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Tantalus Labs Ltd. Toronto, ON 2022-05-03
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We are hiring a focused Production Supervisor to join our incredible team at Tantalus Labs Ltd. in Maple Ridge, BC.

Growing your career as a Full Time Production Supervisor is an incredible opportunity to develop productive skills.

If you are strong in people management, teamwork and have the right initiative for the job, then apply for the position of Production Supervisor at Tantalus Labs Ltd. today!

The Opportunity

Tantalus Labs is looking for a Production Supervisor who will report to and receive direction from the VP of Processing (often called Production in other organizations). The Production Supervisor is responsible for supporting the VP of Processing with any elements of planning and overseeing the processing, packaging, and labeling of all products produced at Tantalus Labs’ SunLab facility in Maple Ridge. This includes ensuring that the required number of units are created within quality and schedule parameters and assisting with the management of staff and temporary labourers. The Production Supervisor may be required to work evening shifts and weekend shifts, in coordination with the schedule of the VP Processing.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Supporting the VP of Processing with the day-to-day organization and management of the Processing workforce;

• Directing staff to ensure schedules are met, other business objectives are prioritized, changeover times are minimized, shifts are synchronized, production is optimized within the weekly cycle and documentation is completed accurately;

• Maintaining production recording accuracy, scheduling targets (KPI’s) and run times, and planning production quantities;

• Hosting shift meetings and ensuring equipment and materials are ready each time work starts;

• Monitoring production for on time starts, break times, and shift changes to achieve maximum output;

• Liaising with VP of Processing to identify production milestones and address production risks;

• Developing strategies of continuous improvement to ensure effective and efficient production practices, and maintaining excellent product quality;

• Acting as the person responsible for Tantalus production when the VP of Processing is unavailable or offsite;

• Supporting the development and maintenance of the production schedule, resourcing plan, production work hours, drivers, and updates to related records and systems;

• Using project management tool Asana to arrange the time of upcoming Processing team activities, the number of units involved, the type of cannabis inputs, and other production information required by other Tantalus teams to produce and ship product;

• Supporting the oversight and management of all elements of the Processing team’s production activities, which may include:

• Hand-dry take down, bucking, and trimming

• The storage of untrimmed and trimmed cannabis prior to processing

• Flower packaging into 3.5g, 15g, 28g, and other sized packages

• Pre-roll packaging into 1.5g, 4g, Jane West 0.4g, and other sized packages

• Dry sift hash, pressed hash, and bubble hash production

• Bagging and boxing product for wholesale sales and shipping

• Selecting, trialing, and implementing new production equipment and practices, e.g. vape distillate filling

• Supporting product design activities, e.g. creating new preroll blend combinations with Brand

• Displaying strong staff leadership qualities;

• Working closely with the Quality Assurance team as needed to ensure that Tantalus Labs’ production meets Tantalus standards.


• Minimum 2 years of experience leading a team in production or manufacturing operations, not limited to cannabis;

• Experience leading / managing a team of about 30 - 35 workers with a leadership team;

• Experience in creating and auditing production reports, and conducting detailed forensic data investigation;

• Knowledge of and experience with compliance requirements of cannabis production and processes;

• Proven leader with the ability to develop an inclusive culture, and proven experience of managing a growing team;

• Strong communicator with the ability to interact with employees at all levels of the organization.

Working Conditions

• Must be available for working evening and weekend shifts and readily available to respond and resolve any production critical issues at all times, including off-hours

• Self-management of hours with a focus on efficient completion of tasks

• Main location of work will be located in Maple Ridge

• RPIC cannabis security clearance is an asset

The Company

Tantalus Labs is committed to Sungrown, legal cultivation of world-class cannabis products. Wholly owned and operated in British Columbia, we are a team of specialized horticulturists, scientists, engineers, and designers committed to the advancement of agricultural science. We believe that passion for natural, #Sungrown cultivation methods will usher in a brighter future for cannabis.

Tantalus operates SunLab, a 120,000 square foot, state-of-the-art production facility in Maple Ridge. The company was founded in 2012 to revolutionize cannabis cultivation methods, using closed system greenhouses at the cutting edge of agricultural science.

With the help of a community of like minds, we are building a #Sungrown future.

The Fine Print

Tantalus offers a competitive compensation package and is committed to ongoing career development.

The successful candidate will need to pass a criminal background check and may be required to obtain security clearance from the Federal Government of Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis.

We thank all candidates for their interest however only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

• *Note: If you have applied in the past, please feel free to reapply as our candidate tracking system has been updated


Company Benefits:

● Company offers great benefits

● Company offers career progression opportunities

● Advantageous package