industry is a plus.</li></ul><p>Other:</p><ul><li>Must pass Level 2 background check.</li></ul><ul><li>Must be at least 21 years old.</li></ul><ul><li>Kaycha Labs offers a competitive and comprehensive benefits package including health, dental, vision and time off.</li></ul><ul><li>Kaycha Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer - All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability or veteran status</li></ul><p>*</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $16.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Flexible spending account</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Life insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Application Question(s):</p><ul><li>What is your desired compensation?</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Required)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Kaycha Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/kaycha-labs-789b33a03a0e6aef4d8e5df1ca8e1cae.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Gainesville, FL 32609","city":"Gainesville","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/kaycha-labs/cannabis-lab-technician-extraction/0fc098f1ddc8d2acd6f564a7e4c5055c","title":"Cannabis Lab Technician, Extraction","hash":"0fc098f1ddc8d2acd6f564a7e4c5055c","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-lab-technician-extraction-2c7fb420063a6712"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>ECS brands is a Colorado-based company delivering true full spectrum hemp oils, extracts and distillates. ECS Brands promotes entrepreneurship and product integration with a range of wholesale extracts, oils, and distillates. The company also oversees the operations of a number of hemp based brands, including Hemp Fuel, Care By Derma, and Enlighten Hemp and Scooba Snacks to further drive the adoption of hemp-based products and holistic health.</p><p><b>The Role</b></p><p>ECS Brands is seeking an experienced Senior Lab Tech who is interested in getting in on the ground level of a thriving startup. The Senior Lab Tech will work with a dynamic team that is highly motivated to create an industry leader as the company executes its growth strategy.</p><p><b>Duties</b></p><ul><li>Using large scale hemp products processing equipment.</li><li>Work according to company SOPs and cGMP guidelines.</li><li>Process owner for SOP’s related to job position.</li><li>Participate in the development of MMR’s.</li><li>Completing BPR’s accurately.</li><li>Maintaining departmental equipment and glassware.</li><li>Meet daily, weekly, and monthly production goals.</li><li>Keep detailed logs and records as required for cGMP compliance.</li><li>Conduct investigations into complaints, non-conformances and CAPA’s as required.</li><li>Participate in Material Review Board as manufacturing SME to disposition raw material and products.</li><li>Participate in QC inspection of incoming and in process products as required.</li><li>Enforce use of PPE and Hygienic practices in production and laboratory areas.</li><li>Other duties as assigned.</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><ul><li>Bachelor degree preferred</li><li>6+ years of experience in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, dietary supplements, food, or other cGMP regulated facility, college experience applies to this requirement.</li><li>PCQI Certification would be nice</li><li>Be able to work in a team and independent settings</li><li>Flexibility in a fast paced and sometimes stressful production environment, while adhering to all applicable SOPs</li><li>Organized and detail oriented</li><li>Proficient in math and analytical skills</li><li>Ability to multitask and take direction easily</li><li>Intermediate MS Office skills</li></ul><p><b>Physical requirements</b></p><ul><li>Stand, Sit; Must be able to stand, sit, remain stationary for 50% of the time.</li><li>Walk: Must be able to traverse through office, manufacturing and laboratory environments.</li><li>Strength, Carry weight, lift: Frequently lifts up to 30 lbs to move material and finished product.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $50,000.00 - $60,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>HACCP: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>Manufacturing: 6 years (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"ECS Brands","logoUrl":"/logos/ecs-brands-87fac4997cde6d1e56c4dabea448b9ff.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Broomfield, CO 80021","city":"Broomfield","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/ecs-brands/senior-lab-technician/8d2c301949ddb304c22af02ffea64f4c","title":"Senior Lab Technician","hash":"8d2c301949ddb304c22af02ffea64f4c","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/senior-lab-technician-9d5ad47c70be6787"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>The Lab Technician assists the Lab Manager to ensure high quality product and carries out day-to-day tasks including: testing, prepping, extracting, and packaging. The Lab Technician must monitor and maintain production facility in accordance with the state of California and standards set by the Company.</p><p><b>Responsibilities:</b></p><p>• Develop and execute validation of analytical systems</p><p>• Operate spectrophotometer and viscosity meter for QC</p><p>• Assist in production; calculating requirements; assembling and weighing plant material and supplies for super critical CO2 extraction: emptying of extraction vessels.</p><p>• Operating highly sophisticated extraction equipment; Processing concentrates and extracts</p><p>• Cleaning and maintenance of extraction equipment and laboratory facility following current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), and standard operating procedures; complying with legal regulations; monitoring environment</p><p>• Operating, maintaining, and making adjustments and repairs to laboratory equipment such as analytical systems, pumps, microscopes, balances, rotary evaporator, centrifuges, and other laboratory equipment</p><p>• Creating dilutions, HPLC diagnostics and repair, calibration</p><p>• Maintaining inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment, and preparing requisitions as needed</p><p>• Storing supplies and equipment, and keeping laboratory, storerooms and working areas immaculate</p><p>• Washing and sterilizing laboratory glassware</p><p>• Performing clerical work related to laboratory activities such as word processing, record keeping, and filing</p><p>• Assist in packaging of final products as needed</p><p>• Assist in the training of other technicians</p><p>• Work with state licensed third party testing lab to ensure QC</p><p>• Performs related duties as assigned</p><p><b>Compliance:</b></p><p>• Ensure processing operation is fully compliant with state and federal regulations</p><p>• Maintain analytical and other laboratory waste with registered waste disposal company while following state regulations</p><p>• Maintaining material safety data sheets for all department chemicals and products</p><p>• Assure that operation adheres to all business and industry license requirements</p><p>• Maintaining strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals and equipment used in the laboratory and documents production by completing forms, reports, logs and records</p><p><b>Job Qualification Requirements:</b></p><p>• Bachelor’s Degree preferred/ 1-2 years’ experience in a laboratory or manufacturing setting required</p><p>• QA/QC Experience with HPLC and GC analysis preferred</p><p>• Experience with Agilent equipment using ChemStation</p><p>• Must be at least 21 years of age</p><p><b>Job Skills:</b></p><p>• Ability to calculate figures such as proportions and work with mathematical concepts such as probability. Ability to compute rate, ratio, and percent</p><p>• Ability to keep precise, highly detailed, and accurate records of calculations, procedures, and inventory of equipment, chemicals, consumables, and production in both hard and soft copies</p><p>• Required candidate would be a motivated self-starter with willingness to learn and dig into documentation and service manuals</p><p>• Ability to follow written instruction and work to update SOP's based on needs and changing industry requirements</p><p>• Follow good health and safety practices and precautions applicable to a chemistry laboratory</p><p>• Capabilities with computer systems, software, and hardware common to laboratories</p><p>• Able to critically analyze, draw conclusions about, and summarize test results in a timely manner</p><p>• Must be a highly flexible and motivated team player committed to working in a quality environment</p><p><b>Physical Requirements:</b></p><p>• Must be able to stand for long periods of time, along with frequent bending</p><p>• Close vision (clear vision at 20 inches or less)</p><p>• Manual dexterity sufficient to reach/handle items, work with fingers</p><p>• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds and push up to 100 pounds with assistance</p><p>• Subject to background check per state cannabis requirements</p></div>","company":{"website":"curaleaf.