Quality Assurance Manager: Medical Cannabis

Vangst Clearview, WV, USA (+1 other) Full-time
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Quality Assurance Manager: Medical Cannabis Full-time Company Description Our client is a geographically diversified cannabis group that operates within Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations and distributes globally. They aspire to set best practices by building industry leading companies that transform the perception of cannabis and responsibly elevate the consumer experience. They are comprised of passionate, daring people, driven by quality and integrity who are looking to fill a hybrid Quality Assurance (QA) and Regulatory Officer (RO) role. This person is responsible for both QA and RO responsibilities. Job Description The responsibilities of the QA include approving methods and procedures related to production, packaging, labeling and storage of cannabis prior to their implementation. The QA is also responsible for releasing and approving each batch of cannabis prior to its sale to clients, this includes keeping complete and auditable batch records The QA must also initiate recalls, investigate complaints related to quality, investigate quality issues in the facility, perform audits (internal and external) and help train employees. The responsibilities of the Regulatory Officer (RO) include understanding and helping to implement the regulations (Access to Cannabis for Medical Purpose Regulations), working to write Standard Operating Procedures, responding to communications from the Police, College of Physicians and other requests for information, completing monthly, quarterly and yearly inventory reports in collaboration, participating in Health Canada (HC) audits, drafting permits, section notices and security clearance documents for HC, understanding and monitoring the security systems and working closely with the company CEO, SPIC, and RPIC on all regulatory matters. DUTIES: Approve all SOPs prior to their implementation Sign off on all operational forms Keep and maintain an auditable batch record Prepare and send samples for third party testing Communicate with the third party lab regarding any questions or concerns Review third party lab results Approve and release batches for sale to clients Keep and maintain retention samples from each batch/lot sold Initiate recall protocols Investigate client complaints (when related to the quality of the product). Initiate Corrective Action and Remediation Protocols (CARPs) when investigating quality issues Approve the use of products (i.e. pesticides, biologicals, nutrients, soil, growing mediums) Initiate audit programs (regulatory, internal and third party). Be part of Health Canada inspections. Communicate with senior staff (CEO,SPIC, RPIC, ARPIC, Head Grower, Production Manager) Maintain change control program Develop and maintain an environmental monitoring program Document Retention Understand the ACMPR Draft notices for: Licence Amendments, Renewals, Change in Personnel, General Affairs and Local Authorities. (Sections 38,39,40 and 41 of the ACMPR) Know the HC deadlines for the above notices and security clearance documents Draft single or quarterly requests from the Police and/or College of Physicians Maintain a record of restricted doctors Take part in HC audits Maintain complete records that are auditable Maintain and understand the Security/Camera Systems and complete Corrective Action and Prevention Reports when necessary. Help develop SOPs and documents related to regulatory affairs Communicate with client care to ensure ACMPR compliance and Health Canada regarding inquiries and update Qualifications The QA must have the ability to think critically and be able to follow regulations and company policies. Scientific education is recommended, this individual must also be detailed oriented and able to communicate thoughts and ideas to fellow employees and inspectors. The RO must have the ability to think critically and be able to follow regulations and company policies. Having a regulatory background in manufacturing would be beneficial, this individual must also be detail oriented, able to communicate thoughts and ideas to fellow employees and inspectors and maintain complete and organized documents. Additional Information MUST PROVIDE: 4 Professional References: Background / Credit check authorization form should you make it into one of our final candidates Quality Assurance Manager: Medical Cannabis