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Starting a Business Saved My Life


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Starting a Business Saved My Life

When I started my own business a few years ago I had no idea that starting a business would save my life. I’ve always wanted to run my own business, not because I wanted to be a ‘boss’ more so as a result of growing up in an entrepreneurial family it always seemed like an expected natural choice. I’ve always been drawn to entrepreneurial companies, the fast-paced driven nature of a small business is exciting, and the growth and development is highly rewarding.  If given the choice, I would always choose a growth company led by a founder over a multi-national. This has always been my leaning in business.

I’ve tried running businesses in the past, and each time my fear or lack of timing made starting and running a business difficult. I’ve also always hedged my bet by keeping a day job, a part- time entrepreneur never works, yet I always convinced myself that when my business was successful I would quit my day job. This way of thinking led to an unhappy life, yes, I was paying my bills, and yes, I had enough to invest in my business but I was never 100%. As a result, my efforts never seemed to achieve the anticipated reward.

In the midst of a midlife crisis, having lost my job, lost my best friend and being utterly alone. I discovered that fear of trying, fear of failure as well as fear of responsibility held me back. Being a stubborn person, it took sometime before I could connect the dots and see that this was a self-made crisis, one that I had complete control to change and transform. That self-realization was the start of a journey that changed my life and helped me build self-confidence and the strength to tackle any obstacle. My personal development led to a profound professional development that has changed my beliefs and has given me the courage to dream again.

What Did I Do?

Everything! I mean I tried it all, from psychedelics in the Amazon jungle, CBT, micro-dosing , electromagnetic frequency therapy, medical cannabis, meditation, acupuncture, intermittent fasting, vegetarian diet, chanting, praying, dancing for no reason, yes, I’ve tried it all.  Some of it helped, or only magnified my loneliness and pushed me further into depression and dependence.

When you choose to live in freedom, you learn to let go, not to be burdened by a narrative, limited by beliefs or dependent on others. You learn how to live in the present, appreciate every opportunity and thus every conversation with a sense of graceful openness.  You become a child again, willing to learn, excited to learn, hungry for growth and making an impact great or small.   Freedom led to spontaneity, novelty, and a sense of adventure and excitement.

Being An Entrepreneur Is A Great Responsibility

Having worked for great and terrible bosses I knew that before I attempted to grow a business I needed to work on myself, change my bad habits and be the leader I would follow. If I transformed myself I could transform my business.  So, I packed my bags and left on a sabbatical to Africa to rediscover who I am.

There's nothing more humbling than to see a child smile amongst all of the hardships in life. In the midst of poverty and lack of opportunity, fighting daily to create a bit of happiness in tough and difficult situations. If children living in tough circumstances can find something in life to be happy about, surely, I could as well. Surely, with all the opportunities afforded to me, I could find some happiness and give back.

The desire for freedom and the example of grace changed me. It set me on a course of self- discovery that changed my life. This experience humbled and sobered me.

Back From The Sabbatical

I was ready to conquer the world, face my fears, my insecurities, and damaging beliefs. I was determined not to run but to look at the man in the mirror with courage. Facing your fears is a personal task that only you can face and overcome.  Support is great and at times needed, but ultimately, you will have to come face to face with yourself and find acceptance.  Complete acceptance gives insight to your core beliefs and it is those beliefs that determine who you are.

I started a business with purpose, I wanted to give back, I wanted to be a ripple in a wave of transformation and change in our world today.  I wanted to solve small and big problems, to help people discover themselves and be empowered. I want to be an example that you can conquer your fears and insecurities and in doing so you will live a magical life of freedom and acceptance.