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Curaleaf","logoUrl":"/logos/curaleaf-e964a68a22b3f5813a0d31bcd66e1d36.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Taneytown, MD, USA","city":"Taneytown","stateProvince":"MD"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/curaleaf/lab-technician/47987df870be9c6cd28011f395ff12b5","title":"Lab Technician","hash":"47987df870be9c6cd28011f395ff12b5","postingUrl":"https://boards.greenhouse.io/curaleaf/jobs/5261679002"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"1 day ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Description</b></p><p>Elevated Method is a Newer CBD Hemp Extraction and Product Processing company based in Eugene, Oregon. Elevated is looking for motivated and talented individuals to join our team in the new and ever-changing hemp industry.</p><p><b>Lab technician position:</b></p><p><b>This positions hemp extraction consists of employing the use of various units like: a short path distillation units, Double jacked reactors and Rotary evaporators. These are expensive pieces of equipment that require someone with:</b></p><p>Great attention to detail, very smooth coordination and then of course interest in what you are doing! So interests like science, cannabis or just running unique equipment are strongly recommended.</p><p>Besides running this equipment we also manufacture cbd products for retail and wholesale. We create new recipes for products like tinctures, and vape carts for clientele (white label) or products for Elevated method</p><p><b>Requirements:</b></p><p>Reliable transportation</p><p>A great attitude</p><p>Ability to communicate very well in work environments</p><p>Punctuality</p><p>Professional appearance</p><p>Ability to stay disciplined when working unsupervised</p><p>Discipline to Be able to use technology without getting distracted</p><p>Must be a team player</p><p>Ability to lift 50+ lbs on occasion (please disclose any injuries)</p><p>Good hand to Eye coordination</p><p>Ability to research how to solve problems in the lab</p><p><b>Depending upon position some suggested requirements:</b></p><p>Experienced and intelligent on the spot problem solving skills</p><p>Ability to think outside of the box</p><p>Creative and artistic skills that can be used commercially</p><p>Individuals who accept new challenges</p><p>Individuals who love a dynamic new and exciting work environment</p><p>Individuals who can handle a working with deadlines and intense situations</p><p>Individuals who have an affinity for science or I just love the idea of making hemp and cannabis products.</p><p>Starting pay ranges from $14.50- 18.00 Per hour</p><p>We look forward to interviewing and working with some of you.</p><p>Elevated Method LLC</p><p>“Extraction and production specialists”</p><p>“Fortune Favors The Bold”</p><p>• Please Note that this start up backed by another company in lane county*</p><p>Company Description</p><p>Elevated method is a CBD start up that launched in 2020, it has taken a thorough Road in learning a new Industry with it's ups and downs. It is a company that is not afraid to take risks while still takes heavy stock in being a part of the community and conducting business in an honorable way</p></div>","company":{"name":"Elevated Method"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Eugene, OR, USA (+1 other)","city":"Eugene","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/elevated-method/lab-technician-position-hemp-extraction-and-product-manufacturing/9cd80d4de303dec9cc26e973cf638744","title":"Lab Technician position- Hemp Extraction & Product Manufacturing","hash":"9cd80d4de303dec9cc26e973cf638744","postingUrl":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Elevated-Method/Job/Lab-Technician-position-Hemp-Extraction-&-Product-Manufacturing/-in-Eugene,OR?jid=6ef330108845f66f"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"11 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Laboratory Analyst</b></p><p>We have an exciting, opportunity for a Laboratory Analyst with a new start up in the cannabis industry. This position will consist of analytical testing, compliance testing, and quality assurance to help advance the legitimacy of the industry and enable consistent and safe consumer products.</p><p><b>Roles/Responsibilities</b></p><p>· Provide analytical support to analytical research team utilizing a variety of analytical equipment including GC/MS, GCMS/MS, LC, LCMS/MS, and ICPMS among other equipment types</p><p>· Conduct chemical and physical laboratory tests on raw materials, in-process goods, and finished products.</p><p>· Perform QC sampling of materials and products</p><p>· Utilize pipette and syringe techniques for liquid measurement</p><p>· Calibrate and utilize analytical scales or balances for sample weight or mass determinations</p><p>· Follow sample chain-of-custody protocols</p><p>· Prepare reagents and standard solutions</p><p>· Diagnose analytical system problems and provide solutions as needed</p><p>· Perform routine and non-routine maintenance and repair of instruments and equipment as needed</p><p>· Perform system qualification and calibration of required equipment as needed</p><p><b>Job Qualification Requirements</b></p><p>· Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry or related field</p><p>· Minimum 1-2 years’ experience in Analytical Chemistry</p><p>· QA/QC Experience</p><p>· Knowledge of GC and LC operation with MS applications</p><p>· Experience with a variety of analytical software platforms with Waters Empower, Waters MassLynx, Agilent MassHunter experience a plus</p><p><b>Compensation</b></p><p>· Depending on experience,</p><p><b>Benefits</b></p><p>Medical, dental and vision</p><p>401K</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Benefits:</p><p>· 401k Matching</p><p>· Dental insurance</p><p>· Health insurance</p><p>· Paid time off</p><p>· Vision insurance</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract</p><p>Pay: $40,000.00 - $500,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Parental leave</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Commission pay</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Remote interview process</p><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>Fully Remote</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>Yes</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"85 And Company","logoUrl":"/logos/85-and-company-c2f82b9dc9735e6e3c697ef3887476db.png"},"location":{"address":"Remote"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/85-and-company/lab-analyst/ed74029c428597489ed85a994f376715","title":"Lab Analyst","hash":"ed74029c428597489ed85a994f376715","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-analyst-8938a4e59195f34a"},{"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><div><h2><b>COMPANY OVERVIEW</b></h2><p>Recently named one of <i>Entrepreneur</i> magazine's Top 100 Cannabis Leaders, Cresco Labs is one of the largest vertically-integrated multi-state cannabis operators in the United States. Cresco is built to become the most important company in the cannabis industry by combining the most strategic geographic footprint with one of the leading distribution platforms in North America. Employing a consumer-packaged goods (\"CPG\") approach to cannabis, Cresco's house of brands is designed to meet the needs of all consumer segments and includes some of the most recognized and trusted national brands including Cresco, Remedi and Mindy's, a line of edibles created by James Beard Award-winning chef Mindy Segal. Sunnyside*, Cresco's national dispensary brand is a wellness-focused retailer designed to build trust, education and convenience for both existing and new cannabis consumers. Recognizing that the cannabis industry is poised to become one of the leading job creators in the country, Cresco has launched the industry's first national comprehensive Social Equity and Educational Development (SEED) initiative designed to ensure that all members of society have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to work in and own businesses in the cannabis industry.