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4 days ago
Assistant Cure Lead Trulieve, INC Quincy, FL, USA
7 days ago
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist CannTrust Fenwick, ON
3 days ago
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician in Langley, BC, Canada Zenabis Global Inc. Langley City, BC
2 days ago
Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Lead Zenabis Langley City, BC
6 days ago
Cultivation Assistant FB Farming Co. Carrollton, MO 64633
5 days ago
Cure Lead Trulieve, INC Lee, FL 32059
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Farm Work Marijuana OLCC

Farming Visions Medford, OR, USA Full-time
Apply Now Copy link

Hiring for Cannabis harvest farm work

Apply today and start Tomorrow!

Come down to our office this week

Monday- Friday for open Hiring

Or Sunday s from 4:00pm-5:00pm

408 Crater Lake avenue Medford Oregon 97504

No experience needed, we will train you

We hve 8 hour-10 hour shifts available.

Come work up to 7 days a week

Can you only work 1-3 days a week? Great!

We need all hands on deck. This is a great time to get into the industry

Must take OLCC test to be on site. Payment is not due at this time. You can work before payment


We are looking for positive productive members to join our team

Come work for one of the biggest farms in Southern Oregon

Field harvesting, indoor hanging, sorting and trimming

Carpool will be available from Medford

Call for a short interview and start right away!


Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Pay: $14.00 - $15.00 per hour


• 10 hour shift

• 8 hour shift

• Monday to Friday

• Weekends

Contract Length:

• 2 months or less

• 3 - 4 months

Contract Renewal:

• Likely

Full Time Opportunity:

• Yes

Typical start time:

• 7AM

Typical end time:

• 6PM

This Company Describes Its Culture as:

• Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes

• People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused

• Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative

Work Remotely:

