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Dry-Cure Technician

Acreage Holdings Syracuse, NY Full-time
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Position Title: Dry-Cure Technician
Department: Dry-Cure
Reports to: Dry-Cure Supervisor
Effective Date: TBD

Position Summary:
The Dry-Cure Technician will assist with the harvest, processing, and production of high-quality cannabis along with cleaning and maintaining laboratory grade equipment, recording, and entering data in multiple forms, and associated tasks delegated by management. The Dry-Cure Technician will be responsible for consistent, sanitary, and processing of cannabis adhering to company policies to successfully uphold quality control and consistent product production. The individual has the responsibility of harvesting, hanging, drying, curing, shucking, trimming, and any other processing of the cannabis plant and flowers and any cleaning required for each.


  • Adhere to specific quality control SOP's regarding procedural operations and quality of product produced
  • Record all cleaning activities in daily logs
  • Identify unsafe scenarios as they pertain to the Dry-Cure Department
  • Complies with Syracuse facility SOPs and New York State guidance on proper disposal methods for solvent and cannabis contaminated waste.
  • Manage high-stress situations and be flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced environment when the situation requires
  • Perform general routine/daily maintenance on Dry-Cure equipment - troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and regular data logging
  • Wash and sanitize all surfaces, containers, equipment, and any other ancillary Dry-Cure equipment
  • Record all cleaning activities in daily logs
  • Maintain and log all data sheets for chemicals and products physically and digitally
  • Effective communication with the Dry-Cure Supervisor/Management Team to ensure all operational needs are met and any procedural problems are addressed and resolved proactively
  • Open to constructive criticism and guidance and offer the same to others in the Dry-Cure department as well as the facility as a whole
  • Ability to work a varying schedule including nights, weekends, and overtime as determined by process demands
  • Support as necessary other departmental personnel and activities as process demands
  • Punctuality – Must arrive on time for each shift and take breaks/ lunch as scheduled
  • May help in other departments as needed/Other duties as assigned

Competencies – Required Skills/Abilities:

  • Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving ability
  • Ability to prioritize tasks
  • Ability to function well in a high-paced and at times stressful environment
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite
  • Proficient with BioTrack
  • Knowledge of production laboratory processes and procedures
  • Understanding of basic laboratory terminology and concepts
  • Meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Interpret and follow complex, written, verbal and technical instructions
  • Must be able to adhere to facility SOPs
  • Learn complex technical procedures in a timely manner
  • Pass the State of NY required background check


  • High School Diploma or equivalent.

Physical Requirements:

  • Must be able to work quickly but efficiently, while maintaining the integrity of the product.
  • Light to moderate lifting of up to 50 lbs; heavier weights with assistance.
  • Must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time.
  • Repetitive motions and understanding of lab equipment.
  • Must wear provided lab coat, hair/beard nets, gloves, surgical masks and safety glasses/ goggles/ splash shield, while working in the lab.
  • Must adhere to the Syracuse facility general hygiene requirements.
  • Capacity to stay focused on the task at hand.

Team player - works well with others.
Vaccine Policy:
New hires must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination, if vaccines are available and the employee is eligible, at time of hire.
Acreage Holdings believes this is an important measure to protect the health and safety of employees, customers, clients, family members and those who visit the workplace from COVID-19 infection.

This is policy is mandatory except for employees with a documented medical and/or religious reason for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The process for seeking an exemption or reasonable accommodation based on a medical and/or religious is that the employee must provide appropriate supporting documentation to the VP of Human Resources for review and final determination.

Job Type: Full-time

[{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Position Title: </b> Dry-Cure Technician<br /><b>Department: </b> Dry-Cure<br /><b>Reports to: </b> Dry-Cure Supervisor<br /><b>Effective Date: </b> TBD</p><p><b>Position Summary: </b><br />The Dry-Cure Technician will assist with the harvest, processing, and production of high-quality cannabis along with cleaning and maintaining laboratory grade equipment, recording, and entering data in multiple forms, and associated tasks delegated by management. The Dry-Cure Technician will be responsible for consistent, sanitary, and processing of cannabis adhering to company policies to successfully uphold quality control and consistent product production. The individual has the responsibility of harvesting, hanging, drying, curing, shucking, trimming, and any other processing of the cannabis plant and flowers and any cleaning required for each.</p><p><b>Duties/Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Adhere to specific quality control SOP's regarding procedural operations and quality of product produced</li><li>Record all cleaning activities in daily logs</li><li>Identify unsafe scenarios as they pertain to the Dry-Cure Department</li><li>Complies with Syracuse facility SOPs and New York State guidance on proper disposal methods for solvent and cannabis contaminated waste.</li><li>Manage high-stress situations and be flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced environment when the situation requires</li><li>Perform general routine/daily maintenance on Dry-Cure equipment - troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and regular data logging</li><li>Wash and sanitize all surfaces, containers, equipment, and any other ancillary Dry-Cure equipment</li><li>Record all cleaning activities in daily logs</li><li>Maintain and log all data sheets for chemicals and products physically and digitally</li><li>Effective communication with the Dry-Cure Supervisor/Management Team to ensure all operational needs are met and any procedural problems are addressed and resolved proactively</li><li>Open to constructive criticism and guidance and offer the same to others in the Dry-Cure department as well as the facility as a whole</li><li>Ability to work a varying schedule including nights, weekends, and overtime as determined by process demands</li><li>Support as necessary other departmental personnel and activities as process demands</li><li>Punctuality – Must arrive on time for each shift and take breaks/ lunch as scheduled</li><li>May help in other departments as needed/Other duties as assigned</li></ul><p><b>Competencies – Required Skills/Abilities: </b></p><ul><li>Excellent time management skills with a proven ability to meet deadlines</li><li>Strong analytical and problem-solving ability</li><li>Ability to prioritize tasks</li><li>Ability to function well in a high-paced and at times stressful environment</li><li>Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite</li><li>Proficient with BioTrack</li><li>Knowledge of production laboratory processes and procedures</li><li>Understanding of basic laboratory terminology and concepts</li><li>Meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail</li><li>Interpret and follow complex, written, verbal and technical instructions</li><li>Must be able to adhere to facility SOPs</li><li>Learn complex technical procedures in a timely manner</li><li>Pass the State of NY required background check</li></ul><p><b>Education/Experience: </b></p><ul><li>High School Diploma or equivalent.</li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements: </b></p><ul><li>Must be able to work quickly but efficiently, while maintaining the integrity of the product.</li><li>Light to moderate lifting of up to 50 lbs; heavier weights with assistance.</li><li>Must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time.</li><li>Repetitive motions and understanding of lab equipment.</li><li>Must wear provided lab coat, hair/beard nets, gloves, surgical masks and safety glasses/ goggles/ splash shield, while working in the lab.</li><li>Must adhere to the Syracuse facility general hygiene requirements.</li><li>Capacity to stay focused on the task at hand.</li></ul><p>Team player - works well with others.<br />Vaccine Policy:<br />New hires must present proof of COVID-19 vaccination, if vaccines are available and the employee is eligible, at time of hire.<br />Acreage Holdings believes this is an important measure to protect the health and safety of employees, customers, clients, family members and those who visit the workplace from COVID-19 infection.</p><p>This is policy is mandatory except for employees with a documented medical and/or religious reason for not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The process for seeking an exemption or reasonable accommodation based on a medical and/or religious is that the employee must provide appropriate supporting documentation to the VP of Human Resources for review and final determination.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Acreage Holdings","logoUrl":"/logos/acreage-holdings-e98c955f1604860eb23f2e307b1c63fd.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Syracuse, NY","city":"Syracuse","stateProvince":"NY"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/acreage-holdings/dry-cure-technician/873bb443bba403c1082ca3900fc28644","title":"Dry-Cure Technician","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"873bb443bba403c1082ca3900fc28644","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/drytechnician-77f1db83fa7d595c"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Title: </b>Extraction Technician</p><p><b>Work Location: </b>Syracuse, New York</p><p><b>Division/Department: </b>Processing Department</p><p><b>Reports to (Title of Manager): </b>Processing Laboratory Manager</p><p><b>Essential Duties and Responsibilities: </b></p><p>**<br />The Extraction Technician will assist with the production of high-quality cannabis extracts along with cleaning and maintaining laboratory grade equipment, recording, and entering data in multiple forms, and associated tasks delegated by management. The Extraction Technician will be responsible for consistent, sanitary, and safe production of extracts adhering to company policies to successfully uphold quality control and consistent product production. The individual has the responsibility of extracting, refining and purifying cannabinoids from plant material into a concentrated form using solvents.</p><ul><li>Preparing biomass for solvent based extraction and post processing.</li><li>Sample preparations and logging for analytical testing.</li><li>Adhere to specific quality control SOP's regarding procedural operations and quality of product produced.</li><li>Identify unsafe scenarios as they pertain to the Manufacturing Department.</li><li>Performs daily safety inspections for extraction systems.</li><li>Safely and effectively perform all methods of the cannabis extraction and refinement process practiced at the Syracuse facility as directed by Management, including but not limited to, ethanol and CO2 extractions, winterization, filtration, color remediation, ethanol recovery and distillation.</li><li>Complies with Syracuse facility SOPs and New York State guidance on proper disposal methods for solvent and cannabis contaminated waste.</li><li>Manage high-stress situations and be flexible and adaptable in a fast-paced environment when the situation requires.</li><li>Perform general routine maintenance on lab equipment - troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, and regular data logging.</li><li>Wash and sanitize lab surfaces, glassware, equipment, and any other ancillary lab equipment.</li><li>Record all cleaning activities in daily logs.</li><li>Maintain and log all data sheets for chemicals and products physically and digitally.</li><li>Effective communication with the Management Team to ensure all operational needs are met and any procedural problems are addressed and resolved proactively</li><li>Open to constructive criticism and guidance and offer the same to others in the department.</li><li>Ability to work a varying schedule including nights, weekends, and overtime as determined by process demands.</li><li>Support as necessary other departmental personnel and activities as process demands.</li><li>Punctuality – Must arrive on time for each shift and take breaks/ lunch as scheduled.</li><li>May help in other departments as needed/Other duties as assigned.</li></ul><p><b>Basic Qualifications: </b><br /><b>Education and/or Work Experience Requirements: </b></p><ul><li>Strong analytical and problem-solving ability.</li><li>Ability to prioritize tasks.</li><li>Ability to function well in a high-paced and at times stressful environment.</li><li>Understanding of basic laboratory terminology and concepts.</li><li>Meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail.</li><li>Able to interpret and follow complex, written, verbal and technical instructions. Must be able to adhere to facility SOPs.</li><li>Sound technical ability and ability to learn complex procedures in a timely manner.</li><li>Pass the State of NY required background check</li><li>High School Diploma or equivalent.</li><li>Bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, or related field.</li></ul><p><b>Additional Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to effectively communicate with internal and external customers</li><li>Excellent computer proficiency (MS Office – Word, Excel, and Outlook)</li><li>Must have certification</li><li>Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, while maintaining a positive attitude and providing exemplary customer service</li><li>Ability to work independently and to carry out assignments to completion within parameters of instructions given, prescribed routines, and standard accepted practices</li><li>Proficient with BioTrack.</li><li>Light to moderate lifting (up to 70lbs); heavier weights with assistance.</li><li>Must be able to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time.</li><li>Learn complex technical procedures in a timely manner.</li><li>Pass the State of NY required background check</li><li>Team player - works well with others.</li><li>Must wear provided lab coat, hair/beard nets, gloves, surgical masks, and safety glasses/ goggles/ splash shield, while working in the lab.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Acreage Holdings","logoUrl":"/logos/acreage-holdings-e98c955f1604860eb23f2e307b1c63fd.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Syracuse, NY","city":"Syracuse","stateProvince":"NY"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/acreage-holdings/extraction-technician/938fad0905e18d3f80cec8b9d9fa2edc","title":"Extraction Technician","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"938fad0905e18d3f80cec8b9d9fa2edc","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/extraction-technician-cb8b3bf77131204f"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Job Title: </b>Analytical Laboratory Technician</p><p><b>Work Location: </b>Syracuse, New York</p><p><b>Division/Department: </b>Processing Department</p><p><b>Reports to (Title of Manager): </b>Processing Laboratory Manager</p><p><b>Duties/Responsibilities: </b><br />The Laboratory Technician will complete tasks as assigned by the Processing Laboratory Manager to monitor and maintain the organization, cleanliness, and efficiency of the laboratory areas. The successful candidate will be detail oriented and able to follow established SOPs to ensure product integrity and quality control in a highly regulated environment.