</p><h2><b>MISSION STATEMENT</b></h2><p>At Cresco, we aim to lead the nation's cannabis industry with a focus on regulatory compliance, product consistency, and customer satisfaction. Our operations bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry by acting with the highest level of integrity, strictly adhering to regulations, and promoting the clinical efficacy of cannabis. As Cresco grows, we will operate with the same level of professionalism and precision in each new market we move in to.</p><p><b>JOB SUMMARY</b></p><p><br />Cresco Labs is seeking Lab Technician to join our team. The Lab Technician will be responsible for assisting in product processing and formulation. The Lab Technician completes tasks assigned by the Lab Manager to monitor and maintain the organization, cleanliness and efficiency of production areas well as maintains quality control measures. The Extraction agent is also responsible for carrying out day-to-day tasks including prepping, and packaging.</p><br /><p></p><p><b>CORE JOB DUTIES</b></p><p>Manufacturing:</p><ul><li>Responsible for the preparation and execution of Cresco Labs extraction and processing of product in accordance with the commonwealth and standards set by Cresco Labs</li><li>Ensures consistency and efficacy of product through quality control testing and procedures outlined by Cresco Labs</li><li>Responsible for product processing and product formulation</li><li>Lab bench work and product filtrations</li><li>Assist in packaging department as needed</li></ul><p>Facility Cleaning:</p><ul><li>Perform all assigned duties required to ensure a clean and safe production facility</li><li>Ensure personal hygiene is acceptable under standards set by Cresco Labs before performing any production activities by washing hands, wearing a hair net, changing clothes</li><li>Complete the sanitation of all production equipment and tools including workspace, lab equipment, containers, and appliances.</li></ul><br /><p></p><p><b>REQUIRED EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION AND SKILLS</b></p><ul><li>Two years of experience in a Lab that adheres to strict health and safety policies</li><li>Past experience in a highly regulated field producing pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products preferred</li><li>Effective time-management skills and ability to multi-task</li><li>Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing and challenging environment</li><li>Proficiency in windows-based software and point of sale applications</li></ul><br /><p></p><p><b>ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS</b></p><ul><li>Must be 21 years of age or older to apply</li><li>Must comply with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry</li></ul><br /><p></p><p><i>Cresco Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all applicants will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.</i></p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Cresco Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/cresco-labs-af2becc596b572034007bd7a7d918bdd.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Joliet, IL 60436","city":"Joliet","stateProvince":"IL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cresco-labs/lab-technician-2nd-shift/1bf4c7fc812f3fe13c24aa8c5263b352","title":"Lab Technician - 2nd Shift","hash":"1bf4c7fc812f3fe13c24aa8c5263b352","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-2nd-shift-c3af681fe6ad8f35"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>We are currently seeking a Consumer Research Analyst to join our Consumer and Marketplace Insights department in Richmond, VA.</p><p><b>Analysts play a key role in designing and executing custom market research studies designed to produce actionable consumer insights supporting our leading brands. Analysts get the opportunity to work on Best-In-Class market research and collaborate with top tier marketers, vendors and our team of marketing research experts. In this role, analysts are expected to:</b></p><p>+ Consult with internal clients and colleagues to understand consumer knowledge needs and develop research plans to meet these needs</p><p>+ Develop, manage and analyze research studies to evaluate in-market performance of new brands and promotional initiatives</p><p>+ Monitor the performance of our leading brands and provide the consumer perspective on marketing programs</p><p>+ Respond to a broad range of questions related to consumer attitudes and behavior from key client groups, including Marketing and senior management, by creating and delivering impactful consumer insights that influence business decisions</p><p>+ Provide a perspective that effectively integrates consumer sentiment with a strong understanding of business performance</p><p><b>To fill these roles, we look for team players with a sound understanding of custom marketing research methods. Other qualifications include:</b></p><p>+ A Master’s Degree in Marketing Research</p><p>+ Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills</p><p>+ Applied marketing research experience across the marketing mix, to include positioning, pricing, packaging, promotion and product testing</p><p>+ Excellent leadership skills and the ability to apply those skills in cross-functional teams</p><p>+ Strong problem solving and analytical skills</p><p>+ Marketing acumen</p><p>+ High level proficiency with MS Office applications, especially Excel and PowerPoint</p><p>Altria Group is a FORTUNE 200 company that leads the premier tobacco companies in the United States. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Altria Group holds diversified positions across tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis. Our tobacco companies include some of the most enduring names in American business: Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, John Middleton. We have 35 percent ownership of JUUL Labs, Inc., the nation’s leading e-vapor company. And we have an 80 percent interest in Helix Innovations, which manufactures and markets on!, an oral tobacco-derived nicotine pouch product. We complement our total tobacco business with our ownership of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and our significant equity investment in Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer. Altria’s significant stake in Cronos Group, a leading global cannabinoid company, represents an exciting new global growth opportunity.</p><p>At Altria, we celebrate the power of diverse teams working together to shape our future. We are inspired to bring our best because our unique strengths are valued. We believe our personal success and progress should be guided by Our Cultural Aspiration, a new articulation of what we value and who we aspire to be, collectively. Our Cultural Aspiration respects and complements individual identity, embracing each other’s unique strengths, welcoming newcomers and developing the best, most inclusive and diverse teams. Over the next 10 years, we have the opportunity to make more progress on harm reduction than we have in the past 50 years. Join us as we work together to shape a better future for adult tobacco consumers, our employees, and our shareholders. Each Altria company is an equal opportunity employer.