• No

[{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Hiring for Cannabis harvest farm work</p><p>Apply today and start Tomorrow!</p><p>Come down to our office this week</p><p>Monday- Friday for open Hiring</p><p>Or Sunday s from 4:00pm-5:00pm</p><p>408 Crater Lake avenue Medford Oregon 97504</p><p>No experience needed, we will train you</p><p>We hve 8 hour-10 hour shifts available.</p><p>Come work up to 7 days a week</p><p>Can you only work 1-3 days a week? Great!</p><p>We need all hands on deck. This is a great time to get into the industry</p><p>Must take OLCC test to be on site. Payment is not due at this time. You can work before payment</p><p>https://apps.oregon.gov/OLCC/Marijuana/elicense/</p><p>We are looking for positive productive members to join our team</p><p>Come work for one of the biggest farms in Southern Oregon</p><p>Field harvesting, indoor hanging, sorting and trimming</p><p>Carpool will be available from Medford</p><p>Call for a short interview and start right away!</p><p>541-816-2340</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract</p><p>Pay: $14.00 - $15.00 per hour</p><p><b>Schedule:</b></p><p>• 10 hour shift</p><p>• 8 hour shift</p><p>• Monday to Friday</p><p>• Weekends</p><p><b>Contract Length:</b></p><p>• 2 months or less</p><p>• 3 - 4 months</p><p><b>Contract Renewal:</b></p><p>• Likely</p><p><b>Full Time Opportunity:</b></p><p>• Yes</p><p><b>Typical start time:</b></p><p>• 7AM</p><p><b>Typical end time:</b></p><p>• 6PM</p><p><b>This Company Describes Its Culture as:</b></p><p>• Stable -- traditional, stable, strong processes</p><p>• People-oriented -- supportive and fairness-focused</p><p>• Team-oriented -- cooperative and collaborative</p><p><b>Work Remotely:</b></p><p>• No</p></div>","company":{"name":"Farming Visions"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Medford, OR, USA","city":"Medford","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/farming-visions/farm-work-marijuana-olcc/42bec0fd90bea809cca3752234ffbbb0","title":"Farm Work Marijuana OLCC","hash":"42bec0fd90bea809cca3752234ffbbb0","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/1fJqankBZ8fVeInGIsXh-farm-work-marijuana-olcc-in-medford-or-at-farming-visions"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"7 days ago","description":"<div><p>Job Title: Assistant Cure Lead</p><p>Department: Cultivation</p><p>Reports to: Cure Manager</p><p>FLSA Status: Regular- Non-Exempt</p><p>Salary: Negotiable</p><p>Location: Quincy, FL</p><p><b>Role Summary:</b></p><p>The Assistant Cure Lead will ensure that the Cure Lead and Cure Manager are set up for success daily. This role includes but is not limited to; maintaining quality standards by collecting data points on all incoming flower batches, ensuring that the Flower Intake Process has been conducted per incoming batch, collecting third-party lab samples, ?burping? flower buds, and maintaining constant communication to the lead/manager.</p><p><b>Key Duties and Responsibilities:</b></p><p>• Helps guide the Cure Lead with in-house checklists; receiving incoming flower batches by confirming specifications; conducting visual and physical verifications for its next step o the production line</p><p>• Documents data points throughout the Cure cycle, inputs data into appropriate databases and provides feedback for the Cure Lead/Manager</p><p>• Ensurea all third-party testing samples are collected and accounted for by providing testing checklist to management</p><p>• ?Burping? flower bins while curing to ensure our products are their highest potential when sold in dispensaries, as well as ensuring that the remainder of the Cure team has the proper amount of time to assess each batch on their daily checklist</p><p>• Providing any and all information pertaining to indoor flower batches directly to Cure Lead and Manager in a timely manner</p><p>• All other duties assigned as needed</p><p><b>SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:</b></p><p>• Strong analytical skills</p><p>• Strong reporting skills, ability to conduct and provide data research results</p><p>• Strong computer skills</p><p>• Strong verbal and written communication skills</p><p>• Strong inventory control</p><p>• Attention to detail</p><p>• Excellent time management skills</p><p>• Possess knowledge of a cannabis process plant; drying, curing, trimming, etc</p><p>• Must be able to handle organic plant/product material daily</p><p><b>ADDITIONAL MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:</b></p><p>• High school diploma or equivalent required</p><p>• Must be a minimum of 21 years of age</p><p>• Must have valid Florida Driver?s Licenser or ability to obtain one</p><p>• Must successfully complete a comprehensive background screening</p><p><b>PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:</b></p><p>• Must be able to push, pull, move, and/or lift a minimum of 50 lbs. to a minimum height of 5 feet and able to push, pull, move, and/or carry such weight a minimum distance of 50 feet, with or without mechanical assistance</p><p>• Must be able to work seated/standing as appropriate at workstations for extended periods of time, maintain body equilibrium while climbing ladders, stairways, stopping, kneeling, crouching, and reaching, and use hands/fingers to hold, grasp, turn, pick, pinch frequently/constantly to complete tasks</p><p>• Must be able to handle organic matter daily, able to wear PPE as appropriate (eye, face, hand, arm, head, foot, body, fall protection), and able to be exposed to hot, cold, wet, humid, or windy conditions while wearing PPE (95 degrees or greater)</p><p>• Must have visual acuity with/without job aids to perform activities such as; reading, viewing a computer terminal, visual inspection involving small parts/details. Clarity of vision at 20 ft or more in day and night/dark conditions</p><p>• Must be able to speak and communicate verbally at conversation levels with co-workers, vendors, etc. (Moderate noise)</p><p><b>WORK SCHEDULE:</b></p><p>• 40+ hours weekly with flexible hours depending on department needs. Must be available to work occasional evenings, weekends, and holidays</p><p>Equal Opportunity Employer l Trulieve Supports a Drug Free Workplace</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Trulieve, INC","logoUrl":"/logos/trulieve-1d76a294c42e35e1fad949d6f74742d9.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Quincy, FL, USA","city":"Quincy","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/trulieve-inc/assistant-cure-lead/62633a04f1d3db77f0e0fec94f57af34","title":"Assistant Cure Lead","hash":"62633a04f1d3db77f0e0fec94f57af34","postingUrl":"https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/assistant-cure-lead-trulieve-JV_IC1154375_KO0,19_KE20,28.htm?jl=4033988129"},{"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><div><div><div><b>Who We Are</b><br /><br />CannTrust™ is an award-winning, federally regulated licensed cannabis producer, with locations in Vaughan and Niagara, Ontario. We are publicly traded and proudly Canadian, operating a portfolio of well-known brands including CannTrust, estora, Liiv and Synr.g.<br /><br />At CannTrust, we are committed to providing exceptional customer experience, quality products and consistent, standardized dosing. Our greenhouses produce 95% grade A cannabis flower, which is sold in dried flower, oil and vegan capsule formats. Founded in 2014, our continued success in the medical cannabis market and subsequent expansion into the recreational business, led to us being named Licensed Producer of the Year at the Canadian Cannabis Awards 2018.<br /><br />Join us in our mission to support our customers and empower our patients to improve their quality of life, by enriching the cannabis experience with the best quality products, educational resources and outstanding service.<br /><br /><b>Who You Are</b><br /><br />The ideal candidate is an agile, business savvy individual who is committed to getting better everyday. You are a passionate leader with strong communication skills, who is open to giving and receiving feedback. Of course, you are also able to deliver consistent results by aligning yourself with CannTrust values.<br /><br /><b>Roles &amp; Responsibilities: What you do Day to Day</b><br /><ul><li>Spraying cannabis plants and support the implementation of biological predators and approved pesticides from Health Canada for use with cannabis to prevent and eliminate harmful pests, molds and mildews.</li><li>Preparing and mixing pest control products and aid in the release of biological pest control measures</li><li>Cleaning and maintaining spray equipment daily</li><li>Anticipate and predict various levels of pest pressure based on environmental factors, implementing IPM strategies accordingly and as per CannTrust Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).</li><li>Identify, propose and implement proactive and corrective measures that has been approved by Health Canada, Regulatory and Operation Quality for use in the areas of pests, mold and mildew mitigation.</li></ul><ul><li>Work with the Manager Propagation / Cultivation / Agronomy / Master Grower to develop, monitor and maintain Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to ensure timely activities are planned and completed in accordance with IPM protocols and schedules.</li><li>Ensure appropriate data collection for accuracy and ensure all tracking is compliant with government regulations.</li></ul><ul><li>Promote a positive work environment through collaborative discussions and structured team communications.</li><li>Maintain compliance with all Health Canada’s policies, procedures and documentation</li><li>Keeping up to date on best practices for use of biological controls and Health Canada’s approved pesticides</li><li>Other duties as required</li></ul><br /><b>Quality:</b><ul><li>Ensure a culture of quality assurance and active quality risk management;</li><li>Ensure compliance with all specifications; actively influences the determination of specifications</li></ul><br /><b>Cost:</b><ul><li>In collaboration with operational partners, approves and tracks budgets- sets and monitors the plant production plans;</li><li>In collaboration with Operations, sets targets and supports the implementation of programs;</li><li>Implements a culture of continuous improvement;</li><li>Harmonizes processes and performance indicators across categories;</li></ul><br /><b>Delivery:</b><ul><li>Optimize the use of resources (human, logistical, raw materials and processes) in terms of availability and financial return;</li><li>Ensure implementation of planning parameters and production reliability to deliver on-time</li></ul><br /><b>Safety:</b><ul><li>Ensure implementation of CannTrust OHS programs, regulatory compliance and the zero-tolerance philosophy;</li><li>Ensure that OHS outcomes improve steadily, that teams understand deficiencies, that corrective action is taken and that best practices are disseminated;</li></ul><br /><b>Strategic Planning:</b><ul><li>Work with Management to establish and manage current and long-range objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), strategic plans and policies</li></ul><br /><b>Individual Influencer</b><ul><li>Customer-centric – always searching for ways to improve service, takes action to resolve (internal or external) customer issues</li><li>Acts as a mentor to peers and cross functional partners</li><li>Follows through on commitments, adheres to deadlines</li><li>Uses good judgement about when to act independently or escalate an issue</li><li>Acts with Integrity: Demonstrates responsible, ethical and honest behavior while consistently leading by example</li><li>Delivers results while staying aligned with CannTrust Values</li></ul><ul><li>Complies with all company policies</li></ul><br /><b>Education &amp; Experience</b><ul><li>Diploma in Horticulture, or equivalent, with focus on Integrated Pest Management is an asset. Must possess pest control applicators license (or ability to obtain within 3 months of hire)</li><li>3+ years working experience in greenhouse, with focus on IPM an asset</li></ul><ul><li>1 – 3 years of demonstrated experience in leading / supervising employees</li><li>Health Canada Security Clearance may be required</li><li>Knowledge and compliance with GPP, GMP and GLP required</li></ul><b>Requirements</b><ul><li>Advanced knowledge of computer software applications, with proficiency with Microsoft Office products (Excel, Outlook, Word &amp; PowerPoint)</li><li>Horticultural, IPM experience preferred</li><li>Experience working in a regulated space</li><li>Demonstrated ability to quickly adapt; maintain focus and a high degree of accuracy while working in an environment of ever-changing deadlines, priorities and requirements</li><li>Accountable for results, strives to meet and exceed expectations</li><li>Must be able to work flexible shift times due to spray schedules</li></ul><br /><b>Physical Demands</b><br /><br />While performing the responsibilities of the job, the employee is required to be able to lift, up to and including 50lbs, sit and/or stand for extended periods of time and reach with arms/hands. Walking, standing, bending, stooping, reaching, twisting, lifting, pushing, pulling and moving items is occasionally required.<br /><br /><b>Work Environment</b><br /><br />While performing the duties of this job, the employee is exposed to packaged cannabis products/supplies. The working environment can be noisy at times and temperate, the employee must have knowledge of how to manage their own personal safety under these conditions.<br /><br /><i>CannTrust is an equal opportunity employer. </i><i>We thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at CannTrust. Please note, only the candidates who are selected for an interview will be contacted. CannTrust welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process</i></div></div></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"CannTrust","logoUrl":"/logos/canntrust-d201bb4ca139eb0b36f0ce0af7b71eca.png"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Fenwick, ON","city":"Fenwick","stateProvince":"ON"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/canntrust/integrated-pest-management-ipm-specialist/862d5e7065873a09d65ca4061f972370","title":"Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialist","hash":"862d5e7065873a09d65ca4061f972370","postingUrl":"https://ca.indeed.com/job/integrated-pest-management-ipm-specialist-3c50148fef88e8ba"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>We are looking for a Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician</p><p>Energy Jobline would like to introduce the role of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician based in Langley, BC, Canada. If you think you are a suitable match for this role, please hit the apply button for more details.</p><p>Experience in commercial greenhouses is considered an asset. What's in it For You: * Competitive manager. * Physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks required for the ...</p><p>PLEASE NOTE: This job is supplied by a trusted partner. In order to read the full job description please click the 'apply' button. If you are a registered site member with an uploaded CV, you will be passed straight through. If not, then you will be asked to register a free account with us.</p></div>","company":{"website":"zenabis.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Zenabis Global Inc.","logoUrl":"/logos/zenabis-8de6b1511ca7bedbbfb66faf06991126.