Director Of Cannabis Extraction

Green House Dispensary Los Angeles, CA, USA (+1 other) Full-time
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Client is looking for a Master Extraction for their licensed cannabis business in Commerce, CA.

Must have excessive knowledge and experience in manufacturing, extraction, edibles manufacturing part of this business with minimum 5 years experience.

Job Description: Perform the duties of a lead cannabis science consultant with a focus on process engineering on the pilot and commercial scales.

Duties and Responsibilities

· Design and implement cannabis processing trains including bulk drying, milling/processing, raw material transport, crude oil extraction, product transfer, refinement, separation, purification and packaging/handling based on client design parameters/project specifications.

· Design and implement cannabis product manufacturing trains including liquid filling systems, dry filling systems, volumetric filling systems, mass balance analysis, counting systems, packaging and labeling systems, bar-coding and inventory management systems, etc. based on client design parameters/project specifications.

· Creating process diagrams outlining all aspects of the project including flow-rates, volume of solvent/solution per cycle, cycle time, vessel size/type/purpose, etc. that clearly convey the process and steps/systems involved in producing each work-in-progress and final product.

· Creating accurate cost of goods analysis, production estimates, projected process/cycle times, financial models, budgetary requirements/commitments, staffing/personnel requirements/needs, etc. based on client design parameters/project specifications.

· Design facility layouts and the placement/location of key-pieces of equipment in relation to utilities, HVAC, future expansion, and logistical workflow and minimizing cross-contamination.

· Create standard operating procedures in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practices based on client target market requirements and/or international market requirements (e.g. cGMP, ISO 9001,9005,&20000, ICH Q7 through Q10).

· Create/establish/identify all hazard analysis critical control points (HACCP) for each process/product, corrective actions and preventative actions (CAPA) for process deviations/out-of-specifications/incidents/etc., and critical quality attributes (CQA) for all work-in-progress and finished product.

· Identify, vet and source process equipment defined in each process train.

· Maintaining authorization to work in the cannabis industry:

o Clean Background check.

o Good Moral Character.

o No infractions/citations.

o No Felonies.

· Understanding your security access status:

o Knowing where you can and cannot enter (to avoid cross contamination and minimize diversion).

o Be up to date on security protocols/training (i.e. in case of fire).

. Respecting fellow employees and keeping a positive, productive work environment.

· Following food-handling guidelines and good handling practices at all times when in contact with cannabis raw materials of any kind.

· Reporting work incidents to proper management.

· Letting production management know when you are taking a break.

· Follow standard operating procedures for the various cultivation, processing and administrative activities; clean work areas before and after each use.

Specific Requirements

General Qualifications

· Education: Candidates must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in some field of science or engineering. Preferably in Chemistry, Mechanical or Chemical Engineering, Biochemistry, Biology or another similar scientific field.

· Proficiency in Windows based software, inventory management and point-of-sale applications.

· Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing and challenging environment.

· Thorough understanding of local, state, federal and international cannabis laws and how they apply to the client’s operations.

· Candidates must have general laboratory knowledge. Ability to handle delicate glassware and other processing equipment is required. Also, technical experience and skills are needed in order to work with complex equipment.

· Candidates must be able to work cohesively as a team with all personnel.

· Candidates must have the ability to function with little to no supervision.

· Candidates must have problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and good communication skills. Ability to analyze information and think critically.

· Candidates must have an aptitude for written and verbal communication. Report writing and data collecting are mandatory.

· Candidates must have strong time management and multi-tasking skills are required.

· Candidates must have the ability to pay attention to details as needed to complete measurements and analyses, enter data, etc. and to meet quality control requirements.

· Candidates must have the ability to follow standard operating procedures, adapt to changes and become incorporated into established daily routines.

· Candidates must have the ability to work sporadic hours; swing shifts and long days are possible as well as weekend and holiday work.

· Candidates must be physically able to lift a minimum of 50 lbs and stand for long hours (10 hrs. or more). Must have stamina and manual dexterity. This is a very physical job.

· Candidates must be cannabis friendly and passion about the cannabis industry.

Specific Qualifications

· Candidate must have extensive managerial, research and industry experience and familiarity with grant writing, research and fundraising.

· Candidate must have advanced training in business and extensive experience within their specific scientific field.

· Candidate must have the ability to apply business and management strategies to research and laboratory settings.

· Candidate must have extensive industry, research and management experience.

· Candidate must have at least five years of experience managing and operating a commercial scale (i.e. processes more than 100 kgs per year.) cannabis extraction/product manufacturing facility.

· Candidate must have the ability to work in a fast-paced, changing, and challenging environment.

· Candidate must be analytically and communicatively intelligent.

· Candidate must have the ability to take unqualified responsibility for the company while maintaining a problem-solving, vision-based attitude.

· Candidate must have market and political knowledge.

· Candidate must have the ability to focuses simultaneously on short- and long-term goals and to identify problems quickly.

· Candidate must have experienced in a leadership role.

· Candidate must have at least four years of experience in a position with managerial and inventory responsibilities.

· Candidate must have experience with an inventory system.

· Professional experience in pharmaceutical, food or manufacturing industries preferred.

· Strong communication and leadership qualities. Exhibits a sense of urgency when necessary. Ability to direct, coach, support, and delegate tasks to the company management, administration, and agent teams.

· Ability to issue and explain instructions effectively.

· Demonstrated experience in a position requiring critical-thinking, problem-solving, planning and assessment.

· Commitment to working with shared leadership and in cross-functional teams.

· Strong oral and written communications skills.

· Ability to manage multiple projects at a time.

· Candidates must have an adequate handle on all aspects of botanical raw material processing and product manufacturing and quality assurance and control protocols, and at least a working knowledge of cannabis/cannabinoid science including but not limited to extractions, formulation and medicine production.

· Experience working in a professional manufacturing setting and comfortable working with chemicals, production and laboratory equipment, and regulated substances is a must