</p><ul><li>Maintain strict inventory records of all plant and oil materials, supplies, and equipment.</li><li>Maintain immaculate production and laboratory environments adhering to SOPs and manufacturing standards</li><li>Prepare formulations according to batch records and assist in other formulation related tasks assigned by Processing Laboratory Manager.</li><li>Collect samples from various product stages</li><li>Clean and sterilize laboratory glassware and tools maintaining a clean, safe, and organized work environment</li><li>Assist with the laboratory intake procedures, which include routine sampling and the use of analytical balances</li><li>Assist Chemist with sample preparations, which includes routine use of chemicals, pipettes, and centrifuge equipment</li><li>Prepare reagent solutions upon authorization</li><li>Assist in monthly inventory audits.</li><li>Properly dispose of waste according to SOP's.</li><li>Assist with updating documentation, maintaining records, and training personnel on basic lab equipment.</li><li>May help in other departments as needed/Other duties as assigned.</li></ul><p><b>Basic Qualifications: </b><br /><b>Education and/or Work Experience Requirements: </b></p><ul><li>Understanding of basic laboratory terminology and concepts.</li><li>Able to interpret and follow complex, written, verbal and technical instructions. Must be able to adhere to facility SOPs.</li><li>Computer &amp; equipment operations necessary for laboratory analysis (HPLC, GCMS/MS, analytical balance, automated pipettes, centrifuge, Lab Solutions, OpenLab, Shimadzu and Agilent equipment)</li><li>Preferred experience in a regulated laboratory setting</li><li>Pass the State of NY required background check</li><li>Excellent computer proficiency (MS Office – Word, Excel, and Outlook)</li><li>Thorough understanding of New York State law governing medical marijuana and Good Manufacturing Practices (preferred)</li><li>Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology, or related field is (preferred)</li><li>Familiarity with history and varieties of medical marijuana (preferred)</li><li>Experience with BioTrack. (preferred/ not necessary)</li></ul><p><b>Additional Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Strong analytical and problem-solving ability.</li><li>Ability to prioritize tasks.</li><li>Ability to function well in a high-paced and at times stressful environment.</li><li>Meticulous organizational skills and attention to detail.</li><li>Sound technical ability and ability to learn complex procedures in a timely manner.</li><li>Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including ability to effectively communicate with internal and external customers</li><li>Excellent computer proficiency (MS Office – Word, Excel, and Outlook)</li><li>Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines, while maintaining a positive attitude.</li><li>Ability to work independently and to carry out assignments to completion within parameters of instructions given, prescribed routines, and standard accepted practices</li><li>Experience with BioTrack. (preferred/ not necessary)</li><li>Light to moderate lifting (up to 50lbs); heavier weights with assistance.</li><li>Must be able to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time.</li><li>Team player - works well with others.</li><li>The job is performed indoors in a traditional laboratory setting. Exposure to chemicals and laboratory agents is expected. Protective safety clothing, goggles, gloves, facemasks, hairnets, or hat are required as needed.</li></ul><p><b>Required Experience: </b></p><ul><li>At least 1 year of related work experience in analytical Lab</li><li>Experience in cannabis potency testing methods (preferably).</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Acreage Holdings","logoUrl":"/logos/acreage-holdings-e98c955f1604860eb23f2e307b1c63fd.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Syracuse, NY","city":"Syracuse","stateProvince":"NY"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/acreage-holdings/analytical-lab-technician/e7e97e9c7e2f3197ac9e02262f326ca5","title":"Analytical Lab Technician","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"e7e97e9c7e2f3197ac9e02262f326ca5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/analytical-lab-technician-f42726960a6811e6"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"10 hours ago","description":"<div><div><ul><li>Follow all of our SOP regarding sample testing, lab safety, and all other SOPs.</li><li>Ensures consistency and efficiency of product through quality control testing and procedures.</li><li>Maintain compliance with company policies and procedures.</li><li>Maintain compliance with all AZ DHS regulations and laws.</li><li>Maintain inventory records of supplies, materials, and equipment.</li><li>Maintains strict inventory records of all plant materials, chemicals, and equipment.</li><li>Stores supplies and equipment and disposal of waste according to Pure Lab SOPs.</li><li>Clean and maintain our testing facility which includes the cleaning and sanitization of all testing equipment, work surfaces, and tools.</li><li>Diligently work in a focused, quick and efficient manner which includes cross training throughout our lab.</li><li>Perform clerical work related to laboratory activities: record keeping, filing, and use of LIMS.</li><li>Responsibly and carefully handle all products throughout the process so as to maintain a high degree of quality control.</li></ul><p><b>Please submit your resume with a cover letter for consideration. We are hiring now. Join THE top cannabis testing lab in Arizona.</b></p></div></div>","company":{"name":"Pure Labs AZ"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Phoenix, AZ","city":"Phoenix","stateProvince":"AZ"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/pure-labs-az/lab-technician/deec47072d2b41a91134f6b593e291e5","title":"Lab Technician","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"deec47072d2b41a91134f6b593e291e5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-1480b94c77a99128"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"10 hours ago","description":"<div><p><b>Lab Technician Job Description</b></p><p><i>Essential functions may include any of the following tasks, knowledge, skills and other characteristics. The list that follows is not intended as a comprehensive list; it is intended to provide a summary of the major duties and responsibilities. Employee may not be required to perform all duties listed, and may be required to perform additional, position-specific tasks. Reasonable accommodations, as defined under the American with Disabilities Act, will be made when possible.</i></p><p>This position will report directly to the Lab Manager and Director of Extraction</p><p><b>Lab Technician Job Responsibilities -</b></p><ul><li>Make Metrc Tags for RM (raw material), EO (essential oil) and RE (raw extract)</li><li>Maintain daily extraction run white board run schedule with Lab Manager</li><li>Weigh incoming RM into labeled totes for runs</li><li>Wash dirty totes once a month</li><li>Dry RM in the oven extracting EO’s – log wet, dry and EO weights in book</li><li>Grind RM – weigh buckets and log in book, label buckets with required data</li><li>Empty extract bags weigh and label waste bags with Metrc tag, log waste time, mix waste with soil outside in yard</li><li>Empty the steam distillation retort and evenly fill dryer bags. Dry RM, label tote and store tote in rotation for extraction. Remove EO from separator funnel create Metrc tags. Clean boiling vat and retort between runs.</li><li>Log daily ethanol use in book for required rolling inventory</li><li>Vacuum separation of winterized solution to prep runs for Roto-vap.</li><li>Operation of 20L Roto-vap filling and empty boiling flask, logging ethanol recovered.</li><li>End of day lab glass washed in dishwasher and beginning of day put away clean lab glass.</li><li>Occasionally work with kitchen staff making products.</li><li>Occasionally fill vape cartridges with a team.</li><li>Daily sweep and mop grind room, around extraction system, steam distillation and lab floors.</li><li>Help with facility maintenance.</li></ul><p><b>PHYSICAL DEMANDS: </b></p><p>Work is performed in a normal warehouse environment with some exposure to outdoor temperatures. The employee's working conditions are moderately noisy. Primary functions require sufficient physical ability and mobility to work in a manufacturing setting; to stand or sit for prolonged periods of time, to occasionally stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, reach, and twist; to lift, carry, push, and/or pull light to moderate amounts of weight; to operate manufacturing equipment requiring repetitive hand movement and fine coordination including use of a computer keyboard; to speak and hear; to verbally communicate to exchange information. While performing the essential functions of this job the employee is occasionally required to lift up to 40 lbs or move up to 100 pounds.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $16.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Masks indoors, social distancing, temperature checks and sanitation of all contact surfaces.</p><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Colorado MED Badge (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"STASH Cannabis Company"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Denver, CO 80211","city":"Denver","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/stash-cannabis-company/cannabis-extraction-lab-tech/3ef6c0c9e87450095c993ee76c6aedf7","title":"Cannabis Extraction Lab Tech","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"3ef6c0c9e87450095c993ee76c6aedf7","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-extraction-lab-tech-ff20fadda27870c3"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time, Contract","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"10 hours ago","description":"<div><p><b>Botanical Solutions CBD </b></p><p><b>Production Technician </b></p><p><b>Overview: </b><br />The Production Technician, under the supervision of and reporting to the Production Manager, is responsible for hemp extraction, winterization, and distillation processes. In addition to producing CBD oil/extract utilizing extraction, winterization, and distillation equipment, the position is responsible for assisting the Production Manager with equipment setup, operation, cleaning, and maintenance.</p><p>The position will also be responsible for accurate inventory management data input and operation of GMP/Organic certification software and systems and will work directly with the Operations Manager and Lab Manager to complete and ensure QA requirements.</p><p>Candidates should understand the basic chemical principles that are being applied during processing.</p><p><b>Responsibilities and Duties </b></p><ul><li>Participate and be successful in job-specific training programs</li><li>Participate and be successful in Good Manufacturing Practice training programs</li><li>Perform various production procedures such as:</li><li>Plan operations in accordance with production needs to maximize production</li><li>Operate equipment safely and effectively for production processing</li><li>Follow safety procedures and company policies for equipment operation &amp; maintenance</li><li>Inspect &amp; test equipment regularly to identify any replacements, malfunctions, and repairs</li><li>Evaluate equipment performance and recommend improvements</li><li>Work with Lab Manager for analytical needs and sample analysis</li><li>Operate forklifts and other industrial vehicles to transfer biomass and oil/extract</li><li>Record and report various production measurements onto paper forms, transcribe data into electronic logs and process management software</li><li>Maintain the work area to be clean, safe, and organized</li><li>Complete daily checklists for production, preventive maintenance, calibrations, and product safety</li><li>Contribute and coordinate disposal of waste materials</li><li>Basic facility janitorial duties</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications and Desired Skill Sets </b></p><ul><li>High school diploma or its equivalent; Bachelor’s Degree in a STEM field preferred</li><li>A minimum of 1 year of experience in a similar role in a professional hemp extraction and production environment</li><li>General knowledge in the operation of hemp extraction equipment</li><li>Knowledge of common concepts, practices, terms, and procedures within the hemp processing industry</li><li>Experience following instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform critical job functions</li><li>Experience working in coordination with a Quality Assurance-based production model</li><li>A positive attitude, is adaptable and has a strong desire to learn</li><li>Self-motivated</li><li>The ability to work as part of a team or individually</li><li>Strong organizational skills, attention to detail, ability to read and interpret written and verbal instructions</li><li>Applicants with additional skill sets such as welding, fabrication, engineering, electrical, HVAC, and automation experience are given preference where applicable</li><li>Experience operating HPLC analytical equipment given preference where applicable</li></ul><p><b>Compensation </b></p><p>Botanical Solutions CBD provides a highly competitive compensation package, including medical benefits and considerable PTO.'<br />'<br />Work Remotely</p><ul><li>No</li></ul><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract</p><p>Pay: From $45,000.00 per year</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>12 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Ability to commute/relocate:</p><ul><li>Beaverton, OR 97006: Reliably commute or willing to relocate with an employer-provided relocation package (Required)</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Required)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Similar Hemp Extraction: 1 year (Required)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Required)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Startup","name":"Botanical Solutions CBD","logoUrl":"/logos/cbd-farm-solutions-llc-bbcbaa776a12a595ffc5dc4419d92ff6.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Beaverton, OR 97006","city":"Beaverton","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/botanical-solutions-cbd/production-technician/403ede5a9c3f54687f3a95d8beb18966","title":"Production Technician","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"403ede5a9c3f54687f3a95d8beb18966","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/production-technician-0e0cac1f08c63805"},{"employmentType":"Part-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>HighRes Labs’ business is taking off, and we have an opening for a team player in the dynamic new industry of medical marijuana testing in Oklahoma. If you like working in a fast paced environment, and are looking for a position with tremendous upside potential, this should be your opportunity.</b></p><p><b>HighRes Labs is an ISO-17025 accredited testing laboratory, and we are licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health and Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. Put your chemistry related knowledge to work and apply today!</b></p><p><b>Responsibilities: </b></p><p><b>Lab Technician will work closely with lab chemist to conduct sample preparation and some simple testing. Training is available.</b></p><p><b>Essential Job Duties Include: </b></p><ul><li><b>Prepare and analyze samples from various cultivators, processors, and dispensaries.</b></li><li><b>Follow quality control and assurance procedures in compliance with ISO regulations.</b></li><li><b>Promote a positive and safe work environment through understanding of safety (OSHA) regulations, practices, and procedures, including but not limited to biological and chemical hazards.</b></li><li><b>Follow all company policies and procedures to ensure product integrity and quality control.