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Langley City, BC","city":"Langley City","stateProvince":"BC"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/zenabis-global-inc/integrated-pest-management-ipm-technician-in-langley-bc-canada/d23c03566a2dba57bad51c56696b3df7","title":"Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Technician in Langley, BC, Canada","hash":"d23c03566a2dba57bad51c56696b3df7","postingUrl":"https://ca.bebee.com/job/20210516-768421e358dde79c03a178e8a56590bc"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p>Join an exciting workplace where you can experience career growth, meet amazing colleagues and be a pioneer in an emerging industry.Are you an energetic person looking for an exciting industry and career growth? We are seeking a hardworking, honest and conscientious person to join the Zenabis family. You will:Be THE caretaker for our cannabis plantsFoster a proactive, problem-solving approach and enjoy working in a diverse teamUnderstand the importance of quality, safety and documentation due to the regulatory requirements of the cannabis industryAbout the Position: The IPM Lead will report to one of the Cultivation Department Supervisors and will be responsible will be responsible for monitoring and assessing all plants pest and nutrient requirements, consistent with Zenabis Grow Plan and expectations. The IPM Lead will oversee a team and will ensure all IPM tasks in the cultivation and growing area are met. The Lead will work with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the IPM strategy follows Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and meets compliance standards.We are seeking individuals who works exceptionally well in a team environment, who are motivated to excel in their field and who comes to work with a positive attitude Experience within the industry is an asset, however all applications will be considered.What You’ll Do: Manage workflow of the IPM team, including scouting schedule and coordinating the spray schedule in tandem with IPM SupervisorEnsuring that all IPM related documentation is carried out in accordance with GPP Standards.Scouting for pests and pathogens, monitoring their progression and implementing control measuresEnsuring IPM team is following all relevant SOPs, with emphasis on the IPM SOP and the Good Documentation Procedure SOPReporting and communicating findings in the IPM documents, and to IPM Supervisor, as well as to QA when applicableEnsuring that IPM team is working with GACP and GPP standards at the forefrontOther responsibilities as assignedYour Background, Skills and Abilities: Excellent time management skillsStrong communication skillsKnowledge in Microsoft Word and ExcelExperience in identification of pests across various stages of development,Knowledge of pathogens common to Cannabis or other Greenhouse crops,Knowledge and understanding of controls and treatments for various pests and pathogensBritish Columbia Pesticide Applicators License, or willingness to obtain one.Ability to work both independently, and as part of a teamExperience in commercial greenhouses is considered an asset.What’s in it For You: Competitive wage ratesBenefits (extended health, dental, prescription drug coverage and more)Paid vacation and sick daysCareer growth and opportunity in an emerging industryOther Key Details: Hourly PositionWork hours: Shift work; some occasional weekend work or on-call work may be required depending on business needs and per the direction of the immediate supervisor or manager.Physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks required for the proper management of cultivation wareAbout ZenabisZenabis is a significant Canadian licensed cultivator of medical and recreational cannabis, and a propagator and cultivator of floral and vegetable products. Zenabis employs staff coast-to-coast, across facilities in Atholville, New Brunswick, Langley, British Columbia; and Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Zenabis currently has 96,400 kg of licensed cannabis cultivation space and four licensed facilities. Zenabis has 3.5 million square feet of total facility space dedicated to a mix of cannabis production and cultivation and its non-cannabis propagation and floral business.Zenabis expects its Zenabis Atholville, Zenabis Stellarton and Zenabis Langley facilities to be in steady state production in 2020. The Zenabis brand name is used in the cannabis medical market, the Namaste, Blazery, and Re-Up brand names are used in the cannabis adult-use recreational market, and the True Büch brand name is used for Zenabis’ kombucha products.PVOUhOqFgZ</p></div>","company":{"website":"zenabis.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Zenabis","logoUrl":"/logos/zenabis-8de6b1511ca7bedbbfb66faf06991126.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Langley City, BC","city":"Langley City","stateProvince":"BC"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/zenabis/integrated-pest-management-ipm-lead/4a447a673a3e4536ad2a893f0435b26f","title":"Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Lead","hash":"4a447a673a3e4536ad2a893f0435b26f","postingUrl":"https://ca.trabajo.org/job-649-20210512-674473dc322004d0bea4d364107feedd"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Cultivation Associate</b></p><p>Growing Missouri Cannabis company in Carrollton, MO is seeking a reliable, motivated, and detail-oriented Cultivation Associate. The Cultivation Associate will help implement the horticultural plan created by the Director of Cultivation and organization. The health of the garden is the primary goal and responsibility of those in the cultivation department. Duties include the following: watering, cloning, transplanting, leaf pruning, cleaning, daily checks of environmental conditions as well as logging all daily data for the garden to be used for analysis. The Cultivation Associate will embrace continued education as it relates to plant care and will be a team player. Cultivation Associates should be able to work independently or part of a team.</p><p><b>Principal Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>60% Daily Tasks: daily watering + fertilizing, recording pH, ppm, temperature, humidity, CO2 levels, PAR values, plant inspection for pests, removal of all dead plant material from grow rooms, transplanting, pruning, and cloning.</li><li>20% janitorial duties (clean counters, tables, pots, irrigation equipment, floors, equipment inspection and service and other maintenance items).</li><li>20% Other duties assigned by the Director of Cultivation.</li></ul><p><b>Essential Work Experience and Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Commercial horticultural experience and manufacturing experience is preferred.</li><li>Knowledgeable about cannabis: growth phases, potential contaminants, genetics, laws, medicinal values, culture, and trends of the industry</li><li>Reliability is a must; the cultivation team shares a 7 day work week.</li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements / Work Environment: </b></p><p>Agriculture work, by nature, is physically demanding. The Cultivation Associate must be able to lift 50+ pounds and stand during work.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $12.00 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off after 90 days</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8-hour shift</li><li>Weekends</li><li>Holidays</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Horticulture: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>On-site</li></ul><p>COVID-19 Precaution(s):</p><ul><li>Personal protective equipment provided or required</li><li>Social distancing guidelines in place</li><li>Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $12.00 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />COVID-19 Precaution(s):</p><p>Personal protective equipment provided or required<br />Social distancing guidelines in place<br />Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place</p><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Facility Agent ID (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"name":"FB Farming Co."},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Carrollton, MO 64633","city":"Carrollton","stateProvince":"MO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/fb-farming-co/cultivation-assistant/76a5ce4fd1637684f64d90f0c7c338ca","title":"Cultivation Assistant","hash":"76a5ce4fd1637684f64d90f0c7c338ca","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cultivation-assistant-2130785e7bf7c6ba"},{"postedOn":"11 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>Cure Lead</b></p><p><b>Department:</b> Cultivation</p><p><b>Reports to:</b> Cure Manager</p><p><b>Location: </b>Madison, FL</p><p><b>Role Summary:</b></p><p>The Cure Lead will ensure that daily functions of the department are being performed correctly and efficiently while confirming accuracy and quality throughout the Curing process.</p><p><b>Key Duties and Responsibilities:</b></p><ul><li>Verify that all employees are aware and adhere to the company's Uniform and Attendance policies.</li><li>Ensure that all employees receive proper training for the task at hand and the tasks are being completed according to the SOP's. Any questions that the Cure Technicians have regarding task should be directed to you.</li><li>Perform daily team meeting with your group to go over the tasks for the day.</li><li>Ensure that the work area is kept clean on a daily basis</li><li>Reporting any issues or updates on a daily basis directly to Cure Manager</li><li>Complete intake forms pertaining to incoming deliveries throughout the day from various departments and sites</li><li>Complete daily inventory checks to ensure associated internal and external audits are performed with ease and accuracy</li><li>Verify that all flower transfers are properly executed per week, and that each flower batch is transferred to the appropriate pipeline and destination in a timely manner</li><li>Ensure that all moisture testing is conducted in real time and all associated logs are updated daily</li><li>Make sure tools and equipment are maintained, cleaned and calibrated as needed</li><li>Ensure that all necessary sample testing is conducted daily, while also verifying that transport delivers testing samples to internal Lab</li><li>Ability to effectively and accurately read transport manifests for incoming flower deliveries</li><li>Ability to physically verify each flower batch to ensure the utmost quality while adhering to specifications set by QA department</li><li>All other duties as assigned</li></ul><p><b>SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS:</b></p><ul><li>Possesses a previous Cannabis work history with knowledge of Curing/Drying Cannabis Flower</li><li>Possesses a strong understanding of common plant deficiencies.</li><li>Strong written and verbal skills.</li><li>Strong attention to detail</li><li>Strong problem-solving skills</li><li>Ability to analyze and interpret issues and find solutions quickly</li><li>Strong computer skills.</li></ul><p><b>ADDITIONAL MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:</b></p><ul><li>High School Diploma or equivalent</li><li>Must be a minimum of 21 years of age</li><li>Must have valid drivers license or ability to obtain one</li><li>Must successfully complete a comprehensive background screening</li></ul><p><b>PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:</b></p><ul><li>Must be able to push, pull, move, and/or lift a minimum of 50 lbs. to a minimum height of 5 feet and able to push, pull, move, and/or carry such weight a minimum distance of 50 feet, with or without mechanical assistance</li><li>Must be able to work seated/standing as appropriate at workstations for extended periods of time, maintain body equilibrium while climbing ladders, stairways, stopping, kneeling, crouching, and reaching, and use hands/fingers to hold, grasp, turn, pick, pinch frequently/constantly to complete tasks</li><li>Must be able to handle organic matter daily, able to wear PPE as appropriate (eye, face, hand, arm, head, foot, body, fall protection), and able to be exposed to hot, cold, wet, humid, or windy conditions while wearing PPE (95 degrees or greater)</li><li>Must have visual acuity with/without job aids to perform activities such as; reading, viewing a computer terminal, visual inspection involving small parts/details. Clarity of vision at 20 ft or more in day and night/dark conditions</li><li>Must be able to speak and communicate verbally at conversation levels with co-workers, vendors, etc. (Moderate noise)</li></ul><p><b>WORK SCHEDULE:</b></p><p>40+ hours weekly with flexible hours depending on department needs. Must be available to work occasional evenings, weekends, and holidays</p><p><b>Equal Opportunity Employer l Trulieve Supports a Drug Free Workplace</b></p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Trulieve, INC","logoUrl":"/logos/trulieve-1d76a294c42e35e1fad949d6f74742d9.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Lee, FL 32059","city":"Lee","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/trulieve-inc/cure-lead/979b4114b4693f4e62b0fd06df1f866d","title":"Cure Lead","hash":"979b4114b4693f4e62b0fd06df1f866d","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cure-lead-cd47a1780b04c5bb"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p>A recreational cannabis grow in Eugene is looking for trimmers throughout the summer for our outdoor harvests. Harvests come down every 3-4 weeks.Candidates must have experience trimming.Able to take directionThorough, clean and respectful of the workers around themAble to stay on task in a group environmentOLCC Cannabis Handlers Card requiredPlease attach a resume with referencesCompensation: $100 a poundJob Types: Full-time, Part-timePay: $14.00 - $17.00 per hourSchedule:Monday to FridayExperience:Relevant: 1 year (Preferred)License:OLCC (Required)Work Location:One locationTypical start time:9AMTypical end time:5PMWork Remotely:No</p></div>","company":{"name":"SMW Agriculture LLC"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Eugene, OR, USA","city":"Eugene","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/smw-agriculture-llc/trimmer-for-recreational-cannabis-grow/4de261266b902933ec8bda85923d3d53","title":"Trimmer for Recreational Cannabis Grow","hash":"4de261266b902933ec8bda85923d3d53","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/Yc_2Z3kBZ8fVeInGCbzQ-trimmer-for-recreational-cannabis-grow-in-eugene-or-at-smw-agriculture-llc"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Description</b></p><p><b>Roles and Responsibilities: </b></p><p>Works under the IPM Supervisor, Cultivation Supervisor, and Operations Manager to ensure completion of all IPM and Cultivation duties assigned. This position requires valid private pesticide applicator licensing, administered by the state Department of Agriculture and a Fit test for respirator use. Reports directly to the IPM Supervisor and when needed the Cultivation Supervisor or Manager of Operations.</p><p>· Must reliably use time logging application</p><p>· Administers weekly application prescriptions based on pest pressure, cultivation scheduling, plant health, and site-specific strategies as determined by the IMP Supervisor.