</p><p>Requisition ID: 2021-3721</p><p>Name: Altria Client Services</p><p>Portal Display - Relocation Eligible: Yes</p><p>External Company URL: http://www.altria.com/people-and-careers</p><p>Portal Display - Company Overview: Altria Group is a FORTUNE 200 company that leads the premier tobacco companies in the United States. Headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, Altria Group holds diversified positions across tobacco, alcohol, and cannabis. Our tobacco companies include some of the most enduring names in American business: Philip Morris USA, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company, John Middleton. We have 35 percent ownership of JUUL Labs, Inc., the nation’s leading e-vapor company. And we have an 80 percent interest in Helix Innovations, which manufactures and markets on!, an oral tobacco-derived nicotine pouch product. We complement our total tobacco business with our ownership of Ste. Michelle Wine Estates and our significant equity investment in Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world's largest brewer. Altria’s significant stake in Cronos Group, a leading global cannabinoid company, represents an exciting new global growth opportunity.</p><p>At Altria, we celebrate the power of diverse teams working together to shape our future. We are inspired to bring our best because our unique strengths are valued. We believe our personal success and progress should be guided by Our Cultural Aspiration, a new articulation of what we value and who we aspire to be, collectively. Our Cultural Aspiration respects and complements individual identity, embracing each other’s unique strengths, welcoming newcomers and developing the best, most inclusive and diverse teams. Over the next 10 years, we have the opportunity to make more progress on harm reduction than we have in the past 50 years. Join us as we work together to shape a better future for adult tobacco consumers, our employees, and our shareholders. Each Altria company is an equal opportunity employer</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Cannabis Jobs","logoUrl":"/logos/marijuana-jobs-cannabis-careers-1d2691ee74f2302eea752fa15ba4f941.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Richmond, VA, USA","city":"Richmond","stateProvince":"VA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cannabis-jobs/consumer-research-analyst/fb138526343256c7b50a1c2370a5d42b","title":"Consumer Research Analyst","hash":"fb138526343256c7b50a1c2370a5d42b","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/e8_5Z3kBZ8fVeInGF9dc-consumer-research-analyst-in-richmond-virginia-at-cannabis-jobs"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p><b><i>About Anresco</i></b></p><p>Anresco Laboratories (est 1943) is a commercial analytical laboratory located in the Bayview of San Francisco. For the past 75 years we have provided testing services to food, pharmaceutical, and related industries. Over the past three plus years we have extended our service offerings to the cannabis industry, and now provide comprehensive testing services to cannabis cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries, and distributors.</p><p>Anresco is headquartered in San Francisco, CA however we're constructing a lab in Commerce, CA for further growth and expansion for the company! Our Commerce location is projected to be operating in September 2021.</p><p>We're looking to hire a few analysts with 1-2 years of Chromatography experience, who would be able to work onsite in the SF Lab for 2-6 months then work at our Commerce Lab. Terms and conditions are negotiable</p><p><b>Analyst Qualifications</b></p><ul><li>BS/BA in science preferably Chemistry</li><li>There will be an opportunity to gain plenty of hands on instrumentation experience including troubleshooting and maintenance of the instrument.</li></ul><p><b>FLSA Classification</b></p><ul><li>Non-Exempt</li></ul><p><b>Education and Experience</b></p><ul><li>2 years of relevant experience in addition to an associated degree from a community college; or a 4-year bachelor’s degree in a science field from a university; or a total of 4 years of relevant experience.</li><li>Must be at least 21 years old</li><li>Must be authorized to work in the United States</li><li>Preferably have some chromatography experience</li></ul><p><b>Knowledge</b></p><p><b>Biology</b>/<b>Chemistry</b></p><ul><li>In depth knowledge of biology and chemistry</li><li>Knowledge of the chemical composition, structure, and properties of substances and of the chemical processes and transformations that they undergo. This includes uses of chemicals and their interactions, danger signs, production techniques, and disposal methods.</li></ul><p><b>English Language</b></p><ul><li>Knowledge of the structure and content of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar.</li></ul><p><b>Mathematics</b></p><ul><li>Basic mathematics is required.</li></ul><p><b>Safety and Security</b></p><ul><li>Knowledge of relevant policies, procedures of safety and security is expected</li></ul><p><b>Required Skills</b></p><p><b>Body Positioning</b></p><ul><li>Requires repetitive movement</li><li>Requires using hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools or controls</li><li>Requires standing</li><li>Requires sitting</li><li>Requires lifting up to 25 lbs.</li><li>Requires ability to walk up and down stairs</li></ul><p><b>Communication</b></p><ul><li>Requires a proficiency in English</li><li>Requires face-to-face discussions with individuals or teams</li><li>Requires use of electronic mail</li></ul><p><b>Environment</b></p><ul><li>Includes exposure to sounds and noise levels</li><li>Includes exposure to contaminants and several acids and gas</li></ul><p><b>Job Hazards</b></p><ul><li>Includes exposure to hazardous conditions</li></ul><p><b>Personal Interaction</b></p><ul><li>Requires coordinating or helping others in accomplishing work activities</li><li>Requires work with others in a group or team</li></ul><p><b>Work Attire</b></p><ul><li>Requires wearing common protective or safety equipment (if required)</li></ul><p><b>Work Setting</b></p><ul><li>Requires working indoors in environmentally controlled conditions</li><li>Job tasks are performed in close physical proximity to other people</li></ul><p><b>Position Responsibilities</b></p><ul><li>Washing laboratory glassware and apparatus.</li><li>Preparing samples for analysis.</li><li>Receiving,logging, or storing sample functions</li><li>Performing basic repetitive analyses</li><li>Analyze the results of tests or experiments to ensure conformity to specifications,using special mechanical or electrical devices.</li><li>Setup, maintain, calibrate, clean, and test laboratory equipment.</li><li>Prepare standard volumetric solutions or reagents to be combined with samples,following standardized formulas or experimental procedures.</li><li>Supervise or instruct other technicians or laboratory assistants.</li></ul><p><b>Position Authority</b></p><ul><li>This position will not have any authority but may instruct laboratory assistants or newly hired laboratory technicians.</li></ul><p><b>Reporting</b></p><ul><li>Essentially this position will report to the section supervisor as well as other laboratory analyst I, II, III.</li></ul><p><b>Activities</b></p><p><b>Communicating with Supervisors</b></p><ul><li>Inform all required details regarding the analysis to the supervisor</li></ul><p><b>Organizing,Planning, and Prioritizing Work</b></p><ul><li>Organize work on a priority basis and supervisors’ instruction</li></ul><p><b>Handling and Moving Objects</b></p><ul><li>Collect biological or chemical test residue and follow supervisor instruction for next step</li><li>Collect bio hazard waste and dispose in the proper way</li></ul><p><b>Interacting with Computers</b></p><ul><li>Enter test reports and date into computers</li></ul><p><b>Processing Information</b></p><ul><li>Utilizing laboratory specific database or software system to transfer information</li></ul><p><b>Updating and Using Relevant Knowledge</b></p><ul><li>Receiving proper training to enhance knowledge</li></ul><p><b>Making Decisions and Solving Problems</b></p><ul><li>Utilizing the information to make decision and solve problems</li></ul><p><b>Documenting/Recording Information</b></p><ul><li>Registering actual information manually and electronically</li></ul><p><b>Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings</b></p><ul><li>Observing all analysis related process,policies and materials</li></ul><p><b>Evaluating Information to Determine Compliance with Standards</b></p><ul><li>Knowledge of local, state and federal industry standards are required</li></ul><p><b>Inspecting Equipment,Structures, or Material</b></p><ul><li>Requires knowledge of industry related equipment and materials</li></ul><p><b>Communicating with Supervisors and Peers</b></p><ul><li>Inform all required details regarding the