General labor on our farm

Infinite Greens Cannabis Company Sawyer, OK, USA 2022-03-17
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Ukrainian Refugees Welcome!

I have an opportunity to exist off grid. It’s farm life with a small community of humans with hearts of gold. There’s a bunk house and a main house and we offer all amenities

Can you dedicate your focus to our crop? Wake up nice and early and feel good about the physical movement your body experiences each day?

I’m offering this to those who believe cannabis is a medicine, a gift from our earth, a gift from the infinite. One who believes in what we are doing is for the greater good of humanity. This is not just a job but a means to help humanity, consciousness, etc.

We start at 13/hr. We pay accordingly and give raises accordingly. Last season we had some start at 13/hr and by august they were making 20/hr.

Show us what your capable of and you will get what you give.

The catch :

1st : This is our second season at this location. All our hard work from last year is a build up for the fruits of this season. Due to the nature of this industry, and although we are documenting hours, we pay as soon as it comes. This means until our first harvest you’d be cared for completely while stacking up hours with food, living quarters, bathroom/shower, etc. We just won’t have funds to pay our workers til we harvest and move our product.

That being said if one has the ability to totally trust random strangers in good faith offering an amazing opportunity to switch up one’s life within and towards an expanding fruitful industry than please reach out and let’s chat.

2nd: This is NOT a 9-5. Close to nothing one would expect from generic employment will apply here other than a few key words of wisdom such as one gets what one gives.

We don’t have 3 write ups until termination. We have no Human Resources department. We WILL respectfully remove anyone who doesn’t contribute they’re part. No Alcoholics, drug users, or drama.

We are however very fair, understanding, and reasonable. We will take good care of you while our season unfolds. We have fun, we work hard, we appreciate good vibes and conscientious radical self reliance.

3rd: We are located in a beautiful pocket of southern Oklahoma. Our 1st farm is in Cali and this is a new branch out from our original roots.

If one’s spirit smiles at this opportunity, and an elevated sense of excitement for fresh new adventure arises, as well as, very serious and “ready”, please feel free to reach out. I’d love to chat and see how it goes.

Thank you 🙏

Blessings ✨🙌✨