</b></li></ul><p><b>Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: </b></p><ul><li><b>B.S. in STEM related fields.</b></li><li><b>Excellent listening and communication skills, self-motivated with strong organizational and teamwork skills; and strong written and verbal communication skills.</b></li><li><b>Must be customer service oriented.</b></li></ul><p><b>Special Requirements: </b></p><ul><li><b>Candidate must maintain confidentiality and take reasonable precautions to keep lab and client data confidential.</b></li><li><b>Valid Driver’s License</b></li><li><b>Must be able to legally work in the United States.</b></li></ul><p><b>Physical Requirements: </b></p><ul><li><b>Able to lift/carry up to 25 pounds.</b></li><li><b>Ability to bend at the waist, squat.</b></li><li><b>Ability to work with hands, see and hear.</b></li></ul><p><b>Conditions of Employment: </b></p><ul><li><b>Contingent upon a favorable background check.</b></li><li><b>Must maintain a valid driver’s license.</b></li></ul><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Pay: $11.00 - $23.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>On call</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Associate (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"HighRes Labs, Inc."},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Edmond, OK","city":"Edmond","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/highres-labs-inc/lab-technician/2ea7f98a8e7ee11d577dbb18ddb9e152","title":"Lab Technician","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"2ea7f98a8e7ee11d577dbb18ddb9e152","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-b12fc4b8b683b001"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><div><h2><b>COMPANY OVERVIEW</b></h2><p>Recently named one of <i>Entrepreneur</i> magazine's Top 100 Cannabis Leaders, Cresco Labs is one of the largest vertically-integrated multi-state cannabis operators in the United States. Cresco is built to become the most important company in the cannabis industry by combining the most strategic geographic footprint with one of the leading distribution platforms in North America. Employing a consumer-packaged goods (\"CPG\") approach to cannabis, Cresco's house of brands is designed to meet the needs of all consumer segments and includes some of the most recognized and trusted national brands including Cresco, Remedi and Mindy's, a line of edibles created by James Beard Award-winning chef Mindy Segal. Sunnyside*, Cresco's national dispensary brand is a wellness-focused retailer designed to build trust, education and convenience for both existing and new cannabis consumers. Recognizing that the cannabis industry is poised to become one of the leading job creators in the country, Cresco has launched the industry's first national comprehensive Social Equity and Educational Development (SEED) initiative designed to ensure that all members of society have the skills, knowledge and opportunity to work in and own businesses in the cannabis industry.</p><h2><b>MISSION STATEMENT</b></h2><p>At Cresco, we aim to lead the nation's cannabis industry with a focus on regulatory compliance, product consistency, and customer satisfaction. Our operations bring legitimacy to the cannabis industry by acting with the highest level of integrity, strictly adhering to regulations, and promoting the clinical efficacy of cannabis. As Cresco grows, we will operate with the same level of professionalism and precision in each new market we move in to.</p><p><b>JOB SUMMARY</b></p><p>Cresco Labs is seeking Lab Technician to join our facility. The Lab Technician will be responsible for assisting in product processing and formulation. The Lab Technician completes tasks assigned by the Lab Manager to monitor and maintain the organization, cleanliness and efficiency of production areas well as maintains quality control measures. The Extraction agent is also responsible for carrying out day-to-day tasks including prepping, and packaging.</p><p><b>CORE JOB DUTIES</b></p><p><b>Manufacturing:</b></p><ul><li>Responsible for the preparation of Cresco Labs extraction are, facilitating the processing of product in accordance with the commonwealth and standards set by Cresco Labs</li><li>Ensures consistency and efficacy of product through quality control testing and procedures outlined by Cresco Labs</li><li>Responsible for product processing and product formulation</li><li>Lab bench work and product filtrations</li><li>Assist in packaging department as needed</li></ul><p><b>Facility Cleaning:</b></p><ul><li>Perform all assigned duties required to ensure a clean and safe production facility</li><li>Ensure personal hygiene is acceptable under standards set by Cresco Labs before performing any production activities by washing hands, wearing a hair net, changing clothes</li><li>Complete the sanitation of all production equipment and tools including workspace, lab equipment, containers, and appliances.</li></ul><p><b>REQUIRED EXPERIENCE, EDUCATION AND SKILLS</b></p><ul><li>Two years of experience in a Lab that adheres to strict health and safety policies</li><li>Past experience in a highly regulated field producing pharmaceutical or nutraceutical products preferred</li><li>Effective time-management skills and ability to multi-task</li><li>Ability to work in a fast-paced, changing and challenging environment</li><li>Proficiency in windows-based software and point of sale applications</li></ul><p><b>ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS</b></p><ul><li>Must be 21 years of age or older to apply</li><li>Must comply with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry</li></ul><p><i>Cresco Labs is an Equal Opportunity Employer and all applicants will be considered without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran, or disability status.</i></p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Cresco Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/cresco-labs-af2becc596b572034007bd7a7d918bdd.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Lincoln, IL 62656","city":"Lincoln","stateProvince":"IL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/cresco-labs/lab-technician/64e5a33aaa36b1eaf5e69d74110739d8","title":"Lab technician","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"64e5a33aaa36b1eaf5e69d74110739d8","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-414d2307fbc9603f"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><p>The Extraction Technician is responsible for in process inspections of hemp, extraction and evaporation of solvents. This position must adhere to all Company safety policies and procedures in addition to state regulations for recordkeeping, inventory, and waste disposal.</p><p><b>Duties and Responsibilities</b></p><ul><li>Operate extraction machines to extract hemp.</li><li>Supervise, sort and grade hemp prior to extraction.</li><li>Transfer hemp extracts for further post-extraction activated (e.g. solvent evaporation and post processing)</li><li>Maintain documentation &amp; record keeping</li><li>Follow cGMP guidelines</li><li>Perform all technical procedures adhering to the operation, technical, and quality control policies and guidelines.</li><li>Maintaining, adjusting and repairing extraction equipment.</li><li>Categorization and retaining of waste in accordance with established guidelines.</li><li>Perform all duties in compliance with safety and OSHA regulations; including proper use of PPE.</li><li>Follow SOPs and make suggestions for revisions.</li><li>Proper use of scales for product and supply inventory tracking.</li><li>Other responsibilities will include record keeping, accurate data logging, routine facility maintenance, and equipment maintenance.</li><li>All members of the team are expected to take part in the overall workflow, organization, and functionality of the facility with proper use of time management and an ability to multitask.</li><li>Ability to obtain forklift license and operate forklift to load materials in a safe manner</li><li>Adhere to all safety guidelines</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><p>· Demonstrated problem solving/decision making skills</p><p>· 2+ years manufacturing, lab and/or packing plant operations</p><p>· Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and lead others to work as a team</p><p>· Attention to detail</p><p>· Proficient in Microsoft Office programs, word, excel, power point, access, etc.</p><p>· Understanding of Safety, 6S, and be willing to learn through provided training.</p><p>· Ability to use a computerized inventory management system</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $15.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>401(k)</li><li>401(k) matching</li><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Health savings account</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Night shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Golden Piedmont Labs","logoUrl":"/logos/golden-piedmont-labs-cd703daf476f68a689118783d2a5f9b3.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"South Boston, VA 24592","city":"South Boston","stateProvince":"VA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/golden-piedmont-labs/extraction-technician/ba092352f2a79a2721226233352eb281","title":"Extraction Technician","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"ba092352f2a79a2721226233352eb281","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/extraction-technician-5fbc75f67257691a"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"2 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>SUMMARY</b></p><p></p><p><br />The Lab Technician is required to have the ability to apply a strong technical and scientific foundation to delivery high quality scientific results in a laboratory environment in a safe and effective manner. The Lab Technician will be responsible for navigating day-to-day lab operations as directed by the Extraction Lab Manager.</p><p><b>Essential Duties and Responsibilities </b><b>include the following.</b></p><p><br /></p><ul><li>Prepare material for extraction</li><li>Perform cannabinoid extraction using supercritical CO2 and/or solvent-less methods by following the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).</li><li>Complete day-to-day post-processing operations</li><li>Assist in the formulation of infused products</li><li>Perform basic calculations and assess mathematical based data</li><li>Record and maintain logs in accordance to Florida state laws and regulations.</li><li>Cleansing glassware and other general laboratory duties</li><li>Must have the ability to both perform tedious tasks and multi-task</li><li>Required to alternate day and night shifts to accommodate cross-training in both methods of extraction</li><li>Flexibility in scheduling is required</li><li>All other duties as assigned</li></ul><p><b>Education &amp; Other Requirements</b></p><p></p><ul><li><br />Bachelors or Associates degree in relevant field</li><li>Laboratory experience required; cannabis extraction preferred</li><li>Basic computer skills including the use of Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as state-mandated tracking system (with training provided)</li><li>Must be 21 years of age</li><li>Required to pass a Florida Department of Law Enforcement Level 2 criminal background check as required by the Office of Medical Marijuana Use (OMMU)</li></ul><p><b>Supervisory Responsibilities</b></p><p></p><p><br />There are no supervisory responsibilities with this position</p><p><b>Physical Demands</b></p><div><div><p><b>Physical Demands</b></p><p><b><br />Percentage of Work Time Spent on Activity</b></p></div><p></p><div><p><b><br />0-24%</b></p><p><b><br />25%-49%</b></p><p><b><br />50%-74%</b></p><p><b><br />75-100%</b></p></div><div><p><b><br />Lifting/Pulling/Pushing:</b> Must be able to lift to 100lbs</p><p></p><p><br />XX</p></div><div><p><b><br />Fingering/Grasping/Feeling:</b> Must be able to type and use technical sources.</p><p></p><p><br /></p><p>XX</p></div><p></p><div><p><b><br />Climbing/Stooping/Kneeling:</b> Must be able to climb, stoop or kneel</p><p></p><p><br />XX</p></div><p></p><div><p><b><br />Sitting/Standing/Walking:</b> Must be able to be stationery and/or move about departments</p><p></p><p><br />XX</p></div><div><p><b><br />Standing for long periods of time</b></p><p></p><p><br />XX</p></div></div><p></p><p><b><br />Work Environment</b><b></b></p><p>The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. The noise level in the work environment is occasionally loud.</p><ul><li>Shared space with coworkers</li><li>Safety equipment/PPE required in work areas</li><li>Confined spaces for machine maintenance</li><li>Heat waves during summer months</li><li>Constant exposure to loud machinery</li><li>Strong odors (both pleasant and unpleasant)</li><li>Flashing lights from CO2 alarms set</li><li>Requires the transporting of 50 – 100 lb. CO2 tanks from indoors to outdoors</li><li>Casual yet professional work atmosphere</li></ul><p><b>Equal Opportunity Employment</b></p><p>iAnthus provides equal employment opportunities (EEO) to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability or genetics. In addition to federal law requirements, iAnthus complies with applicable state ad local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in every location in which the company has facilities. This policy applies to all terms and conditions of employment, including recruiting, hiring, placement, promotion, termination, layoff, recall, transfer, leaves of absence, compensation and training.</p><p>iAnthus Capital expressly prohibits any form of workplace harassment based on race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, genetic information, disability or veteran status.</p><p></p><p><br /></p><p></p><p></p><p>fy2M6pnrrf</p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"iAnthus Capital","logoUrl":"/logos/ianthus-capital-c36caf6d20991ec90c6c56824883f16e.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Gaithersburg, MD 20879","city":"Gaithersburg","stateProvince":"MD"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/ianthus-capital/lab-technician-i/4ac63e631e9a8c6ebaba023a7201800a","title":"Lab Technician I","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"4ac63e631e9a8c6ebaba023a7201800a","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-i-1b2d194ab97ea3be"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b><i>Who we are</i></b></p><p>Here at Vireo Health, Inc. ( Vireo ) our mission is to bring the best of technology, science, and engineering to the cannabis industry. We are a physician-led, customer-focused team of more than 500 dedicated employees creating best-in-class cannabis products and customer experiences. Vireo is proud to have one of the most diverse workforces in cannabis, promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through engaging employee outreach programs, community events, and non-profit partnerships. We are rapidly expanding nationwide, and we are looking for talented, compassionate, and dedicated people to join our team and help us grow. From Cultivation to Operations to Sales &amp; Marketing, we are hiring people who share our vision and passion for improving people s lives. If you are looking for a positive work environment where your contributions truly make a difference, click apply and let us learn about you!</p><p><b><i>What you will do</i></b></p><p>We are seeking a energetic and experienced <b><i>Production Technician</i></b> to join our growing dynamic team! In this role The Production Technician is responsible for the production, secondary packaging, and labeling of cannabis-based medicines.</p><p><b><i>Highlighted Responsibilities</i></b></p><ul><li>Assist with bucking and de-stemming harvests.</li><li>Maintain quality of raw cannabis after harvests.</li><li>Trim and sort flower for sale, and process into final packaged cannabis products.</li><li>Production of cannabis pre-rolls.</li><li>Assemble secondary packaging and package raw cannabis products.</li><li>Print and apply labels to various types of finish packaged products.</li><li>Carry out quality control checks on finished products.</li><li>Maintain a clean and safe working environment including cleaning labware and workstations.