analysis to the supervisor</li></ul><p><b>Analyzing Data or Information</b></p><ul><li>Proficient in interpreting data and reporting results</li></ul><p><b>Handling and Moving Objects</b></p><ul><li>Collect biological or chemical test residue and follow supervisor instruction for next step</li><li>Collect biohazard waste and dispose in the proper way</li></ul><p><b>Tools &amp; Technologies</b></p><p><b>Tools</b></p><ul><li>N/A</li></ul><p><b>Technologies</b></p><p><b>Computer</b></p><ul><li>Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Google database</li></ul><p><b>Benefits: </b></p><ul><li>100% employer paid Kaiser medical insurance (alternative options available)</li><li>Up to $850 HRA plan for medical deductible &amp; copay expenses, dental expenses, and vision expenses</li><li>Commuter pre-tax plan</li><li>Corporate wellness plan</li><li>401k plan</li></ul><p><b>Company Perks: </b></p><ul><li>1st year retention bonus</li><li>1-2 company performance bonus</li><li>Accrued paid sick days</li><li>Accrued paid time off days</li><li>Monthly company lunch</li><li>Monthly company event (e.g. baseball games, happy hours)</li><li>Daily free coffee, snacks, breakfast</li><li>Regular performance and compensation reviews</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>401(k)</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Relocation assistance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Day shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />To keep our employees as safe as possible, we've installed clear plastic barriers and provided masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer. We've also provided all of our onsite employees with either a weekly treat or lunch for their contributions during COVID-19.</p><p>Application Question(s):</p><ul><li>Are you able to work at our San Francisco Lab and Commerce Lab?</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>Chromatography: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Anresco, Inc.","logoUrl":"/logos/anresco-inc-0efe92216a4cd9d1db4928b143013ded.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Commerce, CA 90040","city":"Commerce","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/anresco-inc/laboratory-analyst/ae3760f602bbcc38b172c36b3d4d9db5","title":"Laboratory Analyst","hash":"ae3760f602bbcc38b172c36b3d4d9db5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/laboratory-analyst-ddbc88d4bb6b5267"},{"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>ABOUT YOU</b></p><p></p><p>Are you passionate and ready to join an inclusive work environment, committed to leading new ideas and pathways, and to delivering value? If the answer is, “Yes!” then we have an exciting career opportunity for you. Who are we? We are Montrose, a leading environmental services company with 1,600 employees across 70 locations worldwide, focused on supporting clients as they deal with the environmental challenges of today, and prepare for what’s coming tomorrow.</p><p></p><p><b>WHAT WE CAN OFFER YOU</b></p><p></p><p>Our Mission is: To help protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the soil that feeds us, and is supported by our Principles: We Value Our People, We Value Our Community, We Value Our Clients, We Value Our Shareholders. We care for the well-being of our people and offer:</p><p></p><ul><li>Competitive compensation packages</li><li>Industry leading benefits packages including company paid life and disability insurance</li><li>Paid parental leave benefits</li><li>Progressive vacation policies and company holidays including floating holidays to meet the diverse needs of our people.</li><li>401(k) plan offered</li><li>A financial assistance program to help support peers in need</li><li>An educational reimbursement program</li><li>Access to best rates in the industry to bring your student loan debt down to size</li></ul><p></p><p><b>A DAY IN THE LIFE</b></p><p></p><p>Enthalpy Analytical, is part of the larger organization, Montrose Environmental Group, is comprised of over 9 laboratories servicing air, water, soil, tobacco, cannabis, and toxicology testing. Regulations drive the need for our services, but our unique capabilities allow us to add value to clients beyond environmental compliance.</p><p></p><p>Our Orange, CA facility is currently seeking a Full-Time Laboratory Analyst to join our Wet Chemistry Department.</p><p></p><p>As a key member of the laboratory team, this role will be responsible for a full range of activities including:</p><ul><li>Analyze water and soil samples for alkalinity, conductivity (EC), pH, settlable solids, total dissolved solids (TDS), total suspended solids (TSS), and turbidity.</li><li>Analyze water and soil samples for Oil &amp; grease, Oil &amp; Grease with silica cleanup, cyanide, sulfides, BTU, corrosivity, Ferrous iron, Flash point, Ignitability, MBAS, Phenols, Ortho and total phosphates, Reactive Cyanide, Reactive Sulfide, Salinity.</li><li>Analyze water and soil samples for Ammonia, BOD, COD, Hexavalent Chromium, and TOCWB</li><li>Cleaning of laboratory glassware</li><li>Maintaining clean laboratory areas</li><li>Maintaining organized records of sample preparation and analysis</li><li>Overhead projects designed to improve efficiency of, or accuracy of analyses</li><li>Assisting the Group Leaders and analysts in acquiring and inventorying consumables, chemicals, and parts for instrumentation</li><li>Comply with Enthalpy’s Quality Assurance Program and other policies</li><li>Comply with Enthalpy’s Health and Safety Plan</li><li>Other duties as assigned by the Group Leader or Lab Director</li></ul><p></p><p><b>NECESSARY QUALIFICATIONS</b></p><p></p><p>To perform this job successfully, individuals must be able to perform each duty and responsibility satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the duties and responsibilities.</p><ul><li>Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, or related field preferred</li><li>1 year of relevant lab experience allows direct advancement to Tech II (academic lab counts)</li></ul><p></p><p><b>Preferred Skills</b></p><ul><li>Knowledge of analytical method, analytical instruments, general lab practices and lab safety</li><li>Ability to work independently and in a team</li><li>Good organizational skills and strong communication skills</li></ul><p></p><p>The above statements are intended to describe the general nature of work being performed by people assigned to this classification. They are not to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of employees so classified.</p><p></p><p><b>MAKE THE MOVE</b></p><p></p><p>From comprehensive air measurement and laboratory services to regulatory compliance, emergency response, permitting, engineering, and remediation, Montrose delivers innovative and practical design, engineering and operational solutions that keep its clients on top of their immediate needs – and well ahead of the strategic curve. We are a fast-paced and dynamic team. At Montrose, you <i>are </i>your own boss, but you will get tons of guidance and plenty of support from talented, super-smart colleagues. Therefore, if freedom, autonomy, head-scratching professional challenges attract you, we’d love to speak with you.</p><p></p><p>Want to know more about us? Visit montrose-env.com and have fun!</p><p></p><p>Montrose is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Montrose is committed to providing access and reasonable accommodation in its employment for individuals with disabilities.</p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Montrose Environmental Group, Inc.","logoUrl":"/logos/montrose-environmental-group-inc-3e28b86df476fc8726ebfd1a07fa214d.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Orange, CA","city":"Orange","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/montrose-environmental-group-inc/analyst-wet-chemistry/f5f7d21baa65d35e58391decfb5ca378","title":"Analyst - Wet Chemistry","hash":"f5f7d21baa65d35e58391decfb5ca378","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/analyst-wet-chemistry-f11470fe78a3bc81"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Permanent","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Scope: </b></p><p>Reporting to the Senior Vice-President Finance, the Financial Analyst will be responsible for building and maintaining financial models, and providing support for budgeting, forecasting, reporting and analysis.