</p><p>· Adheres to facility infrastructure, Cultivation Staff, and IPM:</p><p>Company Policies, Worker Protection Standard, Pesticide Labels,</p><p>and Federal, State, and local pesticide laws</p><p>· Maintains on-site (physical) and commercial (digital) pesticide application records</p><p>· Distributes biological controls</p><p>· Identifies and scouts for pests</p><p>· Maintains/cleans IPM equipment and infrastructure</p><p>· Participates in IPM related cultivation tasks</p><p>· Participates in other IPM and/or cultivation projects as directed</p><p>· Able to work with a team or solo efficiently</p><p>· Ability to communicate well</p><p>· Ensure compliance to Federal, State, and company regulations, policies, and procedures</p><p><b>Minimum Qualifications: </b></p><p>· A degree or higher in Entomology, Plant Pathology, Horticulture, Agriculture, Agronomy, or another related field is preferred</p><p>· Experience applying pesticides is required</p><p>· Experience troubleshooting and/or repairing mechanical systems (i.e. pumps, motors) is preferred</p><p>· Experience in cultivating cannabis or agriculture</p><p>· Possession of state credentials to work in cannabis cultivation facility</p><p>· Valid driver’s license and reliable transportation</p><p>· Ability to operate standard office equipment</p><p>· Good verbal and written communication skills</p><p><b>Knowledge/Skills/Abilities</b></p><p>· Advanced knowledge of and adherence to State and Federal pesticide regulations</p><p>· Advanced knowledge of IPM principles</p><p>· Ability to effectively carry out tasks, schedules, timelines, and expectations of IPM Supervisor and/or Operations Manager.</p><p>· Ability to understand and abide by pesticide labeling</p><p>· Ability to detect and identify pests and pathogens as well as contributing factors to their development</p><p>· Ability to effectively delegate tasks and manage time, considering facility schedules and needs</p><p>· Attention to detail and close adherence to company policies/SOPs</p><p>· Basic knowledge of mechanical systems, such as pumps and motors</p><p>· Ability to communicate effectively both verbal and written</p><p>· Ability to use Microsoft Office (Outlook, Excel, Word)</p><p><b>Experience and Training</b></p><p>· Experience and education in pest management, entomology, plant pathology, horticulture, agriculture, and/or Cannabis cultivation is preferred.</p><p>· Experience applying pesticides preferred.</p><p>· Experience in Cannabis and/or Agriculture cultivation required.</p><p><b>License or Certificate</b></p><p>· Candidates must possess at least a Private Applicator license or be able to obtain it within 60 days of hire.</p><p>Physical and Environmental Requirements</p><p>· Ability to work 7 days per week including holidays, days, nights, and weekends</p><p>· Ability to lift, push, and pull 50 pounds</p><p>· Ability to sit, squat, bend, and kneel repetitively throughout a workday</p><p>· Ability to stand for extended periods of time</p><p>· Ability to use a ladder (up to 12 ft. extension) and general hardware tools needed for common repair</p><p>· Ability to wear and work in all necessary PPE</p><p>· Including the ability to wear a full-face respirator and full body protective gear</p><p>· Ability to pass required medical evaluation for use of full-face respirator</p><p>· Ability to pass required respirator fit test</p><p>· Requires area of respirator seal to be clean-shaven or otherwise free of hair and other obstruction</p><p>· Ability to work under green lighting</p><p>· Frequent phone usage</p><p>· Heavy computer usage</p><p>· Possible exposure to chemicals, fumes, dust, odors, extreme heat temperatures, heights, indoor AC, no AC, outdoors, motion, noise, protective gear, vibrations, and water</p><p><b>Ability to work under the following conditions: </b></p><p>v Exposure to pollen, allergens, and non-carcinogenic pesticides, dust, odors, extreme heat, artificial light, sun exposure, vibrations, and water</p><p>Management reserves the right to assign other job duties, as necessary. Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.</p><p>We are proud to be an EEO/AA employer M/F/Disabled/Vet. We maintain a drug-free workplace.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 per hour</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 - $20.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Life insurance</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Customer Service: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Driver's License (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Next 1 Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/next-1-labs-e21da503f0d1eca90e0b7a5c899c6fd0.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Denver, CO 80239","city":"Denver","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/next-1-labs/ipm-integrated-pest-management-denver-co/8718706d3a1f26322864b96b0637f660","title":"IPM (Integrated Pest Management, Denver, CO)","hash":"8718706d3a1f26322864b96b0637f660","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/ipm-integrated-pest-management-denver-co-fa9beeebb92010c8"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Palm Gardens Cannabis Company;</b> creating sophisticated cannabis for mature consumers.</p><p>Palm Gardens is an Edmonton based Licensed Producer currently producing and selling edibles, and dried flowers in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Our vision was created to be a quality first oriented cannabis company, and we are now seeking passionate, like-minded individuals to join our team working to create a product that will exceed customer expectations and stand out in Canada’s adult use market.</p><p><b>Opportunity</b></p><p>This is an opportunity is based in Edmonton, Alberta and is curated for motivated individuals that are passionate, motivated, and believe in a team environment. The role of Master Grower will be a part of the leadership team and collaborate with the Quality Assurance Manager and Operations Manager on a daily basis ensuring a compliant, safe operation in all aspects of plant growth and day to day facility operations.</p><p><b>Job Summary</b></p><p>Palm Gardens Ltd is excited to be growing as an Edmonton based Licensed Producer. We are currently seeking to fill the role of Master Grower as we escalate production into the retail market. The position will be reserved for an individual who breathes passion, prides themselves on being detail oriented and whom provides an educated approach to their actions. The position is a full-time basis assuming daily duties to ensure a consistent, and efficient crop yield while operating under the Cannabis Act and adhering to facility specific SOP’s and guidelines.</p><p><b>Roles &amp; Responsibilities</b></p><ul><li>Assuming responsibility for overall plant health, crop yield and environmental maintenance</li><li>Lead, assist, train, and oversee all cultivation related staff and tasks including seedling sprouting, cloning, transplanting, nutrient management, pest management, defoliation, garden inspections, flushing, pruning, harvesting and drying</li><li>Maintain, develop, and operate compliantly under facility SOP’s</li><li>Developing efficient practices for optimal facility workflows and coordinating production schedules</li><li>Maintain company standards for cost control and waste reduction</li><li>Operate daily inventory control of plant production or culling</li><li>Maintain inventory of raw material cultivation related inputs from nutrient, biologicals, and other various inputs.</li><li>Accurately dose and mix dry and liquid nutrient concentrations</li><li>Have the ability and experience to dry, cure, trim and understand all post-harvest requirements</li><li>Display safe handling and use of chemicals</li><li>Ability to solve problems and recommend opportunities to improve productivity and efficiencies</li><li>Other duties deemed essential by management and operating procedures including but not limited to: facility housekeeping, sanitizing of equipment and surfaces, as well as general maintenance and housekeeping.</li><li>Ensure cleanliness at all times</li><li>Strong work ethic alongside the promotion of a safe and happy workplace</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications: </b></p><p><b>Required</b></p><p>- Minimum five years’ experience in commercial horticulture</p><p>- Competencies in Canada’s Cannabis Industry Policies (Cannabis Act)</p><p>- High school diploma or equivalent</p><p>- Must be precise and detail focused</p><p>- Must be mathematically skilled</p><p>- Read and write English</p><p>- Ability to pass security clearance background check</p><p>- Basic computer competencies</p><p>- Ability to lift up to 50lbs, standing, bending for extended periods of time</p><p>- Must be able to work in temperature controlled rooms, with high energy lighting</p><p><b>Preferred Assets</b></p><p>- University degree specializing in Biology, Chemistry, Plant Sciences, Agronomy, Agriculture, or Environmental Sciences</p><p>- Ticketed Pesticide Applicator Certificate</p><p>- Experience in food and beverage manufacturing considered an asset</p><p><b>Skills/ Assets/ Abilities</b></p><ul><li>Basic skills with hand tools</li><li>Understanding of control software’s and CPU operations</li><li>Computer literacies such as Microsoft Office and IMS</li><li>Bi-lingual</li></ul><p><b>Why Palm Gardens?</b></p><p>Palm Gardens is an independently owned and operated company that holds true character and family values. We are an Equal Employment Opportunity that values the strength of diversity within the workplace. All qualified individuals will be considered regardless of race, religion, age, sex, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or disability.</p><p>Successful candidates will receive health, medical and dental benefits after the probationary period.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Contract, Permanent</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental care</li><li>Extended health care</li><li>Vision care</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekends</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Palm Gardens Ltd"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Edmonton, AB","city":"Edmonton","stateProvince":"AB"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/palm-gardens-ltd/master-grower/6e07f905f9fe82048a33973ee5083254","title":"Master Grower","hash":"6e07f905f9fe82048a33973ee5083254","postingUrl":"https://ca.indeed.com/job/master-grower-821c54391cf7a7ee"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>Comco LLC is a fully licensed vertically integrated cannabis company built with our community in mind. Our company is built upon three cornerstones that create the foundation for all that we do. We are here to help others learn about cannabis, live with the benefits, and grow as an individual.Cultivation Technicians are responsible for all aspects of manufacturing through the plant lifecycle from seed to sale. These responsibilities include watering, plant management, harvesting and trimming of plant materials; as well as assembling completed product materials into various containers and packages as well as ensuring that the appropriate quantity, weight, and type of product is packaged. This position works in a timely manner and strives to increase productivity, and acts with professional regard to the management and use of all production facilities and processing equipment. All qualified applicants will be trained in the use of equipment for processing and harvesting, METRC training and all other required training. Areas of responsibility include:Following Policies &amp; Procedures for the daily operations and fully comply with state medical and adult use marijuana regulationsMaintaining testing and formulating operations by initiating, coordinating and enforcing operational policies and proceduresResponsibility for inventory, recordkeeping and quality of product at all times, maintaining inventory via seed-to-sale trackingFacilitating and coordinating the operational requirements between in the production workflowResponsibility for accurately weighing and recording all product weightsLocating and extracting merchandise from shelves and storage areas.Confirming merchandise information matches that of the work order.Working in a timely manner and striving to improve quality and maintain accuracyMaking sure that all concentrates/products are packaged, counted, sorted and labeled accuratelyAssisting with intake and offloading of product and suppliesCoordinating delivery through secure transporters and preparing orders for deliveryKeeping workplace surfaces and areas clean and sanitizedPerforming all other tasks and duties as assignedThis role requires:MUST be 21 years of age or olderWillingness to undergo a background check Note: This is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employees may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organizationPowered by JazzHR</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"From The Earth","logoUrl":"/logos/from-the-earth-5ad8620b4a4ba744cd249ddbb9299da4.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Jonesville, MI, USA","city":"Jonesville","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/from-the-earth/cannabis-cultivation-technician/07ccc97e166e98bec415f7275bd59e03","title":"Cannabis Cultivation Technician","hash":"07ccc97e166e98bec415f7275bd59e03","postingUrl":"https://directlyapply.com/jobs/from-the-earth/60a19ff4fd09a50004fc8e26"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Summary</b></p><p>Reporting to the Post Harvest Director, the Trim Lead is responsible for leading and guiding the Trim Team through the daily processes related to the processing of medical and adult use marijuana on behalf of Common Citizen. The Trim Lead executes his/her objectives in accordance with the directions of the Post-Harvest Director and state regulations.</p><p>Directly responsible for leading Trim Citizens through the execution of daily tasks which are vital to Common Citizen’s ability to produce the highest quality marijuana. Responsible for disseminating information, providing regular supervision, and status updates to the Post Harvest Director (PHD).</p><p><b>Duties/Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Responsible for trimming, weighing, packaging, and collecting data for harvested plants</li><li>Assign work schedules and duties to processing staff, and supervise their work</li><li>Lead daily Trim Room kick-off meeting, maintain Production Control Boards and Inventory Board</li><li>Directly responsible for all stages of trimming through the transfer to the Quarantine Room</li><li>Responsible for production and labeling of some secondary products to include: small flower, trim and fresh frozen material for extraction</li><li>Directly responsible for providing accurate and timely information to Post Harvest Director relating to weights, measures, quantities, etc.</li><li>Identify and communicate problems such as mold, diseases, insects, etc. that may have a negative impact quality</li><li>Oversee daily and weekly cleaning assignments</li><li>Performs other duties as assigned.</li></ul><ul><li>Assure sanitation standards are followed with respect to process equipment maintenance (i.e., nutrient reservoirs and irrigation) and finished goods production equipment (i.e., auto-trimmer, Pre-roll, extraction, etc.)</li><li>Be able to see and mitigate Waste / Product and Process Defects – considering a wide variety of defects such as plant disease, bad insects, poor product quality, etc.</li><li>Accountable for quality control checks (Leader Standard Work) to ensure process and product quality in line with company standards and assure Citizens maintain a clean and tidy workspace (5-S Standard)</li><li>Collaborate with all Citizens in improving daily tasks, assure proper training, and provide process audits with a passion for Continuous Improvement.</li><li>Communicate with clarity and consistency to maintain a positive and progressive team atmosphere.</li><li>Provide timely and professional feedback to Citizens on job performance.</li><li>Able to work independently with minimal supervision.</li><li>Ability to communicate using electronic media such as Slack and Outlook Email.</li><li>Perform other duties as required.