</li><li>Manage parallel workflows.</li><li>Keeps a detailed log, dating and recording all tasks performed and relevant.</li><li>Comfortable performing in a goal driven work environment.</li><li>Interacts with electronic record keeping.</li><li>Perform other functions as necessary to provide an adequate supply of product to meet patient demands.</li><li>Provide feedback to improve process quality.</li><li>Some machine maintenance will be required.</li><li>Other duties assigned by manager.</li></ul><p><b><i>Qualifications</i></b></p><ul><li>Must be 21+ years of age and pass a criminal background check</li><li>Some experience in a regulated environment.</li><li>Understand how to use measuring instruments such as calipers, scales, and balances.</li><li>Requires manual dexterity, bending and lifting</li><li>Comfortable using MS Office</li><li>Excellent communication skills, verbal and written</li><li>Ability to work in a team environment, as well as independently</li><li>Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously</li><li>Ability to work in a fast-paced environment</li><li>Adaptable to change in the work environment</li></ul><p>The job is performed indoors and outdoors. Exposure to chemicals and laboratory agents is typical and outdoor heat expected. Protective safety clothing, goggles, gloves, facemasks, or hat are required depending on areas of work. Activities include extended periods of sitting or standing.</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $15.70 per hour</p><p><b><i>EEO Statement</i></b></p><p><i>Vireo Health, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin, disability status, genetics, protected veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local laws.</i><b><i>www.vireohealth.com</i></b></p></div><p></p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Vireo Health Inc.","logoUrl":"/logos/vireo-health-125544955cfe8cdd68bc5cddd679f996.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Monticello, MN","city":"Monticello","stateProvince":"MN"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/vireo-health-inc/production-technician/ce91b9a93eb421510bc7db40c274b9a0","title":"Production Technician","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"ce91b9a93eb421510bc7db40c274b9a0","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/production-technician-a2684b4974c53e3e"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>We will looking to fill several positions with our team. Your personality and work ethic is more important than your experience. We will train you on our isomerization and short path distillation methods that produce high potency, 3rd party tested hemp products. These positions require attention to detail and the ability to confidently follow directions to produce the highest quality product every time. You are getting in on the ground floor of our Miami location with room for advancement within the company.</p><p>Min Requirements:</p><p>Must Pass Background Check</p><p>High School Diploma or Higher</p><p>Must be able to Stand for Shift</p><p>Must Have Transportation</p><p>Able to Occasionally Lift 40 lbs'<br />'<br />Work Remotely</p><ul><li>No</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $14.00 - $15.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>12 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Ability to commute/relocate:</p><ul><li>Miami, FL 33127: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Overnight Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Botanical Biotech","logoUrl":"/logos/botanical-biotech-c261902df5e6328cd90966821628589e.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Miami, FL 33127","city":"Miami","stateProvince":"FL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/botanical-biotech/lab-technician/d1457a0941b13322753d9a393cce21bc","title":"Lab Technician","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"d1457a0941b13322753d9a393cce21bc","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-e1c6672f771e0427"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Looking for a lab technician in the CBD/Cannabis field to operate a wiper distillation machine. Experience is preferred, but not required as you will be fully trained prior to running the system alone. Shifts are 8-10 hours beginning at 12pm.</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 per hour</p><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Following local guidelines</p><p>Ability to commute/relocate:</p><ul><li>Long Beach, CA 90810: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Required)</li></ul><p>Language:</p><ul><li>English (Required)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Night Shift (Required)</li><li>Day Shift (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"RGM"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Long Beach, CA 90810","city":"Long Beach","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/rgm/lab-technician/fded4f1e278ed1195b6f2486100d7df1","title":"Lab Technician","category":"General","hash":"fded4f1e278ed1195b6f2486100d7df1","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-10ebadca9e71fcfa"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><p><b>Job Title: </b>Extraction Technician</p><p>FLSA Non-Exempt Classification: Non-Exempt</p><div><div><div><p><b>Job Summary:</b></p></div></div><p></p><div><div><div><p>Under the supervision of the Hemp House Operations Manager, this position will be</p></div></div><div><div><p>responsible for all areas and aspects of hemp extraction, CBD distillation, and CBD isolation</p></div></div><div><div><p>in a cGMP facility. This will include but not limited to following all process SOPs, keeping</p></div></div><div><div><p>work area clean and safe, properly filling out all production paperwork, and effectively</p></div></div><div><div><p>communicating with Operations Manager on all daily activities.</p></div></div></div><div><div><p><b>Essential Job Duties and Responsibilities: (Additional duties may be assigned)</b></p><ul><li>Operator in production laboratory for cannabis oil concentrates.</li><li>Preparing biomass for solvent based extraction and post processing.</li><li>Maintain production records and track key metrics, regularly report findings to management.</li><li>Maintain batch production records in accordance with standard operating procedures.</li><li>Technicians are expected to adhere to specific quality control SOP’s regarding procedural operations and quality of product produced.</li><li>Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, to manage high-stress situations, and to be flexible and adaptable when the situation requires.</li><li>General routine maintenance on lab equipment. Troubleshooting, preventative maintenance and regular data logging.</li><li>Laboratory and equipment cleanup. Wash and sterilize lab surfaces, glassware, equipment, reactors, and any other ancillary lab equipment.</li><li>Maintain and log all data sheets for chemicals and products physically and digitally.</li><li>Regular communication with the Management Team is to be maintained to ensure all operational needs are met and any procedural problems are addressed and resolved proactively.</li><li>Where applicable, promote and maintain GMP requirements.</li><li><div><div><div><ul><li>Run analytical equipment.</li><li>Ensure compliance with standard operating procedures.</li><li>Work in compliance with established safe work practices and procedures.</li><li>Quality Control testing of in-process materials and finished product.</li><li>Must be able to handle constructive criticism and guidance and offer the same to others in the department.</li><li>Ability to work a varying schedule including nights, weekends, and overtime as necessary.</li><li>Duties and responsibilities may change at any time since this is a plant startup which will provide an abundance of opportunities to develop new skills and solve problems.</li></ul></div></div></div></li></ul></div></div></div></div></div><div></div><div><div><div><div><div><div><p>Department: Hemp House</p></div></div></div><div><div><div><br /><p></p></div></div></div><div><div><div><p>Reports To: Hemp House Operations Manager</p></div></div><br /></div></div><br /></div></div></div><div></div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><p><b>Minimum Qualification Standards:</b></p><ul><div><ul><li>3+ years’ experience in a processing environment.</li><li>Able to interpret and follow complex, written, verbal and technical instructions. Must<p>be able to adhere to facility SOPs.</p></li><li>Ability to keep an accurate inventory in real-time.</li><li>Must be able to work an entire shift, when necessary, in an enclosed room.</li><li>Must be able to work in a stationary position as well as move about unassisted.</li><li>Must be able to safely and carefully operate and use assigned equipment and machinery.</li><li>Must be able to stoop, kneel, or crouch as circumstances arise during the course of a shift.</li><li>Must be able to hear and converse with supervisors and other employees.</li><li>Must be able to see and read small print.</li><li>Must be able to work in a moderate noise level environment.</li><li>Must be able to work a 12-hour or 10-hour shift and overtime as assigned.</li><li>Must have sufficient range of motion with arms and hands to reach overhead and to the side, often repetitively, during a 12-hour or 10-hour shift.</li><li>Must be able to ascend/descend a step ladder while carrying up to 50 pounds of materials.<p><b>Preferred qualifications</b></p></li><li>Secondary degree in a science field.</li><li>Experience in a laboratory setting, analyzing experimental data, and documenting<p>results.</p></li><li>Experience in a GMP, ISO 9001, SQF or other GFSI certified facility would be highly considered.</li><li>Experience with solvent or supercritical CO2 extraction will be highly considered.</li><li>General knowledge of production processes and procedures.</li><li>General understanding of basic laboratory terminology and concepts.</li><li><div><div><div><ul><li>Meticulous attention to detail.</li><li>Sound technical ability and ability to learn complex procedures in a timely manner.<p><b>Equipment, Machines and Software Used:</b></p><p>This position requires the regular use of hammer mill, centrifuge, distillation equipment and laboratory equipment.</p></li></ul></div></div><div><div><p><b>Mental Requirements:</b></p><ul><li>Close mental and visual attention required to perform work.</li></ul></div></div></div></li></ul></div></ul></div></div></div><p><b>Physical Requirements:</b></p></div></div></div><div></div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div>Physical Activity</div> <div>N/A</div><div><div><div><p>Average Amount of Time Per Day</p></div></div></div><br /></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Occasionally</p></div></div><br /></div><div><div><div><p>Frequently</p></div></div><br /></div><div><div><div><p>Constantly</p></div></div></div><br /></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Sit (e.g., at desk, in vehicle)</p></div></div></div><div><br /><div><div> </div></div></div><p></p><div>✓</div><br /><div></div><div></div></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Stand</p></div></div><br /></div><div></div><div><div><div><p>✓</p></div></div></div><br /></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>W alk</p></div></div></div><br /><div></div><div></div><div> </div><p></p><div>✓</div></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>T alk</p></div></div></div><br /><div></div><div><div> </div></div><p></p><div>✓</div><br /><div></div></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Hear</p></div></div><br /></div><div></div><div><div><div><p>✓</p></div></div></div><br /></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Motion of hands or wrists (e.g., typing)</p></div></div><br /></div><div></div><div><div><div><p>✓</p></div></div></div><br /></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Finger, grasp, handle, or feel</p></div></div><br /></div><div></div><div><div><div><p>✓</p></div></div></div><br /></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Push and pull with arms</p></div></div><br /></div><div></div><div><div><div><p>✓</p></div></div></div></div><br /></div></div></div><div></div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><p>Reach with arms and/or hands</p></div></div> </div><div></div><div>✓</div><div><div><div><p><br /></p></div></div></div></div><br /><div><div><div><div><p>Crouch, bend, or kneel</p></div></div><br /></div><div></div><div><div><div><p>✓</p></div></div></div><br /><div></div></div><br /></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div><p></p><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><div><p><b>Physical Exertion:</b><br />Light work – exerting up to 50 pounds of force occasionally, and/or up to 20 pounds of force</p><p>frequently, and/or a negligible amount of force constantly to move objects.</p><p><b>Environmental Conditions:</b></p><p>Inside Work: With exposure to temperature changes (e.g., unheated or uncooled warehouse).</p><p><b>Travel:</b></p><p>This position does not require travel.</p><p><b>Disclaimer:</b></p><ul><li>All requirements are subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individuals with disabilities.</li><li>This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by the employee(s) occupying this position. Employees will be required to follow any other job-related instructions<p>and to perform any other job-related duties requested by their supervisor.</p></li><li>The company reserves the right to add to or revise an employee’s job duties at any time at its sole discretion.</li><li>This document does not create an employment contract, implied or otherwise, other than an “at will” employment relationship.</li></ul></div></div></div></div></div></div><p><b><i>To apply, please send </i></b><b><i>application (link below) and </i></b><b><i>resume to</i></b><b> to </b><b>[email protected]</b></p></div><p><b>Beak &amp; Skiff Application for Employment</b></p></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div></div>","company":{"name":"Beak and Skiff"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"LaFayette, NY 13084","city":"Lafayette","stateProvince":"NY"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/beak-and-skiff/extraction-technician/74168b3d25269bd0410664c332dfb7c7","title":"EXTRACTION TECHNICIAN","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"74168b3d25269bd0410664c332dfb7c7","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/extraction-technician-a08e60e419414dde"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><p>If you are a self-motivated individual with a desire to learn and grow with a company, we are looking for you. This position will be working 4 - 10 hour shifts from 2pm-11pm Monday through Thursday.</p><p>We are looking for a results driven lab technician. This position will report to the general manager who has been working with the company for over a year. The successful candidate will be able to work in a highly-regulated environment, complete tasks start to finish, and will be reliable for all shifts/work load.</p><p><b>Responsibilities include, but not limited to...</b></p><ul><li>Meet daily and weekly volume goals prepping material for extraction.</li><li>Ensure high levels of packaging satisfaction through excellent service.</li><li>Maintain outstanding work space condition and regulated standards.</li><li>Deal with issues that arise.</li><li>Be a shining example of well behavior and high performance.</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><ul><li>At least 21 years old.</li><li>Maine resident with current valid Maine ID.</li><li>Must be able to pass the background check.</li><li>Basic knowledge of cannabis.</li><li>Detail-oriented and able to handle high-volume, fast-paced environment.</li><li>Reliable transportation.</li><li>The ability to perform tasks that involve lifting, prolonged standing, walking and kneeling.</li></ul><p>Work Remotely</p><ul><li>No</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Salary: $25.