</p><p><b>Roles &amp; Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Assisting with reporting, financial forecasting and budgeting processes</li><li>Creating reports and templates</li><li>Updating and verifying templates</li><li>Updating weekly and month reports</li><li>Consolidating and assessing financial plans</li><li>Assist with building financial models</li><li>Preparing various financial analysis and presentations</li><li>Work with the finance and business teams to analyze and understand monthly business results. Produce standard monthly reporting for management including revenue and cost analysis, perform budget reviews (actual vs. budget) forecasting, business analytics (pricing and cost factors), business profitability analysis, product profitability analysis, product costing analysis.</li><li>Identify and execute against ad hoc analytical projects that deepen business insight and drive value to the business. Provide general analytical and process support to the business.</li><li>Maintain accurate and timely monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and reporting. Including the preparation, processing and reviewing of journal entries.</li><li>Prepare monthly financial reconciliations and analysis to ensure completeness and accuracy of financial statements.</li><li>Reconciling monthly actual reporting to the general ledger and other systems</li><li>Assist with financial and tax audits.</li><li>Assist with the preparation of tax returns and corporate reporting requirements</li><li>Oversee and assist with accounts payable and accounts receivable posting and processing.</li><li>Establish and maintain accounting best practices to ensure smooth business operations.</li><li>Follow established policies and procedures for finance and accounting to ensure accuracy, completeness and compliance</li></ul><p><b>Experience &amp; Education: </b></p><ul><li>Bachelor’s degree in business (Accounting or Finance). Completion of a recognized professional accounting designation (CGA, CMA, CA) is also required.</li><li>A minimum of three years of general accounting experience in a general accounting role, or equivalent.</li><li>Extremely strong Excel skills.</li><li>Strong analytical skills and problem-solving skills with a high level of accuracy.</li><li>Strong written, verbal and interpersonal communication skills. It requires the ability to build credibility and constructive relationships cross-functionally at all levels in the organization.</li><li>Proactive, can work independently and with the ability to manage multiple priorities in a fast-paced environment.</li><li>Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task and prioritize duties.</li><li>Strong sense of honesty, integrity and ethics.</li><li>Ability to challenge the status quo and adapt to change quickly.</li></ul><p><b>Personal Attributes: </b></p><ul><li>Ability to develop partnerships and collaborate with senior management.</li><li>Excellent problem-solving skills and business acumen</li><li>Process focused with the ability to work in a fast-paced environment that is constantly changing</li><li>Proven project management skills – must be able to handle multiple projects with different deadlines, deliverables and key stakeholders to report to</li><li>Strong written and verbal communication skills, impeccable interpersonal skills, and ability to resolve conflict</li><li>Proficiency in Microsoft Office and ability to pick up new technology and software easily</li></ul><p>Job Types: Full-time, Permanent</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Extended health care</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's Degree (preferred)</li></ul><p>Work remotely:</p><ul><li>Yes</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Thrive Cannabis","logoUrl":"/logos/thrive-cannabis-0da7e18b6f9ab033a31a80f935fa8ce9.png"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Simcoe, ON","city":"Simcoe","stateProvince":"ON"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/thrive-cannabis/financial-analyst/74ad7057c4f4b1feed1a0240c0924012","title":"Financial Analyst","hash":"74ad7057c4f4b1feed1a0240c0924012","postingUrl":"https://ca.indeed.com/job/financial-analyst-1f4cd2fcc38385c7"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Laboratory Technician Job Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Supports laboratory staff and helping with special projects.</li></ul><ul><li>Maintains consumables/glassware inventory by receiving and inventorying incoming shipments.</li></ul><ul><li>Keeps laboratory supplies prepared by inventorying stock, placing orders, and verifying receipt.</li></ul><ul><li>Operates advanced technical, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment by closely following standard operating instructions; maintaining supplies; performing preventive maintenance; calling for/performing repairs.</li></ul><ul><li>Intake raw material; enter and track material quantities in our internal system; create batch records a given process; documents information by maintaining daily logs and equipment record books.</li></ul><ul><li>Resolves problems by carefully examining and evaluating data and selecting corrective action steps.</li></ul><ul><li>Completes projects by assisting project team and attending and participating in group and project meetings.</li></ul><ul><li>Communicates with/reports to the laboratory manager on duty to ensure a clean, productive and precise working environment is maintained.</li></ul><ul><li>Ability to follow orders and stay on timeline.</li></ul><p><b>Requirements</b></p><ul><li>General knowledge of chemistry and chemical processing/refinement techniques</li></ul><ul><li>General technical, mechanical, and chemical understanding</li></ul><ul><li>Familiarity with a laboratory/pharmaceutical manufacturing environment</li></ul><ul><li>Clinical lab testing</li></ul><ul><li>Maintaining a safe, effective and productive environment</li></ul><ul><li>Sterilization (GMP Standards)</li></ul><ul><li>Equipment calibration</li></ul><ul><li>Hazardous Material handling and safety</li></ul><ul><li>Supply management</li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements</b></p><ul><li>The employee must occasionally lift and/or move up to 50-75 pounds</li></ul><ul><li>Must have reliable transportation</li></ul><ul><li>Must be over the age of 21 to be eligible for employment.</li></ul><ul><li>Specific vision abilities required by this job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and ability to adjust focus.</li></ul><ul><li>While performing the duties of this job, the employee is occasionally required to stand; walk; sit; use hands to finger, handle, or feel; reach with hands and arms; climb or balance; stoop, kneel, crouch, or crawl and talk or hear</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $17.00 - $21.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Startup","name":"grassroots Staffing Group","logoUrl":"/logos/grassroots-staffing-group-c25e30000df890b37de48c9651b7d084.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Los Angeles, CA","city":"Los Angeles","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/grassroots-staffing-group/cannabis-lab-technician/feb84e0635cfa86a4d59460799497ad3","title":"Cannabis Lab Technician","hash":"feb84e0635cfa86a4d59460799497ad3","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-lab-technician-c585115fffec47dc"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Title: </b>Lab Technician Specialist<br /><b>Pay Range: </b>$18 - $22 per hour<br /><b>Benefits: </b>Discretionary annual bonus plan, medical plan and future employee equity purchase plan, free weekly samples, employee discount at Arizona State dispensaries.</p><p><b>COMPANY SUMMARY: </b></p><p>The Cannabis industry is rapidly evolving as consumer demand grows to encompass use for medicinal, recreational, and general health and wellness. This is an exciting opportunity to join a fast-growing, innovative, industry leading Cannabis business that is looking to expand nationally and globally. Come be part of this emergent and entrepreneurial movement and help us envision and implement our strategy.