</li></ul><p><b>The Experience You Bring</b></p><ul><li>Degree in Horticulture, Biology, Agriculture, or equivalent is preferred, but not required. Experience in agricultural or food safety/handling industry is acceptable in lieu of degree.</li><li>Knowledge of basic MS Office and METRC. LeafLogix is a plus.</li><li>Efficient cultivation/production work ethic with application of Lean tools.</li><li>Knowledge in areas listed dependent on where you will work: Plant diseases, insects and fungi, fertigation, plant treatment processes, cannabis finished goods product manufacturing, and extraction equipment.</li><li>Must be a proactive Leader, able to influence others in a professional and courteous manner, encourage Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement</li><li>Must have strong attention to detail and hold themselves and others accountable to Standards of Work. Solid communication and documentation skills.</li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements: </b></p><ul><li>Must be able to lift, pull and push 50 pounds and stand for entire 8-hour shift</li><li>Must be able to bend, reach, stoop and squat</li><li>Must be able to work in a highly pollenated environment (kief)</li><li>Must be able to work in hot and humid weather conditions.</li><li>Must be able to handle conflict and engage in crucial conversations.</li></ul><p><b>Common Citizen</b> is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an environment of mutual respect for all people. If you are a member of an equity group, you are encouraged to self-identify, on your application, cover letter or resume.</p><p><b>***Must be at least 21 years of age as required by the Marijuana Regulatory Association***</b></p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Common Citizen","logoUrl":"/logos/common-citizen-3e62d75f14959e7a96405c11214563de.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Marshall, MI 49068","city":"Marshall","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/common-citizen/trim-lead/5423fbf024fb050128a90204a26d3183","title":"Trim Lead","hash":"5423fbf024fb050128a90204a26d3183","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/trim-lead-af30f4c46154ba2d"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Description</b></p><p>Viridian Staffing's Client is looking for a Grow Assistant in the Trinity County, California, area about 75 minutes west of Redding, California.</p><p>Founded in 2013, Viridian Staffing (www.viridianstaffing.com) is the original, professional staffing, recruiting, and HR consulting firm solely dedicated to organizations in and supporting the commercial, medical, and industrial cannabis / hemp industry.</p><p>The ideal candidate for this position is passionate about cultivation and is known for their exceptional work ethic. While cannabis growing experience is not required, experience working in a cannabis grow operation doing many different jobs from cloning and watering to harvesting is preferred. If you don't have cannabis cultivation experience, you have experience working in growing other agricultural crops, and your references can attest to your quick ability to learn. This is a full time, permanent opportunity; however the work is done in split shifts, working from 7am 11am and then back from 4pm - 8pm. If you take direction well, while having some knowledge around cannabis growing and pest management (IPM) techniques, this could be the right position for you.</p><p><b>Requirements:</b></p><p>• Ability to stand, sit, twist and kneel up to 8 hours/day</p><p>• Attention to detail</p><p>• Willingness to take direction</p><p>• Ability to lift up to 50 pounds</p><p>• Proven work ethic</p><p>• Ability to arrive on time</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Viridian Staffing","logoUrl":"/logos/viridian-staffing-d0de49e2a7253e96f8478b76f87efb7c.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Redding, CA, USA","city":"Redding","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/viridian-staffing/cannabis-grow-assistant/0b5841de275ea3069edf812c5a6b50a8","title":"Cannabis Grow Assistant","hash":"0b5841de275ea3069edf812c5a6b50a8","postingUrl":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/c/Viridian-Staffing/Job/Cannabis-Grow-Assistant/-in-Redding,CA?jid=0d39fb754474e101"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>Cultivation Technician Pueblo West, COJob detailsSalary.</p><p>$13.00-$15.00/hr Starting with opportunity for advancement.</p><p>Full Job DescriptionCultivation Technician - Role and Responsibilities:To assist with the day-to-day maintenance of the cultivation.</p><p>Cultivation Technicians may be required to do one or all of the tasks listed below depending on the skill level of the Cultivation Tech.</p><p>WateringSoil mixing and turningPottingPruningTrellisingHarvestingCleaning grow areaMinimum Qualifications:High school diploma or equivalent requiredMust be 21 years oldValid Support badge or ability to obtain oneBasic math skillsValid driver's license and reliable transportationPhysical and Environmental Requirements:Ability to work in excess of 8 hours a day when needed.</p><p>Ability to lift, push, and pull 50 poundsAbility to sit, squat, bend, and kneel repetitively throughout a workdayAbility to stand and walk for extended periods of timeAbility to use a ladder (up to 16 ft. extension)Ability and willingness to work in the following conditions:Exposure allergens, Extreme climate with high and low temps as well as high and low humidity.</p><p>Work environments that include exposure to, but not limited to, chemicals(cleaning, such as bleach), fumes, dust, noxious odors, extreme heights, conditioned, unconditioned spaces, noise, protective gear, and water.</p><p>Management reserves the right to assign other job duties as necessary.</p><p>Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job.</p><p>Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-timePay: $13.00 - $15.00 per hourBenefits:Flexible scheduleSchedule:8 hour shiftDay shiftHolidaysMonday to FridayWork Location:One locationHours per week:30-39This Job Is Ideal for Someone Who Is:Dependable -- more reliable than spontaneousAutonomous/Independent -- enjoys working with little directionThis Job Is:A job for which military experienced candidates are encouraged to applyOpen to applicants who do not have a college diplomaWork Remotely:NoCOVID-19 Precaution(s):Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place</p></div>","company":{"name":"Colorado Fire Farms"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Pueblo West, CO, USA","city":"Pueblo West","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/colorado-fire-farms/cannabis-cultivation-technician/2fca4bf7c46661a753b96c68717ec45b","title":"Cannabis cultivation technician","hash":"2fca4bf7c46661a753b96c68717ec45b","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/s2TzdHkBZ8fVeInG_Da--cannabis-cultivation-technician-in-pueblo-west-co-at-colorado-fire-farms"},{"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><div>Overview:<p><b>Purpose</b></p><p>This position is responsible for executing their daily role within the Trim and Farm department to achieve the weekly objectives. This role is responsible for a variety of duties to process the harvested plants and support farm objectives as instructed by leadership. This position must fulfill their role with efficient productivity and accuracy. The Processor role must participate in their job with professionalism and safety, consistently. The Processor will report to the Leads of Trim and Supervisor of Trim.</p><p></p><p><b><br />Essential Duties</b></p><p></p><p><b><br />Procedures &amp; Tasks</b></p><ul><li>Take instructions and follow direction as delegated by leadership to meet daily and weekly, individual and team production and quality standards.</li><li>Execute the daily and weekly goals for harvesting plants in the Trim department. Processing the plants accordingly, separating bud material product, extraction material product, and unhealthy product consistently.</li><li>Be prepared to change technique and instruction based on variables, R&amp;D codes, and plant attributes.</li><li>Quality assurance review of product to be properly separated and processed.</li><li>Assist associates to achieve team goals, and support the Advanced Processors with instructed requests.</li><li>Maintain a clean and organized work environment following GMP certified procedures.</li><li>Properly use equipment and supplies to maintain its integrity and longevity.</li><li>Be prepared to execute tasks within the Processing department, along with assisting towards company and facility objectives.</li><li>Work in a timely manner and strive to increase productivity. Meet daily quotas.</li><li>Maintain a culture of professionalism.</li><li>Follow the instructions to complete duties and tasks asked by the leadership of the department to maintain and garden the farm.</li><li>Manicuring and defoliating plants to maintain health and optimize yields.</li><li>Preparing and loading tables.</li><li>Transferring plants from different areas of facility stages of growth.</li><li>Ensuring the accurate scanning of METRC tags for newly loaded plants.</li><li>Trellising tables with the plants for proper growth.</li><li>Building a plant canopy with trellis to optimize growth.</li><li>Harvesting mature plants to then transfer and securely transport to the Trim department.</li><li>Cleaning and maintaining all areas, equipment, and material throughout the cultivation.</li><li>Other duties as assigned, including, but not limited to assisting other departments to help facilitate the additional and/or supplemental work, such as, Cure dept tasks, Packaging dept tasks, Farm dept tasks, cleaning, and light maintenance as needed throughout the facility.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Workspace and Material Maintenance</b></p><ul><li>Ensure the organization and cleanliness of the Trim and Farm production area. Ensure organization and cleanliness of the immediate work area.</li><li>Perform regular cleaning and maintenance on work surfaces, tools, and related equipment (scissors,</li><li>table, floors etc.).</li><li>Contribute to instructed cleaning, sanitizing, and organization of the cultivation facility.</li><li>Participate with efficient productivity and teamwork when setting up for the day’s harvest and finishing the shift.</li><li>Contribute and show support to associates with a safe, well maintained, and organized work area.</li><li>After use of equipment or supply, follow through with cleaning and organizing SOPs.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Compliance and Reporting</b></p><ul><li>Follow all instructed state and federal compliance regulations.</li><li>Report any improper action of compliance regulations.</li><li>Following instructed procedures will maintain compliance and safety. Any compliance or safety mistake or error created must be reported to the leadership of the department.</li><li>Reporting data input as instructed for METRC plant tags.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Supervision</b></p><ul><li>Works under the direct supervision of the Leads of Trim and Farm and Supervisor of Trim and Farm.</li><li>This person does not supervise others.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Job Requirement</b></p><ul><li>To apply for a new position, employees must have served within this position for at least three months and be in good-standing before submitting the Grow Transfer Request form to the direct supervisor.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Working Conditions</b></p><ul><li>Able to use a computer and/or hand tools while sitting or standing for extended periods of time.</li><li>Able to move about a typical office, manufacturing and warehouse environment. This position is part of a fast paced environment.</li><li>Working in proper PPE at all times of scheduled shift to sustain GMP model certification.</li><li>Able to kneel, bend, reach, rotate, and stoop on an intermittent to regular basis daily.</li><li>Able to lift and move up to 50 pounds occasionally.</li><li>Consistent on-time attendance for all scheduled shifts. Prepared for full 40 hour week working scheduled shifts with occasional overtime shifts to complete daily and weekly objectives.</li><li>Occasional travel by conventional means including aircraft, motor vehicle and the like within the region and to other locations as required.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Job Qualifications</b></p><p></p><p><b><br />Work Experience</b></p><ul><li>One year of work experience in a related industry or work environment.</li><li>Experience working in a fast-paced production environment preferred.</li><li>Demonstrates ability to consistently meet productivity and performance requirements.</li><li>Demonstrates high attention to detail.</li><li>Demonstrates professional and respectful demeanor towards others. Demonstrates respectful verbal and written communication capability.</li><li>Knowledge and background in cannabis manufacturing preferred.</li><li>Must be able to secure appropriate work credentials from the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs Marijuana Regulatory Agency Enforcement Division.</li></ul><div></div><p><b><br />Education</b></p><ul><li>High School Diploma or equivalent required.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Proven success in the following job competencies:</b></p><ul><li>Teamwork</li><li>Productive Work Ethic</li><li>Respectful Communication</li><li>Professionalism</li><li>Problem Solving and Decision Making</li><li>Quality, Compliant, and Safe Results</li><li>Willing to take Direction</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Note: </b>To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. The requirements listed above are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required and are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities or qualifications associated with this job.</p><p></p><p><b><br />We are an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer</b>. Qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, protected veteran status or any other status protected by applicable law.</p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"LivWell Enlightened Health","logoUrl":"/logos/livwell-89608557080db7a3393f55010ac1d2c3.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Warren, MI 48089","city":"Warren","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/livwell-enlightened-health/cannabis-cultivation-associate/f2a347b5bd12ffc3e7900aa920a776ab","title":"Cannabis Cultivation Associate","hash":"f2a347b5bd12ffc3e7900aa920a776ab","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-cultivation-associate-1350d142b40b05f6"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>Welcome to the Latest Job Vacancies Site 2021 and at this time we would like to inform you of the Latest Job Vacancies from the Vertical Extent with the position of Cannabis grower - Vertical Extent which was opened this.</p><p>If this job matches your qualifications, please send your application directly through our latest Job site. Indeed, every job is not easy to apply because it must meet several qualifications and requirements that we must meet in accordance with the standard criteria of the Company who are looking for potential candidates to work. Good job information Cannabis grower - Vertical Extent Estacada below matches your qualifications. Good Luck: D</p><p>Social distancing guidelines in place. Diagnose and resolve plant health issues like mold, mildew or other infestations. Ensure that growth</p><p>• Company Name : Vertical Extent</p><p>• Open Position : Cannabis grower - Vertical Extent Estacada</p><p>• Location Job : Estacada, OR 97023</p><p>• Country Job : US</p><p><b>How to Submit an Application:</b></p><p>After reading and knowing the criteria and minimum requirements for qualifications that have been explained from the Cannabis grower - Vertical Extent job info - Vertical Extent Estacada, OR 97023 above, thus jobseekers who feel they have not met the requirements including education, age, etc. and really feel interested in the latest job vacancies Cannabis grower - Vertical Extent job info - Vertical Extent Estacada, OR 97023 in 13-05-2021 above, should as soon as possible complete and compile a job application file such as a job application letter, CV or curriculum vitae, FC diploma and transcripts and other supplements as described above, in order to register and take part in the admission selection for new employees in the company referred to, sent via the Next Page link below.