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Health insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />To keep our staff safe, we're following all of Maine's recommended guidelines. We provide masks, gloves, and sanitizer.</p><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Refine New England"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Portland, ME 04103","city":"Portland","stateProvince":"ME"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/refine-new-england/lab-technician/75038b6efc46af56baa405a707d4174f","title":"Lab Technician","category":"General","hash":"75038b6efc46af56baa405a707d4174f","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-981eb795786aacc0"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"3 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>JOB PURPOSE:</b></p><p>The Extraction Associate will be responsible for the consistent, sanitary and safe production of cannabis extracts utilizing company policies and SOPs to successfully uphold quality and consistency of all products produced.</p><p><b>KEY DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:</b></p><p></p><ul><li><br />Operate and maintain all extraction instruments and equipment</li><li>Maintain an organized and compliant work space</li><li>Complete and maintain all production records, logs, and mandatory paperwork</li><li>Exceed assigned goals and initiate new goals with oversight and support of manager</li><li>Perform all assigned equipment cleaning and maintenance and initiate when needed</li><li>Collect hazardous and nonhazardous waste and dispose of properly</li><li>Assist management in development projects as assigned</li><li>Firmly grasp and assess daily product quality</li><li>Responsible for communicating inventory of job-related materials</li><li>Plan and schedule work to meet production and schedule requirements with limited supervision</li><li>Work as part of a team to successfully meet production schedule</li><li>Contribute to SOPs, inventory reports and productivity reports</li><li>Clearly communicate production progress and status changes at shift change over</li><li>Interact with vendors equipment manufacturers as assigned</li><li>Ability to identify gaps and improvements for self</li><li>Other duties as assigned</li></ul><p><b>REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS:</b></p><p></p><ul><li><br />Must already possess or be able to qualify to receive a Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) support badge and be 21 years of age or older.</li><li>1 year of experience working in a commercial cannabis facility</li><li>Capable of performing routine tasks and able to make equipment repairs or notify proper personnel when unable to.</li><li>Ability to plan ahead, trouble-shoot, anticipate problems, and problem solve.</li><li>Ability to learn new technologies.</li><li>Able to follow directions and ask questions as needed.</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS:</b></p><ul><li>A four-year degree in a scientific discipline, or relevant work experience</li></ul><p><b>PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS:</b></p><ul><li>Ability to stand for majority of shift</li><li>Ability to lift 50 pounds on a regular basis, up to 75 pounds occasionally</li><li>Ability to work 10-hour shifts</li></ul><p><b>COMPENSATION DETAILS:</b></p><ul><li>Pay range: $19.00 to $25.00 ;<i>actual pay will be determined based on qualifications</i></li><li>Bonus eligible based on team specific terms.</li><li>Accrue paid time off (PTO) immediately; <i>starting at 2 weeks per year.</i></li><li>Health, dental, vision, life, disability, accident, and critical illness insurance plans available.</li><li>Retirement plans available after 6 months of employment.</li></ul><p></p><p>xZFf1iHsBX</p></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Native Roots","logoUrl":"/logos/native-roots-527218704d7f51985fb91ca1e5146d6b.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Denver, CO 80216","city":"Denver","stateProvince":"CO"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/native-roots/mip-extraction-technician/196979ad5e911215a1eae41cb6d22ee2","title":"MIP Extraction Technician","category":"Retail","hash":"196979ad5e911215a1eae41cb6d22ee2","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/mip-extraction-technician-08170403cc47356c"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"9 days ago","description":"<div><p>• Everyone is welcome here.</p><p>• Each of us is unique, and that's what makes us amazing.</p><p>• We believe in inclusiveness and celebrating each person's individuality, because there's power in bringing people with different points of view and life experiences together</p><p>• That's why we provide equal employment opportunities (EEO).</p><p>• All applicants are considered regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation.</p><p>• So, bring yourself and your best ideas; when we feel safe and comfortable being ourselves, there's no limit to what we can achieve.</p><p>• Parallel is looking for a detail-oriented Lab Technician II, Extraction for our manufacturing team.</p><p>• Responsibilities of the Lab Technician I, Extraction will include supporting daily/nightly extraction processes by preparing extraction material.</p><p>• Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness in order to improve and promote quality.</p><p>• Maintains a safe and compliant lab environment.</p><p>• The Lab Technician II, Extraction will fear no barrier in the pursuit of ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations, enforcing quality standards, reporting production issues, being a strong teammate, and effectively producing products for the manufacturing team.</p><p>• This role is with Pennsylvania Market, one of the renowned retail brands under the Parallel umbrella.</p><p>• Parallel is one of the largest multi-state cannabis companies in the world, owning and operating in five markets; Florida (Surterra Wellness), Massachusetts (NETA), Pennsylvania (Goodblend), Nevada (The Apothecary Shoppe) and Texas (Goodblend).</p><p>• If you enjoy companies that are growing, moving fast, and constantly challenging themselves to achieve more, then Parallel is for you.</p><p>• We work hard, lean on each other, and are passionate about a pretty ambitious vision</p><p>• pioneering a new paradigm of what well-being can be for all people, everywhere.</p><p>• For more information, visit www.</p><p>• liveparallel.com. WHAT YOU WILL BE DOING</p><p>• Responsible for day-to-day extraction processes and concentrate production, including wax, shatter, distillate, and food grade oil</p><p>• Follows Extraction standard operating procedures with safety as the highest importance</p><p>• Maintain accurate counts, weights, and labels at all times</p><p>• Responsible for inventory, recordkeeping, auditing and quality control of all products</p><p>• Responsible for physical tracking binder</p><p>• Responsible for sock tracking</p><p>• Coordinates product tracking and ensuring proper inventory levels in each room</p><p>• Acquires and documents samples for testing</p><p>• Keeps up with Testing Requirement Updates</p><p>• Will handle all LL movements, conversions, and Lab samples for Extraction</p><p>• Works in a timely manner and strives to increase productivity</p><p>• Create and maintain organized and consistent tracking systems for both existing and new products</p><p>• Ensures quality control, making sure that all Extraction products are created and inventoried accuratelyEXPERIENCE AND SKILLS YOU'LL BRING</p><p>• Ability to work as team leader, guide and as part of a team cohesively</p><p>• Ability to multitask and awareness of multiple active processes</p><p>• Advanced working knowledge in MS Office</p><p>• Knowledge of and hands on experience with various extraction machines, distillation and rotary evaporation</p><p>• Experience with Extraction Purification and Analysis</p><p>• Technical proficiency in MJ Freeway, excellent communication skills, highly motivated, strong organizational and time management skills</p><p>• Familiarity with quality control, policy and procedure, and documentation</p><p>• Minimum 2 years' experience in analytical quality management, including QA/QC methods</p><p>• Age 21 or over (Required)</p><p>• High School Diploma or equivalent (Required)</p><p>• Minimum A.A., B.A./B.S. preferred</p><p>• Valid Government-Issued Photo ID (Required)YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IF YOU</p><p>• Are self-motivated; micro-managing isn't fun for anyone</p><p>• Roll your sleeves up and do the work; strategy is important, but so is getting stuff done</p><p>• Can work fast and be flexible; our industry is always changing</p><p>• Play nice with others; we collaborate with each other a lot</p><p>• Think creatively; sometimes, the \"traditional\" solution isn't the best oneWHAT YOU GET</p><p>• Consistent, reliable benefits; Full medical/vision/dental, 401k with a possible company match, access to company-sponsored well-being programs</p><p>• Balance and flexibility; paid time off, paid parental leave, flexible work arrangements</p><p>• Financial opportunity; an incentive program that provides opportunity to earn cash AND equity in a fast-growing company and industry</p><p>• Chance to make a difference; Employee Relief Fund, community volunteerism opportunities through BenevityPHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS</p><p>• Ability to work in a laboratory environment without regular sensitivity to noise or smells</p><p>• Ability to stand for prolonged periods of time</p><p>• Must be able to bend, lift, and stoop continuously</p><p>• Lift 60 pounds unassisted or up to 80 pounds assistedPARALLEL IS UNITED BY OUR VISION, MISSION, &amp; VALUESOur Vision - why we exist - is to pioneer well-being and improve the quality of life for humanity through the benefits of cannabinoids.</p><p>• Our Mission - how we will do this - is to build a leading, global well-being company through the best talent, our values, trusted and recognized brands, science and technology-based innovation, and a relentless focus on execution and continuous improvement.</p><p>• Our Values - Integrity | Collaboration | Alignment | Intentionality | Accountability | AgilityWe are an Equal Opportunity Employer.</p><p>• We embrace and encourage our employees' differences in age, color, disability, ethnicity, gender identity or expression, language, national origin, physical and mental ability, political affiliation, race, religion, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, veteran status, and other characteristics that make our employees unique</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Surterra Holdings","logoUrl":"/logos/surterra-holdings-36438f9065d6c02f268a36670ac6dcfa.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Hill AFB, UT, USA","city":"Hill Afb","stateProvince":"UT"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/surterra-holdings/lab-technician-ii-extraction/1ec25c2f792b1f6ab6e84abb625de3bd","title":"Lab Technician II, Extraction","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"1ec25c2f792b1f6ab6e84abb625de3bd","postingUrl":"https://jobsearcher.com/j/lab-technician-ii-extraction-at-surterra-holdings-in-hill-afb-ut-kYjaRR1"},{"function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"5 days ago","description":"<div><div><p><b>Production Technician</b></p><h3><b><i>Be part of the cannabis industry in Rock Island!</i></b></h3><p><b>Join our team of helpful and happy, Production Technicians that have a passion in the well-being of others. The work week is 5 days, Monday-Friday from 7:15AM to 3:33PM. The starting pay is $16.00 and in 90 days the pay will go up to $16.40. We offer a great benefits package, vacation time and paid holidays. Plus, enjoy a 40% discount at our dispensaries on our brand name product lines.</b></p><p><b>At Green Thumb Industries we have a growth mindset and that is grounded in well-being. We believe in the right to have access, options, and most importantly, the safest cannabis products available for the communities we serve. This is the time to join us - we need you to help us create change and new possibilities.</b></p><p><b>The Role</b></p><p>The Production Technician is responsible for manicuring and packaging plant material and infused products. In this role, maintaining accuracy in weighing product, fulfilling product, labelling, and inventory is paramount. The Production Technician is also responsible for maintaining a perpetually clean workspace to provide a sterile environment for production of medical products. This person will also have some responsibility for tracking product electronically on the company MRP system to ensure compliance with state laws and program regulations. The ideal candidate has a relentlessly positive attitude, a strong work ethic, competitive and team-oriented spirit, and great attention to detail.</p><p><b>Qualifications</b></p><ul><li>High School Education or GED required</li><li>1+ years working in either retail, food or production environment preferred</li><li>Experience processing medical cannabis or other botanicals highly desirable but not required</li><li>Must work well in a group and independently; demonstrate self-motivation and initiative</li><li>Employee must exhibit personal hygiene and follow the health guidelines set forth by Green Thumb and the state while processing patient medicine</li><li>Green Thumb</li><li>Must have a solid understanding of the Cannabis laws, rules and regulations and passion to further their understanding and knowledge of the industry and the laws.</li></ul><p><b>Additional Requirements</b></p><ul><li>Must pass any and all required background checks</li><li>Must be and remain compliant with all legal or company regulations for working in the industry</li><li>Must possess valid driver's license or state ID card</li><li>Must be a minimum of 21 years of age</li><li>Must be approved by state badging agency to work in cannabis industry</li></ul><p><b>Working Conditions</b></p><ul><li>While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to perform reaching, grasping, bending, stooping, talking, hearing, seeing and repetitive motions</li><li>Must be able to sit and/or stand for extended periods of time while maintaining focus</li><li>PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must be able to lift, carry and balance up to 50 pounds (100 pounds with assistance) AND must be able to do so with extreme care and caution when working with plants and product</li></ul><p></p><div><p><b><br />To lessen the impact on our patients, customers and teams and help keep them safe, we will require new hires to be fully vaccinated, as defined by the CDC. For questions, reach out to </b><b>[email protected]</b><b>.</b></p></div></div></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Green Thumb","logoUrl":"/logos/green-thumb-d605a1142745eee008e37bcb941371b1.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Rockford, IL","city":"Rockford","stateProvince":"IL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/green-thumb/production-technician/4223c541fe34e420c63fb811957eeea0","title":"Production Technician","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"4223c541fe34e420c63fb811957eeea0","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/production-technician-6df4fa1a966e5bb0"},{"salaries":[{"salaryStart":"$35k","salaryEnd":"$undefined","currency":"US","source":"Talent.com","position":"Lab Technician","type":"per year (median)","url":"https://www.talent.com/salary?job=lab+technician"},{"salaryStart":"$13","salaryEnd":"$23","currency":"US","source":"ZipRecruiter","position":"Lab Technician","type":"per hour","url":"https://www.ziprecruiter.com/Salaries/Lab-Technician-Salary-per-Hour"},{"salaryStart":"$54k","salaryEnd":"$undefined","currency":"US","source":"All Allied Health Schools","position":"Clinical Laboratory Technologists And Technicians","type":"per year (median)","url":"https://www.allalliedhealthschools.com/specialties/medical-lab-technician-job-description/"}],"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p>Full Tilt is a fully integrated company featuring our own extraction lab, commercial grow, and three stores.