</p><p>MFUSED is a leading Cannabis company based in Seattle, Washington, that aims to deliver innovative, accessible and effective marijuana and hemp-derived cannabinoid products to our loyal customers. As the largest and fastest growing marijuana processor in Washington State, we are committed to the highest quality, exceeding industry norms because we want our products to be safe and effective for people of all ages, states of physical health, and stages of life.</p><p>We are continuing to expand our operations within Washington, the West Coast, Arizona, Oklahoma and beyond! We are looking for multiple passionate people who want to learn the ins and outs of the cannabis industry and want to grow alongside us.</p><p><b>MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: </b></p><ul><li>Set up and configure extraction and refinement machines at lab and monitoring these equipment’s during their activities.</li><li>Perform quality control tests in the lab as well as on-site when necessary.</li><li>Assist with testing and calibrating lab equipment in preparation for specific tasks.</li><li>Perform quality control tests on ingredients, completed products and product samples.</li><li>Prepare samples prior to shipping them to customers.</li><li>Prepare and follow formulation protocols to ensure the perfect production of MFUSED finished products.</li><li>Follow all company policies and procedures to ensure product integrity and quality control.</li><li>Analyze retrieved data and prepare reports for laboratory management.</li><li>Recognize and report any production0/formulation issues.</li><li>Maintain and implement lean manufacturing concepts such as 5s and cell production/extraction and formulation.</li><li>Operates, tests and calibrates analytical and operational instruments, equipment and related components, which may be extremely delicate and sensitive; makes adjustments and resolves new and unusual problems.</li><li>Responsible for maintaining proper working order equipment, instruments, and related apparatus, which may be highly specialized or prototype; trouble-shoots and resolves problems of unusual difficulty; may be responsible for design, construction, or modification of such equipment.</li><li>Keeps abreast of development in area of expertise and related scientific fields through reading of scientific journals and technical papers; adapts new technology as appropriate to meet changing laboratory needs or improve effectiveness or efficiency.</li><li>Participates in discussions of research protocols and objectives.</li></ul><p><b>MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE QUALIFICATIONS: </b></p><ul><li>Bachelor’s degree and 3 or more years’ experience.</li><li>Comprehensive knowledge of the technical specialty, appropriate to the department to be served, and proven ability to apply a wide range of concepts, techniques, and practices to carry out broad laboratory objectives.</li><li>Proven ability to evaluate and produce reliable results, problem-solve</li><li>Ability to maintain and trouble-shoot problems with laboratory equipment; design and construction capability may be required in some specialty areas.</li><li>Knowledge of computers office suite (excel, PowerPoint, word) may be required in some specialty area.</li></ul><p><b>EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER</b><br />Canvas Therapeutics is committed to diversity in the workplace and promotes equal employment opportunities for all staff members and applicants. The Agency will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability in any employment practice, unless based on a bona fide occupational qualification. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 - $22.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Flexible schedule</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />All staff are required to wear the provided masks on site and follow all of the guidelines set out by the state of Washington. All staff are required to do a temperature check upon arriving at work each day.</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Laboratory experience: 3 years (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"MFused","logoUrl":"/logos/mfused-6b3ae52d288b3cd7640d79a23695e97a.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Phoenix, AZ 85044","city":"Phoenix","stateProvince":"AZ"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/mfused/lab-technician-specialist/849b78d3f458a0c0bceb3a0fab3830b2","title":"Lab Technician Specialist","hash":"849b78d3f458a0c0bceb3a0fab3830b2","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-specialist-c44d5489543ecdce"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>Nova Farms has an immediate opening for a <b>Lab Associate. </b>This is a permanent full-time opportunity for our cannabis vape lab.</p><p>MUST be <b>21+</b> to apply</p><p>Shift: 7AM-3:30PM Monday-Friday</p><p><b>Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Cleaning and sterilizing the lab and lab supplies</li><li>Prepping lab equipment for processing</li><li>Assist with product washing</li><li>Ability to lift 50+ lbs, stand and bend for long periods of time</li><li>Must be able and willing to work overtime</li><li>Ambitious team player, eager to learn and grow in the cannabis industry</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $13.50 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Nova Farms","logoUrl":"/logos/nova-farms-94044c90006d96b744b04366118ddc49.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Attleboro, MA 02703","city":"Attleboro","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/nova-farms/vape-lab-associate-cannabis/98c18dc13a80785ecce718344aedd28e","title":"Vape Lab Associate (Cannabis)","hash":"98c18dc13a80785ecce718344aedd28e","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/vape-lab-associate-cannabis-be0b152c1178a099"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"11 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>OVERVIEW</b></p><p>These employees will be tasked with the duties and responsibilities of physically harvesting plants from designated rooms and prepping them for the drying process. These employees are responsible to properly maintain the quality of the product during the harvesting process and transporting process to prevent any amount of flowers to break off and become extraction product.</p><p><b>Duties and Responsibilities</b></p><ul><li>Cut down take plants over to the dry room to be weighed and documented</li><li>Remove all fan leaves from the plants per company operating procedures</li><li>Record the weight of fan leaf waste and weight of plant after removing the fan leaves</li><li>Communicate with the Processing Team and work fluidly to maintain cadence of having plants prepped for the Processing Team to hang the plants for drying in the designated area</li><li>Properly maintain company procedure to ensure the product quality during the harvest process and transporting between rooms</li></ul><p><b>Required Skills</b></p><ul><li>Must understand and implement the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures set forth by the state; a pursuit to further their understanding and knowledge of the industry and laws is appreciated and commendable</li><li>Fundamental knowledge, as well as the ability to be taught and guided in areas related to harvesting, drying, trimming and curing</li><li>Skill in analyzing potential problems with a plant or the product being processed</li><li>Maintain a clean and organized work environment</li><li>Physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks required for the proper management of grow warehouse</li><li>Must have accountability, proactive behavior and strong attention to detail</li><li>Candidate must be at least 21 years of age</li><li>Must be able to pass a background check</li><li>Ability to stand, sit and kneel for up to 8 hours a day with the ability to lift heavy object</li><li>Strong attention to details and excellent time-management skills</li><li>Willingness to take direction</li><li>Strong work ethic</li><li>Must have reliable transportation</li></ul><p><b>Desired Skills</b></p><ul><li>Four year college degree; 1-3 years horticultural experience or in a related field</li><li>Experience working in a regulated cannabis cultivation facility</li></ul><p><b>ABOUT SKYMINT</b></p><p><b>At SKYMINT, we have one mission and one mission only: to change people's lives for the better.</b></p><p><b>Change your life. Change the world.