</p><p>Vertical Extent |</p><p>Estacada, OR 97023</p><p>Estacada, OR 97023</p><p><b>OR</b></p><p><b>US</b></p><p>17-05-2021</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Vertical Extent","logoUrl":"/logos/vertical-companies-c676ebcc9dc9c34f4156600497f51e38.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Estacada, OR, USA (+1 other)","city":"Estacada","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/vertical-extent/cannabis-grower-vertical-extent/4f0c108b1e7f0aae8170053ec03dc3e5","title":"Cannabis grower - Vertical Extent","hash":"4f0c108b1e7f0aae8170053ec03dc3e5","postingUrl":"https://idblogo.com/job/fa6e3f93eee87f8c/cannabis-grower-vertical-extent.html"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Description</b></p><p>Location: 5 Forge Parkway Franklin, Massachusetts</p><p>Everyone is welcome here. Each of us is unique, and that’s what makes us amazing. We believe in inclusiveness and celebrating each person’s individuality, because there’s power in bringing people with different points of view and life experiences together. That’s why we provide equal employment opportunities (EEO). All applicants are considered regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.</p><p>So, bring yourself and your best ideas; when we feel safe and comfortable being ourselves, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.</p><p>IN A NUTSHELL…</p><p>The Trim Technician 1 role is an integral part of the Harvest Department’s success on a daily basis. The Trim Technician 1 is responsible for wet trimming 15-25 harvested cannabis plants on a daily basis as well as assist with dry trimming, de-sticking and various other tasks to meet daily production</p><p>This role is with NETA, one of the renowned retail brands under the Parallel umbrella. Parallel is one of the largest multi-state cannabis companies in the world, owning and operating in five markets; Florida (Surterra Wellness), Massachusetts (NETA), Pennsylvania (Goodblend), Nevada (The Apothecary Shoppe) and Texas (Surterra Wellness). If you enjoy companies that are growing, moving fast, and constantly challenging themselves to achieve more, then Parallel is for you. We work hard, lean on each other, and are passionate about a pretty ambitious vision … pioneering a new paradigm of what well-being can be for all people, everywhere. For more information, visit www.liveparallel.com.</p><p><b>WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING</b></p><p>• Follow NETA Policies &amp; Procedures for the daily operations and fully comply with state medical marijuana regulations</p><p>• Adheres to weekly production requirements as set by Supervisor</p><p>• Works in a timely manner and strives to increase productivity</p><p>• Working with a large team of 8-16 Trim Technician 1s on a daily basis</p><p>• Wet trimming 15-30 cannabis plants per day</p><p>• De-sticking based on the production needs of the day</p><p>• Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness in order to improve and promote quality</p><p>• Quality checking and processing of wet and dry marijuana plants</p><p>• Maintains time and attendance and all other conduct related requirements at all times</p><p>• Cleaning equipment thoroughly and maintaining and organized work area</p><p>• All other duties as assigned</p><p>EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS YOU’LL BRING</p><p>• Cannabis Industry experience preferred</p><p>• Ability to focus and be task oriented</p><p>• Ability to work as a collaborative team member</p><p>• Ability to keep organized and have extreme attention to detail</p><p>• Age 21 or over (Required)</p><p>• High School Diploma or equivalent (Required)</p><p>• Valid Government-Issued Photo ID (Required)</p><p>YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IF YOU…</p><p>• Are self-motivated; micro-managing isn’t fun for anyone</p><p>• Roll your sleeves up and do the work; strategy is important, but so is getting stuff done</p><p>• Can work fast and be flexible; our industry is always changing</p><p>• Play nice with others; we collaborate with each other a lot</p><p>• Think creatively; sometimes, the “traditional” solution isn’t the best one</p><p><b>WHAT YOU GET</b></p><p>• Consistent, reliable benefits; Full medical/vision/dental, 401k with a possibility of company match, access to company-sponsored well-being programs</p><p>• Balance and flexibility; paid time off, paid parental leave, flexible work arrangements</p><p>• Financial opportunity; an incentive program that provides opportunity to earn cash AND equity in a fast-growing company and industry</p><p>• Employee discount</p><p>• Chance to make a difference; Employee Relief Fund, community volunteerism opportunities through Benevity</p><p><b>PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS</b></p><p>• Requires the ability to sit or stand for 10 hours per shift</p><p>• Requires consistent hand eye coordination, and excellent hand dexterity</p><p>• Repetitive hand motions</p><p>• Light repetitive lifting of up to 15lbs</p><p>• Ability to lift 20 lbs unassisted</p><p>PARALLEL IS UNITED BY OUR VISION, MISSION, &amp; VALUES</p><p>Our Vision – why we exist – is to pioneer well-being and improve the quality of life for humanity through the benefits of cannabinoids.</p><p>Our Mission – how we will do this – is to build a leading, global well-being company through the best talent, our values, trusted and recognized brands, science and technology-based innovation, and a relentless focus on execution and continuous improvement.</p><p>Our Values – Integrity | Collaboration | Alignment | Intentionality | Accountability | Agility</p><p>We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. We embrace and encourage our employees’ differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our employees unique.</p><p><b>DISCLAIMER</b></p><p>Parallel reserves the right to change or assign other duties to this job description. Your employment with Parallel is a voluntary one and is subject to termination by you or Parallel at will, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time. Nothing in this document shall be interpreted to be in conflict with or to eliminate or modify in any way the employment-at-will status of Parallel associates.</p><p>Internal ID: 17124PandoLogic. , Location: Hopedale, MA - 01747</p></div>","company":{"website":"netacare.org","companyType":"Public/Growth","name":"Neta"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Hopedale, MA, USA","city":"Hopedale","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/neta/trim-technician-cannabis/749c27ab99a064b25bcececb2d21be1f","title":"Trim Technician Cannabis","hash":"749c27ab99a064b25bcececb2d21be1f","postingUrl":"https://www.snagajob.com/jobs/619840238"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>The former Mettowee Mill Nursery in Dorset Vermont, has reopened spring 2021 as a full-service garden and floral design center. Building on a 45 year tradition, our mission is to provide the tools to create healthy, biodiverse landscapes and timeless ornamental gardens, encouraging a mutually beneficial relationship with the natural world. Our approach will be sustainable and regenerative, while fostering community connections. The Mettowee’s 4.5 acre campus includes a 1,500 sq. ft. retail store and coffee bar, a 2,000 sq. ft. glass greenhouse, 10 additional greenhouses, barns, and ponds, all situated on the banks of Mettowee River.</p><p>We are currently seeking an experienced perennial grower with superb customer service skills. This position is a full-time, seasonal role. Compensation is $18-$23/hr.</p><p>Requirements include:</p><ul><li>Passionate about horticulture and a formal education in plant &amp; soil science, or botany.</li><li>Professional nursery experience with perennials, including maintenance and sales. Propagation experience a plus.</li><li>High level of organizational skills with specific ability to prioritize activities including managing inventory and optimizing labor.</li><li>Experienced in leading, managing and delegating to a team.</li></ul><p>Responsibilities to include:</p><ul><li>Develop and manage growing and care protocols for perennials for retail distribution.</li><li>Plan and control inventory, from budgeting and ordering through care and retail sale.</li><li>Assist customers with selections, providing excellent customer service in fast paced environment.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 - $23.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"name":"Mettowee Mint"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Dorset, VT 05251","city":"Dorset","stateProvince":"VT"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/mettowee-mint/perennial-grower-and-amp-retail-associate/218c4e487f45f8add5d36264a5aabbc5","title":"Perennial Grower &amp; Retail Associate","hash":"218c4e487f45f8add5d36264a5aabbc5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/perennial-grower-retail-associate-ef2032015840f285"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>The Grow Room Assistant will collaborate with Head Grower and Head Clone Manager to help the grow operation. Must stay current and adhere to all regulations and…</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"EzHire Cannabis","logoUrl":"/logos/ezhire-cannabis-6abb3d893680f023f2b399b67c79fd61.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Beggs, OK, USA","city":"Beggs","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/ezhire-cannabis/cannabis-grow-assistant-beggs/819a2e6adf4efeec3c3457a43e3588e6","title":"Cannabis Grow Assistant - Beggs","hash":"819a2e6adf4efeec3c3457a43e3588e6","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/smTydHkBZ8fVeInGrSQn-cannabis-grow-assistant-beggs-in-beggs-ok-at-ezhire-cannabis"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>Grown Here Farms is an organic farm located in Cawston, BC - organic vegetable and organic hemp production.</p><p>We are currently looking for a farm labourer with irrigation and equipment maintenance experience. Your job will include:</p><ul><li>Managing daily irrigation schedule;</li><li>Managing fertigation schedule and nutrient schedule;</li><li>Checking irrigation lines and repairing, as needed;</li><li>Maintaining irrigation lines;</li><li>Fixing irrigation breaks;</li><li>Helping when needed with field crew and harvesting and general farm labour;</li></ul><ul><li>Preparing and managing the irrigation schedule;</li><li>Providing solutions to create better efficiencies and maintenance processes and structures.</li></ul><p>This is a full time position. Accommodations are available on-site, if needed at a charge of only $30/week.</p><p>Wages include wifi, utilities, accommodations and all the veggies you can eat! Absolutely no drug or alcohol abuse. We have a family-oriented environment.</p><p>If you love working outside with a great team and have a positive attitude and outlook, send us your resume, we would love to talk.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Salary: From $15.50 per hour</p><p>Additional pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Casual dress</li><li>Discounted or free food</li><li>Flexible schedule</li><li>On-site parking</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Work remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Grown Here Farms Ltd","logoUrl":"/logos/grown-here-farms-ltd-eac3f75ede341f240bcc36b7be1df432.png"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Cawston, BC","city":"Cawston","stateProvince":"BC"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/grown-here-farms-ltd/farm-labourer-irrigation/6e21f4aa7d6d2691c8795293c8b0edd4","title":"Farm Labourer - Irrigation","hash":"6e21f4aa7d6d2691c8795293c8b0edd4","postingUrl":"https://ca.indeed.com/job/farm-labourer-irrigation-70143ee243345b8d"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Join an exciting workplace where you can experience career growth, meet amazing colleagues and be a pioneer in an emerging industry.</p><p><b>Are you an energetic person looking for an exciting industry and career growth? We are seeking a hardworking, honest and conscientious person to join the Zenabis family. You will:</b></p><p>• Foster a proactive, problem-solving approach and enjoy working in a diverse team</p><p>• Understand the importance of quality, safety and documentation</p><p>Duties and Responsibilities</p><p>• Manage workflow of the IPM team, including scouting schedule, beneficial insect application and coordinating the spray schedule for the entire cultivation facility</p><p>• Reviewing all grow rooms and associated batch binders once weekly, at least</p><p>• Updating grow room status on tracking sheets based on scouting events</p><p>• Ensuring IPM team is following all relevant SOPs, with emphasis on the IPM SOP and the Good Documentation Procedure SOP</p><p>• Reporting and communicating findings in the batch binders (BPRs), to the respective Flower Supervisor and to Production Supervisors, as well as to QA when applicable</p><p>• Ensuring that IPM team is working with GACP and EU-GMP standards at the forefront</p><p>• Other responsibilities as assigned</p><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><p>• Excellent time management skills</p><p>• Strong communication skills</p><p>• Knowledge in Microsoft Word and Excel</p><p>• Enteliweb experience</p><p>• New Brunswick Pesticide Applicators course required or willing to obtain</p><p>Salary: Hourly wage; commensurate with experience and qualifications</p><p>Security Clearance</p><p>Security Clearance may be requested for this position</p><p>Working Hours</p><p>Working Hours: Hourly Position - Shift Work. Some occasional weekend work or on-call work may be required as per direction of immediate supervisor/manager</p><p><b>Physical Requirements</b></p><p>Physical aptitude and health necessary to perform manual labor tasks</p><p>About Zenabis</p><p>Zenabis is quickly becoming a key player in the rapidly growing Canadian cannabis industry. As a publicly traded company (TSX:ZENA) with over 30 years of experience in commercial agriculture, we have the potential to become one of the largest licensed producers of medical and adult-use cannabis in the world. We are a diverse and passionate team of doctors, scientists, cultivators, educators, and advocates with the same goal: to increase access to high quality cannabis products.</p><p>While headquartered in downtown Vancouver, Zenabis’ facilities are located coast to coast across Canada. As the reach of our products continues to expand nationwide and internationally, we are looking for exceptional talent to propel our company to the next level. Join us as we help build this budding industry! For more information, please visit: https://www.zenabis.com.</p><p>Powered by JazzHR</p><p>GmoV13zerW</p></div>","company":{"website":"zenabis.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Zenabis","logoUrl":"/logos/zenabis-8de6b1511ca7bedbbfb66faf06991126.