Safety Manager

Curaleaf Webster, MA, USA 2022-01-13 $56k - $140k -
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Summary: The Safety Manager oversees and maintains all day-to-day operations of safety, and delivery operations across the State at the guidance and direction of Massachusetts Director of Operations. Leadership and supervision extend to all personnel responsible for safety and security of all sites as well as efficient transport between sites. The Safety Manager must monitor and maintain all operations-based activities in accordance with the State of Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission regulations and standards set by the company.


• Participates in implementation of corporate-wide safety programs such as Hazardous Communication, Respiratory Protection, Fire Prevention, and other OSHA safety compliance programs

• Assist in developing annual health and safety plans for the location based on a full review of health and safety-related needs (assessment of hazards, analysis of database, audits, and best practices) as required by the State of MA.

• Oversees the development, approval, and implementation of emergency response plans.

• Create safety meeting requirements monthly for all Curaleaf MA locations and conduct monthly safety meetings in Webster and Amesbury facilities

• Assist in representing management in matters of health and safety with governmental, health and safety associations and other outside agencies and organizations.

• Coordinate with Human Resources with reports on incidents and injuries, lost time injuries, health-related absenteeism and other occupational health and safety information.

• Coordinate and/or provide guidance and direction to occupational health and safety personnel.

• Investigate accidents thoroughly and effectively, and then respond appropriately as required, including communicating to, training, and following up with supervisors and employees.

• Provides guidance on hazard identification, incident investigation/ root cause analysis and corrective action responses.

• Ensure that work refusals are properly investigated and that any necessary corrections to the work processes are implemented and documented.

• Liaise on all claims, including managing appeals where appropriate.

• Develop, arrange, and present safety orientation and training for all new employees, existing employees, temporary employees, and visitors to ensure complete and effective understanding of potential risks and expected behaviors within the company.

• Develop a matrix for training requirements, maintain records of all health and safety-related training and assist in the development of training programs.

• Develop equipment specific training, work instructions, risk assessments, and new equipment procedures.

• Manage internal health and safety audits of the company, including risk assessments, at varying levels, and act as a trainer/advisor to internal and external auditors.

• Coordinate inspections, investigations, and occupational health and safety activities

• Coordinate health and safety supplies by ensuring appropriate supplies are identified and purchased in a timely and cost-effective manner and used appropriately.

• Support and promote occupational health, wellness, and safety initiatives.

• Consults with management and executives to create a culture emphasizing the importance of worker health and safety.

• Other duties as assigned


• Ensure processing operation is fully compliant with state regulations and federal and state law

• Assure that operation adheres to all business and industry license requirements

• Maintain strict inventory records of all materials, chemicals and equipment used in the laboratory and documents production by completing forms, reports, logs and records

Requirements and Qualifications

• BA or BS degree in business or related field

• 3+ years of direct personnel leadership and management experience (with a demonstration of knowledge and skills)

• Solid knowledge of MA laws and ordinances on fire safety and prevention, respiratory protection, hazardous chemicals, building, electrical, noise pollution and the environment

• Outstanding people skills, organizational skills, and a passionate leadership style

• Solid business reporting skills

• A sense of urgency, high energy, and hands-on approach

• Ability to work in a cross-functional team environment

• Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and experience with Security systems strongly preferred

• Must be at least 21 years of age

• Ability to pass a background check per state cannabis regulations

• Current Driver’s license required

Facility Environment:

• Allergen warnings - Potential exposure to dust, pollen, and plant pathogens.

• Exposure to cleaning solvents, such as high volumes of isopropyl alcohol.

• All jobs require daily use of provided PPE, such as masks, hair nets, beard covers, respirators, boot covers, scrubs, non-slip shoes, and Tyvek suits as necessary.

• Ability to work in confined spaces

• Exposure to loud noises, including but not limited to air compressors, packaging equipment, and alarms.

• Exposure to CO2 manufacturing procedures at OSHA approved CO2 levels

• High stress tolerance, adaptable, ability to work in an ever-changing environment, flexible