</p><p>While each of these branches operate independently of each other they are closely connected and communicate regularly</p><p>We are in need of a Lab Hand and Oven Hand member to join our team in this new and exciting industry!</p><p>This employee needs to be self motivated, able to work in a fast pace environment, dependable, and looking to grow within the company.</p><p>This employee needs to be focused and passionate about making quality products.</p><p>In this position you will need to be able to sit or stand for an extended amount of time, work extensively with your hands, and be detail orientated.</p><p>You will be working with detailed steps and information to ensure the products being produced, are done so properly.</p><p>Being able to process and implement the detailed steps provided, is a must.</p><p>Job Type: Full-timePay: $12.00 - $14.00 per hourSchedule:10 hour shift8 hour shiftMonday to FridayWeekend availabilityAbility to commute/relocate:Miami, OK 74354: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Preferred)Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Full Tilt Cannabis Company"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Miami, OK, USA","city":"Miami","stateProvince":"OK"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/full-tilt-cannabis-company/lab-technician/202ea6e3ea3f81133ddd222470cb4c5d","title":"Lab Technician","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"202ea6e3ea3f81133ddd222470cb4c5d","postingUrl":"https://careercactus.com/jobs/lab-technician_ecea99e60d66adbc_0_0","salary":"$35k - $undefined"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p><b>Responsibilities:</b></p><p>• Work with controlled substances in a GPP environment.</p><p>• Work with cannabis raw materials including dried or fresh/frozen cannabis</p><p>• Follow SOPs, execute work instructions and complete batch records related to extraction and refinement.</p><p>• Prepare cannabis raw materials for extraction and processing.</p><p>• Operate, maintain, and clean/sanitize extraction, distillation, and crystallization equipment in compliance with applicable safety procedures and guidelines.</p><p>• Inspect equipment for hazards, leaks, malfunctions and general wear that might lead to unsafe working conditions or inefficient processing.</p><p>• Operate scales, chillers, heaters, gas compressors, vacuum pumps, mixers, ovens, vacuum ovens, and other processing equipment.</p><p>• Monitor instruments such as pressure gauges, temperature sensors and gas detectors to ensure safe and optimal processing conditions.</p><p>• Maintain logs of instrument readings, extraction conditions and test results.</p><p>• Maintain inventory records of all cannabis raw materials, chemicals and equipment used in the extraction and processing facilities.</p><p>• Maintain cleanliness and orderliness of extraction and processing rooms using proper equipment/supply storage and waste disposal in accordance with guidelines.</p><p>• Maintain material safety data sheets for all department chemicals.</p><p>• Produce extracts and concentrates based on finished product specifications.</p><p>• Handle pressurized and/or flammable gas and liquid cylinders in accordance with appropriate safety procedures and guidelines.</p><p>• Perform clerical work such as word processing, record keeping and record filing.</p><p>• Assist in data collection and report generation.</p><p>• Other duties as assigned.</p><p>• Able to work 12 hour continental shift.</p><p><b>Qualifications and Experience:</b></p><p>• Minimum two years of relevant experience.</p><p>• Must be able to lift 50 lbs.</p><p>• Experience with cannabis extraction and distillation considered and asset.</p><p>• Good understanding of cannabis extraction and refinement processes.</p><p>• Familiarity with GMP, GPP, GLP considered an asset.</p><p>• Strong mechanical aptitude.</p><p>• Strong computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Office Suite.</p><p>• Post-secondary education in chemistry, chemical engineering, or related is required.</p><p>• Good Understanding of Cannabis regulations is an asset.</p><p>• Process operator red seal is an asset.</p><p>• Multitasking, good communication skills, good interpersonal skills and ability to function under pressure and with a fast-paced environment</p></div>","company":{"website":"peakprocessing.com","companyType":"Private/Growth","name":"Peak Processing Solutions","logoUrl":"/logos/peak-processing-solutions-a4f27ad9e0245cc36150efa9343ed3f3.png"},"location":{"country":"Canada","address":"Windsor, ON","city":"Windsor","stateProvince":"ON"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/peak-processing-solutions/extraction-technician/06914ad612a0ec5858b73f6de53b19dc","title":"Extraction Technician","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"06914ad612a0ec5858b73f6de53b19dc","postingUrl":"https://www.recruit.net/job/extraction-technician-jobs/3FA906A2FECED7B3"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>The CBD Extraction Technician will work closely with the Head of Operations, Extraction Supervisor and processing team in order to extract cannabinoids from hemp biomass and refine into distillate for further processing at a partner facility. Responsibilities will include operating cryogenic ethanol extraction centrifuges, solvent recovery systems, and decarboxylation and filtration equipment. We are committed to providing the appropriate onboarding and ongoing training to ensure the success of qualified employees.</p><ul><li>Assist in all aspects of extraction and distillation process.</li><li>Perform duties necessary for continuous extraction operations.</li><li>Maintain an organized and clean production environment.</li><li>Follow Company standard operating procedures (SOPs) to produce high quality active ingredients.</li><li>Understand and follow all safety protocols.</li><li>Monitor system operations and troubleshoot as required.</li><li>Record data for all procedures.</li><li>Store supplies and equipment, dispose of waste according to guidelines, and keep production and working areas clean and organized.</li></ul><p>Skill Requirements:</p><ul><li>Familiarity with basic scientific principles and production terminology.</li><li>Read and follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).</li><li>Basic math skills.</li><li>Ability understand and adhere to applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations as they pertain to the hemp industry, safety regulations, local municipal codes and organizational rules, regulations, directives and standard operating procedures.</li><li>Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with all employees.</li><li>Highly detail oriented and organized.</li><li>Excellent written and verbal communication skills.</li><li>Demonstrate responsibility, accountability, and dependability.</li></ul><p>Education &amp; Experience Requirements:</p><ul><li>High School diploma or equivalent.</li><li>Previous GMP production experience preferred, but not required.</li></ul><p>Pay Rate</p><ul><li>$16.00/hr with a $0.50 to $1.50 pay raise at 90 days with demonstrated proficiency.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $16.00 - $17.50 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>10 hour shift</li><li>8 hour shift</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Required)</li></ul><p>Shift availability:</p><ul><li>Day Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Night Shift (Preferred)</li><li>Overnight Shift (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Brushy Mountain Extractions"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Moravian Falls, NC 28654","city":"Moravian Falls","stateProvince":"NC"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/brushy-mountain-extractions/cbd-extraction-technician/8854448734074aa2fcb5a584d6a76bef","title":"CBD Extraction Technician","category":"Agriculture & Farming","hash":"8854448734074aa2fcb5a584d6a76bef","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cbd-extraction-technician-f62fd7c622530151"},{"employmentType":"Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Temporary","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Are you interested in working a career in cannabis? Are you a plant production wizard looking for daily challenges? If so, this posting is for you!</p><p><b>OUR COMPANY</b></p><p>We are a licensed cannabis brand specializing in nursery operations, who focuses on producing world-renowned clones that are spread amongst the largest brands in the California market.</p><p><b>WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR</b></p><p>We’re looking for a nursery expert to help us keep things \"growing\" in our operations department. The right candidate will be asked to perform assigned tasks safely and efficiently in a production environment. We will also consider training the right candidates so experience is not required but preferred.</p><p><b>We are looking to fill one Production/Cultivation Manager role to the right candidate with the right cannabis experience. College education and management experience is a plus.</b></p><p><b>OUR CULTURE</b></p><p>Can do attitude</p><p>Team player</p><p>Reliability</p><p>Honesty</p><p>Commitment to safety</p><p>Professionalism, patience and process driven</p><p>High attention to detail</p><p><b>REQUIREMENTS</b></p><p>High School Diploma or equivalent (College degree is preferred but not necessary)</p><p>Must be 21 years old to meet State regulations</p><p>Must be able to pass a criminal background screening</p><p>Must be able to stand for long periods of time (8 hours plus when OT is required)</p><p>Must be able to lift, carry, push, pull and balance up to 50 pounds (100 pounds with assistance)</p><p>Must be able to work in varying room temperatures</p><p>Must be able to speak and read English</p><p>Must have reliable transportation</p><p>Excellent organization and prioritization skills</p><p>Must be able to work in a fast pace environment</p><p>Quickly adapt to changing business needs</p><p><b>WORK SCHEDULE</b></p><p><b>PART- TIME (TEMP) Work ONLY must be ok being on call. </b></p><p>Hours/Schedule: May vary but typically from 9:00am - 5:30pm 3-4 days a week!</p><p><b>Must be flexible with working weekdays, weekends, and holidays</b></p><p><b>When replying: Subject Line Must Read: </b> Production Technician OR Production/cultivation Manager</p><p>More information on this job will be available upon interview. Let's connect if you're up for the challenge!</p><p>Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Temporary</p><p>Pay: $18.00 - $19.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Flexible schedule</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>On call</li><li>Overtime</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Yes</p><p>Education:</p><ul><li>Bachelor's (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>management: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>Customer service: 3 years (Required)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Confidental Company"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Northridge, CA 91324","city":"Northridge","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/confidental-company/cannabis-production-technician/e7206e704091af1962c73e94a5797ed5","title":"Cannabis Production Technician","category":"General","hash":"e7206e704091af1962c73e94a5797ed5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-production-technician-862347ed0bce71d6"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"4 days ago","description":"<div><p>Have you always wanted to work for the <b>Medical Marijuana Industry</b>? Want to join a company with career opportunities? Then look no further! The <b>Nirvana Center Phoenix Kitchen </b>is hiring! We are looking for a few high integrity individuals that have a passion for cannabis! This is a Full-time Position to join our team as an <b>Edible Production Technician</b>.</p><p><b>Position Summary: </b></p><p>As a Production Technician, you will be responsible for assisting in the production of cannabis products. The PT sets up/breaks down processes and equipment, assembles and packages finished goods, food, and other consumable products.</p><p><b>General Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Work with a team to maintain productivity, high-quality products, and sanitary conditions.</li><li>General knowledge of the use of cannabis and related products. General knowledge of product brands and types. General knowledge of cannabis product regulations including dispensing procedures and transaction limits.</li><li>Perform manufacturing activities as required. Perform weigh and dispense activities of the finished product, active ingredient(s), raw materials, and excipients.</li><li>Maintain manufacturing and facility spaces in a clean state.</li><li>Cleaning and sanitizing of equipment, including dishes, molds, etc.</li><li>Represent company culture and brand values to patients, customers, and the public.</li><li>Prepping products for sale, packaging edibles, and applying all appropriate labeling.</li><li>Excellent skills in basic mathematics.</li></ul><p><b>Working Conditions</b></p><p>This is a full-time position. The schedule may vary from week to week. Open availability is a MUST.</p><p>Employee will be working in areas where chemicals that may be hazardous for those with breathing ailments, such as asthma, are present. The employee will be expected to work inside in a controlled warehouse and must have suitable clothing. In addition, employees are required to follow GMP and Quality standards in terms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hair nets, beard nets, respirators, shoe covers, lab coats, etc. as required.</p><p><b>Other Duties</b></p><p>Please note this job description is not designed to cover or contain a comprehensive listing of activities, duties, or responsibilities that are required of the employee for this job. Duties, responsibilities, and activities may change at any time with or without notice.</p><p><b>This Position is Ideal for an Individual with the following characteristics: </b></p><ul><li>Reliability, Trustworthiness, Dependability.</li><li>The ability to work on your own, and as a team.</li><li>Tact and Diplomacy. Demonstrate the ability to effectively deal with stressful situations in a calm and productive manner.</li><li>Passion and Drive to learn more and continue education/training to improve their skills.</li><li>Good organizational skills, ability to multi-task, or switch from one task to another.</li><li>Show motivation and take initiative.</li><li>Flexibility and adaptability with changes in procedures, shifts in directions, or updates in policies.</li><li>Communication with vendors, co-workers, and management.</li></ul><p><b>Job Qualifications: </b></p><ul><li>Must be an Arizona resident with no felony convictions, successfully pass an extensive background check and be a minimum of 21 years of age.</li><li>Must have a High School Diploma or GED.</li><li>Previous Trimming or Cultivation experience preferred.</li><li>Must have a professional, well-groomed appearance and demeanor</li><li>Must be able to stand or sit for long periods of time</li><li>Must have strong organizational and analytical abilities and advanced math skills</li><li>Must demonstrate professional written and oral communication skills</li><li>Must maintain compassion for the Medical Marijuana community</li><li>Must have reliable transportation</li><li>Must have <b>OPEN</b> availability including weekends, evenings, and holidays. We are open 365 days a year.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $14.75 - $15.75 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Night shift</li><li>Overtime</li><li>Weekend availability</li></ul><p>Supplemental Pay:</p><ul><li>Bonus pay</li></ul><p>Application Question(s):</p><ul><li>NCD is open 365 days a year. Our employees' schedules vary from week to week. Are there any schedule restrictions we would need to work around for your availability?