</b></p><p>Personal change. Social change. Political change. We want it all, and we’re committed to being trailblazers in the cannabis industry. By creating, developing, distributing, and selling the best cannabis products on the market, and by giving back to support positive change in our communities, we believe we cannot only change our customers’ lives for the better; we believe we can change the world.</p><p>At Skymint, we believe access to the best cannabis plants can help you live your best life. So, we grow them right here in Michigan, giving farm-to-stash freshness at the best value around.</p><p>We treat our teams like the modern-day cannabis sommeliers they are, giving them the resources, they need to create life-changing experiences for all. Why? Because we’ve seen what happens when happy people make happy plants. We hope you’ll want to be a part of this team!</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>12 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Skymint Brands"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Holt, MI","city":"Holt","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/skymint-brands/agriculture-technician/645da59f62a320cea4899fc415d2aca1","title":"Agriculture Technician","hash":"645da59f62a320cea4899fc415d2aca1","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/agriculture-technician-1cef77a4fb29fd66"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p>The Role We're looking for an entry level Production Lab Technician to join our Green Thumb team! The Lab Tech is responsible for assisting with the production of cannabis infused products. Our ideal candidate for this role is familiar with standard laboratory practices and has previously worked in production laboratory environments. Cannabis is a highly regulated industry, so prior experience working with regulatory requirements and compliance, as well as workplace safety, is highly desirable. If you've previously worked in cannabis extraction and processing - even better! Responsibilities Prepare laboratory equipment and cannabis plant materials for extraction Operate intricate extraction equipment in accordance with Green Thumb SOPs Process cannabis concentrates and extracts Deliver on production goals, while focused on safety and quality Produce product per recipes and SOP's, maintaining high quality standards Clean and maintain extraction equipment and laboratory facility Store supplies and equipment, dispose of waste according to guidelines, and keep laboratory working areas sanitary and safe Wash and sterilize laboratory glassware Employee may also be responsible for monitoring production line and collecting samples for analysis. Follow SOP and standard analytical procedures to meet Good Laboratory Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices compliance Record data in lab notebooks, computer databases, and test reports Qualifications Associate's or Bachelor's degree with relevant college courses in biology, chemistry, or physics preferred Prior production laboratory or manufacturing experience preferred Prior experience working in regulated environments preferred Prior extraction experience desirable Basic math skills Familiarity with OSHA guidelines for dealing with hazardous chemicals Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all employees Highly motivated, self-directed, innovative and able to work independently or among teams with keen judgement, common sense and resourcefulness Adapts and thrives in a demanding, fast-paced environment Possesses a high level of critical thinking Operates with a high level of professionalism and integrity, including dealing with confidential information Must understand and comply with the rules, regulations, policies, and procedures of Green Thumb Must be able to learn and understand Cannabis laws, rules, and regulations and have a passion to further their understanding and knowledge of the industry and the laws Additional Requirements Must pass any and all required background checks. Must be and remain compliant with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry. Must be a minimum of 21 years of age. Must be approved to receive an Agent badge. Working Conditions While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to perform grasping, talking, hearing, seeing and repetitive motions. Physical demands - May be required to stand and/or walk for extended periods of time. Must be able to lift, carry and balance up to 50 pounds (200 pounds with assistance</p></div>","company":{"website":"gtigrows.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Green Thumb Industries","logoUrl":"/logos/green-thumb-industries-gti-251a0a04f4d3572804c1830639474e95.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Centreville, VA, USA","city":"Centreville","stateProvince":"VA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/green-thumb-industries/lab-technician/85390ea7be6200816b00e70eed3576e8","title":"Lab Technician","hash":"85390ea7be6200816b00e70eed3576e8","postingUrl":"https://gr8usajobs.com/jobs/lab-technician-centreville-virginia/280672902-2/"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"11 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Description</b></p><p>The statements below reflect the general responsibilities and requirements for the position, but may not describe all the work requirements inherent in the job. It is the responsibility of the employee to comply with Good Laboratory Practices, ISO/IEC 17025 and other state-mandated certifications.</p><p><b>Job Summary</b></p><p>The Lab Analyst I works directly under Lab Manager and ensures all samples are received, extracted, analyzed and reported in compliance with company policies and procedures. Other duties may be assigned as necessary.</p><p>Duties and Responsibilities</p><p>• Responsible for day to day receipt and analysis of samples</p><p>• Responsible for solution prep and tracking</p><p>• Responsible for maintaining equipment logs and maintenance</p><p>• Perform extractions and prepare samples for analysis on LC/MS, GC/MS, ICP/MS and Micro platforms as well as other state mandated tests</p><p>• Responsible for data entry of samples in the lab</p><p>• Responsible for understanding and following all necessary SOPs</p><p>• Produce quality, mistake-free work in the lab</p><p>• Ensures resolution of errors before results are released to clients</p><p>• Continuously seeks out new and better ideas, driving best practices</p><p>• Ensure samples are received, requisitioned and extracted in a manner that is compliant with SOPs</p><p>• Trained and knowledgeable in the process of sample collecting and transport</p><p>• Must be able to transport marijuana samples</p><p>• Must complete 8 hours of training in sample collection</p><p>• Must retrain with 8 hours of sample training/refresher courses annually</p><p>• Other duties as assigned by management</p><p><b>Education/Qualifications Required:</b></p><p>• Bachelor degree in a science related field or one year experience in a high complexity laboratory, food testing, or environmental testing laboratory</p><p>• Completed at least 2 years of college course work and have experience in a high complexity laboratory, food testing, or environmental testing laboratory</p><p><b>Experience Required:</b></p><p>• Some experience in a high complexity laboratory preferred</p><p>• Some experience with LC/MS, GC/MS and ICP/MS</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $40,000.00 - $50,000.00 per year</p><p><b>Benefits:</b></p><p>• Health insurance</p><p>• Paid time off</p><p><b>Schedule:</b></p><p>• 8 hour shift</p><p><b>Experience:</b></p><p>• Laboratory Experience: 1 year (Preferred)</p><p><b>Company's website:</b></p><p>• ezhirecannabis.com</p><p><b>Work Remotely:</b></p><p>• No</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"EzHire Cannabis","logoUrl":"/logos/ezhire-cannabis-6abb3d893680f023f2b399b67c79fd61.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Portland, OR, USA","city":"Portland","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/ezhire-cannabis/lab-analyst-cannabis-industry/b625d798498410c7b2906528b4ba39c5","title":"Lab Analyst - Cannabis Industry","hash":"b625d798498410c7b2906528b4ba39c5","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/NK_GOXkByaQtB0YsEUHK-lab-analyst-cannabis-industry-in-portland-me-at-ezhire-cannabis"}]