Senior Maintenance Manager

Curaleaf Webster, MA, USA 2022-05-05 $84k - $110k -
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Senior Maintenance Manager for State of Florida

Facilities and Dispensary Maintenance

Dispensary Maintenance:

• Directly responsible for all facilities maintenance systems, including PM of all equipment and critical MEP infrastructure.

• Troubleshoot and repair systems as required to maintain efficient operation throughout the plant.

• Set-up a Preventive Maintenance system and schedule for proactive system maintenance.

• Maintain relationships with facility vendors for service agreements and schedule repairs.

• Escort all vendors/subcontractors through the facility and supervise all activities.

• Maintain an R&M (Repairs and Maintenance) budget.

• Systems requiring upkeep include an irrigation and fertigation system, environmental controls system, RTU packaged HVAC units with Hepa and Merv filtration, electrical infrastructure including primary power, and a fully equipped Iso 8 pharma processing lab with equipment.

• Maintain all building systems, equipment, and Curaleaf hard assets.

• Work closely with the Management Team, as appropriate, in the planning, coordinating, and managing all capital improvement projects.

• Responsibility for receipt and management of all capital assets.

• Work with Cultivation Manager, Lab Manufacturing Director, and Security Director to assure that facilities are maintained to GMP and GAP hygiene standards.

• Work with the Director of Compliance and Director of Security to assure accurate and legally compliant OSHA record keeping and reporting and adherence to all state and federal regulations, as appropriate.

• Effectively negotiate critical services with multiple vendors.

• Work with the General Manager to adhere to all company policies and procedures.

• Understand and adhere to Curaleaf best practices.

• Collaborate with colleagues and create a safe and pleasant physical work environment.

• Other duties as assigned.

Dispensary Maintenance

• Receive maintenance requests from dispensaries, coordinate vendors to complete repairs in timely manner, and update dispensaries every step up of the way (Ex: ETA, problem found, what tech did to resolve issue, return ETA if needed with what tech will be completing, and completion update) for 40 active locations (and growing).

• Make sure that all locations are up to date on Preventative Maintenance for HVAC systems and landscaping for locations that require.

• On board new contractors as we take on new territories, make sure contractors comply with our stores policies while onsite, make sure new contractors are arriving to our locations conduct their work in a professional manner (Ex: clean up mess after repairs), and maintain the standard of holding our contractors responsible to warranty their work.

• Maintain open communication with dispensaries with any work or maintenance being done so all staff is aware.

• Must have an industry knowledge of pricing for each trade so company does not over spend on repairs.


• Coordinate vendors and dispensaries with any non-capex projects (Smaller Projects).

• Have the flexibility to be onsite handling a contractor while still up keeping maintenance needs and handle emergencies for dispensaries.

• Coordinate with vendors and Facility Managers with any non-capex projects (Smaller Projects) at Processing/Cultivation Locations.

• Take accurate measurements, draw up a floor plan (if one is not available), and upload changes or proposed changes to floor plans.

• Must have a knowledge for pricing and able to get more than one estimate for costly projects.


• Respond to an emergency request within an hour of receiving and have a contractor onsite that day within a reasonable amount of time.

• Emergencies may come in at ANY time or day (including after hours and weekends).

• Must be able to think quickly to instruct store on what they can do until help arrives (Ex: If toilet is over flowing instruct to shut off water valve).

• Emergencies should be updated every step of the way so staff is as up to date on the situation as you are.

• Must be able to identify if a situation is a true emergency that requires immediate attention and possible emergency rates from our vendor, or if it can wait for next day.


• Must be available by phone 24/7 for any and all emergencies, our dispensaries should NEVER have to close or stop business due to a facility issue no matter date or time.

• Must have the availability/flexibility to drop what you are doing and head to a location within FL at any given time on emergency basis.

• Have a general knowledge of all trades and how to walk staff through a diagnosis if something may not need a tech (Ex: If A/C not running and thermostat is blank, have store replace batteries before calling out a tech).

• Maintain a GREAT relationship with the Regional Managers as they are the “customer” for this position.

• Holding contractors responsible for their own safety and the safety of our staff/customers.

• You are the only contact for the vendors and they should only speak to you about pricing and scope of work. You will be their only contact for when they arrive, give assessments, and ask for approval on repairs/replacements.

• Keep an active log of active work orders/projects and completed work orders/projects along with their costs.

Curaleaf is an Equal Opportunity Employer