</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Production: 1 year (Preferred)</li><li>Cannabis Industry: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>Facility Agent License (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Nirvana Center Dispensaries","logoUrl":"/logos/nirvana-center-dispensaries-4d559d7c1b31efb6003ce72cee1a6649.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Phoenix, AZ 85009","city":"Phoenix","stateProvince":"AZ"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/nirvana-center-dispensaries/edible-production-technician/fc63bc50b7b7b4f4cc7aa1c8cbea8da5","title":"Edible Production Technician","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"fc63bc50b7b7b4f4cc7aa1c8cbea8da5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/edible-production-technician-0b313e2db4aad6b4"},{"employmentType":"Part-time","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"10 hours ago","description":"<div><p><b>Full Job Description</b><br />Veteran-owned hemp manufacturing company seeks production assistant.</p><p><b>Essential Duties and Responsibilities: </b></p><ul><li>Must be punctual and ready to work when scheduled.</li><li>Must be detailed oriented with meticulous acuity.</li><li>Follow SOP during production, packaging, clean-up, and thereafter.</li><li>Preparing finished goods at high volumes with accuracy and efficiency.</li><li>Capable of providing complete accurate data records.</li><li>Maintain a high level of confidentiality and discretion.</li><li>Provides maintenance of equipment and restock supplies.</li><li>Maintaining a clean, safe, organized, and compliant work area.</li><li>Time management: employee must manage their time efficiently in order to meet daily goals while consistently producing quality products.</li><li>Must exhibit excellent personal hygiene.</li><li>Follow health guidelines set forth by the company and state for processing hemp.</li><li>Continuously improve through feedback.</li><li>Cleaning, organizing, sanitizing workstations, and setup/breakdown of production and packaging room.</li><li>Perform other duties assigned by Production Manager</li></ul><p><b>Qualifications/Requirements</b></p><ul><li>Proven experience as a production assistant or a passion for the industry (Preferred)</li><li>Knowledge of terminology will be appreciated</li><li>Technology savvy</li><li>Excellent organizational and multi-tasking ability</li><li>Resourcefulness and problem-solving</li><li>A team player with great communication skills</li><li>Physical strength and stamina (Lift up-to 60lbs)</li><li>A valid driver’s license</li><li>High school diploma; Relevant training (e.g. production courses) will be an advantage</li></ul><p>Job Type: Part-time</p><p>Pay: $18.00 - $20.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"name":"Nutralife Wellness"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"San Diego, CA 92121","city":"San Diego","stateProvince":"CA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/nutralife-wellness/manufacturing-production-assistant/95f41383d1f8c423013dceb71790335c","title":"Manufacturing/Production Assistant","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"95f41383d1f8c423013dceb71790335c","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/manufacturingproduction-assistant-d95b5f2c5d787e09"},{"employmentType":"","function":["Science"],"postedOn":"10 days ago","description":"<div><p>Lab Technician</p><p>We are seeking a full-time, highly organized, and motivated individual to perform day-to-day operations involving the extraction, post-processing, and infusion of cannabis. Occasionally, daily responsibilities will vary outside of standard job duties. Additionally, the Laboratory Technician has the responsibility of ensuring all equipment is working at maximum efficiency, as well as keeping the laboratory clean, organized and well-stocked. This position is based at our production facility in Pittsfield, MA.</p><p><b>About the company: </b></p><p>We are a medical and recreational cannabis company with a focus on quality, from seed to sale. Our manufactured product portfolio includes ethanol extracts, distillate, edibles, and rosin.</p><p><b>Responsibilities: </b></p><p>· Operation and maintenance of equipment for cannabis extraction, distillation, and other post-processing steps.</p><p>· Following SOPs for all processes performed in the laboratory.</p><p>· Ensuring efficient and cost-effective processes are being utilized.</p><p>· Cleaning and maintenance of equipment and laboratory space.</p><p>· Maintaining strict inventory records of cannabis concentrate, lab consumables, and equipment in conjunction with the Laboratory Manager and fellow associates.</p><p>· Record keeping of all details pertinent to the extraction processes.</p><p>· Knowing, understanding, and meeting all regulations set by the Cannabis Control Commission.</p><p>· Storing of supplies and equipment, disposal of waste, and keeping work area in pristine condition.</p><p>· Washing and sterilization of laboratory glassware and equipment.</p><p>· Participating in ongoing education and professional development opportunities.</p><p>· Working collectively and respectfully with other team members.</p><p>· Enforcing a culture of safety with an attention to detail.</p><p>· Assisting in product design and presentation as opportunities arise.</p><p><b>Essential Work Experience and Qualifications: </b></p><p>· 2+ years experience working in a laboratory.</p><p>· Experience and background in the cannabis industry is a plus.</p><p>· Excellent communication skills.</p><p>· Detail oriented with an eye on process improvement and optimization.</p><p>· Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, manage high-stress situations, and be flexible and adaptable when a situation requires.</p><p>· Must have the ability to push, pull, or lift a minimum of 60 pounds.</p><p>· Throughout extended periods, must be capable of sitting, squatting, standing, kneeling, bending, or walking through the workday.</p><p>· Must be able to handle constructive criticism and guidance and offer the same to others in the department.</p><p>· Ability to work a varying schedule including nights, weekends, and overtime on occasion.</p><p>· Understanding of OSHA guidelines for workplace safety and hazardous chemicals.</p><p>· Full comprehension of CCC regulations as they relate to processes completed in the laboratory.</p><p>· Compliance and understanding of laboratory standards.</p><p><b>Education: </b></p><p>· Minimum High School or G.E.D. equivalent is required.</p><p>· Bachelor's degree in science-related field (Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Plant Biology, Chemical Engineering, other)</p><p><b>Job Type: </b></p><p>· Full-time with benefits upon completion of probationary period (60 days) - includes group health, dental, life insurance, PTO, and company discount</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Salary: $16.00-$18.00/hour depending on experience.</p><p>This is a full-time position located at our main cultivation and dispensary location in Pittsfield, Massachusetts in the heart of the beautiful Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.</p><p>Why us? Berkshire Roots is the leading cannabis purveyor in Western Massachusetts, home to the largest indoor cannabis grow space in the Berkshires.  We’ve been bringing wellness to our community with cannabis since 2018. We support our community through volunteering, donations to local nonprofits and creating jobs.</p><p>Berkshire Roots, Inc is an equal opportunity employer. We value an innovative and collaborative culture, celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees. Visit berkshireroots.com to learn more.</p><p>Keywords: Laboratory, Cannabis, Marijuana, Extraction</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: $16.00 - $18.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>401(k)</li><li>401(k) matching</li><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Employee discount</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Life insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private","name":"Berkshire Roots","logoUrl":"/logos/berkshire-roots-25d49aee5a26f6c8e76ef713f6a95b2c.jpeg"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Pittsfield, MA 01201","city":"Pittsfield","stateProvince":"MA"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/berkshire-roots/lab-technician-cannabis-extraction/3b53d8d4196bae286595e530e465adc0","title":"Lab Technician - Cannabis Extraction","category":"Retail","hash":"3b53d8d4196bae286595e530e465adc0","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/lab-technician-cannabis-extraction-8c5fc6b03e4cacbe"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"1 day ago","description":"<div><p><b>Production Assistant (Commercial Kitchen)</b></p><p>Portland’s premier cannabis edibles manufacturer is seeking FT Production Assistants with the potential to evolve into lead/managerial roles as the organization grows.</p><p>You: must have some commercial experience in baking, pastry, chocolate, candy, or packaging. Those with kitchen prep or high volume baking experience are encouraged to apply too! Preferably, you have a flexible schedule working 7a-4p, M-F. You are interested in learning new skills, ask for help when you need it, and are able to follow directions explicitly.</p><p>We: believe that every employee of our company, regardless of title, needs to understand our production process in order to accurately execute the duties of their station. We are on a rapid trajectory of expansion and are looking for candidates who are on board with their own growth potential.</p><p><b>Responsibilities</b></p><p>Production Assistants will perform duties related to preparation and manufacturing of products in accordance with Pot + Pan recipes to assist the Executive Chef.</p><p>Assist Executive Chef with cooking and manufacturing of product in accordance with company standards, including preparation of raw materials, executing recipes and packaging finished product.<br />Weighs, opens, measures, transfers and prepares ingredients for production<br />Involved in production of products including candy, chocolate and baked goods<br />Maintain cleanliness of work area throughout shift and at the end of the shift<br />Report any conditions that need attention to appropriate manager<br />Follow all company policies and procedures with regard to personnel safety, food safety, quality, sanitation and basic maintenance of equipment<br />Performs other job duties as assigned</p><p><b>Experience, Education and Skills</b></p><p>Must be able to lift and carry up to 50 lbs. Must be able to bend, stretch in a physically demanding environment. Must be able to stand for several hours at a time.<br />Previous food industry manufacturing experience or kitchen prep, a plus<br />Previous experience with the science of baking, chocolate or candy, preferred<br />Ability to operate induction burners, mixers and other production kitchen equipment<br />Proficient in basic math skills.<br />Some experience with weights and measures and scales is helpful<br />High school diploma or equivalent experience.</p><p>Preference given to those with active Adult-Use IIC cards</p><p><b>Schedule</b></p><p>Monday-Friday 7a-4p</p><p><b>Status/Rate of Pay: </b></p><p>Job Type: Full-time<br />Pay: Starting at $17.50 per hour</p><p><b>Growth Opportunities: </b></p><p>Pot + Pan is expected to experience tremendous growth in the next 6-12 months. Roles we are looking to fill include, but not limited to: production manager, packaging lead, distribution lead and shift leader.</p><p><b>Benefits/Perks</b></p><p>Opportunities to grow within the company<br />Fun, team orientated place to work.<br />PTO and sick time; Paid Holidays</p><p>Medical, Vision and Dental Insurance paid at 50% by employer</p><p>Pot + Pan is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, age, color, religion, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected Veteran status.</p><p>Want more info about Pot + Pan, check out our website www.potandpan.com or follow us on Instagram @potandpanofficial</p><p>COVID-19 precautions<br />Remote interview process<br />Personal protective equipment provided or required<br />Sanitizing, disinfecting, or cleaning procedures in place</p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $17.50 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Flexible schedule</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Vision insurance</li></ul><p>Physical Setting:</p><ul><li>Bakery</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Monday to Friday</li></ul><p>COVID-19 considerations:<br />Masks worn by all staff regardless of vaccination status</p><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Private/Established","name":"Pot + Pan","logoUrl":"/logos/pot-pan-e20a97c89e8ee3513d588031c72b38b9.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Portland, ME","city":"Portland","stateProvince":"ME"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/pot-pan/production-assistant/77dd904eee3f475b12b8c7046a5ab250","title":"Production Assistant","category":"Medical & Healthcare","hash":"77dd904eee3f475b12b8c7046a5ab250","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/production-assistant-886250c99fbe4c3d"},{"function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"6 days ago","description":"<div><p>The Role As a Production Tech, you'll be an essential part of the process of turning raw cannabis flower into our beautiful line of medicated products. Under the guidance of the management team, you will produce, package, and handle products, perform inventory duties, adhere to compliance requirements, and keep safety as your top priority while working daily in our facility. Here at GTI, we are looking for true team players who are the perfect hybrid between precision and energy. Responsibilities Deliver on production goals, while focused on safety and quality Produce product per recipes and SOP's, maintaining high quality standards Package product into proper containers with proper labeling to ensure compliance with state regulations Ensure all standards for processing procedures and laboratory protocols are followed Compliance with local and state regulations Adherence to quality control methods throughout entire process Documentation of manufacturing methods are created and maintained Electronically convert packaged products in the state traceability system Manage time efficiently to meet goals while consistently producing quality product Practice good housekeeping habits throughout the facility with focus and personal contributions towards a clean and organized assigned work area at the end of the assigned shift Exhibit competency in basic organizational skills, communication skills and Windows based operating software Use independent judgment regarding product processing, keeping quality and goals in mind Help create a positive environment by having a positive attitude and by being self-motivated Other duties as assigned Qualifications High School Education or GED graduate; some college or college graduate preferred 1-2 years' experience in manufacturing, food processing, warehousing, and/or inventory preferred Equivalent combinations of education and experience may be considered Must be able to work well in a group and independently; demonstrate self-motivation and initiative Must be able to adapt quickly to changes in policy, procedure, and technique Employee must exhibit personal hygiene and follow the health guidelines set forth by GTI and the state of Nevada Ability to listen well and communicate effectively with various audiences Ability to perform monotonous tasks with great efficiency without losing qualities Must be able to follow basic instructions and accept constructive criticism Additional Requirements Must have a valid driver's license or State ID card Must be a minimum of 21 years of age Must pass all required background checks Must be and remain compliant with all legal and company regulations for working in the industry Must be approved by the Cannabis Compliance Board to receive an Agent Card Working Conditions While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly required to perform reaching, grasping, bending, stooping, talking, hearing, seeing and repetitive motions. Must be able to sit and/or stand for extended periods of time while maintaining focus. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Must be able to lift, carry, and balance up to 50 pounds AND must be able to do so with extreme care and caution when working with product. As an employer of more than 100 employees, Green Thumb will be operating in accordance with the Biden Administration's Path Out of the Pandemic should the mandate take effect</p></div>","company":{"website":"gtigrows.com","companyType":"Public/Established","name":"Green Thumb Industries","logoUrl":"/logos/green-thumb-industries-gti-251a0a04f4d3572804c1830639474e95.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Clinton, AL, USA","city":"Clinton","stateProvince":"AL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/green-thumb-industries/production-technician/7e04f3600885f1373873eb9acb412172","title":"Production Technician","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"7e04f3600885f1373873eb9acb412172","postingUrl":"https://www.recruit.net/job/production-technician-jobs/170B94D8FED942D6"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Manufacturing","Culinary"],"postedOn":"10 hours ago","description":"<div><p>COMPANY DESCRIPTION</p><p>Highland Provisions was founded by cannabis lovers who are determined to bring a professional, scientific spirit to the industry. We are a single source, full line supplier of top tier cannabis products based in Bend, OR. Our mission at Highland Provisions is to be the most reliable and professional supplier of cannabis products in Oregon. Our goal is to help our retailers best serve their customers by providing connoisseur quality products, useful business services, and dedicated territory managers.</p><p>POSITION: Kitchen Assistant</p><p>JOB DESCRIPTION</p><p>· New Position</p><p>· Full time, hourly</p><p>· Starting End of January to Beginning of February</p><p>OVERVIEW</p><p>o We are seeking a hard-working, self-motivated and accountable worker to join our Kitchen team. This position will be working directly with the Kitchen Manager/ Product developer. This position will require learning manufacturing equipment, production procedures, and large-scale production cooking.</p><p>o This is a new position with great potential for advancement within the department. The ideal candidate will be very passionate about the work we do. Responsibility, dependability, and self motivation are traits we are specifically looking for in an individual.</p><p>o Previous experience in a kitchen is very much preferred. Experience with confectionary and candies is a plus but not necessary. You do need to be able to follow recipes and procedures.</p><p>o This position will also be required to assist the packaging and labeling department as needed.</p><p>o During down time, the Kitchen Assistant will assist the Packaging/Labeling team with preparation for Rosin/Cartridge products.</p><p>o They will help with packaging of all edible products.</p><p>o They will be responsible for capping our CO2/Rosin Cartridges, followed by placing them in their foam insert in the LocTin.</p><p>o They will help pulverize flower/ create kief for pre-rolls.</p><p>DUTIES</p><p>· Effective collaboration with other staff members helping to provide an efficient and productive work environment</p><p>· Communicate respectfully and effectively with supervisors and employees</p><p>· Contribute to a team-oriented, fun, and challenging work environment</p><p>· Preparing and scaling ingredients as per recipes.</p><p>· Running and maintenance of equipment.</p><p>· Daily cleaning of all kitchen areas and equipment.</p><p>· Able to perform at a fast pace, meeting daily quota requirements</p><p>· Ensure all finished product leaving packaging/labeling lines meet Highland standards.</p><p>· Computer savvy, Proficient at recording inventory data into spreadsheets and METRC</p><p>· Report any potential inventory issues to managers</p><p>· Report any employee disputes to manager/HR</p><p>· Complete any daily or weekly cleaning duties</p><p>· Prior knowledge of Oregon cannabis industry, culture, policies and state laws.</p><p>· Comply with all HR policies, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements</p><p>REQUIREMENTS</p><p>· Must be at least 21 years of age</p><p>· Based in Central Oregon</p><p>· Reliable form of transportation</p><p>· Must possess OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit</p><p>· Oregon Food Handlers Card</p><p>EXPERIENCE</p><p>· 2+ years experience in a kitchen environment</p><p>· Experience in a production warehouse setting is a plus</p><p>· At least 1+ year’s experience in Recreational Cannabis Industry</p><p>· High School Diploma or equivalent</p><p>SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS</p><p>· Hard working</p><p>· Demonstrates accountability</p><p>· Proactive and self-motivated</p><p>· Can work under pressure, while completing tasks within given time constraints</p><p>· Strong attention to detail</p><p>· Ability to plan ahead, trouble-shoot, anticipate problems, and problem solve</p><p>· Ability to learn</p><p>· Able to follow directions and ask questions as needed</p><p>· Able to accomplish tasks with minimal supervision</p><p>· Must be able to stand, sit or walk around facility for 8+ hours per shift</p><p>· Must be able to lift 50+ lbs per shift</p><p>COMPENSATION</p><p>· Full-Time, Weekdays/Weekends, Holidays, up to 40 hours a week</p><p>· $16 hr during first 90 days</p><p>· Review and performance based salary increase after 90 days</p><p><b>*All Employees will go through a 90 day probationary period. *</b></p><p>Job Type: Full-time</p><p>Pay: From $16.00 per hour</p><p>Benefits:</p><ul><li>Dental insurance</li><li>Health insurance</li><li>Paid time off</li><li>Retirement plan</li></ul><p>Schedule:</p><ul><li>8 hour shift</li><li>Day shift</li><li>Holidays</li><li>Monday to Friday</li><li>Overtime</li></ul><p>Ability to commute/relocate:</p><ul><li>Bend, OR 97701: Reliably commute or planning to relocate before starting work (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Education:</p><ul><li>High school or equivalent (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Experience:</p><ul><li>Kitchen: 2 years (Preferred)</li><li>Legal Recreational Cannabis Industry: 1 year (Preferred)</li></ul><p>License/Certification:</p><ul><li>OLCC Marijuana Worker Permit (Preferred)</li><li>Food Handler Card (Preferred)</li></ul><p>Work Location: One location</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Startup","name":"Highland Provisions"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Bend, OR 97701","city":"Bend","stateProvince":"OR"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/highland-provisions/edibles-kitchen-production-assistant/2bb85f7bb8de46af3371bf0ae756e131","title":"Edibles Kitchen Production/Assistant","category":"Manufacturing","hash":"2bb85f7bb8de46af3371bf0ae756e131","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/edibles-kitchen-productionassistant-f93ac405f80da0cb"},{"employmentType":"Full-time","function":["Manufacturing"],"postedOn":"10 hours ago","description":"<div><p>4Front Ventures <i>(CSE: FFNT / OTCQX: FFNTF)</i> is a fast-moving national cannabis grower, distributor, and retailer headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona with active operations in Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, Washington, and California. Focusing on Excellence, People, Integrity, and Courage, 4Front Ventures is building a responsible and people-focused company that consistently produces high-quality products, ensures access to cannabis through top service and affordable brands, and provides value through job creation and community engagement. From plant genetics to the cannabis retail experience under the Mission Dispensary brand, 4Front’s team applies expertise across the entire cannabis value chain.</p><p><b>POSITION OVERVIEW</b></p><ul><li>The Fill Associate is responsible for supporting and assisting the Fill Supervisor(s) and Manager(s) in all aspects of cannabis product manufacturing of vapes, pre-rolls, mints, tinctures, and liquid soft gels. This position will be responsible for the actual filling, finishing, and packaging of these products. Priorities include Joint rolling, vape filling, operation of automated packaging equipment, waste disposal, and cleaning for all machines, tools, and work areas in the department.</li></ul><p><b>AVAILABILITY</b></p><ul><li>Monday-Friday, 7am-4pm shift</li></ul><p><b>COMPENSATION</b></p><ul><li>$17-$19 hourly, experience dependent</li></ul><p><b>ABOUT YOU</b></p><ul><li>Someone who loves working with their hands</li><li>Enjoys nurturing something from beginning to end</li><li>Thrives in task-based work with clear processes and checklists</li><li>Are a people person, team-oriented, and excited by the idea of helping a company grow</li><li>Wants to join a team, learn all processes, and work your way up</li><li>Does not mind suiting up, getting their hands dirty, bending, lifting, and cleaning</li><li>Has a keen eye for details, differences, and changes; looks closely and takes initiative</li><li>Inherently a people-person, someone who excels at interacting with all types of people</li></ul><p><b>KEY RESPONSIBILITIES</b></p><ul><li>Assist in grinding &amp; blending bulk cannabis flower for pre-roll manufacturing</li><li>Operate fill machinery including joint rollers, vape fillers, tincture fillers, mints presses, powder mixers</li><li>Operate a variety of automated packaging equipment</li><li>Assess finished goods for quality assurance</li><li>Regularly update logs pertinent to job scope</li><li>Assist in other duties as assigned to ensure the team, department, and company division maintain success</li></ul><p><b>KEY COLLABORATORS</b></p><ul><li>Fill Supervisors</li><li>Fill Managers</li><li>Director of Production</li><li>Logistics Supervisor</li><li>Logistics Manager</li></ul><p><b>WORKING CONDITIONS</b></p><ul><li>Hands-on, plant/product touching position</li><li>Indoor manufacturing environment with air conditioning</li><li>Constants artificial, bright indoor lighting</li><li>Plant pollen is present on surfaces and in the air</li><li>Terpenes and other volatile substances are in use in the department and the facility</li><li>Kneeling, squatting, lifting, bending, walking, pivoting, standing all expected activities</li><li>Protective suits may be required (provided on-site)</li></ul><p>*<br /><b>NOTE: </b>The facility contains confined spaces that may only be accessible by ascending/descending stairwells while traveling throughout the building. Must be able to stand for prolonged periods of time, bend, kneel, squat, and twist. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential function</p><p><b>SKILLS &amp; COMPETENCIES</b></p><ul><li>Production or manufacturing experience, or related applicable experience</li><li>Ability to work with your hands</li><li>Commitment to team and production goals</li><li>Quick counting capabilities</li></ul><p><b>QUALIFICATIONS</b></p><ul><li>21+ and currently residing in the USA</li><li>Must have High School Diploma or GED</li><li>Dispensing Organization Agent Identification Card_ (obtained upon hire)_</li><li>Product Packaging / Handling Experience, 1+ years (preferred)</li><li>Production / Manufacturing Experience, 1+ years (preferred)</li><li>Cannabis Industry Experience (preferred)</li><li>Basic Math, Organizational, and Computer Skills</li></ul><p><b>WORKING AT 4FRONT</b></p><ul><li>We are building a hard-working, diverse team that is excited to be a part of the evolving cannabis industry. Our team values a friendly, vibrant, and enthusiastic workplace. 4Front Ventures is an Equal Opportunity Employer.</li></ul><p>*<br />Benefits of working with us include: *</p><ul><li>Employee Discounts (one of the highest in the industry)</li><li>Health, Vision, Dental Benefits (company paid at 80%)</li><li>Sick Pay/PTO Accrual</li><li>Parental/Maternity Leave</li><li>Employee Assistance Program</li><li>Holiday Pay (if required to work on select days)</li><li>Career Development</li><li>Advancement Opportunities</li><li><b>NOTE: </b> This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. Employee may perform other related duties as negotiated to meet the ongoing needs of the organization.</li></ul><p>Job Type: Full-time</p></div>","company":{"companyType":"Public/Established","name":"4Front Ventures","logoUrl":"/logos/4front-ventures-ffeb5011bf8423b13b9b46431351b878.png"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"Elk Grove Village, IL","city":"Elk Grove Village","stateProvince":"IL"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/4front-ventures/cannabis-production-fill-associate/a6121f7c1c3b2c8375f60e0e3f6d022c","title":"Cannabis Production - Fill Associate","category":"Retail","hash":"a6121f7c1c3b2c8375f60e0e3f6d022c","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/cannabis-production-fill-associate-11749d5ac3d8debb"},{"function":["Science"],"postedOn":"1 day ago","description":"<div><div><p>Livingston Med Lab is looking for a qualified Toxicology Technician.</p><p>The Toxicology Laboratory Technologist I is responsible for accurately and efficiently processing samples using laboratory equipment and quickly reporting any problems to management.</p><p><b>Operate, troubleshoot and maintain Sciex machines</b></p><ul><li>Will load specimen on instrumentation for LCMS/GCMS</li></ul><ul><li>Collects, prepares, and evaluates patient specimens for analysis and perform technical procedures with accuracy and precision, meeting the standards of all accrediting/regulatory agencies in a timely manner</li></ul><ul><li>Operate laboratory instruments and equipment and perform equipment maintenance according to the laboratory's standard operating procedures</li></ul><ul><li>Recognizes unusual patient results and identifies problems in analytical procedures/systems; responds with appropriate investigation and/or corrective action</li></ul><ul><li>Troubleshoots assays and equipment which fail to perform adequately</li></ul><ul><li>Observes established safety guidelines and maintains cleanliness of the laboratory</li></ul><ul><li>Keep a meticulous and organized record of specimens, tests, instrument logs, and technical analyses</li></ul><ul><li>Maintain stringent standards for quality, identifying any issues which might adversely impact the quality of test results and/or employee safety, and communicating these to the appropriate management representatives as necessary for the resolution</li></ul><ul><li>Participates in activities required to support all necessary licensure for the clinical laboratory, including quality management functions and on-site inspections of the laboratory.</li></ul><ul><li>Responsible for maintaining updated understanding and knowledge of the methods employed in the laboratory and the use of the resulting information by physicians through continuing education activities.</li></ul><ul><li>Consult with management and personnel on better operational procedures to improve overall efficiency and product yields.</li></ul><ul><li>Accurately document and maintain all records for equipment and instruments</li></ul><p></p><p><b><br />Requirements to apply:</b></p><ul><li>Bachelor's Degree in Science (Biology, Chemistry, Microbiology, etc.)</li></ul><ul><li>3+ to 5+ years of experience in Toxicology/Cannabis/Environmental Lab</li></ul><ul><li>Experience running LC-MS or GC-MS</li></ul><ul><li>Experience with Solid Phase Extractions</li></ul><ul><li>Maintenance, operation of and repair experience of Chemical Analyzers, preferable Sciex machines</li></ul></div><p></p></div>","company":{"name":"CSV-Livingston Medical Lab, LLC"},"location":{"country":"United States","address":"San Antonio, TX","city":"San Antonio","stateProvince":"TX"},"frontendLink":"/job-posting/csv-livingston-medical-lab-llc/toxicology-laboratory-technologist-i/4ef72b98b2732b0766a605c7835ee0c5","title":"Toxicology Laboratory Technologist I","category":"Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services","hash":"4ef72b98b2732b0766a605c7835ee0c5","postingUrl":"https://www.indeed.com/job/toxicology-laboratory-technologist-i-286966048b281618"}]