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Atholville, NB","city":"Atholville","stateProvince":"NB"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/zenabis/ipm-lead/7a07c5c9e2735837295b0c7d9913d6b4","title":"Ipm Lead","hash":"7a07c5c9e2735837295b0c7d9913d6b4","postingUrl":"https://ca.mncjobz.com/jobs/ipm-lead-atholville-961239"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Want to find a job in Cannabis? We connect you with some of the best dispensaries and growers in Florida searching for top talent.</p><p><b>Position Overview:</b></p><p>Our client is looking for an experienced cannabis grower for a newly licensed cultivation facility Florida. Cannabis growers will be responsible to oversee the operations at this cannabis cultivation facility.</p><p><b>Responsibilities:</b></p><p>Sourcing, cloning, transplanting for various strains of marijuana plants</p><p>Setting up and maintaining irrigation systems and environmental controls</p><p>Keep track of their facility’s inventory.</p><p><b>Qualifications:</b></p><p>Cannabis growers need experience working at a greenhouse or indoor farm.</p><p>Leadership, organizational and communication skills.</p><p>Establishing schedules and workflow.</p><p>This is an exciting opportunity in the cannabis industry! This role grants you the chance to grow not just in terms of plants, but in your career.</p><p><b>COVID-19 considerations:</b></p><p>We have a safe grow and would prefer phone/video interviews during this time</p></div>","company":{"website":"curaleaf.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Curaleaf","logoUrl":"/logos/curaleaf-e964a68a22b3f5813a0d31bcd66e1d36.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"New York, NY, USA","stateProvince":"NY"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/curaleaf/master-grower/91c110848466bc129e7a8901a0b495e5","title":"Master Grower","hash":"91c110848466bc129e7a8901a0b495e5","postingUrl":"https://tarta.ai/j/cwKKa3kBZ8fVeInGnpbM-master-grower-in-new-york-city-new-york-at-curaleaf"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>About Us</b></p><p>Common Citizen is proud to be a Michigan-based cannabis company committed to changing the social stigma that prevents people from enjoying the greater quality of life that cannabis can provide. Our company is founded on two principles: ‘cannabis for humanity’ and ‘change for the better’. ‘Cannabis for humanity’ meaning we put people first in everything we do – from our safe, high quality cannabis plants to our world-class customer experience to our caring workplace environment. ‘Change for the better’ meaning that we have an insatiable desire to make ourselves, our product and our team experience better each and every day. In fact, we are working hard to become and be recognized as a Great Place to Work® Best Workplaces in the USA.</p><p><b>About This Role</b></p><p>Every position at Common Citizen from seed to sale, is contributing to our mission to serve our fellow citizens of Michigan with the highest quality, safest cannabis product through our highly individualized and education-oriented provisioning centers. As such our growers, harvesters and trimmers are all called Cultivation Citizens.</p><p>Team Leads are servant leaders and subject matter experts responsible for leading Citizens in our daily work. Team Leads are working leads and are a key part of the Operations Leadership Team. They work in various functional areas from fertigation, plant creation/maintenance to product shipment. This is a dynamic team requiring dynamic leadership, and as such daily tasks may vary, resulting in a fast paced and lively work environment. Citizens rely on Team Leads for support, daily work direction and training.</p><p><b>What You Will Be Doing and Team Lead</b></p><p>Outlined below is what we see you doing at this point in time. We are a fast-growing company looking for people that are excited to grow along with us.</p><p>Responsibilities include but not limited to:</p><ul><li>Responsible for lead team of ~10 citizens</li><li>Oversees remediation process</li><li>Assuring work tasks within their assigned responsibilities are executed per the Standard Work with high degree of Safety, Quality and Regulatory Compliance</li><li>Lead teams within assigned work areas to achieve daily targets of Productivity, Quality and Safety</li><li>Facilitate Tier 1 Huddles and help manage our CC Lean Management System of Visual Controls (i.e., White Boards, Visual Standards, Signage, etc.)</li><li>Participate in Lean Kaizen events, Time Observation Studies, and Safety Committees</li><li>Accountable for 5-S and Standard Work development and improvement</li><li>Address and escalate personnel issues as needed with support from Captains and HR.</li><li>Perform as Subject Matter Expert in key process areas, for example: Water Sampling, Plant Health, Pre-Roll Quality, Post-Harvest Processing Equipment, etc.</li></ul><p>Additionally:</p><ul><li>Assure sanitation standards are followed with respect to process equipment maintenance (i.e., nutrient reservoirs and irrigation) and finished goods production equipment (i.e., auto-trimmer, Pre-roll, extraction, etc.)</li><li>Be able to see and mitigate Waste / Product and Process Defects – considering a wide variety of defects such as plant disease, bad insects, poor product quality, etc.</li><li>Accountable for quality control checks (Leader Standard Work) to ensure process and product quality in line with company standards and assure Citizens maintain a clean and tidy workspace (5-S Standard)</li><li>Collaborate with all Citizens in improving daily tasks, assure proper training, and provide process audits with a passion for Continuous Improvement.</li><li>Communicate with clarity and consistency to maintain a positive and progressive team atmosphere.</li><li>Provide timely and professional feedback to Citizens on job performance.</li><li>Able to work independently with minimal supervision.</li><li>Ability to communicate using electronic media such as Slack and Outlook Email.</li><li>Perform other duties as required.</li></ul><p><b>The Experience You Bring</b></p><ul><li>Degree in Horticulture, Biology, Agriculture, or equivalent is preferred, but not required. Experience in agricultural or food safety/handling industry is acceptable in lieu of degree.</li><li>Knowledge of basic MS Office and METRC. LeafLogix is a plus.</li><li>Efficient cultivation/production work ethic with application of Lean tools.</li><li>Knowledge in areas listed dependent on where you will work: Plant diseases, insects and fungi, fertigation, plant treatment processes, cannabis finished goods product manufacturing, and extraction equipment.</li><li>Must be a proactive Leader, able to influence others in a professional and courteous manner, encourage Lean Thinking and Continuous Improvement</li><li>Must have strong attention to detail and hold themselves and others accountable to Standards of Work. Solid communication and documentation skills.</li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements: </b></p><ul><li>Must be able to lift, pull and push 50 pounds and stand for entire 8-hour shift</li><li>Must be able to bend, reach, stoop and squat</li><li>Must be able to work in a highly pollenated environment (kief)</li><li>Must be able to work in hot and humid weather conditions.</li><li>Must be able to handle conflict and engage in crucial conversations.</li></ul><p><b>Why You’d Love This Role</b></p><p>You have:</p><ul><li>A high level of professionalism and believe in our founding principles: “Cannabis for humanity” and “Change for the better”. As such, you enjoy being involved in the community and being a steward for the company and the positive change that we believe in.</li><li>A passion for providing the residents and visitors of Michigan with the highest quality and safest cannabis products in the state.</li><li>A desire to change the social perception of cannabis and a passion for humanity.</li><li>A constant desire to learn new skills and believe in continuous improvement, both personally and professionally.</li><li>Value integrity and honesty and want to bring those values to the cannabis industry.</li><li>Enjoy being part of a team and sharing your skills with your fellow citizens.</li><li>An appreciation for all stages of the production cycle of cannabis, including harvesting and trimming.</li><li>An awareness of the contamination risk between a commercial and home grow, and thus can commit to not operating a home grow while working with us in the greenhouse</li></ul><p><b>Common Citizen</b> is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an environment of mutual respect for all people. If you are a member of an equity group, you are encouraged to self-identify, on your application, cover letter or resume.</p><p><b>***Must be at least 21 years of age as required by the Marijuana Regulatory Association***</b></p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Commercial Cannabis: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Common Citizen","logoUrl":"/logos/common-citizen-3e62d75f14959e7a96405c11214563de.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Marshall, MI 49068","city":"Marshall","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/common-citizen/pre-extraction-lead/aa0036c43fa6703ac69b487dfc51577d","title":"Pre-Extraction Lead","hash":"aa0036c43fa6703ac69b487dfc51577d","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/prelead-b2796ea361dbed7b"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>ABOUT: With an industry-leading experienced team, Natures Craft Cannabis is poised to bring a variety of CBD products to market in Canada and enlighten the consumer experience with Natural Health Products including therapeutics under the Cannabis Act, and Hemp Regulations.POSITION OVERVIEW: As the master grower holding a key role on the team, you will be instrumental in leading all aspects of cultivation under the Cannabis Regulations. These duties include but are not limited to: cloning, transplanting, propagation, and providing nutrients for various strains of cannabis plants; setting up and maintaining irrigation systems, environmental controls; and ensuring that the facility is pest-free in accordance with all internal policies and procedures in line with the Cannabis Act, the Pest Control Products Act and the Agricultural Act.JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform and manage all aspects of growing including: selection and development of genetic strains and seeds, cloning, potting and transplanting, maintaining nutrient regiments, feeding plants, defoliation, topping, flushing, trimming, harvesting, drying, waste disposal, and inventory management.</p><p>• Maintain exceptional attention to detail to achieve consistent high quality and yield.</p><p>• Recognize potential problems and execute correction measures.</p><p>• Manage data collection for accuracy and ensure all tracking is compliant with government regulations.</p><p>• Maintain growing protocols and nutrient regiment.</p><p>• Manage plant scheduling and organization to precisely project all garden needs on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.</p><p>• Catalog and analyze each individual strain from clone to flower to harvesting.</p><p>• Execute preventative maintenance and ensuring the Integrated Pest Management program is in place.</p><p>• Maintain a clean and organized work environment.</p><p>• Comply with all HR policies including confidentiality and non-disclosure.</p><p>• Follow all Good Production Practices (GPP), Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and current Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to maintain compliance with Health Canada and other regulatory body regulations.</p><p>• Assist Quality Assurance and Regulatory staff with inventory and compliance audits.</p><p><b>QUALIFICATIONS:</b></p><p>• Degree in Biology, Agriculture, Horticulture, Botany or relevant field.</p><p>• Minimum 2 - 5+ years experience.</p><p>• Proven background as a grower with pictures and portfolio.</p><p>• Management experience required.</p><p>• Data, computer, and technical writing skills required.</p><p>• Excellent communication and presentation skills.</p><p>• Proven ability to lead, inspire, and manage teams.</p><p>• Outstanding knowledge and understanding of the Cannabis Act along with the Food and Drug Act.</p><p>• Advanced knowledge of cannabis anatomy and genetics.</p><p>• Knowledge of plant diseases, insects, and fungi, including plant treatment options.</p><p>• Previous experience under the 'Cannabis Act' or 'MMAR'/'ACMPR' considered an asset.</p><p>• Valid security clearance (ACMPR or Cannabis Regulations) strongly preferred.</p><p><b>Application deadline: 2021-01-04Job Types: Full-time, PermanentSalary: From $110,000.00 per yearAdditional pay:</b></p><p>• Bonus pay</p><p><b>Benefits:</b></p><p>• Dental care</p><p>• Extended health care</p><p>• Paid time off</p><p>• Stock options</p><p><b>Schedule:</b></p><p>• Monday to Friday</p><p>• Weekends</p><p><b>Work remotely:</b></p><p>• No</p></div>","company":{"name":"Natures Craft Cannabis"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Nipawin, SK","city":"Nipawin","stateProvince":"SK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/natures-craft-cannabis/master-grower/f51a49135a683942d56269c783ef93f9","title":"Master Grower","hash":"f51a49135a683942d56269c783ef93f9","postingUrl":"https://ca.mncjobz.com/jobs/master-grower-nipawin-924627"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>COMPANY OVERVIEWRecently named one of Entrepreneur magazine’s Top 100 Cannabis Leaders, Cresco Labs is one of the largest vertically-integrated multi-state cannabis operators in the United States. Cresco is built to become the most important company in the cannabis industry by combining the most strategic geographic footprint with one of the leading distribution platforms in North America. Employing a consumer-packaged goods (“CPG”) approach to cannabis, Cresco’s house of brands is designed to meet the needs of all consumer segments and includes some of the most recognized and trusted national brands including Cresco, Remedi and Mindy’s, a line of edibles created by James Beard Award-winning chef Mindy Segal. Sunnyside*, Cresco’s national dispensary brand is a wellness-focused retailer designed to build trust, education and convenience for both existing and new cannabis consumers. Recognizing that the cannabis industry is poised to become one of the leading job creators in the country, Cresco has launched the industry’s first national comprehensive Social Equity and Educational Development (SEED) initiative designed to ensure that all members of society have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to work in and own businesses in the cannabis industry. MISSION STATEMENTAt Cresco, we aim to lead the nation’s cannabis industry with a focus on regulatory compliance, product consistency, and customer satisfaction. Our operations bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry by acting with the highest level of integrity, strictly adhering to regulations, and promoting the clinical efficacy of cannabis. As Cresco grows, we will operate with the same level of professionalism and precision in each new market we move in to.JOB SUMMARYCresco Labs is seeking a Cultivation Lead to join our growing Yellow Springs facility. The Cultivation Lead works within our on-site cannabis gardens to lead a team of agents in their daily tasks of monitoring and maintaining plant production and health. This individual will also oversee quality control measures within the greenhouse to ensure the highest quality products and highest standards of compliance are met, while keeping a keen eye to cleanliness and efficiency of the production area. CORE JOB DUTIES Agent Support and Management: Responsible for managing cultivation staff, schedules, cultivation processes, and inventory. Serves as a role-model and resource for cultivation staff concerning products and services, policies and procedures, industry news, and changes in regulations. Responds to all gardener questions, concerns, or suggestions and takes action when necessary to resolve conflicts. Responsible for delegating tasks to gardeners and harvest technicians in order to maintain a compliant and clean cultivation facility. Coordinates with the Garden Manager to ensure accurate information is communicated to the cultivation staff. Cultivation Operation Management: Oversees all cultivation tasks and processes, ensures proper documentation of all applicable activities in accordance with the State and standards set by Cresco Labs. Responsible for measuring and mixing nutrient and plant applications and applying these mixtures according to Cresco Labs policy. Ensure plant health by pruning, toping, trimming, analyzing plant health according to Cresco Labs policy, as well as any other tasks required. Maintain rotation of strains through garden to ensure variety and quantity for cultivation facility. Reports and Documentation: Maintain accurate records of all cultivation activities including inventory records, crop application records, materials receipt, returns, etc. in accordance with the State and standards set by Cresco Labs. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION AND SKILLS Excellent multi-tasking and organizational skills; manufacturing experience preferred Advanced knowledge of plant cultivation and cultivation facility operations Demonstrated experience managing agents and operations Computer literacy in word processing, point-of-sale systems, and data base management Knowledge of medical cannabis policy and law Two years of experience in a position with managerial responsibilities. Proficiency in windows-based software and point of sale applications. Ability to stand, sit, kneel, and lift up to 50 lbs. for extended periods of time.  ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTSMust be 21 years of age or older to applyMust comply with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry Cresco Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all applicants will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status</p></div>","company":{"website":"crescolabs.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Cresco Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/cresco-labs-af2becc596b572034007bd7a7d918bdd.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Yellow Springs, OH, USA","city":"Yellow Springs","stateProvince":"OH"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cresco-labs/cultivation-lead/5ee29020c260db697aa98bcb4ac43f64","title":"Cultivation Lead","hash":"5ee29020c260db697aa98bcb4ac43f64","postingUrl":"https://www.monster.com/job-openings/cultivation-lead-oh--1a85bc5c-e430-4b1b-9852-3179e303fe5d"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Breakwater Treatment &amp; Wellness is a licensed dispensary and grow facility in New Jersey. We are seeking a passionate, determined, detail-oriented, process-minded individual to assist in the production of our plants. This person must be willing to work long hours and be at the beck and call of our crops. They have to have a high degree of attention to detail, be able to spot problems, and work collaboratively with our team of growers to ensure those problems are addressed quickly and satisfactorily. In addition, this person must be comfortable executing routine tasks consistently, while always identifying ways to iterate our processes to achieve better results. This individual must also be humble and cautious, always being wary of what they don’t know and then working hard to close gaps in knowledge.</p><p><b>Job responsibilities include all aspects of indoor cannabis cultivation including, but not limited to:</b></p><p>• Feed, water, prune and manipulate production plants</p><p>• Evaluate health of plants and communicate both good and bad</p><p>• Follow an annual grow schedule while adjusting for changes</p><p>• Diligently keep equipment, irrigation system, tools, and area of operation clean and in functioning order</p><p>• Assist in non-assigned grow room duties when needed</p><p>• Execute foliar spray applications and drenches</p><p>• Maintain detailed logs of grow room actions</p><p>• Measure and mix nutrients stock tanks</p><p>• Input data and tag plants utilizing compliance reporting software</p><p>• Ensure compliance with local state and federal licensing requirements</p><p>• Consistently follow and execute cultural practices to a high standard</p><p>• Identify and propose process improvements to managers using data and logic</p><p>• Implement and execute best in class IPM procedures</p><p><b>Job requirements include:</b></p><p>• A degree in Horticulture, Plant Science, or a related physical science degree</p><p>• Preferred 2-5 years of direct experience with commercial horticulture using soil / soilless media</p><p>• Experience with tissue culture is a plus</p><p>• Ability to precisely follow directions and work closely with the grow schedule</p><p>• Required rotating weekends and holiday shifts</p><p>• Self-motivated, self-starting, able to work without direct supervision and thrive in a fast-paced work environment</p><p>• Familiarity with Argus or other commercial greenhouse control systems</p><p>• High level of attention to detail, familiarity with plant diseases and pests and a keen eye when scouting</p><p>• Ability to lift heavy loads continuously (50+ lbs), be standing for extended periods, and work in awkward positions</p><p>• A basic computer proficiency, including Excel and Google Sheets</p><p>• A valid Driver’s license and reliable transportation</p><p>• Ability to thrive in a fast-paced work environment and multitask</p><p>• Ability to exercise sound judgment and take initiative</p><p>• 21+ ability to clear a state conducted background check</p><p>• Familiarity with the medical cannabis industry</p><p>• Enthusiasm and a passion for growing cannabis</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Growth","name":"Breakwater Treatment & Wellness","logoUrl":"/logos/breakwater-treatment-wellness-3948deea6a6afbf56ffe05ff6d776de1.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"East Windsor, NJ, United States (+1 other)","city":"East Windsor","stateProvince":"NJ"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/breakwater-treatment-and-wellness/assistant-grower/65e9f3fe2417bcc6fe3059753dd15dbc","title":"Assistant Grower","hash":"65e9f3fe2417bcc6fe3059753dd15dbc","postingUrl":"https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/assistant-grower-breakwater-treatment-wellness-JV_IC1126731_KO0,16_KE17,46.htm?jl=4038221463"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p>Our client, a cannabis distribution &amp; processing company, is looking for a processing manger to help guide the team to success. The Manager will be in charge of the team and work in METRC to keep all transactions compliant.</p><p><b>Duties &amp; Responsibilities:</b></p><p>• Manage and create scheduling for trim team and other crew members Manage and coordinate Post Harvest, Cure, Processing and Packaging operations at the facility including: daily activities, supply requests, equipment requirements, training/ development, schedules, personnel and quality assurance. Inventory oversight, management, and organization. Manage and utilize Processing and Packaging labor force to effectively meet production goals and quality standards Provide coaching and direction concerning operational and personnel issues in the processing department Ensure product quality; making sure it is maintained while processed, cured, and packaged Monitor employee progress; coach, train and develop employees in the accomplishment of their duties and goals through personal and professional growth Assure compliance requirements are met or exceeded through operational and physical support at their facility.Support regulatory compliance activities including authoring and review of study reports, and SOPs Understanding of applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations as they pertain to the industry, personnel law, safety regulations, local municipal codes, and organizational rules, regulations, directives and standard operating procedures.</p><p><b>Skills &amp; Requirements:</b></p><p>• Management experience in field-based project management for a company with multi-site presence Strong knowledge and experience of post-harvest processing of agricultural/plant material on a commercial scale Trimming experience required Quick learner - grasps essence quickly and uses information learned to apply elsewhere Excellent written and verbal communication skills Excellent interpersonal skills, knows how to work well with diverse and dynamic teams across multiple functions. Thrives in a fast-paced, dynamic environment; can handle multiple high priority projects simultaneously Ability to listen well and communicate effectively orally and in writing with various audiences, including their direct supervisor, upper management, and law enforcement</p><p>Compensation: Flexible, depending on experience</p><p>If this sounds like the position you have been waiting for, please apply using the online application or the link below - all inquiries are strictly confidential. Our focus is to assist you to make your best next career move, and we will not use your information for any other purpose.</p><p>CannabizTeam is an equal opportunity employer. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status. TEMP100</p></div>","company":{"name":"Canabizteam"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"California, USA","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/canabizteam/cannabis-processing-manager/ce8a0fe0bc247581947bf21575391d79","title":"Cannabis Processing Manager","hash":"ce8a0fe0bc247581947bf21575391d79","postingUrl":"https://jobs.cannabis.net/career/105784/Cannabis-Processing-Manager-California-Ca"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>FIX THIS IS A COPY:</p><p>This posting is for a position on our Licensed Cannabis Farm located in Uxbridge, MA We are an established Cannabis Distributor gearing up for the upcoming cultivation season. We are looking for long term relationships with people looking to grow with us as a company.</p><p><b>Responsibilities Include: </b></p><ul><li>Construction</li><li>Labor</li><li>Plant care from clone to harvest</li><li>Ability to commute to the property and spend nights at the farm</li></ul><p><b>Preferred: </b></p><ul><li>Cannabis Cultivation Experience</li><li>Construction Experience</li><li>Able and willing to perform hard labor</li><li>Able to function within a team</li></ul><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: $15.00 - $20.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>12 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />All interviewees will be screen by temperature and asked to wear a mask indoors. We will follow all CDC guidelines or as required by law during these awkward times.</p><p>Ability to Commute/Relocate:</p><ul><li>Westford, MA 01886 (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Application Question(s):</p><ul><li>Be able to pass a CORI Background check.</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Driver's License (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Regenerative LLC","logoUrl":"/logos/regenerative-llc-a79e80378609b6b31841d3aa6fe7c6be.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Uxbridge, MA 01569","city":"Uxbridge","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/regenerative-llc/farm-hand-laborer/dd6d110392a8a71130c0f9cc84a2fe72","title":"Farm Hand/Laborer","hash":"dd6d110392a8a71130c0f9cc84a2fe72","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/farm-handlaborer-b2256d483277af69"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Temporary","postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Assistant Grower Job Description: </b></p><p><b>Summary: </b>Central Coast Horticultural is a medical and recreational Cannabis grow in Hanover,<br />Michigan that is focused on providing quality products to patients and customers around the state. As an assistant grower you will be part of a team that is responsible for caring for plants in all life stages, pruning, watering, and all other duties as assigned to you. The assistant grower reports to the Lead<br />Grower and Grower.</p><p><b>Typical Physical Demands: </b>Work requires periods of prolonged standing, bending, stooping, and sitting. Requires normal range of hearing. Requires hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity sufficient to operate trimmers, shears, instruments of measure, storage containers, etc. Lifting of 25-50 lbs is common with heavier objects done with a team member.</p><p><b>Typical Working Conditions: </b>Work is performed in busy medical and recreational cannabis greenhouses and outside on surrounding property. The greenhouses can be loud due to compressors, HAF fans, ventilation fans, etc. Will be in almost constant contact with plants. The greenhouses can also be very warm in the summertime. Work to be performed outside could be in any type of seasonal weather condition and for extended periods of time. Walking multiple miles per day outside is possible if assigned outdoors.</p><p><b>Duties and Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Responsible for helping the Lead Grower meet the production demand requirements.</li><li>Watering</li><li>Transplanting</li><li>Manicuring and defoliating crops</li><li>Help with harvest.</li><li>Cleaning and waste disposal</li><li>All other duties as assigned.</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Positive, inclusive attitude and ability to communicate effectively.</li><li>High school or equivalent, required.</li><li>Ability to pass a criminal background check (covering last 10 years)</li><li>Must be 21 years of age or older.</li><li>Reliable transportation</li><li>Ability to walk and stand for 8–12-hour days, lift 25lbs.</li><li>Data entry and construction experience preferred.</li></ul><p><b>Expected Shifts: </b>Mon – Fri, 7am - 5pm<br />- <b>Rotating weekend shif</b>t: Saturday and Sunday 7am-5pm</p><p>- <b>Rotating holiday shifts: </b>Growers rotate working holidays to ensure fairness</p><p><b>EEO Statement: </b><br />Central Coast Acquisitions, LLC provides equal employment opportunities to all employees and applicants for employment and prohibits discrimination and harassment of any type without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Temporary</p><p>Pay: $12.00 - $14.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekends</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location:</p><ul><li>One location</li></ul><p>Work Remotely:</p><ul><li>No</li></ul></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Growth","name":"Central Coast Horticultural","logoUrl":"/logos/central-coast-horticultural-867ba0144555f2b54bd26e8261444269.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Hanover, MI 49241","city":"Hanover","stateProvince":"MI"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/central-coast-horticultural/assistant-grower/24c601abc212b50b4621cd07f728af2d","title":"Assistant Grower","hash":"24c601abc212b50b4621cd07f728af2d","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/assistant-grower-d972289243d23df8"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","postedOn":"1 day ago","description":"<div><p>ATTENTION: WE ARE HIRING! 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